News Headlines - 31 October 2015

U.S. to Send First Troops to Syria to Combat Islamic State - Bloomberg Business

The Obama administration is deploying several dozen special operations forces inside Syria for the first time in a significant escalation of the fight against the radical Islamic State group.

Shaker Aamer released: Another prisoner let out. Another empty promise on torture | The Independent

Let’s begin with the strongest justification that supporters of torture can offer. Just before the bomb was set to explode, word came through from Saudi Arabia – where interrogators were reportedly torturing an al-Qaeda suspect – that the device could be found inside a printer cartridge aboard a plane at East Midlands Airport. When it was located, the bomb was only 17 minutes away from detonating.

A Polarized Turkey Heads to Polls for Rerun of Key Election - Haaretz Israeli News Source

After Erdogan's party fails to retain majority and ceasefire with Kurds collapses into bloodshed, Turks must decide between single-party rule and coalition.

Leah Remini on Her Break With the Church of Scientology: 'I Wanted to Be The One to Say It' - ABC News

Leah Remini spoke for the first time in an exclusive interview with ABC News “20/20” about what her life was like inside the Church of Scientology, as well as how Tom Cruise and the backlash she faced from the Church after his 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes were factors in her breaking with the Church.

No tricks: Halloween all the rage in Japan as costume play ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

For the usually reserved Japanese, Halloween has become the perfect excuse to act wild in strange outfits.
The spooky celebration is consuming the energy, fashion sense and wallets of people for the entire month of October, not just kids but also adults on the prowl with colorful parades, costume parties and pumpkin-inspired desserts, dress-up and decor everywhere.








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