News Headlines - 18 December 2015

Germany says Facebook, Twitter and Google to crack down on hate speech - The Straits Times

Germany announced a deal on Tuesday (Dec 15) with social network giants Facebook, Twitter and Google to clamp down on hate speech, with the Internet companies pledging to remove offending posts within 24 hours.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy punched by teen - CNN.com

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was dealt an eye-watering sucker punch by a teenager during a campaign event Wednesday.

Hideo Kojima’s Mission Unlocked - The New Yorker

Kojima is no stranger to fresh starts. His father was employed by a pharmaceutical company, which took him all over Japan. The family moved often throughout the nineteen-sixties. Kojima found stability in stories, as peripatetic children sometimes do. When he was eleven, he bought a copy of Isaac Asimov’s “Fantastic Voyage,” a novelization of the science-fiction film, from 1966, about a group of minuscule men and women who travel through a dying man’s brain, looking for a way to save him.

Apple Names Jeff Williams First COO Since Tim Cook - WSJ

The chief operating officer, now a No. 2 at the company, is Senior Vice President Jeff Williams, a longtime trusted lieutenant of Chief Executive Tim Cook.

Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho as his third-season meltdown happens yet again - Mirror Online

The Special One has managed Porto, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and the Blues twice now and NEVER completed more than three seasons in charge of any of them








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