News Headlines - 09 November 2015

Results announced for Myanmar's landmark election | The Guardian

Myanmar’s opposition NLD party, led by Aung San Suu Kyi, says it is on track to win more than 70% of seats in the country’s historic election – a tally that could sweep it to power and end decades of military dominance.

Rise in top officials fleeing North Korea as Kim Jong Un confidante vanishes | Metro News

The figures were released by South Korea’s National Intelligence Service as it emerged that one of Kim Jong Un’s closest confidantes, Choe Ryong-Hae, was omitted from an official funeral committee list.
Ryong-Hae was previously one of Kim’s most powerful aides but his name was not published on a list of 170 people at the funeral of Marshal Ri Ul-Sol.

How the Catalonia vote will ramp up tensions with Madrid - FT.com

The regional parliament in Catalonia on Monday passed a controversial resolution calling for the first concrete steps towards “disconnecting” from the rest of Spain and establishing an independent state. The vote was carried by 72 votes to 63, reflecting the new pro-independence majority in parliament that emerged from the regional election on September 27.

Two Americans and a South African shot dead at Jordan security training facility - Telegraph

Two Americans were killed and a South African when a Jordanian police officer opened fire on them at a US-funded facility for training Iraqi security forces, officials said on Monday.
Two other Americans and four Jordanians were also wounded in incident at the Muaqar base on the eastern outskirts of the Jordanian capital, Amman, said Mohammed Momani, a government spokesman. He said that one of the wounded was in a critical condition.

Was Jurgen Klopp right to criticise Liverpool FC fans for leaving early? | Daily Mail Online

Jurgen Klopp was critical of those Liverpool fans who left Anfield early during Sunday's 2-1 defeat by Crystal Palace... Was he right to call out those fans? Or does he not understand the lengths they go to support their team? We asked our team of writers as well as bloggers from Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal what they thought about fans who leave early...








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