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News Headlines - 31 October 2015

U.S. to Send First Troops to Syria to Combat Islamic State - Bloomberg Business

The Obama administration is deploying several dozen special operations forces inside Syria for the first time in a significant escalation of the fight against the radical Islamic State group.

Shaker Aamer released: Another prisoner let out. Another empty promise on torture | The Independent

Let’s begin with the strongest justification that supporters of torture can offer. Just before the bomb was set to explode, word came through from Saudi Arabia – where interrogators were reportedly torturing an al-Qaeda suspect – that the device could be found inside a printer cartridge aboard a plane at East Midlands Airport. When it was located, the bomb was only 17 minutes away from detonating.

A Polarized Turkey Heads to Polls for Rerun of Key Election - Haaretz Israeli News Source

After Erdogan's party fails to retain majority and ceasefire with Kurds collapses into bloodshed, Turks must decide between single-party rule and coalition.

Leah Remini on Her Break With the Church of Scientology: 'I Wanted to Be The One to Say It' - ABC News

Leah Remini spoke for the first time in an exclusive interview with ABC News “20/20” about what her life was like inside the Church of Scientology, as well as how Tom Cruise and the backlash she faced from the Church after his 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes were factors in her breaking with the Church.

No tricks: Halloween all the rage in Japan as costume play ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

For the usually reserved Japanese, Halloween has become the perfect excuse to act wild in strange outfits.
The spooky celebration is consuming the energy, fashion sense and wallets of people for the entire month of October, not just kids but also adults on the prowl with colorful parades, costume parties and pumpkin-inspired desserts, dress-up and decor everywhere.

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シリアに初めて米軍の地上部隊派遣 オバマ氏承認


CNN.co.jp : グアンタナモ収容所の最後の英国市民、14年ぶりの帰国


飛行機内で急患発生 救ったのは医師のウルグアイ大統領:朝日新聞デジタル


ポーランドの裁判所 ポランスキー監督の米への移送に応じず ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


ウナギ大海原の旅、衛星タグで初めて追跡 | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト

今回、カナダの研究チームが、衛星タグを取り付けたメスのウナギ成魚がカナダ東海岸ノバスコシア州から北大西洋のサルガッソー海の北端に至る2400キロを回遊する様子の追跡に成功、その結果が10月27日付「Nature Communications」誌に発表された。

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News Headlines - 30 October 2015

BBC Sport - Fifa 'should repay' Australia failed 2022 World Cup bid costs

Fifa should repay the money spent by Australia on its failed 2022 World Cup bid, according to a whistleblower who worked on the campaign.

Greg Dyke criticises BBC and ITV | The Times

Greg Dyke condemned the BBC and ITV yesterday for failing to follow the lead of commercial sponsors in confronting corruption in football’s world governing body.

Toshiba to sell sensor business to Sony, overhaul chip unit | Reuters

Japan's Toshiba Corp said on Wednesday it will sell its image sensor business to Sony Corp and overhaul its unprofitable semiconductor businesses as it works to recover from a $1.3 billion accounting scandal.

Nintendo announces its first smartphone game, but is it too little too late? | ExtremeTech

During a meeting with investors earlier this week, Nintendo unveiled its very first smartphone game. Dubbed “Miitomo,” this free-to-play game lets you use an adorable avatar to interact with your friends without investing in Nintendo hardware... Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing a Nintendo game on smartphones this year. While we expected Nintendo and DeNA’s first release to ship at the end of 2015, it is now officially delayed until March of 2016.

These Charts Explain Why China Scrapped Its One-Child Policy - Bloomberg Business

Here are charts showing statistics and projections that may have pushed Communist Party leaders toward the change as they met in Beijing this week to hash out an economic framework for the next five years.
Declining birth rate
Shrinking pool of workers
Aging population

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東京新聞:米下院議長に45歳ライアン氏を選出 共和党期待の星


米FRB、ゼロ金利継続…12月利上げ示唆 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)




1200年前のバイキングの剣、ノルウェー山中で偶然発見:AFPBB News

ノルウェーの山中を散策していたハイカーが、非常に保存状態の良い1200年前のバイキングの剣を偶然発見した。考古学者らが29日、発表した。……ノルウェー西部ベルゲン(Bergen)の考古学者、ヨースタイン・アクスダル(Jostein Aksdal)氏によると、剣は長さ80センチの錬鉄製で、年代は「バイキング時代初期、8世紀末頃」という。ベルゲンでは、この剣の展示が行われる予定。

ドルト・香川、技ありループで今季6得点目 ドイツ杯 - スポーツ - ZAKZAK


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News Headlines - 29 October 2015

Anonymous plans to reveal names of about 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members | The Guardian

The “hacktivist” collective Anonymous have vowed to release the names of “about 1,000” Ku Klux Klan members as part of an ongoing operation against the white supremacist group in the US.
The names were obtained after Anonymous gained access to a Klan twitter account, according to a tweet from the Operation KKK, as Anonymous have named the anti-Klan operation.

Edward Snowden praises EU parliament vote against US extradition | The Guardian

The parliament voted 285-281 to pass a largely symbolic measure, a resolution that called on European Union member states to “drop any criminal charges against Edward Snowden, grant him protection and consequently prevent extradition or rendition by third parties, in recognition of his status as whistleblower and international human rights defender”.

SC Officer Fired After Classroom Confrontation Video, Lawyer Says He Acted 'Professionally' - ABC News

The school resource officer at a South Carolina high school who was filmed tossing a teen from her desk and dragging her during an arrest has been fired, officials announced today.

Prince Harry, Michelle Obama Launch Invictus Games in US - ABC News

First lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden joined His Royal Highness Prince Harry this morning to officially launch the 2016 Invictus Games in the United States.

Here Are 7 Cats You Never Knew Existed

Though lions, tigers, and cheetahs often occupy the conservation spotlight, their smaller cousins deserve some attention too. For National Cat Day, we reached deep into our archives to pull up portraits of a sampling of the 30 small cat species.

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「シェラトン」買収、米中対決へ 米ハイアットが交渉参戦 中国は3社名乗り - 産経ニュース


VW、赤字2300億円 7~9月期、リコール響く:朝日新聞デジタル


日産がハンドル消える車-完全自動運転へ自動車各社の開発加速 (1) - Bloomberg

日産が発表した自動運転の最新コンセプトモデルは、ハンドルを格納してドライバーを運転から解放するモードを設定している。電気自動車の「ニッサン IDSコンセプト」には自動運転と手動運転の2つのモードがある。自動運転では運転席のハンドルを自動的に格納し、シートの向きも調整して、ドライバーを含めた乗員がゆったりとしたスペースでくつろげる。

CNN.co.jp : サウジ王子ら5人、薬物の密輸容疑で拘束 レバノン空港


CNN.co.jp : 米女優、雑誌の写真加工に反発 無修正版を自ら公開


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News Headlines - 28 October 2015

China warns U.S. warship in South China Sea - CNN.com

Chinese ships and aircraft warned and tracked a U.S. Navy warship Tuesday as it came close to reefs claimed by China in contested waters in the South China Sea.

World briefs: Japan at odds with Okinawa over U.S. base | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Japan invalidated a decision by Okinawa’s governor to stop landfill work for a controversial expansion of a U.S. base, in a move that is likely to reignite protests by islanders against the central government in Tokyo and the Obama administration.

FBI opens probe of violent arrest of black South Carolina student - Yahoo News

Federal authorities launched a civil rights investigation on Tuesday into a white deputy's arrest of a black high school student in South Carolina, after video showed him slamming the teenager to the ground and dragging her across a classroom.

skyTran demo not quite ready for prime time | The Times of Israel

SkyTran, the US company that is developing a Jetsons-style elevated pod powered by magnetic levitation, will not be holding a demonstration at the campus of Israel Aerospace Industries, as had been widely reported.

The 8 FIFA presidential candidates | Sport24

With Monday's deadline reached, A look at the profiles the eight officially declared candidates in the race for the FIFA presidency.

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IS「ユダヤ人を絶滅させる」 ヘブライ語の動画公開:朝日新聞デジタル


カタルーニャで独立手続き開始、賛成派が州議会に宣言文提出 | Reuters


「寒すぎる」、移民がバス降車拒否 スウェーデン:AFPBB News


CNN.co.jp : 米共和党指名争い、カーソン氏がトランプ氏抜き首位に


CNN.co.jp : 未確認物体が地球に接近、11月に落下へ


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News Headlines - 27 October 2015

China condemns U.S. warship's route in South China Sea

Beijing reacted angrily Tuesday to a decision by the U.S. Navy to sail a guided-missile destroyer within 12 miles of artificial islands under construction by China in the South China Sea.

Government heads for second House of Lords defeat after tax credits - Telegraph

A motion blocking the speeding up of electoral changes is expected to be killed off by peers later today, just hours after they rejected George Osborne's tax credit reforms.

TalkTalk hack: 15-year-old boy arrested in Northern Ireland over cyber attack | The Independent

News of the suspect’s age stunned security experts who had assumed that a group of Isis terrorists or a country such as Russia had been behind the massive breach. IT insiders said it would be a “gamechanger” if proven that a teenager operating from his bedroom could bring a global company to its knees.

Australians should limit but not stop eating red meat, say experts | The Guardian

Australians do not need to stop eating red meat but should limit their intake, say experts responding to international research showing it can increase the risks for certain types of cancer.
A World Health Organisation review has found processed meats such as sausages and ham – eaten in sufficient quantities – carry an increased risk of bowel cancer, and red meat “probably” does too.

Japan urged to ban manga child abuse images | The Guardian

Japan must ban sexually abusive images of children in manga comics, despite claims that such a move would threaten freedom of expression, the UN’s special envoy on child protection has said.
Maud de Boer-Buquicchio praised Japan for passing a law last year that banned the possession of abusive images of children, but said it contained loopholes that allowed exploitation to continue.

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トヨタ:1~9月の累計世界販売 不振VWから1位奪取 - 毎日新聞


加工肉「発がん性ある」 WHO、過剰摂取に警告  :日本経済新聞


アフガン・パキスタン地震、死者316人 さらに増加か:朝日新聞デジタル


大統領選でコメディアン、元大統領夫人を破る : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


アルゼンチン大統領選、野党が予想外の健闘 決選投票ほぼ確実に | Reuters


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News Headlines - 26 October 2015

Earthquake Shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan, India; At Least 49 Dead - NBC News

A magnitude-7.5 earthquake hit northeastern Afghanistan on Monday, killing at least 49 people there and in neighboring Pakistan.

Toshiba to sue former top brass over role in accounting scandal | The Japan Times

Toshiba Corp. plans to file a damages lawsuit against several former top executives over their role in the company’s accounting scandal, according to informed sources.

Polish conservatives score massive victory | GulfNews.com

Poland’s conservative Law and Justice party was on course Monday for a massive general election victory, ending eight years of centrist rule in a win that risks inflaming tensions with the EU and Russia.
The eurosceptic PiS led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski is heading for an outright majority, according to projections from partial results, ousting leftist parties from parliament for the first time since the fall of communism in 1989.

Halloween pumpkin shortage sees trick-or-treaters turn to turnip carving | The Independent

A pumpkin shortage in British supermarkets had led to English Heritage calling for the revival of the old tradition of pumpkin carving this Halloween.

Quentin Tarantino: Police Brutality Protest Joined by Director | Variety

Tarantino fired up the crowd with a speech, accompanied by images of those who have been killed by police, prominently Justin Smith, who was killed in 1999 while in police custody after spitting on officers.

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難民10万人収容態勢へ 関係13カ国が協力強化を合意:朝日新聞デジタル




ブッシュ陣営 大幅リストラ…支持率低迷で資金集まらず ― Sponichi Annex


カトリック司教会議、離婚・同性愛への姿勢変えず  :日本経済新聞


【ラグビーW杯】豪州がアルゼンチンを29-15で撃破 決勝は前回覇者NZと - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 25 October 2015

Several injured in violent brawl outside Turkish embassy in Japan — RT News

Clashes have occurred outside the Turkish embassy in Japan. Security was stepped up after a few injured Kurds were taken to hospital.
The brawls began as the Turkish citizens were waiting at their country’s embassy in Tokyo to cast advance votes for Turkish elections which are to be held on November 1.

Tony Blair concedes link between Islamic State and Iraq War - BBC News

Tony Blair has apologised for mistakes made over the Iraq War - and said there were "elements of truth" to claims the war caused the rise of Islamic State.

Migrant crisis: Balkan states threaten border closures - BBC News

Balkan countries at the front line of the migrant crisis say they could close their borders to avoid becoming buffer zones for new arrivals.

UK nuclear deterrent to cost 167 bln pounds, far more than expected | Daily Mail Online

The overall cost of replacing and maintaining Britain's nuclear deterrent will reach 167 billion pounds ($256 billion), much more than expected, according to a lawmaker's and Reuters' calculations based on official figures.

Benedict Cumberbatch calls police after stalker leaves red ribbons at his home - Telegraph

Benedict Cumberbatch has contacted police after a stalker left red ribbons attached to his house and car.
The woman, thought to be an obsessed fan, visited Cumberbatch's north London home several times.

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オバマ氏、ついに怒る 夕食会で一変した対中戦略 (風見鶏) :日本経済新聞




米国の新たなスパイ活動疑惑、独当局が捜査開始:AFPBB News

ドイツのニュース週刊誌シュピーゲル(Der Spiegel)は24日、米国家安全保障局(NSA)が関与した新たなスパイ活動が行われていた疑いがあるとして、ドイツ連邦検察庁が捜査を開始したと伝えた。

「エーゲ海で難民の赤ん坊が漂流、漁師らが救出」 News i


米政府、再び債務上限問題 デフォルト懸念くすぶる:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 24 October 2015

Blue lights for Valletta Palace marking United Nations 70th anniversary

The General Assembly unanimously approved a declaration Friday reaffirming the faith of the 193 member states in the United Nations on its 70th anniversary and the U.N.’s determination “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war”.

UNESCO condemns Israel for attempts to break status quo on Temple Mount - Dispatch Times

The UNESCO resolution, initiated by the Palestinian Authority and sponsored by six Arab countries, condemned Israel for “attempts to break the status quo” on the Temple Mount and for “aggression” regarding Muslim access to the Al Aqsa Mosque.

British telecoms giant held to ransom by hackers putting four million customers at risk | euronews, world news

It is the biggest-ever cyberattack on a British company. Telecoms provider Talk Talk has had the personal details of some four million of its customers stolen and its website frozen after a sophisticated hack critics say could have been prevented.
A ransom demand has been sent to the company, and no-one seems to know from where the attack originated, although the hackers have claimed to have links with extremist Islam.

Japan revokes passport of man accused of vandalizing shrine with oily liquid | The Japan Times

The government said Friday the Foreign Ministry has revoked the passport issued to a New York-based Japanese man who is accused by authorities of vandalizing a shrine near Tokyo with an oily liquid.

Mexico at risk of flash floods and mudslides in wake of hurricane Patricia | The Guardian

Hurricane Patricia battered the west coast of Mexico on Friday night with torrential rains and winds of 165mph, but without causing any major damage or loss of life.
Around 50,000 people were evacuated and electricity supplies were suspended in preparation for the Category 5 hurricane, amid fears of catastrophic destruction in towns along the country’s Pacific coast.

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ナイジェリア:爆発相次ぎ55人死亡 北東部でモスク狙う - 毎日新聞


【イスラム国】ギザのピラミッド近くで爆発 4人けが、イスラム国声明「背教者の警察」狙った - 産経ニュース


米欧FTA、年内合意を断念 交渉が難航  :日本経済新聞


月面着陸した米宇宙飛行士の腕時計、約2億で落札 米:AFPBB News

1971年に月面着陸したアポロ15号(Apollo 15)のデービッド・スコット(David Scott)船長は、月面探査の指揮を執る際、公式採用されていたスイスのオメガ(Omega)の腕時計が壊れたため、ストップウオッチ機能の付いたブローバ(Bulova)の腕時計を身に着けていた。

ノーベル文学賞なのに訳書増刷できず 横浜の出版社:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 23 October 2015

Nearly 450 killed in Russian strikes on Syria - Yahoo News

Russian air strikes in Syria have killed at least 446 people, more than a third of them civilians, since they began end-September, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Friday.

Nigeria bombs leave at least 42 dead in Maiduguri and Yola - BBC News

Two bomb attacks in north-eastern Nigeria have left at least 42 people dead and more than 100 injured, officials say.

Nike hands Back to the Future style power-lace shoes to Michael J Fox | The Guardian

Back to the Future Day may not have yielded flying cars, hoverboards or drone dog walkers, but shoemaker Nike has delivered Michael J Fox his very own pair of genuine power-lacing trainers to commemorate Wednesday’s global celebration.

‘Star Wars’ Trailer Fan Reactions Prompt Thanks from Disney, Lucasfilm | Variety

An announcement Friday deemed the “Star Wars” creators at Lucasfilm “totally overwhelmed by the enthusiasm we’ve seen from fans this week and throughout the lead-up to this film.” That included a monstrous 112 million views of the new trailer online in just the first 24 hours, building on top of the nearly 16 million viewers who had access to the preview via the football broadcast on ESPN, another part of the Disney family.

Kurobuta chef to remove 'sleazy' signs saying 'prostitutes available' after feminist protests | London Evening Standard

A London restaurant run by a former Nobu head chef has been forced to turn off neon signs saying “prostitutes available” and “sluts” in Japanese after angering women’s rights campaigners.

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【移民ショック】難民収容テント20超燃える スロベニア、不満で放火か - 産経ニュース


CNN.co.jp : ウィキリークス、CIA長官の個人情報を公表


ISの人質救出時に米兵1人死亡 掃討作戦で初の殉職者:朝日新聞デジタル


CNN.co.jp : ローマ法王に脳腫瘍説、イタリア紙が報道 バチカンは否定


サッカー=ドイツ協会、FIFAへの支払い説明できず | Reuters


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News Headlines - 22 October 2015

Three dead, two hurt in Swedish school attack - The Local

The attack took place on Thursday morning at the school, around 75km from Gothenburg, after a man wearing a mask walked into a building on the premises wielding "several knife-like objects", police said.

18-month jail term sought for Japanese journalist charged with defaming S. Korean president – The Korea Times

Prosecutors sought an 18-month jail term on Monday for a Japanese journalist charged with defaming President Park Geun-hye in print.

China to Take Custody of Chinese Couple in Philippines Deaths

The Philippine government says it is turning two Chinese diplomats over to China after they invoked immunity when local police arrested them in connection with shootings at a central Philippines restaurant Wednesday that left two diplomats dead.

Facebook Expands Search To All 2 Trillion Posts, Surfacing Public Real-Time News | TechCrunch

Facebook is ready to challenge Google and Twitter for control of real-time news search and the news itself. Starting today with a rollout to US English language users, Facebook Search will return anything you’re allowed to see from its 2 trillion posts. That includes public posts by all people and Pages, not just your friends and Pages you Like as before.

Drought causes 450-year-old Mexican church to emerge from reservoir | The Guardian

The ruins of a 16th century church have emerged from the waters of a reservoir in Mexico.
The water level in the Nezahualcóyotl reservoir in Chiapas state has dropped by 25m (82ft) because of a drought in the area. The church, known as the Temple of Santiago or the Temple of Quechula, has been under nearly 100ft of water since 1966.

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バイデン氏出馬断念、クリントン氏有利に 米大統領選 - WSJ


CNN.co.jp : 米軍、アルカイダの大規模基地を長期間知らず アフガン


シリア大統領、ロシア訪問 プーチン氏と極秘裏会談:朝日新聞デジタル


フェラーリ、NYで上場 初日終値の時価総額1兆2500億円  :日本経済新聞


マイナンバーの「先輩」エストニアにみる国民IDの実力 - Yahoo!ニュース


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News Headlines - 21 October 2015

Xi Jinping signs nuclear deal as UK and China clinch £40b​n of contracts | The Guardian

China and Britain have signed multi-billion pound business deals, including for the project to build a nuclear power station in Britain, during day two of the Chinese president’s first state visit to the country.

Scotland Yard faces new questions over four poison deaths - Telegraph

The Metropolitan Police was on Tuesday night facing new questions over its handling of a series of alleged murders which police initially wrote off as “non-suspicious”.
A key witness in the case, involving four gay men alleged to have been fatally poisoned with the party drug GHB in east London, said it was clear there were serious questions raised by the deaths.

DeLorean runs on fuel made from recycled clothes  - CNN.com

Entrepreneur Michihiko Iwamoto has realized a lifelong dream: to own a DeLorean time machine. And there's no better time to do so: October 21, 2015, is the date to which Doc and Marty travel in "Back to the Future II."

'Back to the Future' Writer: Biff Is Donald Trump | Rolling Stone

Back to the Future Part II screenwriter Bob Gale confirmed in an interview with the Daily Beast that Donald Trump was the inspiration for the character he and director Robert Zemeckis created back in 1989.

Bayern Munich fans stage protest against £64 Arsenal tickets | The Guardian

Hundreds of Bayern Munich fans boycotted the first five minutes of their Champions League match against Arsenal on Tuesday night at protest at what they called “excessive” ticket prices.
FC Bayern Worldwide organised the protest in collaboration with several other supporters’ groups after Bayern fans were charged a minimum of £64 to attend the match in London.

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ポルトガル共産党、左派連立政権を樹立の用意=党首 | Reuters


米ロ、シリア上空での衝突回避で覚書  :日本経済新聞


テスラ株急落、米コンシューマー誌が「モデルS」の推奨取りやめ - Bloomberg

米電気自動車(EV)メーカー、テスラ・モーターズの株価が20日、この8週間で最大の下げとなった。米消費者団体専門誌コンシューマ ー・リポーツがテスラの高級セダン「モデルS」を「推奨」リストから外したことが嫌気された。同誌は「モデルS」の信頼性が平均以下だと指摘した。

EU、ソニーなど3社に制裁金 カルテルで計158億円:中日新聞(CHUNICHI Web)


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News Headlines - 20 October 2015

First case of cancer linked to Fukushima nuclear disaster confirmed by Japan | The Independent

Japan has confirmed the first case of cancer linked to the Fukushima nuclear reactor leak, more than four years after the disaster.
A former employee at the facility, which was damaged in the magnitude nine earthquake that devastated parts of the country in March 2011, has been diagnosed with radiation-linked leukaemia.

IRA report to be unveiled as coalition rivals square up | The Guardian

A “make or break” report on allegations of continued IRA activity is due that could be decisive in the survival of the power-sharing government in Northern Ireland.
Ahead of its publication on Tuesday, the two main parties in the region – the Democratic Unionists and Sinn Féin – have been trading warnings about its possible implications.

Oscar Pistorius released a day early to finish sentence under house arrest | The Guardian

Oscar Pistorius has been released from prison and will serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest at his uncle’s house, less than one year into a five-year sentence for shooting dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Pistorius’s family had been expecting his release on Tuesday morning, but late on Monday night his lawyer said the former Paralympian was already at his uncle’s house.

Apple pulls 250 privacy-infringing apps from store | The Guardian

Apple has removed 250 apps from its store after discovering a widely-used advertising network was siphoning off private information such as email addresses in breach of the company’s policies.

Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens ticket rush brings down Odeon website on its busiest day ever | The Independent

Jedi fans expressed their disappointment on social media after the huge demand for the first UK screening of the new Star Wars franchise The Force Awakens caused online cinema booking websites to crash on Monday morning.

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カナダ総選挙 10年ぶりに政権交代へ NHKニュース


CIA長官の私用メール情報流出 自称高校生が実行か FBIが捜査着手 - 産経ニュース


「ビッグベン」しばらく見納めか、修理急務で費用は74億円にも | Reuters




大会審判委、誤審を認める声明発表 ラグビーW杯準々決勝  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 19 October 2015

Abe becomes first Japan PM to board US carrier - Stripes

Shinzo Abe became the first Japanese prime minister to board a United States nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, when he flew aboard the USS Ronald Reagan at sea, Navy officials said Sunday.

Al Qaeda financier in Syria killed in US coalition air strike: Pentagon - DAWN.COM

The Pentagon on Sunday confirmed that a United States (US)-led coalition air strike has killed Sanafi al-Nasr, a Saudi citizen and the leading financier for Al Qaeda and its Khorasan Group offshoot.

Four held in Turkey over Ankara attack, AsiaOne World News

A criminal court in Turkey ordered the detention of four people suspected of involvement in the double suicide bombing in Ankara that killed over 100 people, the Anatolia news agency said Monday.
The suspects, remanded in custody after going before a judge on Sunday night, were charged with the "fabrication of explosive devices with the intention to kill" and "an attempt to disrupt constitutional order", the official news agency said without providing any further details.

Friends call for investigation after British journalist dies in Istanbul - BT

Friends and colleagues of a British journalist and international development worker who died in Istanbul have described her reported suicide as "impossible to understand".

War For The Planet Of The Apes Reveals First Image From The Set, See It Now - CINEMABLEND

Reeves posted this image on his personal Twitter account, and it's really a perfect way to kick off production. It's hard to identify either of the figures in the picture due to the shot's silhouette style, but our fingers are crossed that at least one of the those motion capture suit-wearing actors is Andy Serkis, who has been confirmed to return in his role as the apes leader Caeser in the new film.

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刺された女性候補が当選、独ケルン市長選:AFPBB News

ドイツ西部ケルン(Cologne)の市長選は18日、投開票が行われ、選挙運動中に男に襲われ首を刺された難民受け入れ支持派の政治家、ヘンリエッテ・レーカー(Henriette Reker)氏(58)が当選を果たした。……事件で重傷を負った同氏は搬送先の病院で治療を受けており、容体は快方に向かっている。最終開票結果によると、レーカー氏は52.6%の票を獲得し、同市初の女性市長となった。

中国国家主席 10年ぶり訪英:テレビ東京


イギリスから危険ドラッグ密輸 大阪・風俗店経営者を逮捕|MBS


CNN.co.jp : イラン核合意が発効、制裁解除へ向け前進


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News Headlines - 18 October 2015

French give Hollande lowest approval rating this year | Reuters

The share of respondents satisfied with Hollande fell to 20 percent from 23 percent in September, in the survey for the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.
It had stood at 29 percent in January, when Hollande was praised for his handling of Islamist militant attacks in Paris.

FBI Probing Dow Jones Hacking by Russians

U.S. authorities are reported to be investigating whether Russian hackers have infiltrated the Dow Jones financial news company to steal market-moving information prior to publication.

Amazon sues more than 1,000 people over 'fake reviews' - Telegraph

Amazon is taking legal action against more than 1,000 people it claims provide fake reviews on its website.
The online retail giant said in the lawsuit, filed in the US on Friday, that its brand reputation is being tarnished by "false, misleading and inauthentic" reviews.

Emails reveal Tony Blair's deal with George Bush over Iraq war was forged before invasion started  | Daily Mail Online

A bombshell White House memo has revealed for the first time details of the ‘deal in blood’ forged by Tony Blair and George Bush over the Iraq War.
The sensational leak shows that Blair had given an unqualified pledge to sign up to the conflict a year before the invasion started.
It flies in the face of the Prime Minister’s public claims at the time that he was seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Ancient human teeth discovered in China could rewrite the historic migration map of Homo sapiens | HeraldSun

HUMAN teeth discovered in southern China provide evidence that our species left the African continent up to 70,000 years earlier than prevailing theories suggest, new published research finds.
Homo sapiens reached present-day China 80,000-120,000 years ago, according to the study, which could redraw the migration map for modern humans.

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英ロンドンの駅で移民問題に抗議、ユーロスターに遅れ:AFPBB News

英国と欧州大陸を結ぶ高速鉄道ユーロスター(Eurostar)が発着する英ロンドン(London)のセント・パンクラス駅(St Pancras Station)で16日、約250人が移民への支援を訴えるデモを行い、血液を模した赤い液体を床にまくなどした。

CNN.co.jp : ロンドン宝飾店街での大がかりな金庫破り、強奪品を回収


ハロウィーンはトランプ氏のマスクで大もうけ?:AFPBB News

メキシコでは今年、2016年米大統領選の共和党予備選候補者ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)氏と7月に刑務所を脱獄した麻薬王「エル・チャポ(El Chapo)」ことホアキン・グスマン(Joaquin Guzman)受刑者がハロウィーンの2大悪役スターになっており、マスク製作会社は2人のマスクで一もうけしようと画策している。

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News Headlines - 17 October 2015

Migrant crisis: Slovenia braces as Hungary closes border - BBC News

Migrants have begun arriving in Slovenia by bus from Croatia, after Hungary shut its border with Croatia to try to stem the numbers arriving en route to Western Europe.

Jeremy Corbyn risks deepening Labour party splits with new role at Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament | The Independent

Jeremy Corbyn has reaffirmed his determination for the Labour party to adopt his long-standing commitment to scrapping Trident by becoming vice-president of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).
The move risks splitting his shadow cabinet, many of whom support renewing Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzmán injured after narrowly evading capture | The Guardian

The world’s most-wanted drug boss, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, narrowly evaded security forces searching for him in the north-west of Mexico in recent days, sustaining injuries to his face and leg, the Mexican government said on Friday.

German hunter pays €50k to shoot 'magnificent' bull elephant - bringing back memories of Cecil - Independent.ie

The animal, one of the largest elephants ever seen in Zimbabwe, was killed on October 8 in an area set aside for private hunting, which borders the Gonarezhou National Park.
A German hunter reportedly paid about €50,000 for a permit to shoot a large bull elephant and was led by an experienced local guide.

Europe, Russia Plan To Send Lander To Unexplored Region Of The Moon : Tech Times

The European Space Agency, in a space mission led by Russia's Roscosmos, plans to launch a series of lunar explorations in five years, which will become the cosmonauts' preparation and investigation for possible human settlement on the surface of the moon.

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欧州難民:ハンガリー外相 クロアチア国境封鎖表明 - 毎日新聞


ホンダ、GMとの共同開発拡大を検討 人工知能や自動運転視野 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


米韓首脳会談:北朝鮮非核化へ協力 共同声明を発表 - 毎日新聞


ドイツ連盟が疑惑否定 W杯招致買収疑惑報道 : 日刊スポーツ




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News Headlines - 16 October 2015

EU agrees 'action plan' over Turkey migrants - ITV News

The European Union has agreed an "action plan" with Turkey to help stem the flow of migrants into Europe.
EU leaders offered a £3bn aid package, the prospect of easier visas and re-energised talks on joining the bloc if they comply.

Afghan government welcomes US troops extension - BBC News

The US said on Thursday it would maintain 5,500 troops in Afghanistan into early 2017 - a shift from earlier plans to withdraw most by late 2016.

Two Libyans identified as Lockerbie bombing suspects | The Guardian

Two Libyans have been identified as official suspects by Scottish and US prosecutors over the 1988 Lockerbie bombing in their investigation.

Stephen Lawrence: new criminal inquiry into claims police shielded killers | The Guardian

A new investigation has begun into allegations that corruption in the Metropolitan police shielded the murderers of Stephen Lawrence, the Guardian has learned.

Nintendo makes first investment in mobile gaming company - FT.com

Nintendo is making its first investment in a mobile gaming company outside Japan, joining Google and the company behind the Pokemon franchise in a $30m funding round for Niantic.

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日本 安全保障理事会 非常任理事国に NHKニュース


「シベリア抑留の世界記憶遺産登録、ロシアが日本を批判」 News i


米の砂漠にゴーストタウン建設計画 最先端技術を実験:朝日新聞デジタル


NYの人気レストランがチップ廃止へ、世界のすう勢に合わせ | Reuters


CNN.co.jp : ファンタジースポーツで1300万円獲得、大手サイトで不正捜査も


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News Headlines - 15 October 2015

Hundreds of Iranian troops 'arrive in Syria' for Aleppo offensive - Telegraph

Iranian and Syrian officials have long maintained that Tehran has advisers and military experts in Syria, but Wednesday's news was the first confirmation of Iranian fighters taking part in combat operations.

Prince Charles and his complex relationship with China - BBC News

According to the prince's former aide, Mark Bolland, this was a "deliberate snub" because he didn't approve of the Chinese regime and because he was a great supporter of the exiled Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama whom he viewed as being oppressed by the Chinese.

Vladimir Putin's visit to Japan postponed indefinitely | The Guardian

Vladimir Putin’s highly anticipated visit to Japan has been postponed indefinitely, amid anger in Tokyo at Moscow’s stance on a long-running territorial dispute and concern about Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict.

Corbyn suffers first rebellion in parliament | Reuters

Britain's newly-elected opposition leader, socialist Jeremy Corbyn, suffered the first rebellion against his leadership on Wednesday in a parliamentary vote that exposed divisions over his economic strategy and policymaking process.

Leonardo DiCaprio Volkswagen Scandal Movie: Producing for Paramount | Variety

Paramount has acquired movie rights to Jack Ewing’s upcoming book, which will detail the scandal in which the company placed illegal software in their clean diesel cars that could tell when a car was being tested for fuel emissions and would turn on the emissions control to cheat the test and meet EPA standards. During normal driving conditions, emission control software was shut off — resulting in as much as 40 times more pollution than allowed by law.

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虚偽ツイッターで開示命令 安保デモめぐり写真転用 - 47NEWS(よんななニュース)


VW、新設の北米トップ人事が白紙に 幹部30人不正把握か  :日本経済新聞


法王が「異例」の謝罪、カトリック教会で相次ぐスキャンダルで:AFPBB News


「Google.com」ドメインが取得できてしまった! 米国の男性が体験した、ある夜の出来事 - ITmedia ニュース

直後にGoogle Domainsから登録のキャンセルを告げるメールが送られ、同ドメインは取得不能になっていたという。何らかの理由で同ドメインの第三者による登録が可能になっていたが、Google DomainsがGoogle自ら運営するサービスだったため、キャンセルが可能だったのだろう──とヴェドさんは推測している。

ジブリル・シセ、元同僚への恐喝容疑で逮捕…原因は“セックステープ”か | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 14 October 2015

Chinese Censors Are Giving North Korea a P.R. Makeover | ChinaFile

But that all appears to have changed; an October 12 search on Baidu blocks all mentions of the term for failing to cohere with “relevant rules and regulations,” although a search for “little fatty Kim the third” calls up a dead link that promises to lead to 336,081 related images, a vestige of the term’s bygone ubiquity. On Weibo, as of October 12, searches for the term have been blocked, also “in accordance with relevant rules and regulations.” Such language typically indicates that officials have sought censorship.

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey now critically ill - Telegraph

A British nurse being treated for a late complication of an Ebola infection is now critically ill after her condition deteriorated, medics treating her have revealed... Miss Cafferkey's sister has claimed doctors "missed a big opportunity" to spot she had fallen ill with Ebola again when she was told at a clinic she had a virus, describing her treatment as "absolutely diabolical".

UK jobless rate hits 7-year low, BoE to note cooler pay growth | Reuters

Britain's unemployment rate fell to 5.4 percent in the three months to August, down from 5.5 percent in the three months to July, the Office for National Statistics said.
It was the lowest jobless rate since the second quarter of 2008, before the worst of the financial crisis, and below a median forecast of 5.5 percent in a Reuters poll of economists.

Online attackers steal £20m from UK bank accounts - BBC News

The UK's National Crime Agency is hunting cyber-attackers who stole more than £20m from British bank accounts.
Malware called Dridex harvested victims' online banking details so the attackers could siphon off funds.

Divorcees who accused ex-husbands win supreme court fight to seek more money | Daily Mail Online

Two divorcees who accused their ex-husbands of lying about their true wealth have won their Supreme Court battle for the right to seek more money from them.
In a landmark ruling which lawyers said could open the floodgates for similar claims, the UK's highest court upheld challenges by Alison Sharland, 48, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, and Varsha Gohil, 50, from north London.

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バドワイザーがミラー“飲む” ビール世界首位が2位買収で基本合意 - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


日生、豪銀の生保事業買収で合意 2000億円台前半  :日本経済新聞


東京都がロンドンと友好都市に 五輪見据え協力


米ツイッターが初の人員削減、全体の8%に相当する336人が対象 - Bloomberg


米プレイボーイ誌がヌード写真掲載やめる NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 13 October 2015

MH17 Ukraine disaster: Dutch report blames missile - BBC News

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 crashed as a result of a Russian-made 9M38 Buk missile, the Dutch Safety Board says.

U.S. airdrops ammunition to Syria rebels | Reuters

U.S. forces airdropped small arms ammunition and other supplies to Syrian Arab rebels, barely two weeks after Russia raised the stakes in the long-running civil war by intervening on the side of President Bashar al-Assad.

Islamic State is prime suspect in Turkey bombing, as protests erupt | Reuters

Turkey's government said on Monday Islamic State was the prime suspect in suicide bombings that killed at least 97 people in Ankara, but opponents vented anger at President Tayyip Erdogan at funerals, universities and courthouses.

Iranian parliament passes bill approving nuclear deal | The Guardian

Iran’s conservative-dominated parliament has endorsed the landmark nuclear agreement struck earlier this year, clearing the last hurdle before both sides begin work to implement it next week.

UK inflation dips below zero again | The Guardian

Official figures showed inflation was -0.1% in September, down from zero in August, pulled lower by cheaper fuel prices. Economists had expected the rate as measured by the consumer prices index (CPI) to hold at zero, according to the consensus in a Reuters poll. But some had predicted inflation could dip into negative territory.

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ウィーン市議選、右翼の自由党が躍進 難民受け入れ反対:朝日新聞デジタル


【外信コラム】イタリア便り 大統領年俸をはるかに超える「労働貴族」 絹ワイシャツとカシミヤセーター - 産経ニュース


S&P、VWを1段階格下げ リスク管理体制に不備  :日本経済新聞


三井物産、ロンドンとNYの貴金属部門を年末で閉鎖へ=関係筋 | Reuters

三井物産(8031.T)は今年末でロンドンとニューヨークの貴金属部門を閉鎖する方針だ。コモディティ(商品)価格の下落や規制の強化が背景。……三井の米国子会社Mitsui & Co. Precious Metals Incは従業員約50人で香港、ロンドン、ニューヨークにオフィスを持ち、金、銀、プラチナ、パラジウム、ロジウム、ルテニウム、イリジウムを取引している。

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ、3度目のロンドン公演開催 | MTV JAPAN

「KYARY PAMYU PAMYU LIVE 2015 in LONDON」と題されたライブは、日本のポップカルチャーを世界に発信するため5つの都市を周る世界ツアー「MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL」の最終日に行われた。

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News Headlines - 12 October 2015

PM planning nine-month EU referendum window, minister reveals | The Guardian

David Cameron is running his EU negotiations on the basis that he effectively has a nine-month window from the summer of next year to the spring of 2017 to hold his in/out referendum on Britain’s EU membership.

Volkswagen questioned by Parliament - BBC News

MPs got their chance to grill UK representatives for Volkswagen and Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin earlier.
Details are still emerging about what the company does and does not know about what went wrong and how it plans to fix the situation.

Dell in $67bn deal for data storage company EMC - Yahoo News UK

Dell is buying data storage company EMC in a deal valued at approximately 67 billion US dollars (£43.5 billion)... Cloud computing company VMware, a subsidiary of EMC, will stay an independent, publicly traded company.

US dentist who killed Cecil the lion will not face prosecution - FT.com

The US dentist and game hunter who triggered an international outcry when he killed Zimbabwe’s most famous lion, known as Cecil, will not face prosecution for his actions.

Nobel Prize winners: Which country has the most Nobel laureates? - Telegraph

The top five countries with the most Nobel laureates are all western nations - with the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Sweden topping the rankings for the best minds in peace, literature, science and economics.

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イラク:軍「ISバグダディ指導者の車列を空爆」発表 - 毎日新聞


ノーベル経済学賞にディートン氏 消費・貧困・福祉を研究  :日本経済新聞


ベラルーシ大統領5選 四半世紀以上に NHKニュース


「自民・二階氏がユネスコ分担金見直し言及」 News i


ラグビー日本代表 海外メディア「歴史的な出来事」 NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 11 October 2015

Thai protesters riot after deaths of men in police chase | The Guardian

An angry crowd hurled homemade fire bombs and torched vehicles at a police station on Thailand’s resort island of Phuket to protest against the deaths of two young men who died in a motorcycle crash while being chased by police.

Japanese woman 'held in China for spying' - BBC News

A Japanese woman is being detained by the Chinese authorities on suspicion of spying, Japanese media has reported.
The unnamed woman from Tokyo, said to be in her 50s, worked at a language school in the Japanese capital. She was detained while in Shanghai in June.

Kakao Bends: Will Users Seek Asylum to Protect Privacy? | Be Korea-savvy

Kakao, who earlier refused an interception warrant from an investigative agency, changed its stance after a year, and has decided to cooperate. Although concerns over the occurrence of cyber asylum are stirring, officials are predicting that there won’t be a huge drop in the number of users.

Geoffrey Howe’s resignation: the speech that began Thatcher's downfall – video | The Guardian

Geoffrey Howe delivers his resignation speech in the House of Commons in 1990. Lord Howe’s resignation is often credited with ending Margaret Thatcher’s political career. His speech criticised Thatcher for undermining policies on economic and monetary union in Europe.

The glass pyramid that reveals Kazakhstan's ambitions - BBC News

Oil money is rolling into Kazakhstan, and new architectural landmarks in the capital city, Astana, reveal the country's economic aspirations. Jonathan Fryer recently visited the central Asian country and witnessed how President Nursultan Nazarbayev's ambitions are omnipresent there.

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「よくないね」採用されず…6種の新絵文字導入 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)




イラク:ISの化学兵器使用を確認 兵士の血液検査で検知 - 毎日新聞


米、広島サミットに難色 - 選考時、日本側へ伝達 | マイナビニュース


禁錮1年10カ月を求刑されたメッシ、シーズン佳境の4月に出廷か | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 10 October 2015

At least 95 killed in twin blast in Turkey's Ankara ahead of peace rally

At least 95 people died in two explosions that shook a road junction in the center of the Turkish capital of Ankara on Oct. 10, the largest single terror attack in the country's history, ahead of a "peace" meeting, the Prime Ministry's Coordination Center has said.

Bomb found at police recruitment event in Northern Ireland | Reuters

A homemade bomb was made safe by army bomb disposal officers at a hotel in Northern Ireland that had been due to host a police recruitment event, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said on Saturday.

UK lawmakers to weigh up economic case for EU exit | Reuters

British lawmakers will start an inquiry into the costs and benefits of staying in the European Union next week as campaigning gets underway for a referendum on the country's EU membership.

Japan-backed fund considering investing in Sharp: source | Reuters

A Japanese government-backed fund is considering a range of options to help turn around Sharp Corp including a direct investment, a person familiar with the matter said.

Geoffrey Howe, Margaret Thatcher’s nemesis, dies aged 88 | The Guardian

Geoffrey Howe was heralded as one of the greats of the Conservative party and a “quiet hero” of the Thatcher years, after the former chancellor’s death of a suspected heart attack was announced by his family.

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トルコ首都で爆発相次ぐ 少なくとも20人死亡、負傷者多数




ハーバードの授業で日本のグリーが人気を集める理由 アンドレイ・ハジウ准教授に聞く(2)|ハーバードの知性に学ぶ「日本論」|ダイヤモンド・オンライン


Facebook「よくないね」ボタンに代わる新機能「リアクションズ」を導入 « WIRED.jp


謎の人類ホモ・ナレディ、手足は極めて異例だった | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト


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News Headlines - 09 October 2015

Big rise in German attacks on migrant homes in 2015 - BBC News

The German government says there have been almost 500 attacks on homes intended for asylum seekers this year - three times more than in 2014.

Twitter is reportedly planning layoffs next week - Fortune

After finally naming co-founder Jack Dorsey as permanent CEO this week, Twitter is reportedly preparing for layoffs.
The microblogging giant will make cuts across most, if not all departments next week, according to a report by tech news site Re/code, citing anonymous sources. It’s unclear, however, how many employees will be let go.

‘Incredibles 2,’ ‘Cars 3’ Release Dates Set; ‘Toy Story 4’ Pushed Back | Variety

Disney has announced the release dates for 19 movies through the year 2020, including the summer 2017 opening of Pixar’s “Cars 3” and the 2019 bow of “The Incredibles 2.”
Disney has also moved “Toy Story 4” back by a year, from June 16, 2017, to June 15, 2018.

Journalist wins award for Jimmy Savile book - BBC News

A journalist who interviewed Jimmy Savile extensively over the last six years of his life has won an award for his book about the fallen celebrity.
Dan Davies won the Gordon Burn Prize for his book, In Plain Sight: The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile.

West Ham won't pay for ticket checkers, medical staff or cleaners at Olympic Stadium | Sky Sports

Taxpayers will foot the bill for ticket checkers, medical staff and cleaners at games when West Ham move to the Olympic Stadium, Sky Sport News HQ can reveal.
The club also will not have to pay for turnstile operators, much of the security and steward personnel and catering staff on match days.
West Ham have agreed to rent the £700m Olympic Stadium for 99 years from the start of the 2016/17 season.

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東京新聞:米 揺らぐTPP承認 反対次々 クリントン前国務長官も


アメリカ軍の病院誤爆 さらに33人安否不明 NHKニュース


「ロシア軍がシリアに向け発射のミサイル、イランに落下か」 News i


ガメラ生誕50周年記念映像が公開、クドカンがギャオスの餌食に - 映画ナタリー


スペイン当局 脱税の疑いでメッシに禁錮1年10か月求刑 NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 08 October 2015

Nato ready to 'defend' Turkey as Russia strikes Syria | The Guardian

Nato is ready to send troops to Turkey to defend against threats on its southern flank, the head of the alliance has said following violations of Turkish airspace by Russian jets conducting airstrikes in Syria.

Wartime sex slaves at the heart of UN battle between Japan and China | The Guardian

A Chinese campaign to have documents related to Japan’s use of wartime sex slaves and its bloody invasion of Nanjing recognised by Unesco has sparked a new round of diplomatic tension between Beijing and Tokyo.

Facebook to add happiness, love and anger buttons as alternatives to ‘like’ - Telegraph

The social network will offer its users other options to express love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger by launching a trial of the service in the coming days.

Svetlana Alexievich wins 2015 Nobel prize in literature | The Guardian

Belarusian journalist Svetlana Alexievich has been awarded the 2015 Nobel prize in literature... She becomes the 14th woman to win the prize since it was first awarded in 1901. The last woman to win, Canada’s Alice Munro, was handed the award in 2013.

Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini suspended by FIFA for 90 days over £1.35m payment from president to UEFA chief  | Daily Mail Online

Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini have both been provisionally banned for 90 days from any football-related activity in a ruling that throws world football into total meltdown... The ban will effectively end outgoing FIFA president Blatter's ambitions to stay on until February, while UEFA president Platini's hopes of succeeding him lie in tatters.

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CNN.co.jp : オバマ大統領、病院誤爆で国境なき医師団に謝罪


ロシア軍機、空爆中の米軍機に接近 シリア上空:朝日新聞デジタル




村上春樹氏、受賞逃す ノーベル文学賞はベラルーシの作家に - 産経ニュース


FIFA倫理委、会長の90日停職処分を検討 週内に決定へ  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 07 October 2015

Russia targets Syrian rebels with cruise missiles - FT.com

Russia on Wednesday dramatically escalated its military campaign against Syrian rebel groups, launching 26 cruise missiles from ships in the Caspian Sea to support a land offensive by the regime of Bashar al-Assad and allied militias.

Former UK bishop jailed for sexual abuse of young men | Reuters

A retired British Anglican bishop was jailed on Wednesday for exploiting his position to abuse young men, some of them aspiring priests, for sexual gratification over a 15-year period.

Christian group predicts the world will be 'annihilated' on Wednesday | The Guardian

Over a week after blood moon doomsday forecasts were proven wrong, eBible Fellowship leader Chris McCann says ‘the world will pass away’ on 7 October

Myanmar election: Suu Kyi vows to lead government - BBC News

Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has vowed to lead the country if her National League for Democracy comes to power in the upcoming election.

Migrant crisis: New EU operation targets people-smugglers

According to the EU’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, a combined EU naval mission known as EU Navfor Med will now be able “to board, search and seize vessels in international waters, [after which] suspected smugglers and traffickers will be transferred to the Italian judicial authorities”.

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露、カスピ海からシリアにミサイル…攻撃を拡大 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


CNN.co.jp : ISISがトヨタ車利用、米財務省が情報提供求める


ドイツ:8月の鉱工業生産は前月比減少、予想外-中国の影響じわり - Bloomberg


世界最小のカタツムリを発見、大きさ1ミリ未満 | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト


イチロー、マーリンズと契約延長 42歳の来季も現役続行  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 06 October 2015

Scientists from Japan, Canada win Nobel Prize in Physics - CNN.com

The prize was awarded to Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald, the Nobel Committee said Tuesday, "for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass."

Japanese citizen shot dead in Bangladesh; second foreigner killed this week - The Times of India

Police in Bangladesh said they have detained four people in connection with the shooting death on Saturday of a Japanese citizen, the second foreign national killed in the South Asian nation within a week.

Hong Kong Charges Former Leader Donald Tsang With Misconduct - WSJ

Former Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang has been charged by the city’s antigraft agency on two counts of misconduct in public office, becoming the most senior official in the former British colony ever to be arrested.

Toyota Aims to Make Self-Driving Cars by 2020 - WSJ

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to make some of its cars fully capable of self-driving on highways by around 2020, it said Tuesday, accelerating the rollout of its autonomous-drive technology and countering Silicon Valley rivals like Google Inc.

Japan's Rugby World Cup success breaks world TV viewing record | The Guardian

A record 25 million Japanese stayed up late to watch their team demolish Samoa in their third game of the Rugby World Cup, in the latest demonstration of the country’s newfound love of the sport.

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TPP、「6カ国・GDP85%」以上で発効可能に  :日本経済新聞


[FT]VWの不祥事が脅かすドイツの経済モデル  :日本経済新聞


エールフランス従業員、幹部を「リンチ同然」に リストラ案に反発:AFPBB News

仏パリ(Paris)郊外で6日、同国の航空大手エールフランスKLM(Air France KLM)の人事担当マネージャーが、2900人の削減計画に抗議する従業員らにシャツを破られるなど、「リンチ」されそうになる騒ぎがあった。……労組の代表の1人によると、「リンチ」されそうになった人事担当マネージャーのザビエル・ブロセタ(Xavier Broseta)氏は、警備員に助けられ避難しようとフェンスをよじ登ったが、シャツはびりびりに破られていたという。

CNN.co.jp : 飛行中に機長が急死、旅客機が緊急着陸 アメリカン航空


本田の“造反”に現地紙も衝撃「礼儀正しいサムライが爆発」 | フットボールチャンネル


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News Headlines - 05 October 2015

US, Japan and 10 countries strike Pacific trade deal - FT.com

The US, Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim nations have struck the largest trade pact in two decades, in a huge strategic and political victory for US President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Japanese microbiologist Satoshi Omura shares Nobel Prize for medicine | The Japan Times

Japanese microbiologist Satoshi Omura on Monday shared this year’s Nobel Prize in medicine for his work on a therapy for debilitating diseases caused by parasitic worms.

5 Things to Know About the Nobel Prizes - ABC News

Daily announcements will follow during the week with physics Tuesday, chemistry Wednesday and probably, though the date has not been confirmed, literature on Thursday. The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on Friday and, finally, the economics award on Oct. 12.

Volkswagen Emissions Investigation Zeroes In on Two Engineers - WSJ

Two top Volkswagen engineers who found they couldn’t deliver as promised a clean diesel engine for the U.S. market are at the center of a company probe into the installation of engine software designed to fool regulators, according to people familiar with the matter.

Scientists claim breakthrough in quest for new quantum computer (From Darlington and Stockton Times)

Scientists have taken a "game changing" leap towards building practical quantum computers that could revolutionise the digital world.
The Australian team has paved the way for production of the first quantum computing "chips" by building a logic gate using the new technology based on silicon.

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TPP交渉 大きく進展 合意へ最終段階 NHKニュース


バチカン:カトリック神父が同性愛告白…言動問題視、解任 - 毎日新聞


仏南部コートダジュールで豪雨、16人死亡・5人行方不明 | Reuters


ラグビーW杯:日本、世界レベル証明 サモア降し2勝目 - 毎日新聞


エッ? イチローがピッチャー?自ら志願「二度と悪口は言わない」: スポーツ報知


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News Headlines - 04 October 2015

Conservative conference: Anti-austerity march turns nasty as protesters spit at Tories - Telegraph

Police intervene to drag away protesters as they chant "Tory scum" outside entrance to Conservative conference.

Mainstream Portuguese Moderates Expected to Prevail in Vote

Moderate mainstream parties were expected to triumph in Portugal's general election Sunday, after more radical alternatives failed to exploit public discontent over austerity measures.

Iranian parliamentary panel gives conditional nod to nuclear deal | Reuters

An committee of Iran's conservative-dominated parliament gave its support on Sunday to Iran's nuclear agreement with world powers on condition there would be no foreign inspections of military sites and no curbs on developing its missile programme.

Scores of Palestinians wounded in clashes in West Bank - Al Jazeera English

At least 77 Palestinians have been wounded in clashes with Israeli forces and settlers in the occupied West Bank, as Israel barred Palestinians from accessing Jerusalem's Old City unless they were residents.

BBC admits faking dramatic volcano eruption scene on natural history show - Telegraph

Footage of a 'dirty thunderstorm' in Chile on the BBC's Patagonia programme was faked by splicing together two different volcano eruptions four years apart

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安倍首相:銀閣寺の庭園、仏首相と散策 - 毎日新聞


<イギリス>足もとに「パックマン」 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


「Kofun」表記検討 大阪、古墳群の専門家会議 - 産経WEST


パリで「阿波踊り」 地元市民も参加 NHKニュース


英紙称賛「勇敢な花」日本代表が勝利| ytv 読売テレビ


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News Headlines - 03 October 2015

994 mass shootings in 1,004 days: this is what America's gun crisis looks like | The Guardian

The Oregon school shooting is evidence that the US response to gun violence ‘has become routine’, Barack Obama says. The data compiled by the crowd-sourced site Mass Shooting Tracker reveals an even more shocking human toll: there is a mass shooting – defined as four or more people shot in one incident – nearly every day

Jeb Bush criticized for saying ‘stuff happens’ while discussing school shootings - The Washington Post

President Obama and Democrats quickly condemned comments made Friday by Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who said that there isn't always a useful government solution to mass shootings and other crises because "stuff happens."

'Labour Party giant' Denis Healey dies at 98 - BBC News

Former chancellor Denis Healey has died at the age of 98, his family has said.
Lord Healey was Labour's defence secretary from 1964 to 1970 and chancellor of the exchequer from 1974 to 1979 before becoming deputy party leader in opposition in 1980.

Coca-Cola Calls for FIFA's Sepp Blatter to Step Down Immediately - Bloomberg Business

Top sponsors of FIFA called for Joseph “Sepp” Blatter to step down immediately as president of soccer’s governing body following a sweeping scandal involving allegations of bribes and kickbacks dating back decades.

BBC Sport - Premier League clubs' fans unite for ticket protest this weekend

Fans from all 20 Premier League clubs and 10 Championship teams will join forces this weekend to protest about the cost of ticket prices.

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焦点:欧州各国で緊縮派与党の支持拡大、景気回復の実績てこに | Reuters


空爆で国境なき医師団3人死亡 米軍が病院誤爆か


CNN.co.jp : 英国の「悪夢のテーマパーク」解体、廃材は難民キャンプへ


CNN.co.jp : 悪臭放つ「死体花」が開花 米シカゴ植物園


トム・ハーディ、マッドマックスの次はイギリス史上最狂の犯罪者!映画『ドライヴ』の監督が描く衝撃作『ブロンソン』 - AOLニュース

『マッドマックス 怒りのデス・ロード』、『オン・ザ・ハイウェイ その夜、86分』、『チャイルド44 森に消えた子供たち』と主演作が次々に公開され、そして同じく主演作の『ウォーリアー』が Blu-ray&DVDリリースと2015年最もホットな俳優であったトム・ ハーディ。今回上映されるのは、そのトム・ハーディがイギリス史上最狂の犯罪者を演じ、『ドライヴ』の鬼才ニコラス・ウィンディング・レフンが監督を務めた2008年製作の衝撃作『ブロンソン』だ。

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News Headlines - 02 October 2015

China says suspect in 18 parcel bomb explosions died in blasts, had local dispute | Metro News

China's state news agency reported Friday that a man suspected of being responsible for 18 explosions in a southern Chinese county that killed 10 people and injured 51 others died in the blasts and had disputes with local villagers and companies.

Jeremy Corbyn receives the worst ratings for a Labour leader in 60 years - Telegraph

Jeremy Corbyn has received the worst ratings on record for a Labour leader, according to a new YouGov survey.
The new leader has been given a '-8' approval rating in a poll carried out for the Sun newspaper, which contrasts to the '+26' rating Ed Miliband received in 2010.

Abe: Japan must put its own house in order before accepting refugees from Syria - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun

Abe announced at the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 29 that Japan is ramping up assistance in response to the exodus of refugees to Europe from the Middle East and Africa... But, speaking to reporters later, he poured cold water on the idea of Japan opening its doors to those fleeing.

Plastic in fish highlights need for cleaner Thames - BBC News

Up to three-quarters of fish sampled from the River Thames have been found to have plastic fibres in their gut.

BBC Sport - Formula 1 2016 season to start earlier after team complaints

The latest version of the 2016 Formula 1 calendar has next season starting two weeks earlier than originally planned, in Australia on 20 March.

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CNN.co.jp : パレスチナの旗、国連で初の掲揚


全文表示 | 「濃い牛乳を出し続けるんだよ」 女子高生を胸が大きい「乳牛」に見立てたAGFのCM動画に賛否 : J-CASTニュース




伝説の王妃埋葬か、ツタンカーメン墓の「隠し部屋」探査へ | Reuters


ミシャラクが記録更新のフランス、8強一番乗り ラグビーW杯:AFPBB News

ラグビーW杯イングランド大会(Rugby World Cup 2015)は1日、プールDの試合が行われ、フランス代表は41-18でカナダ代表を下し、決勝トーナメント進出一番乗りを果たした。……予選プールの最終戦となる11日のアイルランド戦で首位通過を決めれば、準々決勝での激突が見込まれるニュージーランド代表との対戦を回避できる。

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News Headlines - 01 October 2015

New Explosion Hits China's Liuzhou City Just a Day After 17 Blasts - NBC News

Another explosion hit the Chinese city of Liuzhou on Thursday morning, just a day after a series of 17 blasts killed 7 people and wounded 50 others, state-run media reported.

Oregon Shooting at Umpqua College Kills 10, Sheriff Says - The New York Times

A 26-year-old man opened fire on a community college campus here in a rampage that left 10 people dead and seven wounded and turned this rural stretch of southern Oregon into the latest American locale ravaged by a mass shooting.

President Obama Laments Mass Shootings Becoming 'Routine' After Oregon School Massacre - ABC News

A grim-faced an emotional President Obama spoke out Thursday after the massacre at an Oregon college -- lamenting that mass killings have become “routine” in the United States and blasting those who oppose tougher gun laws.

4chan thread under federal investigation after Oregon college shooting | The Verge

Federal authorities are looking into a suspicious thread on the anonymous message board 4chan that appears to include someone with similar intentions to today's unnamed shooter who killed at least 10 people in Oregon, according to The New York Times. The thread, archived here, shows an anonymous user on 4chan board /r9k/ advising others, "Don’t go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest," late in the day on September 30th.

Russian Airstrikes Hit CIA-Trained Rebels, Commander Says | News | The Moscow Times

Two Russian airstrikes in Syria on Thursday hit a training camp operated by rebel group that received military training from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, its commander said.

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ロシアがシリア空爆開始 | Reuters


新型iPhone、発売後3日間の販売が過去最高 1300万台突破 | Reuters

米アップル は28日、新型iPhone(アイフォーン)の6S/6Sプラスの販売台数について、25日発売後最初の週末で1300万台を超え、過去最高を記録したと明らかにした。

トヨタ、4年連続世界トップへ…VW「自滅」で : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


【F1】バトン、来季もマクラーレン・ホンダに残留 - 産経ニュース




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