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News Headlines - 31 August 2015

V-J Day event gives telling snapshot of China's diplomacy: Duowei|WCT

The list of foreign officials heading to the military parade in Beijing to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II offers a telling snapshot of China's current state of diplomatic relations, says Duowei News, a US-based Chinese political news outlet.

Thai Police Award Themselves $84K for Arrest of Bomb Suspect - The New York Times

With much fanfare, Thai police had offered an $84,000 reward for tips leading to arrests in the Bangkok bombing. On Monday, they handed out the cash — to themselves.

Toshiba delays release of earnings report for second time - FT.com

Toshiba has delayed the release of its annual earnings for a second time, as the Japanese industrial group offloads its non-core assets to repair a balance sheet tarnished by a $1.2bn accounting scandal.

Almost everyone’s passwords are terrible, Government survey finds - The Independent

A government survey in October 2014 as part of the Cyber Streetwise campaign found that three quarters of Britons use passwords that are not secure. These include a pet's name, place of birth or something related to a favourite sports team.

British spies trawl Ashley Madison leak for intelligence - Telegraph

British spy agencies have already checked the leaked records to see if their own staff could be vulnerable to blackmail, but are also checking the data for sensitive details of potential intelligence targets.

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北米大陸最高峰マッキンリーを「デナリ」に改称 米政府:朝日新聞デジタル


「エルム街の悪夢」のW・クレイブン監督が死去 | Reuters


ゴヤ賞10部門受賞の刑事ドラマ『マーシュランド』日本上陸 - シネママニエラ


フィンランドのサンタクロースに一年中会えるオフィス 税金滞納で破産の危機に - ねとらぼ


カリブ文化の祭典「ノッティングヒル・カーニバル」開幕、英ロンドン:AFPBB News

英ロンドン(London)西部のノッティングヒル(Notting Hill)で30日、欧州最大のストリートパーティーといわれるカリブ文化の祭典「ノッティングヒル・カーニバル(Notting Hill Carnival)」が開幕した。

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News Headlines - 30 August 2015

Bank of England stance on rates unchanged by China - Carney | Reuters

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said on Saturday that a slowdown in China's economy could push down further on inflation but it did not change, for now, the central bank's position on when and how it might increase interest rates.

Theresa May says jobless migrants should be banned from entering the UK - The Independent

Theresa May wants to ban European migrants from the UK unless they have a job lined up... Writing in the Sunday Times, Ms May argues that the Schengen Agreement allows jobless citizens to move to countries in search of work and benefits, putting pressure on public services and infrastructure.

Bangkok bomb: Thai police hunt more suspects after arrest | The Guardian

Police probing Thailand’s deadliest bombing widened their net in the search for more suspects on Sunday after a foreigner was arrested and stacks of fake passports and bomb-making materials were found during a raid on a Bangkok apartment block.

Pressure mounts on Malaysian PM as protests spill into second day - The Times of India

Thousands gathered for a second day of protests on Sunday to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak over a multi-million-dollar financial scandal, their spirits lifted by unexpected support from Malaysia's longest-serving leader.

How book designer David Pearson made Penguin dance

For the book Penguin by Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005, written by Phil Baines, the "frustrated historian" researched for weeks in the Penguin archive, a climate-controlled hangar in the Midlands with two copies of every book published since 1935... Among his most admired designers are Jan Tschichold​, Penguin's highest-paid employee in 1949, and Derek Birdsall, who reigned there in the 1960s.

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難民が揺さぶる欧州 問われるドイツの対応  :日本経済新聞


スズキ、VWと提携解消へ 国際仲裁裁判所が決定 | 河北新報オンラインニュース


住友商事、フランスの高機能肥料事業を買収 | 財経新聞

住友商事は28日、イタリアのSipcam Oxon Group社(シプカム社)から、同社傘下の仏Agroqualita France SARL社(アグロクオリタ社)の高機能肥料事業を買収したと発表した。欧州地域の農薬販売の基盤強化、事業拡大を目指すという。

アメリカ政府独自のカラーシステムがあるって知ってた? : ギズモード・ジャパン


ブンデス2発のFW武藤が凱旋帰国/デイリースポーツ online


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News Headlines - 29 August 2015

Bangkok bomb: Thai police arrest man over Erawan blast - BBC News

Police in Bangkok say they have arrested a man in connection with a bomb that killed 20 people in the Thai capital nearly two weeks ago.

Hungarian police arrest driver of lorry that had 71 dead migrants inside | The Guardian

Hungarian police have arrested the driver of a lorry found on an Austrian motorway with the decomposing bodies of 71 people, including a baby girl, inside.

Phone hacking: Rupert Murdoch's News Corp could face corporate charges as CPS receives evidence - The Independent

The prospect of Rupert Murdoch and other senior executives facing corporate criminal charges over News Corporation’s role in phone hacking have increased after a “full file of evidence” from a three-year Scotland Yard investigation was passed to prosecutors.

Peter Greste: Al-Jazeera sentences 'truly devastating' - BBC News

Peter Greste, one of the three Al-Jazeera journalists sentenced to jail in Egypt at retrail for "spreading false news", said the convictions were "truly devastating".

When and where can I see the 'Supermoon' and 'Blood Moon'? - Telegraph

Tonight, sky watchers across Britain will be able to see the first of three Supermoons this year.
That means the moon will be very full and bright in the sky, because it has come very close to earth.

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【外信コラム】ロンドンの甃 地下鉄の「病気」 - 産経ニュース


グーグル、検索サービスの独禁法問題でEUに反論  :日本経済新聞


米軍、「イスラム国」ハッカーを殺害| ytv 読売テレビ


スイス、4~6月0.2%成長 フラン高でも一転プラスに  :日本経済新聞


ABBAの名曲で使用されたグランドピアノ、サザビーズのオークションに出品 | NME Japan

“Waterloo”、“Dancing Queen”、“Money, Money, Money”など、ABBAの多くの大ヒット曲で使用されたグランドピアノが、サザビーズのオークションに出品されるという。

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News Headlines - 28 August 2015

Japanese police bracing for gang war as Yamaguchi-gumi mafia group splits | The Guardian

Police in Japan are bracing for an outbreak of gang violence after reports that the Yamaguchi-gumi — the country’s biggest crime syndicate — is about to split.

While Many Panicked, Japanese Day Trader Made $34 Million - Bloomberg Business

While a lot of investors were hitting the panic button Monday, a Japanese day trader who’d made a big bet against the market timed the bottom almost perfectly and narrated a play-by-play of the trade to his 40,000 Twitter followers. He claims to have walked away with $34 million.

Sharp mulls selling most of LCD business: Report - The Times of India

Sharp was considering various options for its liquid crystal display business after a report said it may sell a majority stake in the struggling operations to rival Japan Display.

Japan protests against Chinese media call for emperor's apology | Reuters

Japan has lodged a protest with China over a call by China's Xinhua state news agency for Japan's Emperor Akihito to apologize for its past military aggression, a Japanese government spokesman said on Friday.

Japan ruling party sets date for leadership vote PM bound to win | Reuters

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) on Friday set a date for a party leadership election that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is bound to win, effectively assuring him of staying leader of the world's third-largest economy.

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トラックに移民遺体の山、強烈な死臭… オーストリア警察が見た「おぞましい光景」:AFPBB News


Windows 10、公開1カ月で7500万台以上が導入  :日本経済新聞

米Microsoftは現地時間2015年8月26日、正式リリースから約1カ月経った最新OS「Windows 10」の導入状況について明らかにした。現時点で7500万台以上にインストールされているという。Windows 10は7月29日に190カ国で正式版が公開され、24時間で1400万台以上に導入された。

アップル、イベントを米国時間9月9日に開催--次期「iPhone」を発表か - CNET Japan

Appleは米国時間9月9日、サンフランシスコでイベントを開催する。そこで同社は、次期「iPhone」を披露すると思われる。……8月27日に発送されたイベントへの招待状には、「Hey Siri, give us a hint」(ヘイSiri、ヒントを教えてよ)という、もったいぶった短いフレーズが記されている。

ボルト、セグウェイと接触し出血 世界陸上、残り1種目:朝日新聞デジタル


香川が2ゴールで3戦連発…ドルト、圧巻のゴールショーで完勝しEL本戦進出 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 27 August 2015

Grisly Discovery in Migrant Crisis Shocks Europe - The New York Times

A white truck filled with the decomposing bodies of as many as 50 smuggled migrants was found abandoned on the outskirts of Vienna in the summer heat. The discovery came just as European leaders were meeting in a nearby palace to devise new ways to cope with the migration crisis.

UK net migration hits record high - BBC News

Net migration to the UK is at an all-time high, reaching 330,000 in the year to March, the Office for National Statistics has said.

Plague kills elderly Utah resident | The Salt Lake Tribune

An elderly resident is the first Utahn to die of the plague in at least 35 years.
The Utah Department of Health announced the death Thursday, but declined to provide any details, including the victim's gender, age or region of the state.

Greek president names Supreme Court judge as caretaker PM - SWI swissinfo.ch

Greece's top Supreme Court judge Vassiliki Thanou was named the head of a caretaker government to lead the country to elections expected next month, the president's office said on Thursday.

Babymetal to headline Wembley Arena, brace yourself | The List

In an announcement which you'd think would cause hordes of hairy men to reel in blank-eyed astonishment before reflexively crushing their empty beer cans into agonised ribbons of aluminium and letting out hoarse screams of dismay, Babymetal – sumimasen, we mean BABYMETAL – are to headline Wembley Arena next year.

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「米でテレビ局記者ら生中継中に銃撃され死亡、容疑者は自殺」 News i


不倫サイト「アシュレイ・マディソン」に女性はほとんどいなかった? 情報流出であらわに - ITmedia ニュース


日本人男女が行方不明 アイルランド、海岸に車 - 産経ニュース


味の素、ブラジルと仏の傘下企業売却 成長分野に経営資源集中  :日本経済新聞


乾がエイバルへ「夢だったスペイン移籍実現できた」 - スペインリーグ : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 26 August 2015

No interest rate rise until 2017? Experts react to China's Black Monday - Telegraph

Analysts at Citi believe the triple threat of a slowdown in China, the impact of higher US interest rates on global growth, and the recent market turmoil could keep UK interest rates on hold until 2017.

Japan unable to commit to IOC’s deadline for Tokyo 2020 stadium | The Guardian

Japan is unable to guarantee it will meet an International Olympic Committee deadline to complete work on the new national stadium in time for the 2020 Games, according to the country’s Olympics minister. A top IOC official has urged Japan to speed up the troubled construction of Tokyo’s showpiece for delivery by January 2020.

Boy trips in museum and punches hole through painting | The Guardian

A 12-year-old Taiwanese boy lived out a slapstick nightmare at the weekend when he tripped at a museum and broke his fall with a painting, smashing a hole in it.

Nippon Life Said Planning to Buy Japanese Rival Mitsui Life - Bloomberg Business

Nippon Life plans to offer 300 billion yen ($2.5 billion) to 400 billion yen for at least an 80 percent stake in Mitsui Life, said one of the people, who asked not to be named because the information isn’t public.

Uniqlo to Try Out Four-Day Workweek - Bloomberg Business

Fast Retailing, the parent company of Uniqlo, Theory, and J Brand, will offer a four-day workweek to about a fifth of its workforce starting in October, the company confirmed to Bloomberg. About 10,000 full-time employees at Uniqlo's Japan locations will have the option of a three-day weekend in exchange for 10-hour work days the rest of the week. The retailer is also considering introducing a shorter week at its corporate headquarters and at more stores, if this trial goes well.

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米・メキシコ間に新たな鉄道が開業、通商拡大に対応 | Reuters


米、原油輸出を部分解禁 シェール業界の要求でメキシコへ  :日本経済新聞


アルセロールミタル、フランスの工業地帯を再生 - WSJ


ケネディ大使、公務に私用メール 「取扱注意」の情報も:朝日新聞デジタル


三池崇史監督作「藁の楯」ハリウッドリメイクが決定!「エクスペンダブルズ3」脚本家も参戦 : 映画ニュース - 映画.com

三池崇史監督、大沢たかお主演作「藁の楯 わらのたて」が、ハリウッドでリメイクされることが明らかになった。

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News Headlines - 25 August 2015

China cuts interest rates after global day of panic - The Independent

This is the fifth time the People's Bank of China has cut rates since November. Jennifer Thompson of the FT has compiled a list of all the changes since then:

Islamic State release pictures after 'destroying ancient temple' at Palmyra - Telegraph

Extremists blow up Baalshamin Temple at Palmyra World Heritage site in Syria, according to activists, as Isil release images of their destruction

9/11 ‘Dust Lady’ succumbs to cancer | New York Post

The dust-covered 9/11 survivor whose haunting image became an emblem of the tragedy has died after a yearlong battle with stomach cancer, her family said.

Booze in space: Japanese company sends alcohol to the ISS - Orlando Sentinel

Japanese company Suntory Global Innovation Center has sent six forms of distilled liquor up to space on board the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's "Kounotori" transfer vehicle to the space station, which launched on Aug. 19 from Japan along with more than 8,000 pounds of supplies and experiments for the Expedition 44/45 crew.

Big Ben bongs 'out by up to six seconds' (From Maldon and Burnham Standard)

The bongs of Big Ben have become "temperamental" and can be out by up to six seconds, parliament's clocksmiths have admitted... The Houses of Parliament's three dedicated clocksmiths have tried to deal with the problem by removing weights from the pendulum.
But they have no idea why it has happened, saying that at 156 years old the Great Clock just has "fits every now and then".

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「男ならハラキリしろ!」ロシア副首相が北方領土問題で日本挑発 「騒いでいるだけ」と侮辱 - 産経ニュース




国連:日本の分担率が2桁切り9.68% かつて20%超 - 毎日新聞


キユーピー、オランダに販売会社設立 ヨーロッパ市場参入へ | M&Aタイムス

マヨネーズやドレッシングを販売するキユーピーは、2015年8月に、調味料等の販売会社として「KEWPIE TRADING EUROPE B.V.」(オランダ アムステルダム)を設立し、ヨーロッパでの新たな市場開拓の準備を進めていくと発表した。

インディカーのドライバーが頭部負傷、クラッシュしたマシンの破片が直撃か:AFPBB News

23日に米ペンシルバニア(Pennsylvania)州で行われた15インディカー・シリーズ第15戦で、アンドレッティ・オートスポーツ(Andretti Autosport)のジャスティン・ウィルソン(Justin Wilson、英国)が頭部に重傷を負い、同日夜から意識不明の状態が続いている。

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News Headlines - 24 August 2015

Great fall of China sinks world stocks, dollar tumbles | Reuters

Alarm bells rang across world markets on Monday as a 9 percent dive in Chinese shares and a sharp drop in the dollar and major commodities panicked investors.

Rival Koreas find a way to avoid disaster, reach deal - Stripes

After 40-plus-hours of talks, North and South Korea on Tuesday pulled back from the brink with an accord that allows both sides to save face and, for the moment, avert the bloodshed they've been threatening each other with for weeks.

British hostage freed by UAE forces in Yemen | The Guardian

A British national held hostage in Yemen has been freed by United Arab Emirates forces, Philip Hammond has confirmed.
The United Arab Emirates said its military freed Douglas Robert Semple, 64, who was kidnapped 18 months ago by al-Qaida in Yemen.

Israel turns to Kurds for three-quarters of its oil supplies - FT.com

Israel has imported as much as three-quarters of its oil from Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish north in recent months, providing a vital source of funds to the cash-strapped region as it fights militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis).

Parisians struggling to get a baguette as holidaying bakers close by the dozen | Daily Mail Online

Bakers in the capital no longer have their summer holiday regulated by the Paris préfet and are now able to take as much leave as they like in July and August.
Until recently, bakers would be told by the city's administrative authority which weeks they could take off.

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世界同時株安、歯止めかからず…アジアや欧州も : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


アメリカ軍の補給基地で爆発 相模原 NHKニュース


1日で難民4400人救助 イタリア当局、地中海で - 産経ニュース


アイリスオーヤマ:玄関に靴箱がない米国で収納ケース人気 - 毎日新聞


香川今季リーグ初弾で公式戦2戦連発 ドルトが大勝 - ブンデスリーグ : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 23 August 2015

North Korea and South Korea reopen talks, Pyongyang continues to mobilize forces | DW.COM 

South and North Korea resumed talks Sunday afternoon to ease tensions after an exchange of artillery and mutual threats have renewed fears of open confrontation. The first ministerial-level meetings in a year began Saturday and went long past midnight in the border village of Panmunjom.

Malala Yousafzai celebrates string of A* grades at GCSE | The Guardian

Even after winning a Nobel peace prize, with glittering invitations to speak to presidents across the world, education activist Malala Yousafzai always had one priority: her schoolwork.
And the Pakistani pupil’s dedication to her studies has paid off, according to her father Ziauddin Yousafzai, who tweeted that the 18-year-old had achieved six A*s and four As when the GCSE results were released on Thursday.

Men claim to find Nazi train loaded with treasure in Poland

Two men in Poland claim they have found a legendary Nazi train that according to local lore was loaded with gold, gems and valuable art and vanished into a system of secret tunnels as the Germans fled advancing Soviet forces at the end of World War II.

July was Earth's hottest month on record, NOAA says - BBC News

Scientists at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said in a report that they expect 2015 to be the hottest year on record.
Nine of the 10 hottest months since records began in 1880 have occurred since 2005, they NOAA report said.

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マケドニア機動隊が難民に閃光弾、8人負傷:AFPBB News


CNN.co.jp : ISISナンバー2、無人機攻撃で死亡 米発表


英航空ショーで戦闘機墜落、7人死亡 車と衝突  :日本経済新聞


元気寿司、初の欧州展開 英、豪、カンボジアの3国でFC契約|下野新聞「SOON」


CNN.co.jp : 米国に女性CEOが少ない理由とは


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News Headlines - 22 August 2015

Pentagon chief: Russia is a 'very significant threat' | TheHill

Defense Secretary Ash Carter is calling Russia a "very, very significant threat," agreeing with an assessment made by top military officials.
A chorus of top military officials have said recently that Russia is the top threat to the U.S.'s national security in comparison to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

3 Who Stopped Train Attack Were Boyhood Friends - The New York Times

They were on a high-speed train bound for Paris when, after a stop in Brussels, they heard what sounded like gunfire, according to Mr. Sadler’s sister, Arissa. After seeing the gunman struggling with another passenger, the three friends rushed to subdue him. No one was critically hurt or killed in the attack.

Europe - Briton who helped stop French train attack says ‘no hero’ - France 24

Chris Norman, a 62-year-old British businessman, rushed to help subdue the gunman after he was tackled by three holidaying Americans: student Anthony Sadler, Air Force serviceman Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos, a National Guardsman.

Scientists grow almost fully formed human brain in a lab for the first time - The Independent

Scientists have succeeded in growing an almost fully formed human brain in a lab for the first time ever... It contains 99 per cent of the genes present in the human foetal brain and has an identifiable structure.

Scientists reject claims of lab-grown mini human brain - New Scientist

But not everyone is convinced, especially as Anand hasn’t published his results. Scientists we sent Anand’s poster presentation to said that although the team has indeed grown some kind of miniature collection of cells, or “organoid”, in a dish, the structure isn’t much like a fetal brain.

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www.fnn-news.com: アメリカのデザイナー、ロゴマークめぐり佐野 研二郎氏を提訴へ


貝印、フランスに販社設立し包丁拡販 日本食人気追い風に  :日本経済新聞


CNN.co.jp : イスラエル、イラン軍施設攻撃を計画 政権内の異論で頓挫


バンクシーが"夢の国"を風刺「陰気なテーマパーク」限定開園 | Fashionsnap.com


モウリーニョ、スタートダッシュ失敗で7選手と自分自身に不満 - Goal.com


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News Headlines - 21 August 2015

US Service Member Injured in Train Attack in France - ABC News

The Pentagon says one U.S. military service member was injured Friday, apparently while trying to subdue a gunman who opened fire on a high-speed train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris.

White House: ISIS No. 2 killed by US strike | Fox News

Hajji Mutazz, the Islamic State's second in command, was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Iraq, the White House confirmed Friday.
Mutazz was killed in the Aug. 18 strike while traveling in a vehicle near Mosul, Iraq, the White House said. Also killed was an ISIS media operative known as Abu Abdullah.

Police battle migrants on Macedonia's border with Greece - LA Times

Macedonian police used stun grenades and truncheons Friday to push back refugees and migrants trying to enter the country on their way to northern Europe, stanching a flow of people that had reached about 2,000 a day and leaving thousands of desperate people stranded on the Greek side of the border.

Video: North Korea issues war statement against South Korea - Telegraph

North Korea on Friday declared its frontline troops in a "a quasi-state of war" and warned of military operations a day after the rival Koreas exchanged fire across the world's most heavily armed border.

Low-cost retailer Shimamura pulls pendant bearing Nazi symbol | The Japan Times

Low-cost apparel retailer Shimamura Co., has removed necklaces that resemble a swastika, which was the notorious symbol of the Nazi Party, amid a growing online backlash over the design.

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ギリシャ首相辞職、総選挙で政権基盤強化狙う | Reuters


「米政府、北朝鮮の砲撃に強い懸念」 News i




レノボPC、個人情報流出の可能性…ソフト欠陥 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


ドルト香川、今季初ゴール!決勝弾もアシスト、逆転勝利に貢献 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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News Headlines - 20 August 2015

Calais migrant crisis: Theresa May in Calais as policing deal announced - BBC News

Home Secretary Theresa May is in Calais to sign a UK-French deal to tackle the migrant crisis, as plans for a "control and command centre" are announced.

North Korea 'fires shots' at South Korea as border towns evacuated - The Independent

South Korea has ordered the evacuation of residents from the border after North Korea “fired shots”, according to reports.
According to South Korean media, they were aiming at a loudspeaker which had been blaring anti-Pyongyang propaganda.

China explosions: Cyanide in waters near blast site said to be 277 times acceptable level - CBC News

Chinese authorities warned that cyanide levels in the waters around the Tianjin Port explosion site had risen to as much as 277 times acceptable levels although they declared that the city's drinking water was safe.

Labour leadership: Is Jeremy Corbyn really going to win? - BBC News

Jeremy Corbyn is the favourite to be the next Labour leader according to the bookmakers, the opinion polls and his own opponents. But is a Corbyn victory assured?

Aston Martin to launch all-electric suped-up version of four-door Rapide | Malay Mail Online

In two years, British sportscar manufacturer Aston Martin will launch an all-electric car that’s equipped with an 800-horsepower engine... Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said at Sunday’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance that the company plans to launch an all-electric version of the DBX crossover by the decade’s end.

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米金融当局は低インフレ率なお懸念、利上げ近づく-議事録 - Bloomberg


ドイツ、今年流入する難民は過去最多の80万人を予想 | Reuters


車両型移動図書館「楽天いどうとしょかん」海を越える 今秋フランスで - ITmedia eBook USER

楽天は8月19日、フランスのNGO「市民の絆」(Secours Populaire Francais、以下SPF)とともに、フランス国内の子どもたちを対象とした包括的な支援活動を実施することに合意。第1弾として今秋、これまで日本国内で展開してきた車両型移動図書館「楽天いどうとしょかん」をフランスでも実施する。海外での展開はこれが初。

フランス書院文庫最大のベストセラーは30万部超 草食系も台頭│NEWSポストセブン


チームラボ、Saatchi Gallery(ロンドン)「teamLab: Flutter of Butterflies beyond Borders」展で新作など3作品展示。9/10- 9/13 - 産経ニュース

チームラボは、「teamLab: Flutter of Butterflies beyond Borders」を、Saatchi Gallery(ロンドン)にて、開催。新作「Flutter of Butterflies beyond Borders / 境界のない群蝶」など、3作品を展示。期間は2015年9月10日(木)~ 9月13日(日)まで。

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News Headlines - 19 August 2015

Ashley Madison condemns attack as experts say hacked database is real | The Guardian

Hackers have released what they claim to be the personal information, including names, email addresses, phone numbers and partial credit card numbers of 37 million users of the infidelity site Ashley Madison.
Ashley Madison condemned the attack but stopped short of verifying the information leaked online was genuine.

Syrian archaeologist 'killed in Palmyra' by IS militants - BBC News

The archaeologist who looked after ancient ruins of Palmyra in Syria for 40 years is reported to have been killed by Islamic State (IS) militants.

Bangkok bomb: Thai police release sketch of suspect captured by CCTV footage before attack - The Independent

Thai police issued an arrest warrent for a "foreign man" in connection with the Bangkok bomb, as authorities offer a million-Baht reward for information related to the mystery individual pictured in a sketch on Wednesday.

German parliament backs latest Greek bailout - FT.com

The Bundestag voted 454 to 113 in favour of the deal. Eighteen MPs abstained and 46 stayed away from the vote.
But Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered the biggest parliamentary rebellion of her decade in power, with 63 members of her Christian Democratic Union and Bavarian sister party the CSU voting against and three abstaining.

Dreamliner 787 Heathrow fire 'may be caused by short circuit' - BBC News

A fire on a parked Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet at Heathrow Airport two years ago was probably caused by a short circuit, air accident investigators have said.

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次期アンドロイドの正式名称は「マシュマロ」  :日本経済新聞

米Google(グーグル)は現地時間2015年8月17日、次期Android(アンドロイド)の開発者向けプレビュー最終版をリリースするとともに、正式名称を「Android 6.0 Marshmallow(マシュマロ)」とすることを明らかにした。
 Android 6.0 Marshmallowは2015年5月に開催された開発者会議「Google I/O」で発表され、これまで「Android M」の開発コード名で呼ばれていた。

ビートルズ:初のレコーディング契約書が競売に - 毎日新聞


カナダ企業、「宇宙エレベーター」の特許取得 写真2枚 国際ニュース:AFPBB News

「宇宙エレベーター」は、ロシアの科学者コンスタンチン・ツィオルコフスキー(Konstantin Tsiolkovsky)が1895年にフランスの首都パリ(Paris)のエッフェル塔(the Eiffel Tower)を見て最初に着想。だが技術的な課題がネックとなり、1世紀以上、概念的な段階にとどまっていた。
 カナダのオンタリオ(Ontario)州ペンブローク(Pembroke)に本拠を置く宇宙・防衛企業Thoth Technologyが先月、規模は小さいが格段に低コストの宇宙旅行を可能にする「宇宙エレベーター」で米国特許を取得した。

米カリフォルニア州の山火事、消火活動に兵士200人派遣:AFPBB News


FDA、初の「女性用バイアグラ」認可 重篤な副作用も - WSJ


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News Headlines - 18 August 2015

Suspect in Bangkok bomb caught on camera  - FT.com

The CCTV footage appeared to show a man in a yellow shirt leaving the backpack at the Erawan Hindu shrine in the upmarket Ratchaprasong district on Monday evening.

Bangkok second bomb at Sathorn pier: CCTV footage shows blast showering pedestrians in debris - Asia - World - The Independent

New CCTV footage from Thailand has emerged, appearing to show the moment a second bomb exploded in the capital, Bangkok, a day after a large blast near the Erawan Hindu Shrine killed at least 22 people.

Thai baht at six-year low, shares fall after bombing - Yahoo News UK

Thailand's currency slumped to a six-year low on Tuesday and shares fell in Bangkok over concerns an unprecedented attack in the capital could hit the vital tourism sector.

UK inflation edges up slightly in July - FT.com

Inflation has been hovering around zero for six months, as falling oil prices and the strength of sterling have kept the cost of imports down.
However, core inflation — a measure with a domestic focus — rose from 0.8 to 1.2 per cent in July, a five-month high.

Arrest Made in the Murder of Morgan Freeman's Step-Granddaughter, E'dena Hines - ABC News

An arrest has been made in the murder of Morgan Freeman's step-granddaughter, E'dena Hines, police said today.

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英国:7月インフレ率が予想外の0.1%-コアインフレが高水準 - Bloomberg

英国の7月のインフレ率 は横ばいの市場予想に反して上昇した。コアインフレ率は5カ月ぶり高水準に達した。

CNN.co.jp : 共和党主流派の3候補、そろって支持率後退 米大統領選


英国がEV車用の非接触充電レーンを設置。走行中にバッテリー回復 - Engadget Japanese


ニュース - 米BuzzFeedが日本進出 ヤフーと協業、独自記事も配信:ITpro


伊紙評価:『ガゼッタ』が1G1Aの本田をMOMに選出 - Goal.com


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News Headlines - 17 August 2015

Japan economy shrinks in second quarter in setback for 'Abenomics' | Reuters

Japan's economy shrank at an annualized pace of 1.6 percent in April-June as exports slumped and consumers cut back spending, adding pressure on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to step up his policy drive to lift the economy out of decades of deflation.

Toyota Halts Production at Two Plants in China Following Tianjin Blasts - WSJ

Toyota Motor Corp. is halting car production for three days at two plants in northeastern China following last week’s massive blasts in the port city of Tianjin, the auto maker said Sunday.

Family Feud at Korea’s Lotte Moves Closer to Resolution - WSJ

A public feud over control of Korean-Japanese conglomerate Lotte Group moved closer toward a conclusion on Monday as shareholders of its holding company voted to approve management plans led by the younger son of the founder.

The songs China doesn't want you to hear - BBC News

In China, the government has banned a list of 120 songs from the internet, including a string of karaoke favourites.

What was in Osama Bin Laden's tape collection? - BBC News

After the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, Osama Bin Laden was forced to flee the city of Kandahar, where he had been based since 1997. Several compounds were hastily vacated, including one, opposite the Taliban foreign ministry, where al-Qaeda bigwigs met. Inside it, 1,500 cassettes were waiting to be discovered.

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ブラジルで大規模デモ 大統領の弾劾要求 五輪への影響は? - 産経ニュース



米AT&Tが長年にわたって米国家安全保障局(NSA)の大規模情報収集活動に積極的に協力してきたことが、新たな極秘文書から分かった。米New York Times非営利調査報道機関であるProPublicaが現地時間2015年8月15日に報じた。

シリア政府軍、反体制派拠点を空爆…82人死亡 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


【外信コラム】イタリア便り 真夏の祝日「8月15日」 - 産経ニュース


CNN.co.jp : 米大リーグ傘下の現役選手、同性愛を公表 史上初


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News Headlines - 16 August 2015

Spanish woman fined for posting picture of police parked in disabled bay | The Guardian

A Spanish woman has been fined €800 (£570) under the country’s controversial new gagging law for posting a photograph of a police car parked illegally in a disabled bay.

Missing Indonesian passenger plane carrying 54 people found crashed in remote eastern Papua mountains | South China Morning Post

An Indonesian passenger plane that went missing yesterday in bad weather with 54 people on board crashed in Indonesia’s rugged eastern Papua region, officials said.

Renewable energy: Japan's Sojitz buys 49% stake in Peru megasolar plant operator- Nikkei Asian Review

Sojitz purchased the interest from Madrid-based T-Solar, the Peruvian company's parent and a member of the Isolux group, a major Spanish power producer, in a deal that is believed to be worth between 1 billion yen ($7.97 million) and 2 billion yen.

Ecuador Declares National State of Emergency as Volcano Erupts - Bloomberg Business

Ecuador’s government declared a nationwide state of emergency Saturday to prepare for a possible major eruption of a snow-capped volcano south of the nation’s capital, Quito.

Disney parks adding 'Star Wars'-themed lands

Disney chairman Bob Iger announced the creation of two Star Wars theme lands coming to the Disney parks in Orlando and Anaheim, Calif. Iger made the announcement before a rabid crowd at the biennial Disney D23 Expo Saturday morning.

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欧州の難民問題「戦後最悪の危機」、伊沖で新たに40人死亡:AFPBB News

イタリア・ランペドゥーサ(Lampedusa)島沖の地中海(Mediterranean Sea)で15日、難民や移民希望者が多数乗った過密状態の船から、少なくとも40人の遺体が発見された。危険を顧みず地中海を渡り、イタリアやギリシャにたどり着いた人々は数十万人に上っており、欧州連合(EU)は「第2次世界大戦(World War II)終結以来最悪の難民危機」への対応に苦戦を強いられている。



ロシア極東のヘリ墜落、5人不明 11人を救助 - 産経ニュース


ロシアの新型補給船「プログレスMS」、11月の打ち上げに向け準備開始 | sorae.jp


岡崎がプレミア初ゴール…レスターが接戦を制し、開幕2連勝で暫定首位 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 15 August 2015

Japan’s Emperor Expresses Remorse Over War, in Contrast to Abe - Bloomberg Business

Japan’s Emperor Akihito expressed “deep remorse” over his country’s actions in World War II, in a departure from his usual remarks, at a ceremony Saturday to mark 70 years since the end of the conflict... It was the first time since acceding to the Chrysanthemum Throne in 1989 that the emperor has expressed regret in such terms at the annual event, according to public broadcaster NHK. His words contrasted with those of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who said in a statement Friday that Japan shouldn’t be expected to continually apologize for a conflict that ended 70 years ago.

VJ Day: Queen to lead 70th anniversary commemorations - BBC News

The Queen is to lead events to mark the 70th anniversary of VJ Day, when Japan surrendered and World War Two ended... It ended one of the worst episodes in British military history, during which tens of thousands of servicemen were forced to endure the brutalities of prisoner of war camps, where disease was rife and there was a lack of food and water.

VJ Day: Surviving the horrors of Japan's WW2 camps - BBC News

Tens of thousands of British servicemen endured the brutalities of Japan's prisoner of war camps during World War Two. Theirs was a remarkable story of survival and courage, write Clare Makepeace and Meg Parkes.

North Korea Changes Timezone In Japan Snub

North Korea has established its own time zone by permanently putting its clocks back by 30 minutes.
The move reverses a change imposed by Japan - or "wicked Japanese imperialists" as state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) has described them - in 1912.
It has been timed to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation from colonial rule at the end of World War II.

New explosions reported in Tianjin disaster zone as rescuers pull out survivor within 3km 'no-man zone' | South China Morning Post

New explosions rocked a chemical warehouse in northern China as police ordered residents to evacuate buildings within a 3-kilometre radius, state media said on Saturday amid lingering concerns about a chemical contamination in the industrial zone.

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ロシア、「日本の立場考慮するつもりはない」 北方領土への閣僚渡航は「今度も続く」  - 産経ニュース


ドイツ紙「首相自身の言葉でおわび言わず」 安倍談話:朝日新聞デジタル


スペイン、成長持続のため一段の改革必要=IMF年次審査報告 | Reuters


人民元下落 中欧・東欧諸国は影響受けず 対中貿易は限定的 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


東京新聞:バルセロナが第1戦大敗 スペイン・スーパー杯


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News Headlines - 14 August 2015

Abe Draws Line Under Past Apologies for Japan’s Wartime Actions - Bloomberg Business

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Japan inflicted “immeasurable damage and suffering” during World War II, while adding that the nation shouldn’t be expected to continually apologize for a conflict that ended 70 years ago... Abe’s message comes a day before the country commemorates the end of the bloody conflict whose scars continue to dog Japan’s relations with South Korea and China, where many say Japan hasn’t done enough to atone for its militarism. He stopped short of making a personal apology, risking a nascent thaw in ties with Japan’s two-biggest Asian trading partners.

Marines Return to Cuba to Raise US Flag for First Time in 54 Years - ABC News

The three Marines who took down the American flag at the U.S. embassy in 1961 were on hand in Havana once again today, witnessing three much younger Marines raise the flag there for the first time in 54 years, marking the historic reopening of the U.S. embassy in Cuba.

Documents confirm Apple is building self-driving car | The Guardian

Apple is building a self-driving car in Silicon Valley, and is scouting for secure locations in the San Francisco Bay area to test it, the Guardian has learned. Documents show the oft-rumoured Apple car project appears to be further along than many suspected.

Billionaire Soros Sells Most of Alibaba, Reduces Its Oil Stocks - Bloomberg Business

Billionaire George Soros’s family office sold almost all of its stake in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. in the second quarter, as Asia’s largest Internet company saw its stock decline further because of a slowing Chinese economy... Soros’s firm trimmed its energy holdings during the quarter. Crude oil reached highs for the year in June, peaking at about $60 a barrel, before plummeting to current levels of about $42. The family office sold off its stakes in Cenovus Energy Inc. and Suncor Energy Inc. and reduced its holdings in EQT Corp. and Noble Energy Inc.

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Sexually Abused American Hostage Kayla Mueller, Officials Say - ABC News

Before her death earlier this year, American hostage Kayla Mueller was repeatedly raped by the top leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to counter-terrorism officials.
Mueller's family confirmed to ABC News that government officials have told them that their daughter, who would have turned 27 today, was the victim of repeated sexual assaults by al-Baghdadi.

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佐野氏デザイン賞品似ている…米デザイナー| ytv 読売テレビ


「物乞いに食事やるな」、内部メモ流出で仏マクドナルド謝罪:AFPBB News

ファストフード大手マクドナルド(McDonald's)の南仏コート・ダジュール(Cote d'Azur)の店舗で、店長が「物乞い」に食べ物を与えないよう従業員に指示したとされる内部メモが流出し、同社フランス法人は12日、謝罪に追い込まれた。

記者捜査中止を正式発表 独検察、政府の圧力受け | 沖縄タイムス+プラス


独検察、脱税で8人起訴-ドイツ銀関係者か - WSJ


CNN.co.jp : 今年のエルニーニョ現象、史上最強の可能性


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News Headlines - 13 August 2015

Sweden drops probe into Assange sex assault allegations - Telegraph

Swedish prosecutors said on Thursday they would push on with an investigation into an allegation of rape made in 2010 against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after dropping probes into three other allegations as they had run out of time to bring charges.

Riot police dispatched to help Greek island of Kos with migrant crisis - Independent.ie

Greece bolstered security at a holiday island struggling to cope with an influx of refugees on Wednesday, a day after frustrated migrants scuffled with police, and pledged to ease the plight of the hundreds arriving daily on its shores.

ISIS claims responsibility for Baghdad bomb blast that killed 62 | Fox News

The Islamic State terror group (ISIS) claimed responsibility for a massive truck bombing at a Baghdad market in a Shiite neighborhood that killed at least 62 people on Thursday.

Former US president Jimmy Carter says cancer has spread

Former US President Jimmy Carter announced on Wednesday that he had been given a diagnosis of cancer that had spread to other parts of his body after being revealed by recent liver surgery.

Cooper goes on attack in the battle for Labour’s soul | The Times

Yvette Cooper accused her Labour leadership rival Jeremy Corbyn of offering “old solutions to old problems” yesterday in a shift in gear designed to dent his lead.

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CNN.co.jp : 米の最大脅威はロシア、陸軍首脳がウクライナ情勢から分析




Linux Ubuntu OSを搭載したスマートフォンがこれまでのヨーロッパ限定から全世界発売へ | TechCrunch Japan

Ubuntu OSを搭載したスマートフォンは2月にヨーロッパでローンチし、6月には二つ目の機種が、やはりヨーロッパ限定で発売された。
この二つのUbuntuフォーンは、Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Editionと、やや大きいAquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Editionと呼ばれ、どちらもスペインのBQが作っている。それが今日から、BQのストアで世界のどこからでも買えるようになる。お値段は€169.90($189)と€199.90($220) だ。

ブンデス開幕直前。日本人13人がチーム内で占める位置|web Sportiva


「謝罪すべき」「危険な前例だ」…美人女医外しのモウリーニョに批判が殺到 - Goal.com


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News Headlines - 12 August 2015

China stuns financial markets by devaluing yuan for second day running | The Guardian

China stunned the world’s financial markets on Wednesday by devaluing its currency for a second consecutive day, triggering fears its economy is in worse shape than investors believed.

Catastrophic explosion in Tianjin, China: what we know - Vox

On Wednesday, social media users in China posted videos and photos showing a massive explosion — or what appears to potentially be a quick series of explosions — in Tianjin, a port city in the country's northeast. Within minutes, it became clear that this was a major incident:

6 injured in U.S. military helicopter crash off Okinawa - CNN.com

Six people were injured when a U.S. Army helicopter came in for a hard landing Wednesday on the deck of a Navy ship off the coast of Japan, according to the U.S. military.

World War II Anniversary Opens Old Wounds in Japan Over How Much to Apologize - WSJ

A scene at a courthouse here last month showed why Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has had to work all year on a statement marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II... This year’s, to be released Friday, is unlikely to satisfy Asian countries that have had frosty relations with Japan and want Mr. Abe to deliver a full-throated apology like some of his predecessors have done.

Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro responds to Jose Mourinho criticism with subtle message - Telegraph

Eva Carneiro, Chelsea’s first-team doctor, who was heavily criticised by Jose Mourinho for attempting to treat Eden Hazard during stoppage time as 10-man Chelsea held on for a point against Swansea on Saturday, has responded with a rare post on Facebook to thank the public for their support.'I would like to thank the general public for their overwhelming support,' she wrote. 'Really very much appreciated.'

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中国:人民元、連日切り下げ…市場の動揺拡大 - 毎日新聞


第3次ギリシャ支援の仕組みとは - WSJ


ロシアGDP、4・6%減 2四半期連続でマイナス 景気後退裏付け - 産経ニュース


住友生命、米中堅生保シメトラを買収 4666億円:朝日新聞デジタル




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News Headlines - 11 August 2015

Close Update: Stocks Undermined by Chinese Devaluation of Yuan - NASDAQ.com

Stocks gave back nearly all of Monday's gains and went back on the defensive after the unexpected move by the Chinese to devalue the yuan sent global financial markets into a tailspin, roiling stocks for steelmakers, miners, energy and even those that sell luxury items. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell back below 17,500, sending its 50-day moving average below the 200-day moving average for the first time since December 2011.

India-born Sundar Pichai is new CEO of Google - The Times of India

India-born Sundar Pichai was named CEO of Google on Tuesday by the company's founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin in course of a re-organization that created a mother company called Alphabet.

Google Creates New Company Called Alphabet, Restructures Stock - Bloomberg Business

Alphabet Inc. will be name of the new conglomerate. Google Inc., along with YouTube, Android mobile software and other Web-based products, will be a key part of that. Alphabet will also include Calico, Google Ventures, Google Capital, Google X and other subsidiaries, the Web company said in a blog post Monday. The goal isn’t to make Alphabet a consumer brand, Chief Executive Officer Larry Page said.

Japan restarts first nuclear power plant since Fukushima - BBC News

Japan has restarted its first nuclear reactor under new safety rules following the 2011 Fukushima disaster.
All Japan's nuclear plants were gradually shut down after a series of meltdowns at the Fukushima plant sparked by the tsunami and earthquake.

North Korea invites Thailand to invest 'because Thais are trustworthy and don't interfere in matters that don't involve them' | South China Morning Post

Thailand’s foreign minister said his North Korean counterpart has invited Thai businesses to invest in his country because Thais are trustworthy and don’t interfere with matters that don’t involve them.

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ギリシャ、16年の財政黒字化目標で合意:AFPBB News


伊女性が娘と71年ぶり再会、戦時下に生き別れ:AFPBB News

イタリア北部の小さな町、ノベッラーラ(Novellara)出身の女性は、第2次世界大戦(World War II)中にドイツで働いていた際に、既婚のドイツ人兵士と関係を持ち、子どもを妊娠した。……誕生した女児は父親の兵士の家族に取り上げられ、マルゴット・バッハマン(Margot Bachmann)と命名されてドイツで育てられたという。バッハマンさんは、母親はイタリア人だが戦時中に死亡したと伝えられていた。
 しかし、父親が昨年に死去した際、現在71歳となったバッハマンさんは、第2次世界大戦中の記録を管理する独組織「国際追跡サービス(International Tracing Service、ITS)」を通じて母親を探すことを決意。

スウェーデンのイケア店舗で2人刺殺、容疑者2人逮捕 | Reuters


リリース以来誰も攻略できなかったゲーム「Journey Of The Light」が販売停止に そもそもゲームが完成していなかった可能性? - ねとらぼ

アメリカのパズルアドベンチャーゲーム「Journey Of The Light」が誰一人としてまったく攻略できないことから、販売停止のうえ、返金を行う事態に陥りました。

シャキーラ、盗作訴訟に「逆転勝訴」 原告側の証拠ねつ造認定 | Reuters


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News Headlines - 10 August 2015

Gun battle during Ferguson anniversary protest ends with man shot by police | Fox News

St. Louis County police said a gun battle in Ferguson, Mo. late Sunday climaxed when one of the suspects involved opened fire on plainclothes detectives before being pursued and shot by the officers after a day of peaceful demonstrations in Ferguson marking the anniversary of Michael Brown's death.

This Bernie Sanders crowd shot should make Hillary Clinton a little jittery - The Washington Post

The photo above is what 19,000 people packed into a basketball arena to hear Vermont socialist/independent Sen. Bernie Sanders looks like. What you don't see are the 9,000 other people who couldn't get into the arena but listened on loudspeakers outside.

Mistral Dispute With Russia Settled, France Eyes Exports

Russia provided €893 million (US $978 million) in advance payment for the two Mistral helicopter carriers, the core figure of the French repayment for a deal which Presidents François Hollande and Vladimir Putin have canceled, a French official said Aug. 7.

The Car Man dancer Jonathan Ollivier killed before last Sadler's Wells show | Daily Mail Online

A 38-year-old ballet star killed in a motorbike crash hours before he was due to perform on stage has been described as 'one of the most charismatic and powerful dancers of his generation'.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese Teaming on ‘Devil in The White City | Variety

Leonardo DiCaprio will star in the long-in-development “The Devil in the White City” with Martin Scorsese directing for Paramount, sources confirm.
The project, which has been in the works for more than a decade, reunites DiCaprio with Scorsese two years after “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

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フランス:憲法会議、法律止めた…「抜け道」採択後 - 毎日新聞


フランス、ロシア向け揚陸艦2隻の契約を破棄 違約金は1500億円か 1隻はウラジオストックに配備予定  - 産経ニュース


【AFP記者コラム】シリア反体制派の裏切りと人質売買:AFPBB News

ベルギー人のピエール・ピッチニン・ダプラタ(Pierre Piccinin da Prata)氏は、自分のことを歴史家であり政治学者だというが、彼の仕事は戦場記者に近い。研究者である彼はシリアを十回以上、訪れている。もう少しで帰れなくなりそうだったこともある。
 2013年、彼はシリア反体制派の自由シリア軍(Free Syrian Army、FSA)の一派に裏切られ、人質犯のグループに引き渡された。「2か月おきに現地に行っていても、状況を正しく読むことができなかった」という。

エコノミスト誌売却発表へ=英ピアソン、総額770億円で―FT紙 (時事通信)




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News Headlines - 09 August 2015

Ill-timed Disney Japan tweet stokes anger, claims of insensitivity on Nagasaki anniversary | The Japan Times

As Nagasaki marked the 70th anniversary of its atomic bombing Sunday, some Japanese Internet users lambasted Disney, one of the largest American cultural establishments, for its alleged insensitivity to public sentiment here.
The controversy erupted Sunday afternoon after an ill-timed tweet was sent by the official Walt Disney Japan account saying “A very merry unbirthday to you!”

UK accuses Spain of ‘clear violation’ of Gibraltar’s sovereignty - FT.com

Officials in London raised the alarm after the Royal Navy escorted the Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera — the Spanish police’s drugs and money-laundering squad — out of what the Foreign Office said were British waters over the weekend.

Migrants 'threaten EU standards' says Philip Hammond - BBC News

Europe will not be able to preserve its living standards if it has to absorb millions of migrants from Africa, the foreign secretary has said.
Philip Hammond called for EU laws to be overhauled to make sure that people coming from Africa to Europe could be returned to their home country.

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour could resurrect Clause IV - The Scotsman

LABOUR leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has said he could restore the party’s historic commitment to public ownership if he wins the contest to succeed Ed Miliband.

Benedict Cumberbatch asks fans not to film Hamlet - BBC News

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has pleaded with fans outside the Barbican theatre in London not to film his stage performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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ロンドンなど主要マラソン大会で薬物疑惑 英紙報道  :日本経済新聞


米映画館銃乱射で終身刑評決 コロラド州地裁陪審  :日本経済新聞


CNN.co.jp : 世界2位の原油生産国ロシアで燃料不足か、経済疲弊などで


「スペインで山火事 放火か、3000人以上避難」 News i


CNN.co.jp : ロシアで「切り裂きばあさん」逮捕 11人殺害か、人肉食の捜査も


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News Headlines - 08 August 2015

Japan marks 70th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing - The Scotsman

Japan marked the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima yesterday, with Mayor Kazumi Matsui renewing calls for US President Barack Obama and other world leaders to step up efforts toward making a nuclear-weapons-free world.

Japan’s pacifist stance under threat - FT.com

Three days later at 11.01am, a second mushroom cloud consumed the skies above Nagasaki: towering over the zone where thousands more lives had been vaporised, forcing Japan to accept that no quantity of courage and guns could win what was now a nuclear war.

Jenson Button gassed in £300k villa robbery | The Sun

JENSON Button and his wife Jessica lay unconscious and defenceless in bed as burglars ransacked their room and took her £250,000 engagement ring.
The couple were gassed in their sleep by raiders at a holiday villa they were renting in the south of France.

The most popular excuses to get an upgrade to first class - Aug. 5, 2015

Virgin Atlantic surveyed its cabin and ground crews about the most frequent excuses they hear from passengers seeking free upgrades to first class. They said that a fictional friendship with Branson, the billionaire founder of the Virgin Group conglomerate, is a "popular tactic."

New shrimp-like species found off southwest coast of Ireland

Two new species of shrimp-like crustaceans have been discovered off the south-west coast of Ireland by British researchers.
The two species are amphipods, small scavenging crustaceans around 3mm in length. Their discovery was reported in the scientific journal Zootaxa, in a paper by researchers Dr Tammy Horton and Dr Michael Thurston of the National Oceanography Centre in Southhampton.

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英国に浸透する日本型警備サービス・セコムのすごさ | 海外特派員リレーエッセー | 毎日新聞


世界最恐!?スーパー絶叫マシンがロンドンに誕生 - ISUTA(イスタ)

2012年のロンドンオリンピックを記念して建設されたモニュメント、The ArcelorMittal Orbit。

ロンドンで大人気の「ローラズ・カップケーキ」が東京・原宿に初上陸!日本オリジナルのフレーバーも - えん食べ


スパイス・ガールズ、ヴィクトリア・ベッカム抜きで来年に再結成か | NME Japan


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News Headlines - 07 August 2015

Video of Harry Truman meeting atom bomb victims emerges - Telegraph

A tape of former US president Harry Truman meeting a group of Japanese Atom bomb victims in 1964 has surfaced, showing the president justifying the nuclear bomb as a way to rapidly end the Second World War.

President George W. Bush reports for jury duty - CNNPolitics.com

A group of potential jurors in Dallas Wednesday morning who reported to fulfill their civic duty were joined by a most unexpected fellow citizen: former President George W. Bush.

Drone drops package of drugs into Ohio prison yard - BBC News

Ohio officials are investigating after a drone dropped a package full of illegal drugs into a prison yard, sparking a fight over the contraband.
The package was delivered to Mansfield Correctional Institution - a prison about 65 miles (110km)southwest of Cleveland- on 29 July, officials said.

Bringing Tepco officials to trial | The Japan Times

A recent decision by a judicial panel of citizens to override repeated decisions by public prosecutors and take former top executives of Tokyo Electric Power Co. to court over the 2011 disaster at its Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant will end the situation in which no one has been criminally tried for what was characterized as a man-made disaster more than four years after it took place.

BBC Sport - Jose Mourinho: Chelsea boss signs new four-year deal

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has signed a new four-year deal at the Stamford Bridge club.
The new deal will keep the 52-year-old in his post until at least 2019.

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トルーマン元大統領:被爆者に投下正当化…64年会談映像 - 毎日新聞


NYタイムズ:電子版、100万人突破 4年半で - 毎日新聞


スウェーデン極右の「物乞い排除」広告、撤去へ | ニューズウィーク日本版


日本で漫画家デビューを果たした北欧女子オーサ!待望の続巻が発売決定!「北欧女子オーサが見つけた日本の不思議2」 - 産経ニュース


ドイツ:6月の鉱工業生産は減少、予想外-中国リスク浮き彫り - Bloomberg


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News Headlines - 06 August 2015

More than 200 feared dead in sinking of migrant boat in Mediterranean | Reuters

Hopes faded of finding more survivors on Thursday from a shipwreck in which 200 migrants are feared drowned, as rescue ships were called to the aid of more migrant boats in the same area of the Mediterranean.

Video: Commuters endure tube strike misery - Telegraph

London was hit by travel chaos because of a strike by London Underground workers, with worse disruption threatened unless a deadlocked row over all-night Tubes is settled.

Two civil servants parachuted into Kids Company as concerns mounted - FT.com

Two civil servants were embedded in Kids Company, the bankrupt charity backed by David Cameron, for more than a year — raising new questions about its links with government as the organisation closed its doors.

Bank of England signals no rate rise this year as inflation remains 'muted' - Telegraph

The Bank of England has signalled that it is unlikely to raise interest rates this year, as the strong pound and further falls in commodity prices keep inflation “muted” in the near term.

Gaza, West Bank soccer teams face off for first match in years - Israel Culture, Ynetnews

Palestinians move towards unity with first match between teams from two territories since Second Intifada began 15 years ago.

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米PE投資会社、ロンドン・シティ空港を売却へ - WSJ


ロンドンで地下鉄スト、数百万人影響 全面運休で大混乱 - 産経ニュース


ロシア鉄道「ニューヨークからロンドンまで道路でつなぎます」 : ギズモード・ジャパン

そこでロシア鉄道がこの間をつなぎ、ニューヨークからカナダ、アラスカ、ロシア経由でロンドンを結ぶ陸路を建設する構想を温めています。名づけて「ユーラシア大陸横断ベルト開発(Trans-Eurasian Belt Development: TEBD)」。ロシア鉄道公社ウラジーミル・ヤクーニン社長が今年明らかにしました。

「五輪の主役はアスリートと観客」 ロンドン五輪の施設は「既存の建築を活用」 建築家の山嵜一也氏 - 産経ニュース


戦後、被爆地から届いた児童画 ロンドンで展覧会:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 05 August 2015

Japan Expresses 'Serious Concern' Over US Spying Reports

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed his "serious concern" over allegations the United States spied on senior Japanese government and business officials.

Turkey says coalition to launch 'comprehensive battle' against Islamic State | Reuters

Turkey said on Wednesday a U.S.-led coalition will soon launch a "comprehensive battle" against Islamic State militants from Turkish air bases, but Syria said any military action not coordinated with Damascus would breach its sovereignty.

French military testing centre probes mystery of flight MH370 - FT.com

DGA Techniques Aéronautiques was founded more than 60 years ago and was known as the Flight Test Centre in Toulouse until 2010. It is one of the 16 sites of the DGA, the military procurement arm for the French defence ministry.

Ted Heath allegations: Jersey victims' lawyer says linking former PM to child sex abuse like 'pinning down a jellyfish' - The Independent

A lawyer representing Jersey abuse victims has said it was widely believed that Edward Heath was “implicated” in child sex abuse on the island – but that making a solid case against him was “like pinning down a jellyfish”.

Super Typhoon Soudelor heads towards Japan | Daily Mail Online

An immense Super Typhoon is on a collision course with Japan, China and Taiwan after devastating a group of tiny islands in the Pacific Ocean.
Super Typhoon Soudelor thrashed into the Northern Maria Islands on Sunday, when winds of up to 105mph ripped the roofs off houses and 30ft-high waves flooded the main power plant.

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猛暑のドイツ、国会議事堂のガラスドームへの入場禁止  | Reuters


熱波に焼かれるフランスのトウモロコシ-欧州の収穫高減少か - Bloomberg


グリーの前期、上場来初の最終赤字 米ゲーム会社で減損142億円 :日本経済新聞


スペイン国外持ち出し禁止のピカソ絵画、仏領コルシカ島で押収 | Reuters


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News Headlines - 04 August 2015

Isis 'price list' for child slaves confirmed as genuine by UN official Zainab Bangura - The Independent

A United Nations official has said that she has seen a 'price list' for child slaves that has been circulated amongst Isis fighters in Syria and Iraq... The list surfaced online in November last year, but proved difficult to verify as genuine. Now , Bangura says she can confirm that the document is real, after spending time in the region.

Japan suspends work on U.S. base on Okinawa as Abe battles low ratings | Reuters

Japan said on Tuesday it was suspending construction of a contentious U.S. air base on the island of Okinawa for a month to give time for talks between the central government and island authorities opposed to the facility.

Samsung glamour days over as it fights to save mobile market share | Reuters

The coming years are set to be more somber for the South Korean tech giant, as it is forced to slash prices and accept lower margins at its mobile division in order to see off competition from rivals including China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and Xiaomi Inc in the mid-to-low end of the market.
Behind Samsung's reality-check is the fact it is stuck with the same Android operating system used by its low-cost competitors, who are producing increasingly-capable phones of their own.

Minion mayhem: giant inflatable stops traffic in Dublin - CBBC Newsround

The 12-metre inflatable stopped cars on a busy road after strong winds had ripped the yellow giant loose from a nearby fairground.

Sex with robots to be 'the norm' in 50 years, expert claims - Mirror Online

Dr Driscoll, a leading authority on the psychology of sex and relationships, said 'sex tech' was already advancing at a fast pace and by 2070, physical relationships will seem primitive.

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スペイン:カタルーニャ州議会選9月実施 独立の是非問う - 毎日新聞


米司法省がドイツ銀を刑事捜査、ロシア人顧客の取引で=報道 | Reuters


英ロンドン警視庁の初代庁舎が豪華ホテルに変身、1泊194万円:AFPBB News

5000万ポンド(約97億円)をかけて改修され、7階建ての超豪華5つ星ホテルに生まれ変わろうとしているのは、ロンドン警視庁の初代本部庁舎「グレート・スコットランド・ヤード(Great Scotland Yard)」。……ホテルは2017年初頭にオープン予定で、1泊の宿泊料金はなんと1万ポンド(約194万円)。

独3大高級車、買う以外なかった地図情報会社 - WSJ


2014年のドイツ移民人口、過去最高の1100万人=連邦統計局 | Reuters


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News Headlines - 03 August 2015

Greek Stocks Fall 16% as Trading Resumes After Five-Week Closure - WSJ

After a five-week hiatus, Athens’s stock market reopened Monday—and promptly sank like a stone.
The steep decline shows investors are still concerned about Greece, even though the country and its creditors appear to have made some progress in recent bailout negotiations.

Bangkok bureau chief’s genital image prompts Japanese broadcaster apology in Thailand | South China Morning Post

Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi apologised on Saturday after its Bangkok bureau chief posted an image of his genitals on a mobile forum set up by Thailand’s foreign ministry, which warned of “consequences”.

Uniqlo founder says sex video shot in Beijing store is 'disgusting' | The Guardian

The founder of Japanese retailer Uniqlo says he was appalled by a viral sex video shot inside its flagship Beijing store, describing it as “disgusting”.
The film became an internet sensation in China last month and sparked government outrage.

Merkel's German conservatives set sights on absolute majority | Reuters

The results of the poll came a day after Der Spiegel news magazine said in an unsourced report that Merkel, who turned 61 on July 17, had decided to run for a fourth term and had started planning her 2017 re-election campaign.

Fifa president Sepp Blatter opts against standing for re-election to IOC | The Guardian

Blatter was among a group of IOC members up for re-election for another eight-year term but the IOC president Thomas Bach said the Swiss had informed him by letter on 23 July that he would not stand again.

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ドイツの記者2人を国家反逆容疑で捜査 メディアは懸念:朝日新聞デジタル


バイデン氏が大統領選出馬か、クリントン氏「動揺ない」と側近:AFPBB News

2016年米大統領選の民主党候補指名争いにジョゼフ・バイデン(Joseph Biden)副大統領が出馬を検討していると報じられたことを受け、ヒラリー・クリントン(Hillary Clinton)前米国務長官の側近は2日、クリントン陣営に動揺はないと表明した。

サウジ国王、南仏バカンス切り上げ 地元との確執原因か:AFPBB News

サウジアラビアのサルマン国王(King Salman)が2日、夏季休暇で訪れていた南仏コートダジュール(French Riviera、フレンチリビエラ)を突然、後にしたと地元当局が発表した。サルマン国王一行が休暇を過ごすためにビーチは立ち入り禁止になり、物議を醸していたが、間もなく一般向けに再び公開される見通しだという。



インテル指揮官、長友が放出要員と明言「売却しなければならない」 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 02 August 2015

Flight MH370: second object found believed to be from missing plane | The Guardian

A second object – possibly a door – believed to be part of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 has been found washed up on the Indian Ocean island of Réunion.

Britain and France urge EU-wide action on Calais migrant crisis | Reuters

Britain and France on Sunday urged other European Union states to help them tackle the growing crisis in northern France caused by thousands of migrants seeking to make illegal and dangerous crossings into England.

Windows 10: Microsoft under attack over privacy | The Guardian

Windows 10 is under attack over default settings which users say compromise their privacy, just days after the operating system’s successful launch saw more than 14 million installs in the first 24 hours.

Report claims doping is widespread in elite athletics - FT.com

The two groups gained access to a database of more than 12,000 blood tests held by the IAAF covering 5,000 athletes including many household names. The data span the years 2001 to 2012. The tests, the two said, revealed that up to a third of medals, including 55 golds, were won in endurance events at the Olympics and world championships by athletes with suspicious results.

New Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour calls for unity - BBC News

The new leader of the Afghan Taliban, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, has called for unity in an audio message, saying that the group will continue fighting.

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航空機の残がい、仏軍施設に到着 - 中国国際放送局


[FT]ドイツ、難民急増に悩む 襲撃事件が多発  :日本経済新聞


アクロバット飛行の小型機墜落 瞬間捉える| ytv 読売テレビ


『トップギア』元司会者3人による新番組が、Amazonで2016年から配信決定! - Autoblog 日本版

英BBCの自動車番組『トップギア』の元司会者であるジェレミー・クラークソン、リチャード・ハモンド、ジェームズ・メイの3人が、新番組制作に向けてAmazonとグローバル契約を結び、今後についての様々な噂に終止符を打った。Amazonからの公式なプレスリリースによると、新番組はAmazon プライム会員向けに2016年にも配信が開始され、近いうちにその制作が始まる予定だという。

清武 ドイツへ出発…6月に骨折、手術も順調に回復 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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News Headlines - 01 August 2015

Top Russian, US and Saudi diplomats to meet in Qatar - Stripes

Russia's foreign minister has scheduled a trilateral meeting in Qatar with his U.S. and Saudi counterparts.

Hillary and Bill Clinton Made $139 Million in Eight Years - Bloomberg Politics

The Democratic presidential front-runner and her ex-president husband paid more than $43 million in taxes. But they're not complaining.

Americans' Anger Grows Over Killing of Lion

The White House has received close to 150,000 signatures by Americans demanding that the U.S. dentist who killed a popular lion in Zimbabwe be extradited there for trial.

May the force be with you in long-grain - Telegraph

In Inakadate village in Aomori - where locals have been creating artistic rice paddy displays since 1993 to attract tourists - this year's display includes an impressive Star Wars motif created from rice plants.

The British Library: loathed but listed - Telegraph

The British Library, home to documents ranging from Magna Carta manuscripts to handwritten Beatles lyrics, has become one of England's youngest buildings to receive protected status.

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日本盗聴:米、説明避ける「反応しない」 欧州と対応に差 - 毎日新聞


英・ロンドン郊外に小型機墜落 ビンラディン容疑者の親族死亡か


逮捕の社長 ビットコイン残高も水増しか NHKニュース


73歳のイギリス最年長DJが行方不明で、ポーティスヘッドのメンバーやディジー・ラスカルが安否を気遣う | NME Japan


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