News Headlines - 02 December 2015

Syria air strikes likely as labour concedes cameron set to win commons vote | Daily Mail Online

Air strikes by British jets and drones against Islamic State (IS) in Syria look set to be given the green light by MPs as senior Labour sources conceded David Cameron is expected to win a crucial Commons vote.

Mass shooting at California disability center, 20 victims reported | Examiner.com

Less than one week after 57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear took a Planned Parenthood clinic hostage in Colorado, killing three people in the process, another mass shooting has occurred in the United States. This time happening in California, nearly two dozen people have reportedly been shot.

North Korean ‘Ghost Boats’ Wash Up In Japan | Daily Capital

The Japanese coast guard and police reported 12 incidents of wrecked wooden boats, including some that were in pieces, on the country’s shores and waters since October, containing 22 dead bodies, including five skulls.

Was there a ‘dinosaur disco’ 170 million years ago in a Scottish lagoon? - CSMonitor.com

Scientists stumbled upon humongous 170-million-year-old dinosaur tracks on the Isle of Skye. These dinosaurs are estimated to be the largest animals ever to roam the Earth.

Zuckerberg’s babies should be unbundled - FT.com

Every parent knows the biological intoxication — at least for a few weeks — of having your first child. That, plus living in California and being a technology idealist, may account for the somewhat sappy tone of Mark Zuckerberg’s letter this week to his new daughter Max, in which he announced that he will devote 99 per cent of his $45bn wealth to good works.








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