News Headlines - 06 January 2015

Donald Trump threatens to pull £700m investment in Scotland - Telegraph

Donald Trump has threatened to withhold £700m of investment in Scotland if he is banned from entering the UK.
The Trump Organisation has given the warning after it emerged MPs are to debate calls for the controversial US presidential candidate to be banned from the UK.

Car sales set to hit an all-time record - Telegraph

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders is expected to announce 2.6m new cars were registered in 2015, with low interest rates driving buyers into dealers’ showrooms.
The data is expected to highlight the “renaissance” of the auto industry, posting a rise of about 5pc on the 2.48m cars registered in 2014.

China meltdown a tale of policy mis-steps - FT.com

Attempts to stem Monday’s meltdown looked remarkably similar to last year’s ad hoc market rescue and poorly communicated currency adjustment: a medley of verbal intervention, state-orchestrated buying and extending a ban on big share sales, while simultaneously pouring in $20bn to support the currency.

Brent crude oil slides below $35 for first time since 2004 - FT.com

Oil’s volatile start to the year continued on Wednesday after Brent crude sank below $35 a barrel for the first time since 2004 as a relentless rise in global production overshadowed geopolitical upheavals.

Suggestions for Emma Watson’s Feminist Book Club -- The Cut

Emma Watson, an actor and noted celebrity feminist, has decided that she'd like to start a feminist book club. One might reasonably argue that every time we discuss women and their interests we need not use the term feminist, but, alas, that is a conversation for the baddie Slytherins of the world. On Twitter, Watson asked her tweeps to assist her in selecting the club's name.








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