News Headlines - 03 December 2015

French Authorities Close Three Mosques During State of Emergency - WSJ

French authorities used sweeping emergency powers instated since the Nov. 13 terror attacks to close down three mosques suspected of nurturing Islamist radicalization, France’s interior minister said Wednesday.

Britain carries out first Syria airstrikes after MPs approve action against Isis | The Guardian

Britain has carried out its first airstrikes in Syria, hours after MPs voted overwhelmingly to authorise military action.
Four RAF Tornado jets were seen taking off from the Akrotiri base in Cyprus early on Thursday morning and the Ministry of Defence later confirmed they had carried out the “first offensive operation over Syria and have conducted strikes”.

Pentagon Opens Up All Combat Jobs to Women - ABC News

In a historic decision, Defense Secretary Ash Carter has opened up all military combat jobs to women ending a decades-long ban on serving in front-line units. Carter has given the military services until Jan. 1 to present a timeline for implementing the historic change by April 1.

Toshiba Looks to Spin Off PC Business - NASDAQ.com

Toshiba Corp. is looking to spin off its personal-computer business and merge it with the PC business of others in the electronics industry, two people familiar with the situation said Friday.

Warning that Christmas fairy lights can slow your Wi-Fi | The Guardian

Fairy lights on Christmas trees could cause slower Wi-Fi speeds, the UK regulator Ofcom has warned, as it launched a new app to test coverage in homes.
The watchdog estimated up to six million homes and offices could improve their broadband connection, saying wireless networks were often not set up correctly or suffered “interference” from electronics including baby monitors, microwave ovens and Christmas lights.








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