News Headlines - 22 November 2015

Brussels remains under highest terror alert - CNN.com

Brussels remains under Belgium's highest terrorism alert level, with soldiers and heavily armed police in the streets, after authorities warned of a possible imminent threat to the capital.

Crimea plunged into blackout after power line blasts - FT.com

Crimea was plunged into a complete blackout early on Sunday morning after electricity transmission lines from Ukraine were blown up, in a stark reminder of the peninsula’s economic reliance on Ukraine one-and-a-half years after its annexation by Russia.

David Cameron announces 5,000-strong 'strike brigades' to take the fight to terrorists - Telegraph

Britain's army is to be restructured to form two "strike brigades" of 5,000 soldiers which can be deployed immediately to fight terrorists and others threatening the country, the Prime Minister has announced.

Experts criticise WHO delay in sounding alarm over Ebola outbreak | The Guardian

The World Health Organisation should be stripped of its role in declaring disease outbreaks to be an international emergency following the catastrophic failure to warn the world of the dangers of Ebola in west Africa last year, according to an independent panel of experts.

Cinema chains refuse to show advert featuring Lord's Prayer | The Guardian

The UK’s three leading cinema chains have refused to show an advert by the Church of England that features the Lord’s Prayer, citing fears that it could offend people... It was cleared by the Cinema Advertising Authority and the British Board of Film Classification, but the Odeon, Cineworld and Vue chains – which control 80% of screens around the country – have refused to show the advert because they believe it “carries the risk of upsetting, or offending, audiences”.








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