News Headlines - 07 January 2016

Did they or didn’t they? Six questions over North Korea ‘H-bomb’ test - FT.com

North Korea says it has successfully conducted its first hydrogen bomb test. Is it right? Here are six questions about the event.
1) What actually happened?
2) The North Koreans claimed it was a successful hydrogen bomb test. Are they right?
3) So who is right?
4) If the North Koreans are lying about a successful test, does it matter?
5) How will China respond?
6) Can the US do anything else?

Israeli reporter stabbed while demonstrating stab-proof vest | The Guardian

Linda Bar, a spokeswoman for Israel’s state broadcaster, said Lachover was asked to try on the vest and demonstrate a thwarted stabbing. But the knife penetrated the vest, lightly wounding him in the upper back.

£50m Lotto prize goes unclaimed – and must be won on Saturday | The Guardian

The record-breaking £50m Lotto draw has gone unclaimed despite a surge in ticket sales on Wednesday night, meaning that the prize must be shared out at lower odds on Saturday’s draw if it is not won outright.

Oil price tumbles to below $33 - BBC News

The oil price tumbled to $32.62 a barrel on Thursday morning as a result of rising US energy stockpiles and China's weakening currency, before recovering later in the day.

CES 2016: First look at new gadgets on the show floors - BBC News

The Las Vegas show floors are finally open and the BBC's tech team has been racing around to bring you some of the highlights.








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