News Headlines - 02 January 2016

Putin names Nato among threats in new Russian security strategy - FT.com

Russia has designated Nato’s activities a threat to its national security and accused the US of pursuing a policy of containment towards it, in the latest sign of deteriorating relations between Moscow and the west.

London's Oyster card system crashes, giving thousands free travel - Telegraph

Thousands of rail, bus and Tube passengers enjoyed free transport on Saturday after London’s Oyster card network collapsed... The readers also failed to work on London's buses, allowing passengers a free journey between 5am and 10am.

Universities face student cheating crisis | The Times

Almost 50,000 students at British universities have been caught cheating in the past three years amid fears of a plagiarism “epidemic” fuelled disproportionately by foreign students, The Times can reveal.
Students from outside the EU were more than four times as likely to cheat in exams and coursework, according to an investigation into academic misconduct based on more than 100 freedom of information requests.

Europe to build Moon town by 2030 in bid to discover alien life | The Sun

A MANNED base on the moon should become reality by 2030, according to the European Space Agency.
ESA chiefs say the planned “Moon Village”, which would be built by 3D printers, could help mankind explore the galaxy.

CES 2016 preview: what's on and when - Telegraph

This week, tech enthusiasts, journalists and consumer giants ranging from Samsung and General Motors will jet off to Las Vegas to mark the start of CES 2016 - the world's largest consumer electronics show which runs from Wednesday January 6 to Saturday January 9 2016.








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