News Headlines - 31 July 2015

Pacific Trade Talks End With No Deal - WSJ

U.S. and Canadian officials have quarreled in recent months about ways to use the agreement to open up Canada’s highly protected dairy industry, but the public dispute this week spread to three of the other developed economies negotiating the agreement—Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Litvinenko inquiry: What we know about the case - BBC News

The public hearings of the inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko are now drawing to a close after months of evidence.

Jack Straw joins the band of Blairites to warn against Labour swing to the left as success of Corbyn campaign continues - The Independent

Jack Straw has become the latest Labour figure to warn against the party shifting to the left... When confronted with the idea that New Labour was a “virus” within the party, Straw, who served as an MP for 36 years, did not accept the argument that it's time for Labour to distance itself from its recent past.

What's going on in Calais, in pictures - BBC Newsbeat

Thousands of people from Africa, Asia and the Middle East are gathered around the port of Calais - hoping to find a way to cross the channel to start a new life in the UK.

Blue moon: how to see tonight’s 'rare' event | The Guardian

Tonight’s blue moon will be easy to see, but the name has nothing to do with its colour and ‘once in a blue moon’ is probably based on a misunderstanding









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