News Headlines - 11 November 2015

Test flight triumph for Mitsubishi regional jet - FT.com

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s MRJ90, with its raked, train-like nose and pronounced winglets, took off from Nagoya airport shortly after 9:30am. Its safe landing 90 minutes later launched an ambitious plan to take on Embraer and Bombardier in the market for small passenger jets.

Sony's Betamax, long thought dead, officially gets last nail in its coffin - CNET

In its announcement Tuesday, Sony said it would no longer produce its cassettes in Japan, the only remaining country where they are available. The company has not produced a Betamax recorder since 2002. Sony said it has sold more than 18 million units of Betamax devices worldwide since their debut.

Japan says UN envoy has retracted remarks that 13% of schoolgirls are involved in paid dating - The Straits Times

"The letter said after further reviews that there was no official and recent data to support the 13-percent figure," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters.
In her letter, Ms de Boer-Buquicchio vowed not to use the figure in the future and said the number will not be part of a report to be submitted to the UN Human Rights Council, Mr Suga said.

N. Korean ‘abduction manual’ leaked: Tokyo Shimbun | NK News - North Korea News

Japan’s Tokyo Shimbun newspaper on Wednesday reported their findings on a North Korean internal document written in the late 1990s to educate North Korean agents on how to abduct foreign targets.
According to the newspaper, the 356-page North Korean document was credited to Kim Jong Il Social Foreign Intelligence Studies and was taught in the Kim Jong Il Political-Military University, one of the most secretive North Korean intelligence institutes.

BBC Sport - Kazuyoshi Miura: Japan legend Kazu signs new Yokohama deal at 48

Japanese footballer Kazuyoshi Miura has signed a one-year contract extension with Yokohama FC at the age of 48.








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