News Headlines - 03 November 2015

China and Taiwan's presidents to meet for the first time since 1949 | The Guardian

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou will meet the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, in Singapore on Saturday, Ma’s office said, the first time leaders from the two sides will ever have met since they split at the end of a civil war in 1949.

Amazon opens first physical retail store in time for Black Friday - Telegraph

The e-tailer giant has selected between 5,000 and 6,000 titles for Amazon Books based on ratings from customers and pre-orders on its website, which will be sold at the same price.
The shop is located in University Village, an up-market shopping centre in Seattle, where Amazon's headquarters are based.

Google Translate error sees Spanish town advertise clitoris festival | The Guardian

It was meant to be a culinary festival celebrating grelo, the leafy green vegetable that is a staple in the Galician town of As Pontes in north-west Spain.
But for the past few months, the small town was marketing a very different kind of festival after it used Google Translate to put the Galician word grelo into Castilian Spanish, ending up with it inviting people to take part in a “clitoris festival”.

The Bank of Japan considers more easing - FT.com

While the US Federal Reserve contemplates a finely balanced decision about whether to raise interest rates in December, its Japanese counterpart is being forced the other way. Last Friday the Bank of Japan decided to leave monetary policy unchanged. But it also revised down its inflation and growth forecasts, and pushed back its expectation of hitting the 2 per cent inflation target to the end of next year. It seems likely, and indeed desirable, that the BoJ will be forced to expand its programme of quantitative easing before too long.

Kurt Cobain's Sweater Expected to Fetch up to $60,000 in Auction - ABC News

Kurt Cobain's green cardigan, which he wore during Nirvana's MTV Unplugged taping 22 years ago, is going to auction.
The sweater will be sold via a Julien's live auction block and is expected to fetch up to $60,000.








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