News Headlines - 05 December 2015

Danes vote ‘NO’ in EU justice opt-out referendum | The Post

A slim majority, some 53 percent of Danish voters, have today said ‘no’ to ending the country’s EU justice opt-out and being part of the European cross-border police collaboration.

California Attack Probed As 'Act Of Terrorism'

The FBI says it is investigating the gun massacre in San Bernardino as an "act of terrorism", with the wife having pledged allegiance to a leader of Islamic State (IS).

ISIS Releases Video Purportedly Showing Beheading of Alleged Russian Spy - NBC News

ISIS claims it has beheaded an alleged Russian spy in a killing at the hands of a Russian jihadi.
In a video released by the terror group Wednesday, a captive is seen kneeling in front of another man clutching a knife, according to Flashpoint Intelligence, a global security firm and NBC News consultant. The video is titled, "You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated O Russians."

China-backed AIIB to hold opening ceremony in mid-Jan- state media | Reuters

Dec 3 The China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is expected to hold its opening ceremony in mid-January, Chinese state media on Thursday quoted the bank's deputy head as saying.

McDonald's to face EU probe over Luxembourg tax deal | afr.com

EU antitrust regulators are likely to launch a formal investigation into McDonald's tax deal with Luxembourg, two people with knowledge of the matter said on Wednesday, widening the bloc's crackdown on corporate tax avoidance.








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