News Headlines - 13 October 2015

MH17 Ukraine disaster: Dutch report blames missile - BBC News

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 crashed as a result of a Russian-made 9M38 Buk missile, the Dutch Safety Board says.

U.S. airdrops ammunition to Syria rebels | Reuters

U.S. forces airdropped small arms ammunition and other supplies to Syrian Arab rebels, barely two weeks after Russia raised the stakes in the long-running civil war by intervening on the side of President Bashar al-Assad.

Islamic State is prime suspect in Turkey bombing, as protests erupt | Reuters

Turkey's government said on Monday Islamic State was the prime suspect in suicide bombings that killed at least 97 people in Ankara, but opponents vented anger at President Tayyip Erdogan at funerals, universities and courthouses.

Iranian parliament passes bill approving nuclear deal | The Guardian

Iran’s conservative-dominated parliament has endorsed the landmark nuclear agreement struck earlier this year, clearing the last hurdle before both sides begin work to implement it next week.

UK inflation dips below zero again | The Guardian

Official figures showed inflation was -0.1% in September, down from zero in August, pulled lower by cheaper fuel prices. Economists had expected the rate as measured by the consumer prices index (CPI) to hold at zero, according to the consensus in a Reuters poll. But some had predicted inflation could dip into negative territory.








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