News Headlines - 26 February 2016

Savile and Hall: BBC 'missed chances to stop attacks' - BBC News

The Dame Janet Smith review identified 72 victims of Savile - including eight who were raped - and 21 victims of Hall, over five decades from 1959.
She said BBC culture "was deeply deferential" and staff were reluctant to speak to managers about complaints.

BBC bosses still trying to cover tracks over Savile in 2012, says Andy Kershaw | The Guardian

Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Andy Kershaw has said he believes senior management were “still trying to cover their tracks” over Jimmy Savile’s sex abuse as late as 2012.
Kershaw, who worked with Savile for a number of years at Radio 1, said that he found Dame Janet Smith’s conclusion that complaints about Savile never reached BBC management impossible to believe.

Japan back to flirting with deflation - FT.com

Japan is flirting with deflation again as a fresh slide in commodity markets left prices flat in January over the past year... However the services index, an important part of domestically generated inflation, was up by 0.4 per cent on a year ago.

Japan's population declines for first time since 1920s – official census | The Guardian

Japan’s population has fallen by nearly one million, according to new statistics – the first decline since official census records began in the 1920s.
The country lost 947,345 people – more than the population of San Francisco – between 2010 and 2015.

Gianni Infantino Wins FIFA Presidency in Second-Ballot Surge - The New York Times

Gianni Infantino looked out at the people who rule global soccer, the members of FIFA. Once, twice, he tried to begin his speech, clearly stunned. He had just won the FIFA presidency, perhaps the most powerful position in sports, but seemed to be still sorting out how it had happened.








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