News Headlines - 30 June 2015

Greece asks eurozone for new, third, bailout - FT.com

The request, sent to the eurozone’s €500bn rescue fund on Tuesday, would cover Greece’s needs for the next two years, according to a statement from the prime minister’s office. It also makes a specific request for debt restructuring, the statement said.

Calais crisis: Channel Tunnel entrance blocked with burning barricade - Telegraph

Striking French workers have blocked rail tracks into the Channel Tunnel with burning tyres, leading to all services being suspended amid fears of a repeat of last week's scenes of illegal immigrants

Two people dead in Japan bullet train fire after man set himself alight | The Guardian

Two other passengers seriously injured and several treated for smoke inhalation after fire on board Shinkansen bullet train travelling from Tokyo to Osaka

WikiLeaks Unloads Second Batch Of Sony Files Into Its Database | TechCrunch

On Thursday, WikiLeaks added 276,394 more private documents, emails and financial files, leaked from the embattled tech and media giant, into its database.
The files, which relate mostly to legal and financial documents (among stranger items), are the second massive release of files on the site from last November’s major data breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment by the “Guardians of Peace” hacker group.

Sony to Raise $3.6 Billion Selling Stock, Convertible Bonds - Bloomberg Business

Sony Corp. plans to raise about 440 billion yen ($3.6 billion) in a sale of shares and convertible bonds to help finance an increase in production of image sensors used in smartphones. The shares plunged.








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