News Headlines - 08 November 2015

WHO officially declares Sierra Leone Ebola-free | The Guardian

Sierra Leone has been declared free of Ebola by the World Health Organisation, prompting nationwide celebrations tinged with sadness over the 4,000 lives the virus claimed. Freetown was transformed into a giant carnival on Friday night as ecstatic crowds took to the streets of the capital in an outpouring of emotion.

Taiwan China Historic Talks Fuel Criticism at Home

A historic meeting between the leaders of Taiwan and China Saturday was rich in symbolism, but short on substance. Criticism of the trip and Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou’s performance at the meeting with China's president Xi Jinping is already building at home. And while the leaders of Taiwan and China say the meeting has nothing to do with the island’s upcoming elections, it is already becoming a key topic on the campaign trail.

Myanmar election: Vote counting starts after landmark poll - BBC News

Votes are being counted in Myanmar's first openly contested national election for 25 years.
Turnout is thought to have been 80% in the poll - seen as a further big step away from decades of military rule.

Astronaut plays bagpipes on International Space Station - BBC News

A US astronaut has played a set of Scottish-made bagpipes on the International Space Station to pay tribute to a colleague who died.
Kjell Lindgren played Amazing Grace on the pipes after recording a message about research scientist Victor Hurst, who was involved in astronaut training.

Gunnar Hansen, Texas Chainsaw Massacre villain, dies aged 68 - BBC News

Gunnar Hansen, the actor who played terrifying villain Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has died... The 1974 film depicts how five friends visiting their grandfather's country house are hunted by Leatherface and his family of grave-robbing cannibals.








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