News Headlines - 22 February 2016

More than 90 people killed in ISIS-led bombings in Damascus - ARA News

The Islamic State (ISIS) radical group on Sunday claimed responsibility for a twin suicide bombing in the Syrian capital Damascus, that claimed lives of at least 90 people and wounded dozens more.

Isis bombs undermine attempt to negotiate ceasefire in Syria - FT.com

A string of bombings in Syria’s capital Damascus and the central city of Homs killed more than 120 people and wounded at least 100 more, the highest death toll from bomb blasts in one day since the country’s five-year civil war began.

London Mayor Boris Johnson to push for UK exit from EU - CNN.com

The charismatic, Conservative mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced he's backing calls for Britain to leave the European Union. Johnson's support for the "Vote Leave" campaign presents a serious headache for Conservative leader and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

It's The New Day - first look at Trinity Mirror's new newspaper | The Guardian

One week ahead of Trinity Mirror’s innovative leap into newsprint, it has released a photograph of its new national newspaper, the New Day... Trinity Mirror stresses that it will not be a sister title to its flagship, the Daily Mirror.

So Einstein was right after all, and here’s why - The Hindu

After the much-discussed, many-author paper in Physical Review Letters revealed the detection of a gravitational wave (denoted GW150914), the LIGO Scientific Collaboration is submitting another paper on how the characteristics of the signal detected vouch for Einstein’s general theory of relativity.








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