News Headlines - 28 December 2015

Japan and South Korea agree 'comfort women' deal - BBC News

Japan and South Korea have reached a historic deal to settle the issue of "comfort women" forced to work in Japanese brothels during World War Two.
Japan offered an apology and will pay 1bn yen ($8.3m, £5.6m) to a South Korean-administered fund for victims.

Cost of UK floods tops £5bn, with thousands facing financial ruin | The Guardian

The cost of the UK’s winter floods will top £5bn and thousands of families and businesses will face financial ruin because they have inadequate or non-existent insurance, a leading accountant has warned, as the government defended its record on flood defences.

Iraq declares Ramadi liberated from Islamic State | The Guardian

Iraq has declared the city of Ramadi liberated from the control of Islamic State and raised the national flag over its government complex after clinching what would be a key victory against the jihadis.

Amazon to Stop Selling Hoverboards - I4U News

The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the US is currently investigating at least 11 cases of fires that were caused by hover boards in the last year. The product is said to be more susceptible to caused fires since producers and suppliers install low-priced, cheap quality lithium ion-batteries. Many people have also been injured after crashing while using them.

Game Of The Year 2015: Best Role Playing Game

Perhaps the biggest year for RPGs for quite a while, 2015 had more than a few top picks. At the beginning of the year, there were a few games that we of course knew about, but others were first officially announced at E3 with a surprise release of this year. It’s not every day that games from any of these franchises come out, let alone indie efforts such as Undertale.








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