News Headlines - 24 November 2015

Russian warplane shot down near Turkey-Syria border - Al Jazeera English

Turkey says it has shot down a Russian-made warplane on the Syrian border for violating Turkish airspace... Reports said the plane crashed in Syrian territory in Latakia's Yamadi village.

Comparing air strikes against Islamic State to past conflicts - BBC News

The US-led coalition launches about two combat aircraft sorties per hour against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, but how does that compare to previous aerial campaigns?

Sweden's deputy prime minister cries while announcing refugee U-turn – video | The Guardian

The Greens’ deputy prime minister, Åsa Romson, breaks into tears as she announces measures to deter asylum seekers in a reversal of Sweden’s open-door policy towards people fleeing war and persecution. “This is a terrible decision,” she said later, admitting that the proposals would make life even more precarious for refugees. But quitting the government would have made a bad situation even worse, she added

MIT Researchers Use High-Speed Video To Show How Sneezes Infect Us « CBS Boston

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have caught it on video and it may someday help improve infection control.
They’ve been studying sneezing for years and the group presented their latest findings this week at a meeting of the American Physical Society in Boston.

BBC to mark David Attenborough's 90th birthday with special show | The Guardian

He is used to scrutinising the wonders of the natural world but Sir David Attenborough himself will be the focus of a new BBC1 programme to mark his 90th birthday next year.








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