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News Headlines - 31 July 2015

Pacific Trade Talks End With No Deal - WSJ

U.S. and Canadian officials have quarreled in recent months about ways to use the agreement to open up Canada’s highly protected dairy industry, but the public dispute this week spread to three of the other developed economies negotiating the agreement—Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Litvinenko inquiry: What we know about the case - BBC News

The public hearings of the inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko are now drawing to a close after months of evidence.

Jack Straw joins the band of Blairites to warn against Labour swing to the left as success of Corbyn campaign continues - The Independent

Jack Straw has become the latest Labour figure to warn against the party shifting to the left... When confronted with the idea that New Labour was a “virus” within the party, Straw, who served as an MP for 36 years, did not accept the argument that it's time for Labour to distance itself from its recent past.

What's going on in Calais, in pictures - BBC Newsbeat

Thousands of people from Africa, Asia and the Middle East are gathered around the port of Calais - hoping to find a way to cross the channel to start a new life in the UK.

Blue moon: how to see tonight’s 'rare' event | The Guardian

Tonight’s blue moon will be easy to see, but the name has nothing to do with its colour and ‘once in a blue moon’ is probably based on a misunderstanding

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ウィキリークス「米機関 日本政府など盗聴」 NHKニュース


TPP閣僚会合:新薬保護交渉で難航 翌日持ち越し - 毎日新聞


米アップル、9月に「アップルTV」次世代版を発表=報道 | Reuters


ステラ・マッカートニーが五輪の英国ユニフォームを担当、ロンドンに続き2度目 | Fashionsnap.com

デザイナーのステラ・マッカートニー(Stella McCartney)が、2016年リオ五輪の英国チーム公式ユニフォームを手がけることが「アディダス(adidas)」から発表された。前回のロンドン五輪に引き続き2度目。

リオ五輪警備、ロンドンの倍投入…殺人年5万件 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


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News Headlines - 30 July 2015

Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Died in 2013, Afghans Declare - The New York Times

After months of speculation, Afghan officials announced Wednesday that they were now certain that the Taliban’s reclusive leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, died in a Pakistani hospital in 2013.

Malaysia official: Debris 'almost certainly' from a Boeing 777

Malaysia's deputy transport minister on Thursday said it is "almost certain" that aircraft debris found off the coast of the Indian Ocean island of Reunion came from a Boeing 777 aircraft.

‘Jeremy Corbyn will cure Labour Party of its Blairite virus’ – union — RT UK

One of Britain’s biggest trade unions has described Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn as the “antidote” to the “Blairite virus” gripping the party.

Facebook 2Q Results Soar as User Base, Mobile Ads Grow - ABC News

The world's largest online social network surpassed expectations on all fronts in the second quarter. It grew not just profit and revenue, but also its already-massive user base and mobile advertising, as well as usage of its "family" of non-Facebook apps like Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Windows 10 Upgrade: First 5 things to do after Windows 10 download | BGR

Kill Wi-Fi sharing
Customize the Start Menu
Manage restarts
Meet the Action Center
Don’t let notifications own you

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米FRB、ゼロ金利政策を維持 「緩やかに景気拡大」を確認 - 産経ニュース


ドイツ:7月失業者が予想外の増加、6月も増加に改定 - Bloomberg

ドイツでは7月の失業者数 が予想に反して前月から増えた。これで2カ月連続の増加となり、ギリシャ危機とユーロの未来をめぐる不透明感が経済活動の重しとなったことが示唆された。

仏アレバ、原子炉事業の経営権を売却へ-フランス電力に - Bloomberg

フランスの原子力企業アレバ は、原子炉事業の経営権をフランス電力(EDF )に売却することで合意した。残るウラン鉱山・燃料処理事業向けの資金調達を視野に、増資を来年実施する計画だ。

CNN.co.jp : 英仏海峡トンネルに移民2千人が侵入図る 負傷者も


CNN.co.jp : コスビー氏の性的暴行訴える35人、米誌の表紙に


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News Headlines - 29 July 2015

Channel Tunnel: '2,000 migrants' tried to enter - BBC News

Some 2,000 migrants tried to enter the Channel Tunnel terminal in Calais on Monday night in an attempt to reach the UK, operator Eurotunnel has said.

High Ho! Disneyland Paris faces Brussels pricing probe - FT.com

Brussels is targeting Disneyland Paris for allegedly overcharging British and German customers on the basis of where they live, in the opening salvo of a broader campaign against price discrimination in Europe.

‘The Simpsons’ predicted President Trump way back in 2000 - The Washington Post

That scene, as loyal Simpsons fans like myself remember, comes from an episode called "Bart to the Future" in which the show jumps ahead 30 years (to 2030) and imagines what each of the main characters will be doing. Lisa Simpson has just been elected president, following Trump's tenure in office.

Suntory Holdings says not considering IPO now | Reuters

Suntory Holdings Ltd said on Tuesday that it is not considering listing its shares now, following a Nikkei newspaper report that the beverages conglomerate is mulling an IPO as early as 2018 to pay down debt and raise growth capital.

Virgin Galactic crash: Brakes blamed - BBC News

Investigators have said a Virgin Galactic spaceship crash was caused by structural failure after the co-pilot unlocked a braking system early.

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日立、英で鉄道運行管理システム受注 海外幹線向けで初  :日本経済新聞


TPP:「著作権」決着へ 「死後70年」と「非親告罪」 - 毎日新聞


ツイッター、売上高61%増 4~6月 利用者の伸びは鈍化  :日本経済新聞


世界最古のコーランを発見、英大学が発表 | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト


CNN.co.jp : 米の人身売買報告書、政治介入疑う声も


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News Headlines - 28 July 2015

Kurdish peace 'impossible', says Turkey's Erdogan - BBC News

The Turkish president has said that Turkey cannot continue the peace process with the Kurds amid attacks by Kurdish militants on Turkish targets.

Gaddafi's son sentenced to death by Libyan court - Channel 4 News

He was found guilty of committing war crimes during the Libyan Civil War. The International Criminal Court in The Hague has also indicted him for crimes against humanity.

Kuala Lumpur’s $1 Billion Terminal Is Sinking, Airline Says - Bloomberg Business

Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s new budget passenger terminal is sinking, with cracks appearing in the taxiway and water forming pools that planes must drive through.

Australian dollar falls below S$1 for the first time since 2009 - Channel NewsAsia

The Australian dollar has been hurt by slowing global demand for the country's commodities in recent months.

Trinidad prison escape involves shootout with police - CNN.com

Trinidad and Tobago's capital city is on alert after a brazen prison escape that involved explosives and a deadly shootout with police.

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英4~6月GDP、0.7%増に 利上げ観測を補強  :日本経済新聞


ギリシャ、ユーロ離脱準備していた 総選挙前、首相承認:朝日新聞デジタル


トヨタ:世界販売台数の首位 上半期で4年ぶりに陥落 - 毎日新聞


Androidに極めて深刻な脆弱性、MMSで端末制御可能に - ITmedia エンタープライズ


ヨウジヤマモトの展覧会がロンドンで開催、展示には生身のモデルを起用 | Fashionsnap.com

「ヨウジヤマモト(Yohji Yamamoto)」の作品約60点集めた展覧会「Yohji Yamamoto: Showspace」が、ロンドンStrut Londonのライブアーカイブスペースで開催される。会期は7月31日から8月8日まで。

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News Headlines - 27 July 2015

Twitter removes lifted jokes over copyright infringment claims | The Guardian

Twitter has begun to honour takedown requests from users complaining their jokes have been lifted wholesale and shared by others, passing them off as their own.
Certain tweets have begun to be replaced with copyright notices and a message saying “tweet withheld”. The blocked tweets offer users the chance to “learn more” via a link to Twitter’s policy on DMCA takedown notices.

Goldman Sachs must pay $1.8 million for reporting failures: FINRA | Reuters

A Goldman Sachs Group Inc unit must pay $1.8 million for not reporting "substantial" details about its alternative trading system orders to a system that tracks that information, and also for other lapses, Wall Street's industry-funded watchdog said.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Ex-President Who Pushed a Nuclear India, Dies at 83 - The New York Times

India’s 11th president, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, whose role in advancing India’s nuclear program made him one of his country’s most beloved figures, died on Monday after collapsing at an event where he was to deliver a lecture. He was 83.

Sex worker in West Virginia shoots dead 'serial killer' - BBC News

A woman working as a prostitute may have put an end to a nationwide killing spree after she shot and killed a man in self-defence, police say.

Nasa completes review of Space Launch System to send humans to Mars | Daily Mail Online

The Space Launch System (SLS) is set to usher in a new era of exploration to destinations beyond Earth's orbit.
When it's built in 2018, it will launch astronauts in the agency's Orion spacecraft on missions to an asteroid placed in lunar orbit, and eventually to Mars.

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東京新聞:フランス野党議員らクリミア訪問 ロシア、EU分断狙う


リコール不適切:フィアット・クライスラー130億円制裁 - 毎日新聞


ドイツ、「脱化石燃料」の姿勢鮮明に-旧式火力を停止・閉鎖 -電気新聞-


CNN.co.jp : 英バッキンガム宮殿、今年も一般公開


スペインとイタリアが同組に サッカーW杯欧州予選:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 26 July 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Disgraced Labour peer Baron Sewel brands Asian women 'whores' | The Sun

The married peer was caught on camera telling a pair of hookers he had hired he would have liked an Asian prostitute to join them at his Westminster flat.

Lord Sewel 'quits as Lords deputy speaker after drug claims' - BBC News

Lord Sewel has reportedly resigned as deputy speaker of the House of Lords after being caught on video allegedly taking drugs with prostitutes.

Alex Salmond: second Scottish independence referendum 'inevitable' - Telegraph

The SNP MP, who previously pledged last September's referendum would settle the matter for a generation, claimed that the Westminster Government was "provoking" Scotland through failing to deliver on promised devolution, the EU referendum, and austerity measures.

Teenager Dies After Reportedly Ingesting 'Laughing Gas'

A teenager believed to have taken so-called laughing gas at a party in south-east London has died, police said today.

Obama Calls on Kenya to Confront Its Problems - The New York Times

President Obama challenged the land of his father on Sunday to break the cycle of corruption, strengthen its shaky democracy, overcome ethnic divisions and end discrimination against women and girls as he wrapped up a two-day visit to Kenya full of potent symbolism.

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サウジ国王、1千人で南仏バカンス 海岸閉鎖に住民反発:朝日新聞デジタル


CNN.co.jp : ロシア内務省職員11万人を解雇、経済苦境でプーチン氏


金や新興国資産の「投げ売り」発生=米メリルリンチ | Reuters


1kgの定義、原器から「原子の数」へ | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト


【欧州サッカー】岡崎は後半17分までプレー 無得点「チャンスあった」 - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 25 July 2015

Pearson in Talks to Sell Economist Stake - WSJ

Pearson PLC on Saturday moved to swiftly complete its transformation into an education specialist after confirming it is in talks over the potential sale of its 50% stake in the Economist Group.

SEC Investigating Smirnoff Maker Diageo - WSJ

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether Diageo PLC has been shipping excess inventory to distributors in an effort to boost the liquor company’s results, according to people familiar with the inquiry.

Diesel prices at pump fall below petrol | The Times

Britain’s ten million drivers of diesel cars have received a boost as prices at some supermarkets have fallen below those for petrol for the first time in almost 15 years.

Cambridge professor claims three climate scientists assassinated | Cambridge News

A Cambridge professor has claimed three scientists investigating the melting of Arctic ice may have been assassinated.
Professor Peter Wadhams, based at Polar Ocean Physics Group at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Wilberforce Road, said the trio could have been murdered and hinted the oil industry or government forces might be implicated.
The three scientists he identified all died within the space of a few months in early 2013.

BBC Sport - World Cup 2018: Qualifying draw in full

The Fifa confederations of Africa, Oceania, South America, Concacaf (North, Central America and the Caribbean) and Europe were drawn. Qualifying has already started in Asia.

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有料テレビでアメリカ最大の企業誕生へ NHKニュース


ヒラリー・クリントン氏 私用メール問題再燃 NHKニュース


太陽光発電を地産地消、ドコモがドイツの実証実験に参加 - ケータイ Watch


フランスのゲイ雑誌「テトゥ」に破産宣告 | WWD JAPAN.COM


北欧フィンランドのグラフィックの巨匠の作品集「エリック・ブルーン」 - MdN Design Interactive


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News Headlines - 24 July 2015

Gold: Flight from safety - FT.com

Gold has been on the slide for several years. After hitting a record $1,920 in 2011 it has now slipped by 40 per cent. Half the gains it accrued between 1999, when the rally started at just $250 an ounce, have now been wiped out. This year should — by some accounts — have been good for gold. But despite the sort of bad news that would typically boost gold, including the Greek crisis, there has been little interest in what is supposed to be the ultimate haven investment.

Guantanamo Bay: Closure plan in 'final stages' - BBC News

It was one of the first directives President Barack Obama ordered two months after he was elected in 2008.
Inmates have slowly been transferred out and at the start of the year, 122 men were left.

Near miss at Heathrow prompts UK warning to drone pilots | Reuters

A "near miss" involving a drone flying just meters from an Airbus A320 at Europe's busiest airport Heathrow has prompted British authorities to issue a warning to drone-users, as worries grow over unmanned aircraft flying near airports.

Glasgow bus stop built in cycle lane - BBC News

A new bus stop is being built in a cycle lane in Glasgow... Glasgow City Council has said the path will be rerouted behind the bus shelter.

Hulk Hogan’s race rant over his daughter dating a black man | New York Post

WWE has scrubbed Hogan from several online platforms, according to a report by Wresting Inc: His profile was removed from the Alumni section of WWE’s website, related merchandise was removed from its online shop and Hogan was removed from the cast listing for Tough Enough, a WWE-produced reality series.

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日経、英FTを買収 ピアソンから1600億円で | Reuters


三菱自動車 米国生産の撤退を検討 アジアに注力へ


北欧・マルメに世界中が注目! 街の変革を後押しするものとは?  | つながる!ソーシャル時代 ヒト・カネ・コト | 現代ビジネス [講談社]

近年、スウェーデン第三の都市マルメ(Malmö)は、地元マルメ大学(Malmö högskola)をはじめとする研究機関、企業、起業家、クリエイター、デザイナーなど、様々な事業主体が、世界中から続々と集まり、国際性豊かで、活気に満ちた街へと変化しつつあります。
そして、"知のハブ"として、この街の変革を後押ししているのが、「Media Evolution City(メディア・エボリューション・シティ)」です。メディア分野に強みを持つマルメ大学と連携しながらスウェーデン南部のメディア産業を発展させるべく、マルメを管轄する地方自治体Region Skåne(リージョン・スコーネ)、マルメ市役所、不動産会社Wihlborgs Fastigheterらによって、2012年に創設されました。

地球にそっくりな惑星発見、太陽に似た恒星の周りを公転 | Reuters


CNN.co.jp : 人種差別のチェルシーサポーターに3~5年間の観戦禁止令 英


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News Headlines - 23 July 2015

Nikkei to buy FT Group for £844m from Pearson - FT.com

Nikkei, Japan’s largest media company, is to buy the FT Group from Pearson for £844m, after stunning its rival bidder Germany’s Axel Springer with an eleventh hour offer for the London-based global news organisation.

Experts Call for Expansion of US-Philippines Defense Treaty

More prominent security experts are joining the call for the U.S. to extend its security treaty with the Philippines to the defense of shoals and islands currently controlled by the Philippines in the disputed area of the South China Sea.

South Sudan army crushed civilians under tanks: HRW - Al Jazeera English

South Sudan's government forces and armed groups allied to it have carried out a series of horrific killings, rapes, including burning civilians alive and crushing others under tanks, in devastating violence in the Unity State since May, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said.

UK suspends ban on pesticides linked to serious harm in bees | The Guardian

Farmers will be able to use blacklisted pesticides linked to serious harm in bees after the UK government temporarily lifted an EU ban.

Microsoft seeks revenge porn removal requests - BBC News

Microsoft is inviting "revenge porn" victims to use an online form to help it restrict access to the images.
It follows Google, Twitter and Reddit, which have all recently acted to help people get sexually explicit photos and videos of themselves blocked or made harder to find.

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ギリシャ議会、金融支援条件の改革法案第2弾を可決 | Reuters


アップル急落、約4兆円吹き飛ぶ-ヒット商品開発力に疑問符 - Bloomberg


【米次期大統領選】暴言トランプ氏、なぜか支持率トップ 「試してごらん」今度は対抗馬の携帯番号暴露 - 産経ニュース


コメ輸入「10万トン未満」で調整…TPP : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


ドローンに拳銃装着して発砲 驚愕の投稿映像広まる


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News Headlines - 22 July 2015

Bernanke: German Trade Imbalance Weighs on Rest of Eurozone

In his latest blog, Bernanke writes that the disparity among different eurozone economies pose “serious challenges” for the region and for the eurozone project. One primary example: the eurozone’s unemployment rate tops 13% excluding Germany, while Germany’s unemployment rate is under 5%, less than 5.3% rate in the U.S.

New York Is Set for $15 Minimum Wage for Fast-Food Workers - Bloomberg Politics

A panel formed at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s behest recommended that the minimum wage for fast-food workers be raised to $15 an hour by 2018 in New York City and three years later in the rest of the state.

NASA to announce latest discovery from exoplanet-hunting Kepler mission | CTV News

NASA is teasing space enthusiasts, hinting that it may have some big news to announce about other Earth-like planets in the Milky Way.
The space agency said it plans to share a new discovery from its Kepler Space Telescope at a news conference scheduled for 9 a.m. PDT on Thursday.

After Ashley Madison hack, Whisper users reveal how their lives were destroyed by cheating | Daily Mail Online

After the hacking of adulterous dating site Ashley Madison has left thousands of cheaters at risk of being exposed to their jilted significant others, people who've been caught straying in the past are coming out of the woodwork to share their own stories of being unfaithful.

The 20 Best Rock Guitar Intros of All Time — Video | Guitar World

We’ve compiled 20 of what think are the greatest rock and roll intros of all time. Check them out, and then tell us some that you’d like to see on the list.

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英・ジョージ王子 2歳の誕生日 新たな写真公開


伝統と現代性 英国王室御用達のコーヒー屋 - モードな街角 - 朝日新聞デジタル&w


高速鉄道車両を「直接」イギリスへ出荷 | NNNニュース


フランス:検察「アラファト議長から毒物など見つからず」 - 毎日新聞


新ボンドカーも登場、過去のトラウマに迫る「007 スペクター」予告編 - 映画ナタリー

「007 スペクター」はイギリスの諜報機関MI6に所属するスパイ、ジェームズ・ボンドを主人公としたシリーズ第24弾にあたる作品。前作「007 スカイフォール」に引き続き、6代目ボンドのダニエル・クレイグが主演、サム・メンデスが監督を務める。

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News Headlines - 21 July 2015

Apple IPhone Shipments, Revenue Forecast Miss Estimates - Bloomberg Business

Any indication of slowing demand for iPhones could spark concern that Apple is going to have a hard time selling more smartphones in the final months of the year, after the September debut of the latest version fueled record profits. A new model is expected to be released later this year.

Microsoft Posts Largest-Ever Net Loss After Nokia Writedown - Bloomberg Business

Microsoft Corp. reported its largest-ever quarterly net loss, hurt by a $7.5 billion writedown after the purchase of Nokia’s handset unit failed to rescue the company’s mobile business.
Excluding the Nokia charge and costs related to job cuts, Microsoft said profit in the fourth quarter, which ended June 30, was 62 cents a share. Sales were $22.2 billion.

Spy's suicide adds to Hacking Team scandal in South Korea | Network World

A South Korean intelligence officer who used a controversial surveillance system from Italy’s Hacking Team was found dead over the weekend in an apparent suicide as controversy swirls in the country over use of the software.

Spanish journalists 'kidnapped' in Syria - BBC News

They have not been heard from since shortly after entering Syria via Turkey on 10 July, according to the Spanish press association FAPE.

John Kasich Says He Is Running for President - Bloomberg Politics

Kasich, 63, joins 15 other prominent Republicans who have declared their candidacies for the nomination. He launched his bid in Columbus at the student union at Ohio State University, his alma mater.

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国連安保理、イラン核合意を正式承認 制裁解除への道開く:AFPBB News

国連安全保障理事会(UN Security Council)は20日、イラン核計画をめぐって結ばれた歴史的合意を承認する決議を全会一致で採択した。これにより、同国経済をまひさせてきた制裁解除への道が開かれた。

ドイツ:「イラン詣で」本格化 市場参入へ先陣 - 毎日新聞


ドイツ高級車メーカー、ノキア地図事業を25億ユーロで買収=報道 | Reuters

ドイツ高級車メーカー、ダイムラー 、BMW 、フォルクスワーゲン(VW) のアウディで構成する企業連合は、フィンランド通信機器大手ノキア の地図・位置情報サービス「ヒア(HERE)」を約25億ユーロ(27億2000万ドル)で買収する。

電気自動車:欧州初の「100%電気トラック」が公道を走行、BMWが施設間輸送で配備 - スマートジャパン


ロンドン金融界の求人、6月は56%増-コンプライアンスに需要 - Bloomberg


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News Headlines - 20 July 2015

Suicide bomber kills dozens in Turkey near border with Syria - Telegraph

More than 28 people killed and dozens wounded in explosion in the southeastern Turkish town of Suruc near the Syrian border

Barclays to cut 30,000 jobs in two-year drive to reduce costs | The Times

Barclays is planning to cut more than 30,000 of its staff within two years as the struggling bank considers accelerating a group-wide cost-cutting programme after firing Antony Jenkins, its chief executive, this month.

Gold Price: This is how events in China and Greece have contributed to plummeting prices - and what it means for you - The Independent

This is the first time gold has traded below $1100 since March 2010... One big reason the price has dropped is that Janet Yellen, the chair of the US Federal Reserve, said that interest rates might rise by the end of the year. This gives people confidence that the US economy is going to continue to improve – and that the dollar is going to strengthen with it.

Japan's Mitsubishi makes prisoners of war apology - BBC News

Japan's Mitsubishi corporation has made a landmark apology for using US prisoners of war as forced labour during World War Two.

Stephen Hawking launches $100 million search for aliens

Stephen Hawking has launched a new $US100 million ($135 million) ten year search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe... The project will be bankrolled by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, a physicist by training who made his fortune from savvy early investments in startups such as Facebook.

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ギリシャ:債権者への68億ユーロ支払いを指令-銀行も再開 - Bloomberg


ドイツ首相、ギリシャ債務救済の可能性示唆-減免は否定 - Bloomberg


イタリア、来年から不動産税廃止へ 17年からは法人税減税も | Reuters


ナチス犠牲者の遺体サンプル、フランスの法医学機関で見つかる:AFPBB News

ナチス・ドイツ(Nazi)の解剖学者アウグスト・ヒルト(August Hirt)の犠牲者の遺体から採取されたサンプルが、フランス東部の法医学機関で発見された。地元当局が18日、声明で明らかにした。

アカデミー賞のニュース - 名作ホラー監督の墓から頭部が盗まれる…オカルト的な動機か - 楽天WOMAN


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News Headlines - 19 July 2015

As Embassies Open, a Further Cuban Thaw Faces Hurdles in Congress - WSJ

Afterward, the next substantial results from President Barack Obama’s normalization push could be years away. Secretary of State John Kerry’s historic visit to Havana later this summer will be of symbolic importance, as will the pope’s visit in September. But with the embassies and diplomatic relations officially restored Monday, much of the onus now lies with Congress to carry out Mr. Obama’s vision to normalize ties with Cuba.

Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda 'missing in Syria' - CNN.com

On June 23, Jumpei Yasuda, 41, told a close friend over the phone from Turkey of his plans to enter the war-torn country. Yasuda had previously reported from Syria... Yasuda's Twitter account, previously posted to frequently, has not been updated since June 20.

Hong Kong’s oldest Chinese-language newspaper Sing Pao to to halt publication for at least two days | South China Morning Post

The city’s oldest Chinese-language newspaper, Sing Pao Daily News, will have no printed edition today after it failed to pay the printing fee yesterday amid financial turmoil at its parent company.
The paper will not produce a printed edition until it was offered the High Court’s approval of a financing plan that would free up funds within its parent company, Sing Pao Media Enterprises.

Taiwan seems sure to elect its first female president. But which one? - LA Times

Tsai, who lost by 6 percentage points, is seeking the office again in 2016, but this time, even if she loses, the winner will almost certainly be female because the island’s two major parties have both chosen female candidates. Tsai, a 58-year-old lawyer and member of the Democratic Progressive Party, will face Hung Hsiu-chu, 67, a former teacher who was nominated Sunday by the ruling Nationalist Party.

Mhairi Black's maiden speech tops 10m online views - BBC News

The maiden speech by Westminster's youngest MP Mhairi Black has been viewed online more than 10 million times.

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ギリシャ首相が内閣改造、反緊縮閣僚を更迭 | Reuters


CNN.co.jp : 伊首相、防弾チョッキ着てケニア大統領と会談か




CNN.co.jp : ドローン空中写真の国際コンテスト、「いいね!」最多は?


きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅのイタリア公演、明日7/19ジャパカンでO.A. (2015/07/18)| RO69(アールオーロック)

2015年7月19日(日)9:30からテレビ東京系で放送される音楽情報番組『JAPAN COUNTDOWN』で、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅの「イタリア・2015年ミラノ国際博覧会 JAPAN DAY スペシャルライヴ2015」の模様がオンエアされることがわかった。

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News Headlines - 18 July 2015

Their Royal Heilnesses | The Sun

The stunning film footage of the Queen performing a Nazi salute is today revealed by The Sun.
The astonishing clip lay hidden for eight decades. The grainy home movie is thought to have been shot in 1933 or 1934, as Hitler rose to supreme power in Germany.

Only with the Blitz did the royal family give up on peace with Hitler | The Guardian

hen analysing the approach taken by the British royal family to events in Germany in the 1930s, key is the pervasive fear of communism among the aristocracy in Europe. In 1933, Edward (later Duke of Windsor) said of the Nazi regime: “It is the only thing to do. We will have to come to it, as we are in great danger from Communists, too.”

Saudi Arabia arrests 431 with ISIS ties - CNN.com

Saudi Arabia has arrested 431 people who are part of a "network of cluster cells linked to the terrorist ISIS organization," according to the state-run Saudi Press Agency.

Isis uses poisonous gas on Kurdish forces, says monitoring group - The Independent

Poisonous gas, which causes "burning of the throat, eyes and nose", has been used by Isis forces to attack Kurdish-controlled areas of northeastern Syria, a Syrian Kurdish militia and a UK based group monitoring the Syrian conflict said today.

Accounting probe may pressure Toshiba to write down Westinghouse | Reuters

Toshiba Corp is set to overhaul its management after an investigation into its accounting practices concludes early next week, but a more thorough housecleaning, including a writedown on its Westinghouse nuclear business, may be needed to regain confidence amid Japan's biggest corporate scandal in five years.

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米アップル、従業員が集団訴訟 盗難防止検査が「不愉快」 | Reuters


米グーグルの自動運転車が負傷事故、追突され社員3人けが | Reuters


【新国立競技場】英団体「日本はロンドンの失敗から学んだ」 ハディド氏デザインの五輪施設は「工費3倍」 - 産経ニュース

建設計画が白紙撤回された東京の新国立競技場をデザインしたのは、イラク出身の女性建築家ザハ・ハディド氏(64)。2012年ロンドン五輪では水泳センターを担ったが「野心的なデザインの結果、工費が3倍に膨れた」(英紙ガーディアン)と批判されるなど、過去にも物議を醸してきた。 水泳センターは波形の屋根が特徴。見た目は美しいが工費は見積もりを大幅に超過し、建築を簡素化しても約2億7千万ポンド(約522億円)にかさんだ。

ネッシーの正体は巨大ナマズ?24年間観察中の「専門家」が見解:AFPBB News

英北部スコットランド(Scotland)のネス湖(Loch Ness)に生息するとされる伝説上の怪物「ネッシー(Nessie)」の行方を24年間追い続けている「ネッシー専門家」が、ネッシーの正体は巨大なナマズである可能性が高いとの見方を示した。ただし、追跡調査はまだやめないという。

BABYMETAL、海外で表紙デビュー 英音楽専門誌で日本人初抜てき | ORICON STYLE

平均年齢16.3歳の若さで2度目のワールドツアー中の3人組メタルダンスユニット・BABYMETALが18日(日本時間)、イギリスのメタル専門誌『METAL HAMMER』の表紙に起用されたことがわかった。創刊30年の同誌の表紙を日本人アーティストが飾るのは初。

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News Headlines - 17 July 2015

Japan scraps Zaha Hadid plan for Olympic stadium | The Guardian

The Japanese government has scrapped controversial plans for a dramatic Zaha Hadid-designed $2bn (£1.3bn) stadium envisioned as the focal point of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, amid concern about rising costs and a growing public backlash.

Sharp faces $282 million operating loss for April-June - Nikkei | Reuters

Japan's Sharp Corp is set to swing to an operating loss in the April-June quarter, the Nikkei business daily reported on Friday, reflecting a sharp downturn in its smartphone display business which forced it to seek a bailout from banks in May.

Teenage asylum seeker who confronted Merkel allowed to stay in Germany | The Guardian

A teenage Palestinian asylum seeker who burst into tears in front of Angela Merkel during a televised debate will be allowed to stay in Germany, officials said on Friday. Merkel’s encounter with the teenager named Reem – who speaks perfect German – went viral on the internet. The debate, entitled Good Life in Germany, took place in the northern city of Rostock.

Norwegian killer Breivik wins place at Oslo University - Al Jazeera English

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has won a place to study at the University of Oslo from solitary confinement in prison, despite outrage at his massacre of scores of people four years ago.

Aubrey Morris Dead: ‘Clockwork Orange’ Actor Was 89 | Variety

The character actor had a memorable scene in “A Clockwork Orange” in which his probation officer character cautions the protagonist, Alex (played by Malcolm McDowell), about getting into trouble. “I’m warning you, little Alex, being a good friend to you as always, the one man in this sore and sick community who wants to save you from yourself,” Morris says in the scene (below).

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米南部の軍施設2か所で男が銃乱射、海兵隊員4人死亡  MBSニュース


12人死亡の米コロラド州映画館乱射、被告に有罪評決 | Reuters

デンバー郊外オーロラの映画館で2012年7月20日、映画「バットマン」シリーズの最新作「ダークナイト ライジング」の上映中にホームズ被告が銃を乱射し、12人が死亡、70人が負傷したもの。

CNN.co.jp : 氷水かぶりの寄付142億円、世界で1700万人参加


スイス当局 逮捕の1人を米移送 FIFA汚職、ウェブ氏か ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


楽天がバルサのスポンサー!?年間80億円級巨額契約かスペイン紙報じる : スポーツ報知


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News Headlines - 16 July 2015

Japan's lower house approves change to self-defence law - BBC News

The lower house of Japan's parliament has approved two controversial bills that change the country's security laws, despite protests in Tokyo.
The changes would allow Japanese troops to fight overseas for the first time since World War Two.

Greece seeks relief from lenders after austerity vote triggers rioting, political revolt | CTV News

Greece's troubled left-wing government was seeking urgent relief from European lenders Thursday, after it pushed a harsh austerity package through parliament, triggering a revolt in the governing party and violent demonstrations in central Athens.

New surveillance video shows drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's Mexico prison escape - CBS News

A newly released surveillance video provided by the Mexican government shows the moment Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman escaped from his Mexican jail cell. It shows the drug kingpin pacing before he disappears from view behind a wall.

George HW Bush, former US president, breaks bone in neck in fall | The Guardian

Former US president George HW Bush has broken a bone in his neck following a fall at his home, but his condition is not life-threatening, his official spokesman has said.

Apple updates iPod touch range with new colours - Telegraph

Apple has updated its iPod range, complete with access to new streaming service Apple Music.
The newly updated iPod touch features an 8MP iSight camera and A8 chip for faster graphics performance - the same specifications as the iPhone 6 - and the newly launched Apple Music app via iOS 8.4.

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CNN.co.jp : マレーシア機は親ロシア派が撃墜と断定、オランダ報告書案


中国で英旅行客ら20人拘束 「テロ映像」見た容疑か  :日本経済新聞


フランス薬品工場で同時爆発 発火装置発見、犯罪の可能性も - 産経ニュース


BHP、シェール事業3460億円減損 開発計画見直し  :日本経済新聞


「メルケルは昔、ナイフとフォークを使えなかった」 コール氏伝記が物議 訴訟沙汰に - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 15 July 2015

Iran nuclear deal reached in Vienna | The Guardian

A comprehensive deal on Iran’s nuclear programme has been reached, bringing to an end a 12-year standoff that had threatened to trigger a new war in the Middle East, and potentially marking the beginning of a new era in relations between Iran and the west.

Snapchat opens digital window on Mecca to millions - Al Jazeera English

Snapchat's decision to dedicate its live stream to the Muslim holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia has set social media alight, with hundreds of thousands of tweets on the topic.

Tory plan to relax foxhunting ban set to fail after threat from SNP | The Guardian

David Cameron’s plan to relax the foxhunting ban is likely to fail after the Scottish National party decided to take the provocative step of voting against a change in the law that only relates to England and Wales.

Thousands protest in Bangladesh over gang's brutal murder of 13-year-old boy - The Independent

Almost 15,000 people have also signed a petition to the government of Bangladesh asking them to hand the perpetrators the “highest punishment possible” to discourage other murders and lynchings.

Japan's Abe pushes security bills, sparks protests in summer of discontent | Daily Mail Online

Legislation for a dramatic change in Japan's defence policy that could allow troops to fight abroad for the first time since World War Two was approved by a lower house panel on Wednesday, sparking large protests from ordinary voters against the change.

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フランス革命記念日、テロ厳戒下のパレード - 産経ニュース


ホロコースト「最後の裁判」 94歳元ナチス親衛隊に禁錮4年 - 産経ニュース


【マレーシア機撃墜1年】国際法廷めぐり攻防激化 ロと欧米が非難合戦 - 47NEWS(よんななニュース)


名古屋・栄に北欧デンマーク生まれの雑貨店オープン | THE PAGE

フライング タイガー コペンハーゲンは、1995年に北欧デンマークのコペンハーゲンで誕生し、世界中で人気を誇る雑貨ストア。日本では2012年7月に大阪・心斎橋に日本1号店をオープンして以来、これまで関東、関西を中心に全20店舗を展開している。

『悪女は自殺しない』 ネレ・ノイハウス著 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


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News Headlines - 14 July 2015

Toshiba Executives Expected to Step Down Over Accounting Scandal - WSJ

Toshiba Corp. President Hisao Tanaka and several other executives are likely to step down soon over an accounting scandal involving profits inflated by more than $1 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

Greece Repays Samurai Bonds as Deal Reached With Creditors - Bloomberg Business

The Greek government repaid Samurai notes maturing Tuesday, according to bond agent Mizuho Bank Ltd., in a first sign the nation is honoring its obligations after reaching a deal with creditors.

Mexico offers $3.8m reward in hunt for escaped drug lord - BBC News

Mexico is offering a reward of 60 million pesos ($3.8m) for the capture of the country's most-wanted drug lord, who escaped from a top security prison.

Delta offers to invest in Japan's bankrupt Skymark Airlines: media | Reuters

Delta Air Lines Inc has offered to invest in Japan's bankrupt Skymark Airlines Inc as part of a restructuring plan for the budget carrier, according to a Japanese media report.

Hayao Miyazaki: Making Debut 3D CG Animation Film | Variety

The new ten-minute film, starring a hairy caterpillar, will be made in the CG format, a first for the director, and take an estimated three years to complete. Miyazaki did not say whether the film will be shown outside the museum.

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東京新聞:EU、11兆円のギリシャ支援に合意 再建策の法制化条件


イランと主要6カ国、核協議で最終合意 - WSJ


ルーマニア首相の起訴手続き開始 脱税などの疑い:朝日新聞デジタル




従来より「大きくなった」冥王星 - アストロアーツ


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News Headlines - 13 July 2015

Greece deal explained: how it reached the final agreement - Telegraph

Greece has to push a series of austerity demands through parliament by this Wednesday in order to unlock a fresh multi-billion euro bail-out. Here's what the deal looks like

Clinton to center campaign on raising middle-class incomes - The Washington Post

Centering her presidential campaign on boosting incomes for middle-class Americans, Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday will begin unveiling an economic policy agenda designed to lift working families that have experienced years of wage stagnation and economic anxiety.

Iran nuclear deal prospects put pressure on oil price | The Guardian

Oil prices have fallen sharply on the possibility of Iran adding to the global oil surplus and continued worries over Greece.

Malala marks 18th birthday by opening school for Syria girls - BBC News

Education campaigner Malala Yousafzai has turned 18, and marked the day by opening a school for Syrian girls in an informal refugee settlement in Lebanon's Beka'a Valley.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata dies of cancer aged 55 | The Guardian

Nintendo said Monday that its chief executive Satoru Iwata has died of bile duct cancer at the age of 55, several months after he abandoned the Japanese gaming giant’s consoles-only policy.

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ギリシャ、成長パッケージと債務再構成でユーロ離脱回避=首相 | Reuters


ロシア、ギリシャへの燃料直接供給を検討:AFPBB News

ロシアのアレクサンドル・ノバク(Alexander Novak)エネルギー相は12日、ギリシャ経済てこ入れのため、ロシアはギリシャに燃料を直接供給することを検討中だと語った。ロシアの複数の通信社が伝えた。

スペイン失業率、来年は20%下回る見込み=政府 | Reuters


ハンブルガーSV、柏U-18FW伊藤達哉を獲得「質の高さに絶対の自信があった」 | フットボールチャンネル


ジョコビッチが2連覇 ウィンブルドン男子決勝  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 12 July 2015

Chinese corruption agency probes Supreme Court vice-president - BBC News

Xi Xiaoming, who joined the Supreme People's Court in 1982, has been accused "serious discipline violations", according to a statement from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI).

El Chapo escape: notorious drug lord tops list of world's most-wanted – again | The Guardian

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán has gone, again. On Saturday night, Mexico’s most infamous drug trafficker slipped out of a high-security prison for a second time, humiliating a government that said it could never happen.

How to get and test iOS 9 before everyone else in 5 easy steps | Stuff

Run the public beta of iOS 9 to enjoy its new features and improve the experience simultaneously

'Mini ice age' coming in next fifteen years, new model of the Sun's cycle shows - The Independent

We are now able to predict solar cycles with far greater accuracy than ever before thanks to a new model which shows irregularities in the sun’s 11-year heartbeat.
The model shows that solar activity will fall by 60 per cent between 2030 and 2040 causing a "mini ice age".

BBC Sport - Wimbledon 2015: Novak Djokovic beats Roger Federer in final

Defending champion Novak Djokovic saw off seven-time champion Roger Federer in four sets to win his third Wimbledon and ninth Grand Slam title.

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いよいよスイスで「ドローンによる郵便配達」の試験が始まった | FUTURUS(フトゥールス)
プロジェクトには民間航空会社のSwiss International Air Linesの貨物部門であるWorldCargoと、ドローンの製造元であるMatternet社が協力し、試験の目指すところは5年後の運用開始だという。
ベッカムがウィンブルドン観戦中に飛んできたボールをキャッチ!カッコよすぎると話題に - AOLニュース
障害あるアーティストに飛躍の場 ロンドン五輪レガシー 「アンリミテッド」 - 産経ニュース
フランス流“大人のセクシー”の秘けつは? 間接的なエロティシズムが五感を刺激 | nikkei BPnet
大会3年ぶりの薬物違反が発覚、ツール・ド・フランス:AFPBB News
ツール・ド・フランスに参戦するカチューシャ・チーム(Katusha Team)は10日夜、国際自転車競技連合(UCI)から所属するルカ・パオリーニ(Luca Paolini、イタリア)からコカインの陽性反応が出たとの通知を受け、同選手を大会から除外した。

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News Headlines - 11 July 2015

24 hours to save the euro: Germany prepares for a 'temporary' Greek exit as euro project on the brink of collapse - Telegraph

Berlin readies five-year expulsion plan for Greece, after Athens is accused of destroying the trust of its partners

Video: Bomb blast hits Italian consulate in Cairo - Telegraph

Islamic State loyalists said they were behind a major bomb blast that shattered Cairo's Italian consulate on Saturday morning, killing one, in the first attack claimed by the group's affiliates inside the Egyptian capital.

Homeless Filipino boy who used McDonald's light to do homework offered scholarship - ITV News

A homeless Filipino boy has been offered a college scholarship after this photo of him doing his homework using light from a McDonald's went viral.

Rewind singer collapses after wearing 12 layers of clothing on flight - BBC News

McElvar was wearing four jumpers, six T-shirts, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of jogging bottoms, two jackets and two hats when he collapsed.
Paramedics reportedly told him he was "lucky to be alive".

Hitachi presents 3D film footage of conceptual high-speed train

Hitachi Rail has released film footage of its conceptual high-speed train interior, intended for Europe and the UK, at the UIC High Speed Congress in Tokyo.

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陸自、米海兵隊と豪で初訓練 領土奪還想定し上陸作戦  :日本経済新聞


CNN.co.jp : ブッシュ前大統領に批判 退役軍人団体に10万ドルの講演料請求


フェラーリ、数日中にIPO申請へ-マルキオンネCEO - Bloomberg

フィアット・クライスラー・オートモービル ズがスピンオフ(分離・独立)を進めているスポーツカー部門フェラーリは新規株式公開 (IPO)の申請が間近だ。フィアット・クライスラーのセルジオ・マルキオンネ最高経営責任者(CEO)が明らかにした。

ルノー・日産、14年のシナジー効果は前年比32%増の38億ユーロ | Reuters


ミラノ万博「日本館サポーター」きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅさん、現地で日本館見学 - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 10 July 2015

Ex-Toshiba chief suspected of encouraging false accounting - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun

Instructions from a former president at Toshiba Corp. to “find ways to do something” to achieve profit targets apparently triggered the accounting scandal that has embroiled the electronics giant, sources said.

Enigma machine goes up for auction | The Guardian

A rare surviving example of an Enigma machine, used by the German military to send coded messages during the second world war, is expected to fetch £70,000 at auction next week.

Harper Lee’s new novel: read the first chapter | The Guardian

An exclusive extract from Go Set A Watchman, the new novel by the author of To Kill A Mockingbird. The book will be published in full on 14 July

Sake, costumes and J-Pop at London 'Hyper Japan' expo | Reuters

The exhibit, which opened on Friday, celebrates Japanese cuisine and culture. It started at London's Truman Brewery in 2010 and now draws some 80,000 people, organisers say.

Frequently Asked Questions about Visiting Japan

Back in 2001, I visited Japan for the first time. I liked the country so much, I ended up staying. Permanently. Over the years, I have gotten numbers emails from Kotaku readers, asking me a variety of questions.
Let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked ones:

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米政府職員の情報流出は2210万件に拡大、過去最大規模 | Reuters


CNN.co.jp : ロンドン地下鉄が大規模スト、市内は大渋滞


NY取引所、8日取引停止はソフト更新による技術上の障害が原因 | Reuters


ギリシャ提案、仏大統領は評価-ドイツは債権機関の査定待ち - Bloomberg


『不思議の国のアリス』はこうして生まれた | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト


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News Headlines - 09 July 2015

China's stock market turmoil, explained - CNN.com

"China's stock market had become detached from the reality of China's own economy, and appallingly overvalued," Patrick Chovanec, managing director at Silvercrest Asset Management, posted on Twitter.

Amid accounting probe, Toshiba may sell Westinghouse shares: sources | Reuters

Toshiba Corp, which is expected to write down profits due to an accounting scandal, is considering selling assets including part of its stake in Westinghouse Electric, sources with knowledge of the matter said on Thursday.

Army plans to cut 40,000 troops, lay off 17,000 civilians by 2017 - Stripes

The Army plans to cut 40,000 soldiers from its ranks over the next two years, a reduction that will affect virtually all of its domestic and foreign posts, the service asserts in a document obtained by USA Today.

Tube strike: Union boasts 'We shut London Underground down' - latest travel updates on Thursday afternoon - Telegraph

The tube strike has caused misery for a number of commuters who have struggle to get to work - with some journeys taking as much as four times longer.

Video: Johnny Depp visits Australian children's hospital as Captain Jack Sparrow - Telegraph

Actor Johnny Depp has taken some time out of filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film to visit an Australian children’s hospital.

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米マイクロソフト、7800人削減 携帯事業で追加再建策  :日本経済新聞


ギリシャ巡りフランスでも厳しい声強まる NHKニュース


冥王星:地表に横幅2000キロの巨大な白のハート形 - 毎日新聞

米航空宇宙局(NASA)は8日、接近中の無人探査機ニューホライズンズが約800万キロの距離から撮影した冥王星の画像を公開した。地表に横幅が約2000キロに及ぶ巨大な白っぽいハート形の地形があるのが見える。 到着を目前にして突然休止状態になるトラブルから復帰した直後の7日に撮影した。

ローリング・ストーンズ展のポスターをロンドン地下鉄&バス広告監査機関が検閲! | RO69(アールオーロック)

ザ・ローリング・ストーンズの初の大規模な展示会『EXHIBITIONISM』が、2016年4月6日からロンドンの「Saatchi Gallery(英国一権威のある現代美術専門のミュージアム)」で開催されることはファンの皆さんならもうご存知かと思いますが、このオリジナル宣伝ポスター(上の写真)が、なんと「危険」「きわどい」との理由でロンドン地下鉄&バス広告監査機関から検閲された!!!との報道が

FIFA、元理事を永久活動停止 不正関与を認定 | どうしんウェブ


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News Headlines - 08 July 2015

Chinese markets routed as 51pc of A-shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen suspend trading; Hong Kong plunges | South China Morning Post

In unprecedented move, 1,429 or 51 per cent of all stocks listed in the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges voluntarily suspend trading of their stocks. Shanghai closes at 3-1/2 month low and Hong Kong falls over 2,100 points

'Significant' new evidence supplied by UK as British backpackers murder trial begins - Telegraph

The families of two British backpackers murdered in Thailand last year arrived for the start of the trial of the alleged killers, just as the defence revealed that new evidence supplied by the British authorities could prove their innocence.

Custody officer Lorraine Barwell died from head injury - BBC News

Lorraine Barwell, 54, was attacked as she escorted a prisoner from Blackfriars Crown Court to a van on 29 June. She died on Friday.

Unexploded bomb found on White City building site - BBC News

The Metropolitan Police said the large unexploded shell was discovered at a building site at Ariel Way, off Wood Lane in White City at 10:41 BST. Emergency services are at the scene.

Toyota executive freed in Japan after arrest on drug charges | The Guardian

American Toyota executive Julie Hamp has been released without charge in Japan following her arrest in June on suspicion of drug law violations.

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PlayStation 4のヨーロッパにおける市場シェアは70~90%にも? SCEEのジム・ライアン氏が発言 - 4Gamer.net

Sony Computer Entertainment EuropeのプレジデントであるJim Ryan(ジム・ライアン)氏が,PlayStation 4のヨーロッパにおける市場シェアは最低でも70パーセント,地域によっては90パーセントに達していると明らかにした。

安野光雅さん描く旅情豊かな風景 きょうから「ヨーロッパ周遊旅行」 東京 - 産経ニュース

毎月第1日曜日の産経新聞に「洛中洛外」を連載している画家、安野光雅さんが描いた欧州の風景画を紹介する「旅の風景 安野光雅 ヨーロッパ周遊旅行」が7日から、損保ジャパン日本興亜美術館(新宿区西新宿)で開催される。

ヨーロッパで異常な暑さ続く(日直予報士) - 日本気象協会 tenki.jp


アジカン、英仏独巡るキャリア2度目のヨーロッパツアー - 音楽ナタリー

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATIONが11月にヨーロッパツアー「ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Tour 2015 "Wonder Future" -UK/Europe」を開催する。
バンドがヨーロッパツアーを行うのは2013年の初夏以来2度目。彼らは最新アルバム「Wonder Future」を携えてドイツ、イギリス、フランスを巡る。

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News Headlines - 07 July 2015

UK comes to standstill to marks 10 years since 7/7 attacks | The Guardian

Britain fell silent in tribute to the dead, bereaved, survivors and rescuers on the 10th anniversary of the day 7/7 became shorthand for terror.

US and Japan increase pressure on Europe to reach a deal with Greece | The Guardian

The US treasury secretary, Jack Lew, told Greece’s prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, and its new finance minister, Euclid Tsakalotos, that Washington “looked forward” to a swift resolution to the crisis unfolding in Europe.

BBC Micro Bit computer's final design revealed - BBC News

The BBC has revealed the final design of the Micro Bit, a pocket-sized computer set to be given to about one million UK-based children in October.

The Chosun Ilbo : 3 Typhoons Head Toward Korea

Three typhoons are heading toward the Korean Peninsula auguring a welcome respite after the prolonged drought.

USA's World Cup victory over Japan smashes TV record for soccer | The Guardian

More than 25 million people tuned in to watch the game on Fox, smashing the previous record of 18.2 million set during USA’s 2-2 draw with Portugal in the group stages of last year’s men’s World Cup, when a stoppage-time goal from Silvestre Varela prevented a famous American victory.

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ドイツ与党内で強まる対ギリシャ強硬論、メルケル首相を束縛も | Reuters


ピケティ氏、ドイツのかたくなな姿勢を非難 ギリシャ債務問題 - WSJ




女子はアメリカ勢3人がベスト8入り、世界の勢力図に変化か [ウィンブルドン]|グランドスラム|THE TENNIS DAILY


ハリウッドリメイク決定!独サイバースリラー「ピエロがお前を嘲笑う」ポスター公開 : 映画.com

ドイツの大ヒットサイバースリラー「フー・アイ・アム ノー・システム・イズ・セイフ(原題)」の邦題が、「ピエロがお前を嘲笑う」に決定し、ポスタービジュアルが完成した。アノニマスを彷彿とさせる仮面の男が強烈なインパクトを放ち、「106分間、あなたが目にしたものは、果たして真実か?」というキャッチコピーが、張りめぐらされたトリックを予感させる。

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News Headlines - 06 July 2015

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis Resigns After Referendum - WSJ

Greece’s outspoken finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, resigned on Monday under pressure from his government and his country’s creditors, who both identified him as an obstacle to productive talks about a new bailout deal.

Greek crisis: everything you need to know - Telegraph

Greece crisis: we spell out the consequences of the referendum, Greece and Europe's cuurent options and what it all means for British tourists

Bank workers stage mock IS-style execution of Asian co-worker | The Sun

SIX bankers were sacked yesterday for pretending to behead an Asian workmate in a mock IS execution — while yelling “Allahu Akbar”.

Alien life ‘unlikely’ on Rosetta comet, say mission scientists - Telegraph

Despite claims this week that comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko may hold alien life, mission scientists think it is unlikely

BBC Sport - Women's World Cup: USA 5-2 Japan

Carli Lloyd scored an incredible 13-minute hat-trick as the United States thrashed Japan to win their third Women's World Cup title.

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ギリシャ、新ドラクマ導入なら危機史上最悪通貨の恐れ - Bloomberg

実はギリシャの14年の経常収支 は黒字で経済成長率もプラスだった。従って分析対象の他の国ほど通貨切り下げが必要なわけではないはずだ。もしかしたら現時点でドラクマはユーロと等価かもしれないとノーマンド氏は言う。

CNN.co.jp : スペイン語人口で米国が世界2位に、スペイン本国抜く


CNN.co.jp : フランシスコ法王の南米歴訪始まる 出身国は含まず


チュニジア大統領、30日間の非常事態宣言を発令:AFPBB News

北アフリカのチュニジアで先月26日に発生し、イスラム過激派組織「イスラム国(Islamic State、IS)」が犯行声明を出したリゾート襲撃事件を受け、ベジ・カイドセブシ(Beji Caid Essebsi)大統領は4日、同国が「特殊な種類の戦争」に直面しているとして非常事態宣言を発令した。

サッカー=FIFA会長、「フランスとドイツから圧力あった」 | Reuters


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News Headlines - 05 July 2015

Greece referendum: Official projections after polls close see 'no' vote winning by 61 per cent - The Independent

The Greek public look set to reject the austerity measures proposed by its international creditors in return for rescue loans, as initial projections from a referendum fall in favour of the 'no' vote.

Japan industrial revolution sites win UN world heritage nod | Bangkok Post

Unesco on Sunday conferred world heritage status to a number of sites representative of Japan's industrial revolution under Emperor Meiji (1868-1910), as Seoul lifted its opposition to the listing following Tokyo's promise to own up the war history of the locations.

RMT votes for strike over new Hitachi high-speed trains - BBC News

First Great Western rail workers have voted to support strike action over plans to axe guards and buffet cars on new Hitachi Inter City Express trains. Members of the RMT union will walk out for 48 hours from 18:30 BST on 8 July.

Princess Charlotte is christened at a Sandringham church - BBC News

Princess Charlotte has been christened at a church in Sandringham after the Cambridges made their first public outing as a family of four.

Two Bethnal Green schoolgirls 'now married to Isis men' in Syria | The Guardian

Two of the three east London schoolgirls who fled to join Islamic State in Syria have married men approved for them by the terrorist group, their families have told the Guardian.

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ギリシャとドイツ、相手をさげすむ感情 国民投票後も続くか - WSJ


ドイツの脱原発とキリスト教倫理 環境ジャーナリスト・川名英之 : クリスチャントゥデイ


ロンドン五輪男子400mリレー、繰り上がりの仏代表に銅メダル授与:AFPBB News

 3年前の大会で、米国はウサイン・ボルト(Usain Bolt)を擁して世界新記録となる36秒84を記録し、金メダルを獲得したジャマイカに次いで2位に入っていたが、タイソン・ゲイ(Tyson Gay)の薬物違反によって失格処分となっていた。

【スポーツ異聞】欧州サッカー連盟(UEFA)に広がる暗雲 富める者はますます富み。貧しきものは… - 産経ニュース


イングランド、初の3位…延長でドイツ下す : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


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News Headlines - 04 July 2015

Toshiba accounting errors may be over $800 mln -source | Reuters

Japan's Toshiba Corp may need to mark down past earnings by over 100 billion yen ($814 million), more than double earlier estimates, after an investigation into past accounting practices found more irregularities, a source familiar with the matter said on Saturday.

Migrants Try To Enter Channel Tunnel

Channel Tunnel traffic has faced futher disruption after migrants tried to enter the terminal in Calais, followed hours later by a "technical fault".

Tunisian President: New attack would cause 'collapse' - CNN.com

Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi on Saturday declared a 30-day state of emergency, saying another attack such as last week's terrorist massacre at a beach hotel would "cause the country to collapse."

Iran Nuclear Talks Appear to Advance as Deadline Nears - WSJ

Key elements of a nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers appeared to be falling into place on Saturday, just ahead of a July 7 deadline, according to officials involved in negotiations in Austria’s capital.

Digital Amnesia: Your Smartphone Is Responsible | Rapid News Network

It was found that people are totally dependent on their smartphones for remembering the essential data such as the contact number and other important details regarding their closed ones, to the extent that they are unable to recall the information.

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ロンドンの金融機関で休日出勤の動き、ギリシャ国民投票結果備え | Reuters


ロンドン名物「2階建てバス」が電気自動車になる « WIRED.jp


永遠のファッションアイコン オードリー・ヘップバーンの写真展がロンドンで開催 | Fashionsnap.com

オードリー・ヘップバーン(Audrey Hepburn)の写真展「Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon」がロンドンのナショナル・ポートレイト・ギャラリー(National Portrait Gallery)で開始した。会期は10月18日まで。

5億年前の奇妙な新種化石を発見、全身トゲだらけ | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト

背中じゅうが棘(とげ)だらけで、頭部にはアンテナのような2つの突起、それに羽のような6対の前肢と、先が細く尖って爪のついた棘のある9対の後肢をもっている。この新種は、1980年代によく似た未記載種(通称コリンズ・モンスター)を発見しているデズモンド・コリンズ氏にちなんでCollinsium ciliosumと名付けられ、学術誌「Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences」に発表された。

イチロー、代打で三ゴロ 30打席連続無安打に  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 03 July 2015

France says Assange isn't in danger, denies asylum request - AOL.com

Wikileaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange sent an open letter to French President François Hollande asking for asylum, but the request was almost immediately rejected.

Large Fire Erupts at Paluel Nuclear Power Plant in France / Sputnik International

A large fire occurred at the Paluel nuclear power plant in Normandy, France, Le Figaro reported Friday citing the plant management.

Royal Opera House tones down rape scene after outcry - Telegraph

The Royal Opera House has toned down a controversial rape scene that provoked boos and heckles on opening night, with the actress involved no longer being stripped naked on stage.

Test Pilot Admits the F-35 Can’t Dogfight — War Is Boring — Medium

A test pilot has some very, very bad news about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The pricey new stealth jet can’t turn or climb fast enough to hit an enemy plane during a dogfight or to dodge the enemy’s own gunfire, the pilot reported following a day of mock air battles back in January.

Inside the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran - CNN.com

We were inside the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Iranian authorities had given us permission to film inside the complex, and staff let us in.

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ギリシャ国民投票、欧州基準に満たない=欧州評議会 - WSJ


54年ぶり 米とキューバが正式に国交回復 NHKニュース


CNN.co.jp : 英BP、メキシコ湾原油流出事故で2.3兆円の和解金


グーグル・フォト、黒人2人を「ゴリラ」誤認識 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


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News Headlines - 02 July 2015

Egypt launches air strikes on group linked to Isis | The Guardian

The sources said those killed had taken part in Wednesday’s fighting in which 100 militants and 17 soldiers, including four officers, were killed, according to the army spokesman.

ISIS video shows militants execute Egyptian judges in drive-by shooting | Daily Mail Online

Following their shocking attack in Tunisia, ISIS have released a new video showing militants carrying out a deadly assassination of several high profile court judges in Egypt.The brutal video comes just hours after a car bomb killed one of Egypt's top prosecutors, Hisham Barakat.

Saudi Prince Pledges $32 Billion to Good Causes, With Women’s Rights a Focus - WSJ

Saudi Arabia’s Prince al-Waleed bin Talal on Wednesday pledged $32 billion to philanthropy, with the empowerment of women one of his priorities.

Ex-Commerzbank exec seeks to avoid prison for Olympus fraud role | Reuters

A former Commerzbank AG executive should be sentenced to time served after spending nine months in jail and cooperating in an investigation of the role banks played in an accounting fraud at Japan's Olympus Corp, his lawyer argued in a New York court.

Early Rising Expats Struggle with Tokyo’s Timetable - WSJ

I figured things would be hard when I moved to Tokyo almost four years ago – finding new friends, paying for life in a big city. But the biggest challenge proved to be completely unexpected: dealing with the fact that the people and stores in this great city don’t function early. I’m a morning person; Tokyo is not a morning city.

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CNN.co.jp : 初の米国製カラシニコフ銃が販売開始、散弾銃モデルも


独フォルクスワーゲン工場、産業用ロボットの死亡事故が発生 | 新華ニュース


アウディ、月面探査車でGoogle Lunar XPRIZEのドイツチームを支援 【 F1-Gate.com 】

賞金3,000万USドルのGoogle Lunar XPRIZEは、世界中のエンジニアや起業家達にロボットによる低コストな宇宙探索の方法を開発すべく、彼らの挑戦を誘い、奮起してもらうコンテスト。このGoogle Lunar XPRIZEに勝つためには、それぞれ私的に資金を調達したチームが月面にロボットを降り立たせた後、500メートル以上探索させて高解像度の画像ビデオを地球に送信しなければならない。
アウディAGはその技術的ノウハウを、Google Lunar XPRIZEのコンテストに参加している唯一のドイツチームであるPart-Time Scientistsの月面探査車の最適化のために注ぎ込んでいる。

なでしこ、オウンゴールが決勝点…決勝は日米 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


2015年上半期、イギリスで最も売れたシングルTOP40が発表に (2015/07/02)| 洋楽 ニュース | RO69(アールオーロック)

同セールスは販売とストリーミングの合算で集計されたもので、1位は144万セールスを記録したマーク・ロンソンの“Uptown Funk”だった。また、サム・スミスは“Like I Can”、“Stay With Me”、“Lay Me Down”の計3曲がTOP40入りし、エド・シーランも“Thinking Out Loud”と“Bloodstream”の2曲がTOP20にエントリーした。

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News Headlines - 01 July 2015

Greek PM Says Country Will Accept Bailout

Greece wants to keep a reduced level of VAT for its islands, delay an increase in pension age and delay the phasing out of a supplement for some retired people.

Eurozone inflation slows to 0.2% in June - BBC News

The eurozone's inflation rate dipped slightly from 0.3% in May to 0.2% in June, according to official figures.
The reading marks the second month of a return to inflation after five months of flat or falling prices.

Data roaming charges to end in EU within two years - BBC News

Data roaming charges are set to be abolished within the European Union by June 2017, it has been announced.
The ban will be preceded by a 14-month interim period, in which companies can still add surcharges - but at a reduced rate.

Isis claims attacks on Egyptian army checkpoints as dozens dead in Sinai | The Guardian

Islamic militants have killed at least 38 soldiers in a wave of simultaneous attacks, including a suicide car bombing, on Egyptian army checkpoints in the Sinai peninsula, security and military officials said.

Japan's Nishikori pulls out of Wimbledon with calf strain | Reuters

Japanese fifth seed Kei Nishikori pulled out of Wimbledon before his second round match on Wednesday after failing to recover from a calf strain.

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ギリシャ金融支援が失効 IMFへの支払い「延滞」  :日本経済新聞


麻薬密輸 逮捕のトヨタ常務役員が辞任| ytv 読売テレビ


ロンドンで史上最大規模のテロ訓練、千人以上が参加  MBSニュース


西欧に熱波到来、スペインとポルトガルで40度超 :AFPBB News


女子W杯、米がドイツ破り2大会連続で決勝進出 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


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