News Headlines - 28 February 2016

What Hillary Clinton’s Huge Win in South Carolina Means - The New Yorker

It had been clear for about a week that the Sanders campaign had given up hope of winning the Palmetto State: his travel schedule revealed as much. But Clinton’s margin of victory, when it became apparent, was still stunning. According to most of the opinion polls that had been taken in the previous couple of weeks, Clinton was running about thirty points ahead of Sanders. When the real votes were counted, she had received 73.5 per cent of the Democratic vote, compared to twenty-six per cent for Sanders—a margin of almost fifty points. Among black voters, who made up a majority of the electorate, exit polls revealed that she had defeated Sanders by the crushing margin of eighty-four per cent to fifteen per cent.

Japan to supply Philippines with military equipment | The Japan Times

Japan will sign an accord with the Philippines to allow Tokyo to supply military equipment to Manila, the first such Japanese defense pact in a region where both have expressed alarm over China’s island-building and other aggressive acts in disputed waters.

Scientists fear loss of funding if Britain leaves EU - FT.com

Scientists in business and academia are near unanimous that Britain should stay in Europe, fearing the loss of vital research funding and the benefits of being inside a huge market for science-related products.

Advertisers are the potential losers at Oscars amid calls for protests and boycotts | The Guardian

Hollywood’s most famous men and women will watch the Oscars with bated breath on Sunday night alongside another, more hidden but no less nervous slice of elite society: advertisers. With civil rights activists planning protests and boycotts, the Academy’s failure to nominate any actor of color for two years in a row has left its sponsors spooked.

Apple encryption stand highlights mobile operators' dilemma | Reuters

Apple Inc's stance on privacy in the face of a U.S. government demand to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino attackers has raised awkward questions for the world's mobile network operators.
Top executives at this week's global telecom industry gathering in Barcelona admit they are constantly trying to strike a balance between the expectations and demands of their own users, government regulators and national politicians.








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