News Headlines - 04 January 2016

China selloff sparks gloomy 2016 start for stocks | Reuters

Global equity markets fell sharply on Monday, while gold and bonds rose, after a 7 percent slide in Chinese shares sparked by weak economic data rekindled worries over global growth on the first day of trading in 2016.

The World's Five Richest People Lost $8.7 Billion in Monday's Selloff - Bloomberg Business

The world’s five richest people lost $8.7 billion Monday in a global stock selloff sparked by weak factory data in China and a flareup in tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Corbyn To Unveil Reshuffle After Marathon Talks

Jeremy Corbyn has held lenghty talks with senior Labour frontbenchers ahead of him announcing his reshuffled team later.
Shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn and shadow defence secretary Maria Eagle, who were both rumoured to be under threat, were among those to meet with the party leader.

Hostages killed by Isis were not British spies, say UK agencies | The Guardian

Britain’s intelligence agencies have made a preliminary assessment that the Islamic State made false claims that the five hostages murdered in a new propaganda video had acted as UK spies.

Victoria Derbyshire breast cancer diary part three: Hair loss - BBC News

BBC journalist Victoria Derbyshire has started losing her hair as a side-effect of chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. She has decided to reveal she is now wearing a wig.








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