News Headlines - 04 October 2015

Conservative conference: Anti-austerity march turns nasty as protesters spit at Tories - Telegraph

Police intervene to drag away protesters as they chant "Tory scum" outside entrance to Conservative conference.

Mainstream Portuguese Moderates Expected to Prevail in Vote

Moderate mainstream parties were expected to triumph in Portugal's general election Sunday, after more radical alternatives failed to exploit public discontent over austerity measures.

Iranian parliamentary panel gives conditional nod to nuclear deal | Reuters

An committee of Iran's conservative-dominated parliament gave its support on Sunday to Iran's nuclear agreement with world powers on condition there would be no foreign inspections of military sites and no curbs on developing its missile programme.

Scores of Palestinians wounded in clashes in West Bank - Al Jazeera English

At least 77 Palestinians have been wounded in clashes with Israeli forces and settlers in the occupied West Bank, as Israel barred Palestinians from accessing Jerusalem's Old City unless they were residents.

BBC admits faking dramatic volcano eruption scene on natural history show - Telegraph

Footage of a 'dirty thunderstorm' in Chile on the BBC's Patagonia programme was faked by splicing together two different volcano eruptions four years apart








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