News Headlines - 28 November 2015

Vladimir Putin announces Russian sanctions against Turkey | The Guardian

Vladimir Putin has announced sanctions against Turkey as the dispute between the two countries over the downing of a Russian Su-24 fighter jet near the Syrian border continues.

Donald Trump under fire for mocking disabled reporter - BBC News

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has been criticised for mocking a disabled New York Times reporter.

Minister Grant Shapps resigns over 'Tatler Tory' Mark Clarke bullying scandal - Telegraph

Minister Grant Shapps has resigned in the fallout over the suspected suicide of a Conservative Party activist at the centre of a bullying campaign.

Thousands attend protests against UK airstrikes on Syria | The Guardian

Thousands of people gathered outside Downing Street and in cities around the UK on Saturday to protest against the government’s plans to bomb Islamic State targets in Syria.

Japan to resume whaling in Antarctic despite court ruling - BBC News

The decision comes despite an International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling that Japan cease all whaling. The Japanese government says it has taken into account the court ruling and its "scientific" whaling programme will be much smaller.








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