News Headlines - 07 December 2015

France could ban free Wi-Fi networks and Tor in wake of Paris attacks - Telegraph

The French police are reportedly proposing that new laws ban the use of free WiFi services and anonymous browsers such as Tor.
The proposals, which are part of an internal document seen by French national newspaper Le Monde, could be enacted in two proposed bills – one on the State of Emergency and the other on combating counter-terrorism in general.

Man remanded over 'hideous' knife attack at London station | Reuters

A man appeared in court in London on Monday after being charged by counter-terrorism officers with attempted murder in what British Prime Minister David Cameron said was a "hideous attack" at an underground station in the British capital last weekend.

Syria accuses US-led coalition of hitting its military - FT.com

Syrian government officials and activists opposing them say US-led coalition planes have targeted Syrian military forces in the east of the country.

The key players at the Paris climate summit | The Guardian

As ministers from countries around the world fly in for the crunch second week of the UN climate talks in Paris there are still significant areas of disagreement, but also optimism at the talks that a deal can be done. The negotiating text has been pared back to just over 20 pages – a much better position than at the equivalent point at the Copenhagen talks in 2009. Here are some of the key individuals who will decide the outcome of the talks.
Christiana Figueres - United Nations
Todd Stern - US
Laurent Fabius, Ségolène Royale, Laurence Tubiana and François Hollande – France
Su Wei and Xie Zhenhua - China
Susheel Kumar and Prakash Javadekar - India
Miguel Arias Cañete - European Union

Tonight is the Final Probability for Japan’s Venus Orbiter to Attain the Planet | Star Daily Standard Times

Japan’s Akatsuki spacecraft is desperately trying to claw its way into Venus orbit tonight. After blowing its orbital insertion five years ago, this is an incredible second chance for the spacecraft brought about by impressive ingenuity from the engineering team.








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