News Headlines - 29 December 2015

Belgian police arrest two over suspected New Year's Eve attack plot | The Guardian

Belgian police have arrested two people in different parts of the country who were suspected of plotting attacks during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Brussels, prosecutors have said.

Norway proposes stricter asylum rules - Stripes

Norway's center-right government on Tuesday proposed tightening the country's asylum rules to avoid what the immigration minister described as "violent consequences" for the country's welfare system.

Video: The Four-Legged Italian Robot You Can't Keep Down

You can't keep a good robot down. HyQ2Max is a tough and powerful quadruped designed to get back on its feet when knocked over.
It was built by roboticists from the Italian Institute of Technology. Four-legged, animal-like robots, they say, can cope better with hazardous environments than typical wheeled or tracked vehicles.

Athletics doping crisis: Russia 'unlikely' to return by Rio Olympics - BBC Sport

Russia are unlikely to return to international competition in time for next year's Rio Olympics, says European Athletics president Svein Arne Hansen.

Leonardo DiCaprio Almost Played This ‘Star Wars’ Prequel Character

Did you know that Leonardo DiCaprio almost landed a role in the Star Wars prequels? Creator and director of the trilogy, George Lucas wanted the actor for a key role. The two did meet, but Leonardo DiCaprio, who was riding high on the success of Titanic at the time, ultimately decided to pass. Who did George Lucas want this super hot star to portray? You probably already guessed it. Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio almost played Anakin Skywalker, the future Darth Vader.








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