News Headlines - 16 October 2015

EU agrees 'action plan' over Turkey migrants - ITV News

The European Union has agreed an "action plan" with Turkey to help stem the flow of migrants into Europe.
EU leaders offered a £3bn aid package, the prospect of easier visas and re-energised talks on joining the bloc if they comply.

Afghan government welcomes US troops extension - BBC News

The US said on Thursday it would maintain 5,500 troops in Afghanistan into early 2017 - a shift from earlier plans to withdraw most by late 2016.

Two Libyans identified as Lockerbie bombing suspects | The Guardian

Two Libyans have been identified as official suspects by Scottish and US prosecutors over the 1988 Lockerbie bombing in their investigation.

Stephen Lawrence: new criminal inquiry into claims police shielded killers | The Guardian

A new investigation has begun into allegations that corruption in the Metropolitan police shielded the murderers of Stephen Lawrence, the Guardian has learned.

Nintendo makes first investment in mobile gaming company - FT.com

Nintendo is making its first investment in a mobile gaming company outside Japan, joining Google and the company behind the Pokemon franchise in a $30m funding round for Niantic.








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