News Headlines - 24 January 2016

Storm Jonas: heading to Britain: At least 19 killed as blizzards and strong winds batter the US east coast - Telegraph

The massive snow storm which shut down New York and Washington on Saturday and saw 11 states of emergency declared across the region is reported to be crossing the Atlantic

ISIS video shows Paris attackers carrying out beheadings | Daily Mail Online

ISIS have released a barbaric propaganda video showing the Paris attackers beheading prisoners and training with weapons before they carried out the massacre in the city which left 130 people dead.

Asylum seekers made to wear coloured wristbands in Cardiff | The Guardian

Asylum seekers in Cardiff are being issued with brightly coloured wristbands that they must wear at all times, in a move which echoes the “red door” controversy in Middlesbrough and has resulted in their harassment and abuse by members of the public.

Energy Live News – Energy Made Easy – Hitachi creates new firm for UK nuclear project

Japan’s Hitachi has announced the creation of a new UK company for a nuclear power project.
It confirmed Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe will lead its work in a proposed joint venture in the development of Wylfa Newydd.

Japan's decade-long wait for sumo champion comes to an end | The Guardian

Japan’s agonising wait for a homegrown sumo champion has ended after Kotoshogiku on Sunday became the first Japan-born wrestler in a decade to win a tournament.








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