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News Headlines - 31 March 2016

'Queen of the curve' Zaha Hadid dies aged 65 from heart attack | The Guardian

Dame Zaha Hadid, the world-renowned architect, whose designs include the London Olympic aquatic centre, has died aged 65.
The British designer, who was born in Iraq, had a heart attack on Thursday while in hospital in Miami, where she was being treated for bronchitis.

Leaders of two main Irish parties to speak about political impasse next week | Reuters

Ireland's two largest parties will talk next week about how to end a political impasse sparked by inconclusive elections though a new government is probably weeks away, the leader of the main opposition party said on Thursday.

Myanmar to Create New Post for Aung San Suu Kyi, Cementing Her Power - The New York Times

The governing party of Myanmar’s democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi took a step to formalize her role as the country’s leader on Thursday, circumventing a stricture in the Constitution that prevents her from being president.

South Africa's Jacob Zuma breached constitution - court - BBC News

The highest court in South Africa has ruled that President Jacob Zuma violated the constitution when he failed to repay government money spent on his private home.

UN outrage over Israeli army execution of Palestinian - AJE News

The United Nations expressed outrage on Wednesday over the killing of a Palestinian by an Israeli soldier who was caught on camera saying the evidence signalled a clear case of an extrajudicial execution.

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仏、テロ対策強化の憲法改正断念 大統領が表明  :日本経済新聞


トランプ氏「中絶した女性は罰が必要」 非難され撤回:朝日新聞デジタル


CNN.co.jp : アフガン麻薬対策に97億円かけた航空機、1度も使われず 米報告書


NZ国旗、変更せず…国民投票で56%現行支持 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


ブラジル連邦裁、リオ五輪の資金を一部凍結 汚職の疑い=関係筋 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 30 March 2016

Paris attacks: Hollande drops plans to strip nationality - BBC News

French President Francois Hollande has dropped plans to change the constitution to strip militants convicted of terror attacks of their French nationality.

Brussels airport attacks: Photographs show extent of devastation a week after bombings | The Independent

Photographs taken inside Brussels airport one week after bombings which left dozens dead have revealed the extent of the damage, as officials warned it may not reopen "for months".

UK: Poor reporting, media illiteracy fuel Islamophobia - AJE News

The way the UK's mainstream media covers certain issues relating to Muslims and the British Islamic community's inability to represent itself are contributing to rising Islamophobia, recent research suggests.
Developed across the University of Cambridge, research conducted over 2015 led to a roundtable at the House of Lords in January that discovered an "atmosphere of rising hostility" towards the country's 2.7 million Muslims, who comprise less than 5 percent of the 64 million-strong population.

Toshiba agrees to sell white goods unit to China's Midea for \53.7 billion | The Japan Times

Toshiba Corp. said Wednesday it has agreed to sell an 80.1 percent stake in its home appliance unit to China’s Midea Group Co. for about \53.7 billion ($473 million) as the industrial conglomerate proceeds with restructuring following a massive accounting scandal.

Pele sues Samsung for $30m over lookalike use in ad - BBC News

Brazilian football legend Pele is suing South Korean electronics giant Samsung, after claiming the firm improperly used a lookalike in an advertisement.
He is claiming at least $30m (£21m), according to legal papers lodged at the US District Court in Chicago.

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英中銀、国民投票に伴うリスク警告 「ポンド一段安の可能性」 | ロイター




CNN.co.jp : トランプ陣営の選対責任者が逮捕、女性記者への暴行容疑


トランプ氏、「自分以外でも指名獲得候補者支持」誓約を破棄 | ロイター


モンテネグロ、オウム信者58人を国外退去 警察筋 邦人も4人:AFPBB News

モンテネグロ当局はオウム真理教(Aum Supreme Truth)の外国人信者58人を国外退去させたと、匿名の警察筋が29日、AFPに明らかにした。

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News Headlines - 29 March 2016

Brazil’s Largest Party Leaves Ruling Coalition - WSJ

Brazil’s largest political party on Tuesday ended its formal six-year governing alliance with President Dilma Rousseff’s ruling Workers’ Party, a move that will make it more difficult for the embattled leader to stop impeachment proceedings against her.

Nikki Haley: Keep Japan's plutonium out of South Carolina - CNNPolitics.com

Haley urged Secretary Ernest Moniz in a letter Wednesday to "stop shipment or re-route" about 730 pounds of weapons-grade plutonium from Japan destined for a nuclear storage and processing site in her state, according to a copy of the letter Haley's office provided to CNN.

Plaza Hotel Auction Said Canceled as Lenders Grant an Extension - Bloomberg

Next month’s auction for the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan was canceled after the holders of the mortgage reached a deal to give the borrowers more time to sell the property and pay back the loan, said a person with knowledge of the matter.

Extinct 'Siberian unicorn' may have lived alongside humans, fossil suggests | The Guardian

An extinct creature sometimes described as a “Siberian unicorn” roamed the Earth for much longer than scientists previously thought, and may have lived alongside humans, according to a study in the American Journal of Applied Science.

'Super dad': Hugh Jackman thanks lifeguards for helping rescue his children from a rip at Bondi Beach - 9news.com.au

Hugh Jackman has thanked lifeguards who helped rescue his children from a rip at Bondi Beach yesterday.

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CNN.co.jp : サンダース氏が3戦全勝、勢い取り戻す 民主党指名争い


米議会で発砲、男を拘束 女性けが、警察はテロ否定 | 沖縄タイムス+プラス


CNN.co.jp : アイスランド、婚外子比率が67% 未婚の母多い理由は?




【ユダヤ文化と聖書2】イースターと過越の祭り : クリスチャントゥデイ


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News Headlines - 28 March 2016

FBI Opens San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone; U.S. Drops Demand on Apple - WSJ

The Justice Department filed court papers Monday saying it had cracked the iPhone of a San Bernardino, Calif., terrorist, seeking to drop its legal case to force Apple Inc. to help them unlock it.

North Koreans Rely on Smuggled Cellphones to Connect to the Outside World - The New York Times

Smuggled-in Chinese mobile phones, which enable North Koreans near the border with China to gain access to its mobile networks, are an increasingly vital bridge between the North and the outside world.

Tickets for Shanghai Disneyland opening day on June 16 sold out online in hours - The Straits Times

Tickets for the June 16 opening day of Walt Disney Co.'s new theme park in Shanghai were sold out on its official ticketing website hours after going on sale at midnight on Monday (March 28).

Loeb's Third Point Warns Seven & I on Nepotism for Next CEO - Bloomberg Business

Third Point LLC’s billionaire founder Daniel Loeb has made Seven & i Holdings Co. his latest target for criticism of management succession planning, warning the Japanese grocery and retail group against letting nepotism determine its next chief executive officer.

Video: Drone footage shows what remains of Palmyra after Isil fighters are driven out - Telegraph

Syrian government forces backed by Russian airstrikes drove Islamic State fighters from Palmyra on Sunday, ending the group's control over a town and its famed 2,000-year-old ruins.

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ベルギー追悼集会で極右と警察が衝突、攻撃関与で新たな逮捕も | ロイター




プーチン露大統領がチェチェン首長の再任支持、中央の方針に反した統治や暗殺関与疑惑も…強権依存浮き彫り - 産経ニュース


イースター蜂起100年で史上最大の追悼式典、アイルランド:AFPBB News

アイルランドの独立につながった1916年の「イースター蜂起(Easter Rising)」から100年を記念する式典が27日、首都ダブリン(Dublin)で行われ、英国の支配に立ち向かった人々の子孫や世界各地に散らばったアイルランド系の人々など大勢が沿道で盛大なパレードを見守った。

<震災5年>スペインで鎮魂と再生祈り演奏 | 河北新報オンラインニュース


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News Headlines - 27 March 2016

Syrian forces drive Islamic State from ancient Palmyra

Syrian government forces backed Sunday by Shia militias and unrelenting Russian airstrikes recaptured the ancient city of Palmyra from Islamic State militants, Syrian officials said.

Suicide bomber targeting Christians kills 65, mostly women and children, in Pakistan park | Reuters

A suicide bomber killed at least 65 people, mostly women and children, at a park in Lahore on Sunday in an attack claimed by a Pakistani Taliban faction which said it had targeted Christians.
More than 300 other people were wounded, officials said.

Donald Trump says Japan and South Korea could have their own nuclear weapons | The Independent

Dnald Trump has said he is open to the idea of both Japan and South Korea developing their own nuclear deterrents and would like to withdraw US troops from their soil.

Hon Hai denies reports Sharp deal to be signed on March 31

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, Foxconn Technology Group’s flagship company, yesterday denied media reports that the bailout of Sharp Corp will be approved and signed on March 31, a day after Hon Hai’s board meets.

Largest opposition party formed in Japan - Xinhua

The largest Japanese opposition party since the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's administration formed in late 2012 was established here on Sunday, eyeing confrontation with the Abe-led ruling bloc in the summer's upper house election. The newly formed party Minshinto, or the Democratic Party, came through the merge of two major opposition parties of DPJ and the Japan Innovation Party, with DPJ chief Katsuya Okada was elected as the new party's head.

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3州でサンダース氏が勝利 民主党指名争い|日テレNEWS24


警官による少年の暴行動画に非難相次ぐ、若者が警察署を襲撃 フランス:AFPBB News


ロシア、千島列島にミサイル防衛システム配備へ=国防相 | ロイター


マライア・キャリーさん、ベルギーでのコンサート中止  :日本経済新聞


英国の文豪シェークスピア頭骨盗掘か 地中レーダーで墓調査 - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 26 March 2016

North Korea propaganda video depicts nuclear attack on Washington

North Korea released a dramatic propaganda video Saturday called "Last Chance" that depicts a nuclear strike on Washington, complete with animation of a missile slamming into the earth near the Lincoln Memorial.

Woman's home demolished after Google Maps error - CNNMoney‎

A demolition crew destroyed her building by mistake on Tuesday after Google Maps provided wrong directions.
Instead of navigating workers to a duplex on Cousteau Drive in Rowlett, Texas, Google Maps took them a block away to Diaz's duplex on Calypso Drive.

Easter egg scandal as Thorntons charge £15 for £3 Aldi treat

Even with the reduction and the extra nine chocolates which are included, the Thorntons version works out at £3.73 per 100g.
The Aldi range, which also features the Dark Fudge Brownie egg, is just £1.62 per 100g.

Rockstar came close to making Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo | TechRadar

Rockstar visited the Japanese capital several years ago to assess its potential for a full GTA game, but ultimately pulled the plug on the idea, according to a source close to the company... Our source said that Rockstar was "serious" about the idea of making a Tokyo version around the time of GTA 3 and Vice City, however the road system was seen to be problematic and became one reason the idea was canned.

Japan still can't generate inflation

Consumer prices remained flat in February, while annual inflation rose by 0.3pc - still a far cry from the Bank of Japan's official 2pc inflation target. Core inflation - which excludes fresh food and energy - rose by 1.1pc last month, unchanged from February.

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シリアで米軍急襲「イスラム国」ナンバー2殺害 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


オンライン・カジノの帝王に家宅捜索 ポーカースターズ運営元 | Forbes JAPAN(フォーブス ジャパン)


ジカ熱、13年にブラジルへ? サッカー国際大会契機か:朝日新聞デジタル


CNN.co.jp : 人類の祖先とネアンデルタール人、多くの子孫残していた


CNN.co.jp : 国際テニス大会の主催者、女子選手蔑視の発言で辞任


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News Headlines - 25 March 2016

Brussels cell ‘was plotting radioactive bomb attack’ | The Times

Eleven Belgian nuclear workers have had their work passes revoked amid fears that the Brussels bombers were plotting to build a radiological dirty bomb.

Starbucks to Donate 100 Percent of Unsold Food to Food Banks - ABC News

The coffee giant said its employees, or "partners," came up with the idea to donate the food that doesn't sell instead of throwing it away. It's easier donating coffee and tea, which the company has given away for a long time, because it's not as perishable. The company has donated pastries, which have less food safety risks because they don't require refrigeration, systematically through the Food Donation Connection, a food donation service, since 2010.

Amazon Secret Robot Event Boasts VR, Ax Making, Wood Splitting - Bloomberg Business

Robotics companies and academics descended on a resort in Palm Springs this week for an invitation-only conference organized by Amazon.com Inc. to bring together experts in artificial intelligence, robotics, home automation and space exploration.

Playboy Enterprises Explores Sale - WSJ

Playboy Enterprises Inc. is exploring a sale, according to people familiar with the situation, a move that comes soon after the storied magazine publisher ditched nude photos and launched a revamp for the digital age.

Sony announces plans to make PlayStation games for iOS and Android | TechCrunch

It looks like Sony will follow Nintendo’s cue and focus on mobile gaming. The company announced today that it will form a new business unit tasked with bringing PlayStation titles and IP to iOS and Android devices.

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人工知能がヒトラー礼賛 マイクロソフト実験中止 - 共同通信 47NEWS


インテルの共同創業者死去 アンディ・グローブ氏、79歳 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


CNN.co.jp : 米海軍の不明艦船、95年ぶりに確認 「海事史上最大の謎」解決




オランダの英雄クライフ氏が68歳で死去…3度のバロンドール受賞など数々の功績 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 24 March 2016

Which flags still include the union jack? - BBC News

New Zealanders have voted to keep their national flag - which features the union jack - despite calls for it to be replaced with a silver fern. But where else does the flag of the UK still feature around the world?

After Brussels attacks, Islamic State video calls for jihad - Times of India

In the footage, Islamic State (ISIS) noted that Belgium was part of the coalition fighting militants in the Middle East. It featured the training of Belgian militants suspected in the November 13 shooting and suicide bombing rampage by Islamic State that killed 130 people in Paris.

Former Bosnian Serb leader convicted of genocide, sentenced to 40 years in prison

Forrmer Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic was found guilty Thursday of genocide in the 44-month siege of Sarajevo during the 1990s, and nine other war crimes.

Footballer adam johnson jailed for six years for sexual activity with girl, 15 | Daily Mail Online

Former England footballer Adam Johnson has been jailed for six years for engaging in sexual activity with a besotted 15-year-old fan by a judge who said the girl had suffered "severe psychological harm".

Breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day, says scientist - Telegraph

In order to test whether breakfast boosts health, Dr Betts asked one group of people to eat a breakfast of 700 calories or more, while another group only drank water until lunch.
He found that those who had skipped breakfast ate more lunch – but not enough to make up the 700 calorie deficit.

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【ベルギー同時テロ】テロに屈せず団結を 大広場「グラン・プラス」など各地で追悼集会 - 産経ニュース


ベルギー同時テロ:EU、連帯表明へ テロ根絶の決意 - 毎日新聞




ベルギー治安当局の「弱点」、連続テロで再び浮き彫りに | ニューズウィーク日本版


「IS戦闘員になる」日本人を拘束 トルコ軍警察:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 23 March 2016

Brussels attacks: Wembley Stadium light up arch in tribute - BBC Sport

The Football Association has paid its respects to the victims of the Brussels bombings by lighting up Wembley Stadium's arch in the colours of the Belgium flag.

Google launches Android mobile payment service in UK - FT.com

Google is bringing its mobile payment service for Android smartphones to the UK, in a move that will expand its competition with Apple’s rival system.

Nintendo surges on smartphone app release - FT.com

Shares in Nintendo surged on Tuesday after the Kyoto-based company revealed that a whimsical smartphone app widely expected to be a flop had been downloaded more than 1m times in three days... The surprise explosion of popularity for Miitomo, a social networking app that creates cartoon avatars from its users’ photographs and allows users to play simple games, prompted analysts to reassess the prospects of a company that has fallen out of favour with investors since last summer.

Andrew S. Grove, Who Spurred Semiconductor Revolution, Dies at 79 - The Boston Globe

Andrew S. Grove, the longtime chief executive and chairman of Intel Corp. who was one of the most acclaimed and influential personalities of the computer and Internet era, died Monday at his home in Los Altos, Calif. He was 79.

Runaway Japanese zebra dies in golf course lake - BBC News

A zebra that ran away from a horse riding club in Japan has died in a golf course lake after it was tranquilised.

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欧州各国で追悼の「灯り」 ベルギー連続テロで連帯


ブリュッセル連続テロで英独の政治混迷か-シェンゲン協定にとどめも - Bloomberg


東京新聞:ベルギー同時テロ 邦人男性2人が重軽傷


日清食品、英プレミアフーズと協業で基本合意 株式取得も検討 | ロイター


メッシのシュートでファン骨折 謝罪にクラシコ戦チケットを熱望 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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News Headlines - 22 March 2016

Brussels attack: ISIS claims attacks killing 30 - CNN.com

ISIS claimed to strike yet again on European soil Tuesday, saying its "fighters" launched attacks on the airport and a subway station in Belgium's capital that killed at least 30 people and wounded about 230 more.

Tony Blair warns of 'flabby liberalism' - BBC News

Tony Blair has warned against "flabby liberalism" and says there needs to be a tougher centre ground approach to issues such as tackling extremism and responding to the refugee crisis.

Japan securities watchdog probes ex-Toshiba chief - FT.com

Japan’s securities watchdog has questioned Toshiba’s former chief executive over his alleged role in a $1.3bn accounting scandal that has now caught the attention of US authorities.

Star Wars director sued by former agent - BBC News

A former agent for Rian Johnson, the director of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII, is suing the film-maker two years after he was fired.

2022 World Cup: Fans could be housed in Bedouin-style camps - BBC Sport

Supporters at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar could be housed in traditional Bedouin-style desert camps.
Some of the 500,000 fans expected in the Gulf nation might be accommodated under canvas near stadiums.

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ブリュッセルの空港と地下鉄駅で爆発 少なくとも13人死亡と - BBCニュース


米キューバ首脳会談、経済協力で一致 「深刻な相違」も:朝日新聞デジタル


「ジャーナリスト殺害」ウクライナ空軍の女性飛行士に有罪判決 露裁判所、弁護側は無罪主張 欧米反発必至  - 産経ニュース


Apple、4型の「iPhone SE」を発表 - ITmedia Mobile

iPhone SEは4型(640×1136ピクセル)のRetinaディスプレイを搭載した小型のiPhone。2013年に発売された「iPhone 5s」と同じくエッジをカットしたアルミボディーを採用しており、サイズ・重さもほぼ同じだが、機能はiPhone 6s相当まで引き上げられている。OSはiOS 9.3をプリインストールする。

スタン・ハンセンさんがWWE殿堂入り「偉大なグループの一員になれ光栄」 - スポーツナビ

米国のプロレス団体WWEは、プロレス界において大きな活躍をした人物の功績を称える「WWE殿堂(WWE Hall of Fame)」を発表し、日本でも長年にわたって活躍したスタン・ハンセンさんが、殿堂入りすることが決まった。

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News Headlines - 21 March 2016

China columnist Jia Jia detained by Beijing police, his lawyer says - BBC News

A lawyer for prominent Chinese columnist Jia Jia, who went missing last week, has confirmed he has been detained by Beijing police.

UK should worry less about China slowdown, BoE says — FT.com

A 1 percentage point drop in China’s growth rate would translate into a drop of just 0.1 percentage points in UK gross domestic product, the bank said.
By contrast, a similar drop in the US or eurozone would be three times more serious for Britain.

Hon Hai wants to pay less for Sharp - Taipei Times

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co is seeking to reduce the amount it pays for Sharp Corp due to concerns about potential liabilities and future earnings, Japanese-language Yomiuri Shimbum reported. The Taiwanese company is also renegotiating terms with Sharp’s lenders, according to the Nikkei Asian Review.

Apple’s Smaller iPhone SE Will Cost You $400 | WIRED

Apple’s newest phone, the iPhone SE, is here and it’s kinda but not entirely new. The cute little iPhone offers the components of the bigger iPhone 6S with a 4-inch screen and a form factor in line with the iPhone 5s. The round volume buttons and flatter edges also echo those of the 5s.

Two dead and 49 injured after violent clashes during Raja Casablanca match | The Guardian

Morocco’s official news agency says violent clashes among Raja Casablanca fans in the western city of Casablanca have left two people dead and 49 injured.
The state news agency, MAP, said it is unclear why the deadly violence erupted on Saturday evening, following the start of Raja Casablanca’s game against Chabab Rif Al Hoceima.

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米大統領 キューバに到着 88年ぶり NHKニュース


Twitterに「キューバ、元気かい?」と投稿 - ねとらぼ


初つぶやきから10年、ツイッター正念場 競合が台頭:朝日新聞デジタル


ドミノ・ピザ、宅配ロボットをNZで試験導入へ:AFPBB News

米宅配ピザ大手ドミノ・ピザ(Domino's Pizza)は18日、宅配ロボットによるピザの配達をニュージーランドで試験導入すると発表した。ハイテク技術を駆使した完全自動運転の配達用ロボットで、世界初の試みだという。

CNN.co.jp : ハッブル望遠鏡で巨大な恒星を観測 質量は太陽の100倍超


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News Headlines - 20 March 2016

Terror Suspect Salah Abdeslam's Lawyer Plans Legal Action Against French Prosecutor - NBC News

Terror suspect Salah Abdeslam's Belgian lawyer said Sunday that he plans to take legal action against a French prosecutor, accusing him of breaching the confidentiality of the investigation into the deadly Nov. 13 rampage in Paris.

More US Marines Sent In To Iraq To Deal With IS

The troops from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, or MEU, will add to the American forces already in the country battling the jihadist terror group.
The 26th MEU is currently deployed in the US 5th Fleet area of operations, which covers the Gulf, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and parts of the Indian Ocean.

A voter's guide to the EU referendum | The Independent

We are being bombarded by claim and counter-claim - to the rescue come John Rentoul and Louis Ashworth, who explain the ins and outs of summer’s political hot potato

TV cameras to be allowed in English and Welsh crown courts | The Guardian

Sentencing remarks made by senior judges will be filmed in a pilot scheme expected to start within weeks. The footage will not be broadcast but the move could pave the way for the first live coverage of crown court cases. Until now filming has only been allowed at hearings at the court of appeal and supreme court.

José Mourinho has signed pre-contract agreement with Manchester United – report | The Guardian

José Mourinho has reportedly signed a pre-contract agreement to join Manchester United, with the former Chelsea manager due up to £15m in compensation if he is not appointed by the club by 1 June.

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CNN.co.jp : 激化する反トランプ運動、通行妨害やデモ行進で逮捕者も


CNN.co.jp : 米統合軍司令官に初の女性起用へ


80歳の「黒い未亡人」が出所、警察が注意呼び掛け カナダ:AFPBB News


マリオットのシェラトン買収白紙に 中国企業が対抗案:朝日新聞デジタル




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News Headlines - 19 March 2016

Two years after annexation, Putin seeks to bind Crimea by bridge to Russia | Reuters

President Vladimir Putin, marking the anniversary of Russia's annexation of Crimea, on Friday exhorted workers building a bridge between the Black Sea peninsula and Russia to fulfil an "historic mission" first conceived by a Russian tsar.

Pope Francis Joins Instagram - ABC News

Pope Francis has joined Instagram! ... The pope, 79, shared his first 'gram today and quickly began accumulating followers.

Electric double-decker buses with 180-mile range hit London next month - Pocket-lint

The pure electric double decker buses that were teased last year have been revealed a month ahead of their launch on London routes. TfL says this is the world's first electric double decker bus.
London began running electric single decker buses in July 2015.

ITS International - Successful trials ‘prove effectiveness’ of speed limiting technology on buses

Transport for London (TfL) has completed trials of intelligent speed assistance (ISA) technology fitted to buses. The trials saw the technology, which prevents vehicles from accelerating over speed limits, fully tested on two bus routes that included a variety of road environments and differing speed limits.

Jeremy Clarkson lays bare his tempestuous relationship with senior BBC executives - Telegraph

Jeremy Clarkson, who was sacked a year ago as the presenter of Top Gear after an altercation with a producer, has laid bare his tempestuous relationship with senior BBC executives.

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www.fnn-news.com: パリ同時多発テロ 実行犯で国際手配の男をベルギーで逮捕


シリア和平協議 露軍撤収で道は開けるのか : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


フランス:パリに戻ってきて…テロ余波、日本人観光客激減 - 毎日新聞


EURIBOR不正操作容疑、英当局が5人に逮捕状 | ロイター


FIFA 4人目交代を試験導入 リオ五輪、クラブW杯で ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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News Headlines - 18 March 2016

LSE says Brexit cost for households £850 a year - FT.com

The CEP team’s base case assumed that there would be no tariffs between the UK and Europe and Britain would have a relationship similar to Norway. Outside the EU’s customs union and free to make trade deals with third parties, Norway must still comply with EU regulations and must also prove the proportion of strictly Norwegian content in any goods exported to the EU.
These and other non tariff barriers, the study assumed, would raise trade costs so that the UK would ultimately face a quarter of the non tariff barriers in trading with the EU that the US currently faces. The researchers said this was the equivalent to a 2 per cent tariff on exports to the EU.

'A compromise too far': Iain Duncan Smith's resignation letter in full | The Guardian

Iain Duncan Smith has stepped down as work and pensions secretary in protest at the government’s planned cuts to disability benefits.

Google Puts Boston Dynamics Up for Sale in Robotics Retreat - Bloomberg Business

Executives at Google parent Alphabet Inc., absorbed with making sure all the various companies under its corporate umbrella have plans to generate real revenue, concluded that Boston Dynamics isn’t likely to produce a marketable product in the next few years and have put the unit up for sale, according to two people familiar with the company’s plans.

Scans of King Tut’s Tomb Reveal New Evidence of Hidden Rooms

Second round of radar scanning will look for more clues to what lies behind the walls of Tut’s burial chamber. One theory: the tomb of famous Queen Nefertiti.

Hulk Hogan Awarded $115 Million in Privacy Suit Against Gawker - The New York Times

The retired wrestler Hulk Hogan was awarded $115 million in damages on Friday by a Florida jury in an invasion of privacy case against Gawker.com over its publication of a sex tape — an astounding figure that tops the $100 million he had asked for, that will probably grow before the trial concludes, and that could send a cautionary signal to online publishers despite the likelihood of an appeal by Gawker.

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北朝鮮の最高裁 アメリカ人大学生に懲役15年 NHKニュース


【検証】日本で大人気の “あの飲料” を本場のフランス人が飲んだらどう思うのか? 新商品をパリまで持っていき確かめた結果 | ロケットニュース24

結論としては、ボトルのデザインは賛否が分かれたものの、先述の通り味に関しては、試飲してくれた全員が「おいしい」と感じたようだ。それにしても、ここまでの結果は さすがに予想していなかったぜ! これはもう、美食の国フランスで認められたと言ってもいいだろう。

日立の英車両「あずま」に ロンドンと北部結ぶ - 産経フォト

英鉄道会社ヴァージン・トレインズは18日、日立製作所から納入を受け2018年から使用する鉄道車両を「ヴァージン アズマ(あずま)」と命名したと発表した。ロンドンと英北部スコットランドのエディンバラを結ぶイースト・コースト線で使うため「イースト(東)」を日本語読みした。

ドリンクウォーターとカンテのA代表初招集を喜ぶレスター指揮官「チームメイトも喜んでいるだろう」 | ゲキサカ


イタリア勢、CLとELから姿消す…準々決勝を前に全滅、15年ぶり | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 17 March 2016

Miitomo: Nintendo launches first smartphone game in Japan - BBC News

Nintendo has released its highly-anticipated debut smartphone game, Miitomo, in Japan... Early reviews of the app have been mixed.

Japan Tourism Agency asks spa operators to accept tattooed foreign tourists | The Japan Times

The latest request — the first of its kind by the agency — urges onsen operators to give more consideration to the cultural backgrounds of tattooed non-Japanese tourists, Shogo Akamichi, a Japan Tourism Agency official in charge of tourism promotion, said Thursday.

Denmark tops World Happiness Report; Burundi sits in last - UPI.com

Denmark regained the top spot as the world's happiest country in this year's World Happiness Report, beating out Switzerland, the previous year's winner.

Deal reached to scrap 'tampon tax', officials say - BBC News

Prime Minister David Cameron has secured support from other EU leaders to allow the UK to scrap the so-called "tampon tax", British officials say.
The deal would offer the flexibility that would allow the UK to introduce a zero rate of tax on sanitary products.

John Kerry: Isis is committing genocide in Syria and Iraq | The Guardian

The US has declared that Islamic State is committing genocide against Christians and other minorities, amid mounting global pressure to recognise atrocities committed in Iraq and Syria as a deliberate drive to wipe out certain religious groups.

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ドイツ外務省、在トルコ大使館を閉鎖 「攻撃受ける恐れ」 | ロイター




PSVファンによる物乞い侮辱がスペインで問題に:AFPBB News

サッカー欧州チャンピオンズリーグ(UEFA Champions League 2015-16)のアトレティコ・マドリード(Atletico de Madrid)戦を前に、PSVアイントホーフェン(PSV Eindhoven)の一部ファンが物乞いを侮辱したとして、スペイン国内で批判を浴びている。

CLベスト8が出揃う…スペイン勢が最多3、マンC&ヴォルフスが初進出 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 16 March 2016

Five things we learned from Janet Yellen about the economy and Fed rate hikes - LA Times

Federal Reserve policymakers said the U.S. economy is strong enough to handle increases in a key interest rate this year, but they have scaled back the number of anticipated hikes in the wake of slower growth caused by recent financial market volatility.
The decision Wednesday to hold the benchmark federal funds rate steady came as Fed officials slightly lowered their forecasts for U.S. economic performance this year and next.
They also signaled there would be no more than two small rate hikes this year — half what they had estimated in December.

Budget 2016: Osborne's giveaways 'mask £56bn black hole' | The Guardian

George Osborne’s attempt to woo voters ahead of Britain’s EU referendum has come under immediate and intense scrutiny after he used a range of accounting devices to disguise a looming £56bn “black hole” in the government’s finances and deliver a promised surplus by the end of the decade.

Four arrested during counter-terrorism operation in France | euronews

Four people have been arrested in Paris as part of a wider investigation into a possible plot to stage an attack in France.
Three men and a woman were reportedly arrested at dawn in the 18th district of the city and the nearby region of Seine-Saint-Denis on the suspicion they were planning an attack.

New York Times, BBC and others inadvertently serve up dangerous ads - CNET

On Sunday and Monday, the Times, the BBC, AOL and a host of other major news and entertainment websites inadvertently ran malicious ads that attempted to hijack the computers of visitors and demand a ransom, according to security researchers Malwarebytes and Trend Micro.

PlayStation boss: virtual reality throws out the game-design rule book | The Guardian

Andrew House says PlayStation VR headset will offer completely new gaming experiences, levelling the traditional games industry power structures

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米大統領選 候補者選び トランプ氏3勝 クリントン氏4勝 NHKニュース


記者の眼 - エストニアの国民IDカード制度がFinTechと融合してとんでもないことになっていた:ITpro


CNN.co.jp : マザー・テレサ、9月に聖人へ ローマ法王が発表


シャラポワ問題に国連も対応、親善大使の役割停止:AFPBB News

女子テニス選手のマリア・シャラポワ(Maria Sharapova、ロシア)が、1月に行われた全豪オープン(Australian Open Tennis Tournament 2016)のドーピング検査で違反があったと公表したことを受け、国連(UN)は同選手について、国連開発計画(UNDP)の親善大使としての役割を停止すると発表した。

CNN.co.jp : 「インディ・ジョーンズ」5作目制作へ、主演はH・フォード


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News Headlines - 15 March 2016

Toshiba finds more accounting errors, promises improvement | Reuters

The laptops-to-nuclear conglomerate said it had overstated past profits by 5.8 billion yen ($51.30 million) on a pretax basis due to seven new accounting errors, on top of the 224.8 billion in overstated profits it has already announced.

Toshiba in talks to sell white goods business to China's Midea- Nikkei Asian Review

Toshiba is in late-stage negotiations to sell its white goods business to Chinese household appliance giant Midea Group, a move that would mark another chapter in Japan's drastically changing home electronics industry.

Minecraft to run artificial intelligence experiments - BBC News

Microsoft, owner of the popular video game, revealed that computer scientists and amateurs will be able to evaluate and develop AI software using its virtual landscapes from July.

Myanmar elects Htin Kyaw as first civilian president in decades - BBC News

Myanmar's parliament has elected Htin Kyaw as the country's next president, the first civilian leader after more than 50 years of military rule.

World copying Japan’s slow-puncture economy: HSBC

The global economy appears to be trapped in Japan-style stagnation, HSBC's high-profile senior economic adviser said on Tuesday, adding his voice to the chorus of economist warnings.

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ドイツ州議会選、反移民の右派政党が躍進 メルケル首相の与党敗北:AFPBB News

ドイツで13日、移民・難民の大量流入が問題化して以降では最大規模となる州議会選挙が3州で行われ、アンゲラ・メルケル(Angela Merkel)首相率いる「キリスト教民主同盟(CDU)」が大幅に議席を減らした一方、移民受け入れに反対する新興の右派ポピュリスト政党「ドイツのための選択肢(AfD)」が有権者の憤懣をすくい上げて躍進した。

ケロッグ工場、生産ラインに小便する動画投稿 米当局が捜査 - 産経ニュース


CNN.co.jp : 2000年前の希少金貨、ハイキング中に発見 イスラエル


ソニー、マイケル・ジャクソンと折半出資の著作権管理会社Sony/ATVを完全子会社化へ。取得額約840億円 - Engadget Japanese

ソニーが、1995年からマイケル・ジャクソンと折半出資している音楽著作権管理企業 Sony/ATV を、完全子会社化すると発表しました。ソニーは、現在はマイケル・ジャクソンの遺産管理団体が保有している株式を7億5000万ドル(約840億円)で買い取ります。
Sony/ATV はマイケル・ジャクソン本人のほか、ビートルスやローリング・ストーンズ、レディ・ガガといった大物アーティストを含む約200万曲の著作権を管理しています。

BBCが戦没者記念碑の近くでカースタント、「敬意欠く」と批判 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 14 March 2016

Saudi Crown Prince Asks Paris to Award Him Legion of Honor Order

French President Francois Hollande granted secretly last Wednesday the order of the Legion of Honor, the highest decoration in France, to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Nayef, during the latter's visit to Paris, without announcing it in the presidential statements before press reported it two days later, which raised a wave of protests amid the political class and rights organizations in Paris.

Google car crash 'not a surprise' - US transport secretary - BBC News

The recent crash involving a Google self-driving car and a bus was "not a surprise", the US transport secretary has said.
Anthony Foxx told the BBC that accidents were inevitable, but that the emerging technology should not be compared "against perfection".

Student praised for tackling 'sexist Wikipedia' by creating page for female scientist every time she's trolled

The biology student at Loyola University in Chicago, came up with the idea in 2012. She's been editing and writing on Wikipedia since she was 12-years-old - and has been receiving abusive, sexist and sexually inappropriate messages (largely from the Wikipedia community) ever since.

February smashes monthly world temperature records by 'shocking' amount as 'climate emergency' declared | The Independent

The global temperature in February smashed monthly records to become the warmest month in more than a century of recordkeeping.
According to Nasa data, global surface temperatures across land and ocean in February were 1.35°C warmer than the average temperature for that month, measured from the 1951-1980 baseline.

Microsoft Drops Support For Bitcoin Payments In Windows Store

Microsoft has recently announced that they are no longer accepting payments in Bitcoins for their Windows store but no particular reason was given as to why.

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マイナス金利1年超、先行スイス悩み深く 納税前倒し特典廃止  :日本経済新聞


ドイツ機墜落、故意と断定 フランス調査局が最終報告 - 産経ニュース


アイルランド暫定政権に 新首相選出できず 選挙後の連立交渉難航  - 産経ニュース


露の元マスコミ相は不審死 昨年11月、米国で - 産経ニュース




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News Headlines - 13 March 2016

Turkey explosion: Many reported killed in central Ankara - BBC News

A suspected car bomb has exploded in the Turkish capital Ankara, with officials saying 25 people have been killed.
The city administration said another 75 people had been injured.

Ivory Coast hotel shooting: Gunmen kill 14 'including four Europeans' in Grand Bassam beach resort - Telegraph

Attack on L'Etoile du Sud hotel in resort popular with Westerners leaves several dead including five-year-old, according to reports, saying four gunmen assaulted two hotels

Germany elections: Disaster for Merkel as exit polls suggest defeat in two out of three regional elections | The Independent

Angela Merkel has been dealt a major apparent blow in her pro-refugee stance with early projections suggesting her party has lost two out of three regional elections.

Campaign event chaos follows Trump from Chicago to Ohio, Missouri | Fox News

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Saturday encountered more violence on the campaign trail when somebody got too close to the front-runner at an Ohio rally and Secret Service agents rushed the stage, one day after violence forced Trump to cancel a rally in Chicago.
A rally in Missouri later Saturday evening was also interrupted numerous times by protesters.

Hundreds of Thousands of Protesters Rally in Brazil Against President and Governing Party - WSJ

Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians poured into the streets of cities across the country Sunday calling for the ouster of President Dilma Rousseff, whose leftist government many blame for a sprawling corruption scandal and an economic meltdown that has humbled Latin America’s largest country.

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チャウシェスク元大統領の豪邸、初の一般公開 ルーマニア:AFPBB News

共産主義体制下のルーマニアの独裁者で、後に処刑されたニコラエ・チャウシェスク(Nicolae Ceausescu)元大統領の豪邸が12日、政権崩壊から約26年を経て初めて一般公開された。……公開初日のこの日は入場無料で、約300人が訪れた。次の公開は19日からで、入場料は30レイ(約850円)。

テニス、ナダル選手に薬物疑惑/スポーツ/デイリースポーツ online


イタリア・アルプスで雪崩、登山者6人死亡:AFPBB News

イタリアとオーストリアの国境付近にあるアルプス(Alpine)のモンテネボソ(Monte Nevoso、3358メートル)で12日午前、雪崩が発生し、救助当局筋によるとイタリア人5人とオーストリア人女性1人の計6人が死亡した。死亡したイタリア人のうち1人は16歳の若者だった。

【海外こぼれ話】EU一高いビルから飛び降り、そのまま地下鉄にスルー 警官らを煙に - 産経ニュース


スパイダーマン『シビル・ウォー』でアベンジャーズ参戦! 予告編でお披露目 | マイナビニュース


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News Headlines - 12 March 2016

Far right and refugee crisis pile pressure on Angela Merkel | The Guardian

With three German states voting on ‘Super Sunday’, the chancellor’s Christian Democrats are braced for a rough ride

EU referendum: Barack Obama to urge Britons to back remain vote on UK visit | The Independent

Barack Obama will jet into the UK next month and use his star power to convince Britons they should vote to stay in the European Union.

Mars mission set to launch to study gases and storms - Houston Chronicle

The ExoMars 2016 mission - a collaboration between the European and Russian space agencies - is set to blast off from Kazakhstan on Monday... After a journey of seven months, the ExoMars spacecraft will arrive at Mars in October. Three days before arriving, the lander, named Schiaparelli after the 19th-century Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli, will separate from the orbiter.

Could a new plastic-eating bacteria help combat this pollution scourge? | The Guardian

In a report published in the journal Science, a team of Japanese researchers described a species of bacteria that can break the molecular bonds of one of the world’s most-used plastics - polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET or polyester.

Everton 2 Chelsea 0: Reality bites for Chelsea as Romelu Lukaku seals win

The Chelsea striker was sent off for two yellow cards, the second of which was for a head thrust into Gareth Barry’s head and neck that might even have seen the striker attempt to bite his opponent, although the evidence was inconclusive. If the Football Association decides that the offence did take place then it will be the last we see of Chelsea’s trouble-maker in chief for some time.

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ベンゼマの法的規制が解除、フランス代表復帰へ前進:AFPBB News

サッカーフランス代表カリム・ベンゼマ(Karim Benzema)の弁護団は11日、「セックステープ」事件で恐喝の罪に問われていた同選手の法的規制が解除され、欧州選手権2016(UEFA Euro 2016)への出場が可能になったことを明らかにした。
 ベンゼマは法的規制により、恐喝事件の被害者となったフランス代表のチームメート、マチュー・ヴァルブエナ(Mathieu Valbuena)との接触が禁じられていた。

「Brexit」懸念で宙に浮く、ロンドン金融街オフィスビルの購入 - Bloomberg


ユニクロ/ロンドンのグローバル旗艦店をリニューアル | 流通ニュース


英で開催中の長場雄によるアートショウ、ビームスが連動サイト公開 | Fashionsnap.com

「ビームス(BEAMS)」が、イギリスで開催している長場雄のアートショー出展作品をウェブ上に公開した。雑誌「ポパイ(POPEYE)」などで活躍する注目アーティストで、アートショウはロンドンのセレクトショップ「ザ グッドフッド ストア(THE GOODHOOD STORE)」で実施。これと連動して公開された特設サイトでは氏の最新作品を閲覧できるだけではなく、イラストがプリントされたTシャツなどが購入可能だ。

カードゲームの「UNO」が45周年にして初のルール変更 “好きなルールを書き込める白いカード”追加など - ねとらぼ


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News Headlines - 11 March 2016

Isis document leak reportedly reveals identities of 22,000 recruits | The Guardian

More than a dozen Britons and a handful of Americans are among Islamic State fighters reportedly named in a cache of 22,000 documents obtained by German intelligence.

Brazil's embattled president refuses to resign: 'I will not step down' | The Guardian

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff said she will not resign despite mounting pressure to do so and that there is no legal justification backing efforts to impeach her.

Myanmar NLD names Suu Kyi friend as presidential candidate | euronews

Myanmar’s National League for Democracy (NLD) has proposed Htin Kyaw who is a close friend of party leader Aung Sun Suu Kyi , as presidential candidate for the lower house parliament .
Suu Kyi is barred from the job under a junta-drafted 2008 constitution because her children are not Myanmar citizens.

Toyota Hires Entire Staff of Autonomous-Vehicle Firm - WSJ

Toyota Motor Corp., looking to gain an edge in the auto industry’s race for technology talent, has recruited the staff at a small Massachusetts-based autonomous-vehicle company to work on its advanced projects.

'You could see this was big by the look on people's faces' – readers remember the Japan tsunami five years on | The Guardian

We heard from readers around the world who were in Japan at 2.46pm on 11 March 2011 – as teachers, students and office workers: here they share their experiences of the largest earthquake to hit the country, and how it has affected them since

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IS構成員2.2万人分の情報入手 英テレビ報道:AFPBB News

英テレビ局スカイ・ニュース(Sky News)は9日、イスラム過激派組織「イスラム国(IS)」のメンバー2万2000人分の名前や住所、電話番号、家族の連絡先などが記載された書類を入手したと報じた。

フィンランド議会、ユーロ圏離脱の是非めぐり数週間以内に審議 | ニューズウィーク日本版


フランス 学生・労働者50万人デモ/雇用不安定化に反対/解雇規制緩和などの法案撤回迫る


「ウォール街の帝王」グッドフレンド氏が死去-旧ソロモン会長 - Bloomberg


石塚啓次氏、スペインで商標問題に巻き込まれる…対象は”UDON”という言葉 | フットボールチャンネル

石塚啓次氏はかつて東京ヴェルディなどのクラブでプロサッカー選手としてプレーし、2003年オフに現役引退。その後はアパレルブランド「WACKO MARIA」を設立して実業家として活動した後、2014年にスペイン・バルセロナに「YoI Yoi Gion 宵宵祇園」を開店していた。……問題となったのは看板などで使用している”うどん(UDON)”という言葉。

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News Headlines - 10 March 2016

ECB cuts rates to new low and expands QE - FT.com

The European Central Bank cut its benchmark interest rates to a new low and expanded its quantitative easing package, in a bolder-than-expected package aimed at boosting the eurozone’s flagging economy.

The Sun 'completely confident' over 'Queen backs Brexit' story - BBC News

Tony Gallagher told the BBC he was "completely confident" that the report and its headline reflected her views.

Viola Beach crash may have been deliberate, say Swedish police | The Guardian

Swedish police investigating the death of four members of the British indie band Viola Beach and their manager after their car plunged off a bridge into a canal are looking into the possibility that the crash was deliberate, according to a Swedish newspaper report.

Japan nuclear reactor ordered shut by court - CNN.com

A district court in Japan ordered a nuclear plant to stop operations on Wednesday, the first time an injunction has been issued to halt an operational nuclear reactor.

After Fukushima: faces from Japan's tsunami tragedy, five years on | The Guardian

To mark the anniversary of Japan’s worst disaster since the war, the Guardian met six people whose courage and determination has inspired other people across the disaster-hit region. From the mayor of a radiation-hit city who refused to leave, to a traumatised fisherman who now looks after his elderly neighbours – ordinary people who, in a few terrifying minutes, saw their lives transformed by catastrophe.

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シャラポワが使った禁止薬物は“ソ連兵の秘薬” 露スポーツ界では一般的 - ZAKZAK


次世代通信、五輪需要に期待=ドコモと実験—ノキア会長 - WSJ


アップル、電子書籍の価格吊り上げ談合につき4億5千万ドルの賠償を支払い - Engadget Japanese


【移民ショック】バルカン諸国、欧州への回廊を事実上「閉鎖」 ギリシャに1万3千人が足止め - 産経ニュース


【東日本大震災5年】奇跡の一本松、絵画を披露、英王立植物園の日本人画家 - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 09 March 2016

EU referendum: Palace complains over Queen 'Brexit' story - BBC News

Buckingham Palace has complained to the press watchdog over the Sun newspaper's article claiming the Queen "backed Brexit" from the European Union.

Crisis' claims as record 801,000 workers on zero-hours contracts (From Newbury and Thatcham Chronicle)

Insecure work in the UK is said to have reached "crisis" levels after figures showed that the number of workers on zero-hours contracts has increased by 104,000 to a record 801,000.
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said 2.5% of the employed UK workforce were on zero-hours contracts in the quarter to last December, up from 2.3% in the same period of 2014.

Snowden: FBI's claim it can't unlock the San Bernardino iPhone is 'bullshit' | The Guardian

Edward Snowden, the whistleblower whose NSA revelations sparked a debate on mass surveillance, has waded into the arguments over the FBI’s attempt to force Apple to help it unlock the iPhone 5C of one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Sir George Martin, Beatles producer, dead at 90 - CNN.com

Sir George Martin, the music producer whose collaboration with the Beatles helped redraw the boundaries of popular music, died Tuesday, according to his management company. He was 90.

Leicester City NEWS: Claudio Ranieri ready for squad strengthening | Leicester Mercury

City announced a profit of £26 million for the 2014-15 season, the first time the club has recorded a profit in a decade, and with the new television deal coming into force next season and the possibility of Champions League football as well, City's coffers will further swell, but Ranieri said they would not change their transfer principles.

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スウェーデン中銀副総裁が緩和批判に反論、「経済に多大な寄与」 | ロイター


英ウィリアム王子は仕事嫌い?スキー写真に批判集まる:AFPBB News

英国のウィリアム王子(Prince William)一家の先週のスキー旅行の公式写真が公開されたことを受け、英各紙は8日、普段から公の目に触れたがらない王子に対する不満と相まって高まりつつある「王子は仕事嫌い」だとする批判をいっそう強めた。

【国連女子差別撤廃委】男系継承を「女性差別」と批判し、最終見解案に皇室典範改正を勧告 日本の抗議で削除したが… - 産経ニュース


CNN.co.jp : 「恐怖の歯科医」公判始まる、患者100人以上が被害 フランス


プレミアリーグのレスター優勝にかけたファン、早期換金で1160万円 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 08 March 2016

Maria Sharapova failed drugs test at Australian Open - BBC Sport

Former world number one Maria Sharapova has revealed she failed a drugs test at the Australian Open... The International Tennis Federation (ITF) said the five-time Grand Slam champion would be provisionally suspended from 12 March.

Nike and Tag Heuer cut ties with Maria Sharapova | The Guardian

Nike and Tag Heuer have become the first major sponsors to cut ties with Maria Sharapova after the tennis star revealed she had tested positive for the banned substance meldonium, with Porsche also suspending promotions with the player.

Spain’s Socialists Play a Risky Coalition Game - WSJ

Seven weeks after an inconclusive election, Socialist party leader Pedro Sanchez will start formal talks Monday with the radical Podemos party and several smaller regional parties over the creation of a left-wing coalition. His goal is to emulate Portuguese Socialist leader António Costa, who in November managed to seize the reins of power at the head of a similarly unlikely coalition despite a distant second finish in the general election.

Neo-Nazi party makes an electoral breakthrough in Slovakia - FT.com

In one of the biggest surprises of Saturday’s election, more than 200,000 Slovakians cast ballots for the neo-Nazi People’s Party Our Slovakia (L’SNS) — including 23 per cent of first-time voters.

100 years of BMW: in pictures - Cars

BMW celebrates its centenary on March 7th 2016. In this gallery we look back at some of the most significant moments in the German company's history.

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マイケル・ブルームバーグ氏、2016年の米大統領選出馬を断念 - Bloomberg


NTTデータ、デル傘下企業買収へ 実業家ペロー氏創業:朝日新聞デジタル


英国に建設予定の原発プロジェクト難航でフランス電力公社株が売られる | ワールド | ニューズウィーク日本版


チェルノブイリ30年 建屋、来秋密閉の予定 廃炉へ長い道のり | どうしんウェブ




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News Headlines - 07 March 2016

North Korea Threatens Preemptive Strike As U.S., South Korea Hold Military Exercise : The Two-Way : NPR

The U.S. and South Korea have started their largest-ever annual joint military exercises amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula — and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened to respond to the exercises with a nuclear offensive.

IS planning 'enormous and spectacular attacks', UK counter-terrorism chief warns (From The Bolton News)

The UK is facing the threat of "enormous and spectacular attacks" by Islamic State (IS) as the extremist group aims to wage war on Western lifestyles, the national head of counter-terrorism has warned.

Oxfordshire hit by earthquake measuring 2.3 on Richter scale - Telegraph

An earthquake with a magnitude of 2.3 has been recorded in Oxfordshire, the British Geological Survey has confirmed.
The small quake was centred in the Thame area at 11.12pm on Sunday and residents said they felt their houses shaking.

Nintendo to build £250m Super Mario theme park in Japan

Nintendo is planning to build a £250 million theme park in Japan in time for the Tokyo Olympics, according to reports.
The world's first theme park based on Nintendo games is due to be set in Universal Studios Japan, and will have a Super Mario focus, according to the Japanese publication Sankei.

Microsoft to close Lionhead Studios – cans Fable Legends | The Guardian

Microsoft is set to close the UK game development studio Lionhead and has canned its forthcoming title Fable Legends.
Hanno Lemke, the general manager of Microsoft Studios Europe, announced the decision in a blog post on the Xbox news site. In the same article, posted to the site on Monday afternoon, Lemke announced that the Danish studio Press Play would also be closed.

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米韓:過去最大の演習 30万人規模、「先制攻撃」想定も - 毎日新聞


ナンシー・レーガン元大統領夫人が死去…94歳 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


スロバキア議会選、左派の与党が勝利 連立交渉は難航か | ロイター


「電子メールの父」米技術者R・トムリンソン氏が死去、74歳 | ロイター


VR専用映画館、アムステルダムに開館 - ITmedia エンタープライズ

オランダのアムステルダムに3月2日(現地時間)、世界初のVR(仮想現実)専用映画館が開館した。オランダのコンテンツ企業&samhoud mediaが手掛ける。12.5ユーロ(約1600円)で30分間のVRコンテンツを楽しめる。

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News Headlines - 06 March 2016

Japan very nearly lost Tokyo - NZ Herald News

Five years after Fukushima, the then prime minister reveals the 'paper-thin' margin that stood between his country and an unimaginable future.

Donald Trump embodies how great republics meet their end - FT.com

Why has this happened? The answer is that this is how a wealthy donor class, dedicated to the aims of slashing taxes and shrinking the state, obtained the footsoldiers and voters it required. This, then, is “pluto-populism”: the marriage of plutocracy with rightwing populism. Mr Trump embodies this union. But he has done so by partially dumping the free-market, low tax, shrunken government aims of the party establishment, to which his financially dependent rivals remain wedded. That gives him an apparently insuperable advantage. Mr Trump is no conservative, elite conservatives complain. Precisely. That is also true of the party’s base.

Nancy Reagan dies at 94; first lady was a defining figure of the 1980s - The Washington Post

Nancy Reagan, a former film actress whose crowning role was that of vigilant guardian of President Ronald Reagan’s interests and legacy, died March 6 at her home in Los Angeles. She was 94.

Robert Mugabe to nationalise Zimbabwe's diamond industry | The Guardian

The president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has said his government will take possession of all diamond operations because existing miners had robbed the country of its wealth.

Office etiquette: Five rules for eating at your desk - BBC News

Just over half of us regularly work through our lunch breaks, a recent BBC study found.
In the US, more than three-quarters of workers regularly eat at their desk, according to research by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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焦点:「トランプ旋風」見過ごした米共和党上層部の誤算 | ロイター


CNN.co.jp : 米国民の44%、北朝鮮は「深刻な脅威」 イラン敵視は低下




84歳メディア王が大富豪婚!お相手はミック・ジャガーの元カノ - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


白熱のノースロンドンダービーは痛み分け。首位レスターとの差は埋まらず | フットボールチャンネル


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News Headlines - 05 March 2016

Taliban reject participation in Afghan peace talks - Stripes

The Taliban will not participate in peace talks while government forces and coalition troops continue to attack the insurgents, the group said in a statement on Saturday.

Bin Laden files: Seven things we learned from second tranche - BBC News

The US has released a second tranche of documents found during the 2011 raid on a house in Pakistan that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Ted Cruz Wins Kansas Republican Caucuses

Ted Cruz has won the Republican presidential caucuses in Kansas, beating front runner Donald Trump.
The result adds to his previous victories in Iowa, Alaska, Oklahoma and his home state of Texas.

This Is What the U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Actually Looks Like

Donald Trump has famously and repeatedly promised to seal the border with a wall if he's elected. He and others have promised to send people who illegally crossed the border—a number that appears to have leveled off—back to Mexico. For these people, the border wall isn't an abstraction. Many parts of the border are already covered in fences. In other spots, the wall is not made of bricks, but out of scanners, drones, and guards.

Newcastle United players offer public backing to manager Steve McClaren | The Guardian

Newcastle United’s first team squad have taken the extraordinary step of releasing a statement offering their beleaguered manager, Steve McClaren unequivocal support.

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フランス最古の原発、ドイツが閉鎖を要求 仏当局は拒否:AFPBB News


CNN.co.jp : 米の原発の一時停止、鳥の「フン」原因か 電線に痕跡


W杯ドイツ大会の買収疑惑、証拠無しも「可能性否定できない」:AFPBB News

ドイツサッカー連盟(DFB)の独立委員会は4日、2006年W杯ドイツ大会招致における不正に関する調査内容を発表し、票の買収を否定できないとの見解を示した。……独ニュース週刊誌シュピーゲル(Der Spiegel)は昨年10月、DFBが2006年大会の招致で買収による票集めを行ったと報道。同誌は2000年にDFBが独スポーツ用品大手アディダス(Adidas)の最高経営責任者(CEO)だった故ロベール・ルイ・ドレフュス(Robert Louis-Dreyfus)氏から1030万スイスフラン(約12億円)を借りて、FIFAの理事24人のうち、アジア出身の4人の買収に使用したと報じていた。

【イタすぎるセレブ達】アデルの“ロンドン訛り”に米TV局が苦慮 字幕放送にファンの反応は? - 楽天WOMAN


フランス:初の駅弁売店オープン パリ・リヨン駅 - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 04 March 2016

Brazil’s Ex-Leader, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Is Held and His Home Raided - The New York Times

The colossal graft scandal surrounding Brazil’s national oil company engulfed the country’s most prominent political figure on Friday, former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, as the police raided his home and took him into custody.

Brazil’s Marxist Government Arrests Facebook Top Executive  - Breitbart

With former Marxist-Leninist urban guerrilla and current Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff under a massive corruption investigation, the country has embarked on an arrest spree that included the top Latin America Facebook executive, who was taken in for not surreptitiously archiving supposedly disappearing messages on WhatsApp.

Oscar Pistorius denied chance to appeal and now faces sentencing for murder conviction - LA Times

Just over three years after he fatally shot and killed his girlfriend, South African Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius has reached the end of the road: A curt, one-page order from the highest court in the country denied him a chance to appeal his murder conviction.

Returning astronaut grew two inches in space - Independent.ie

Astronaut Scott Kelly has just returned from a year spent on the ISS and it turns out that he's actually taller than when he left our planet! Moving away from the constant crushing force of gravity has made him two inches taller, which is going to be interesting when he stands next to his identical twin brother. It's that familiar connection which makes Scott such a valuable test subject, as they have a control in a biologically identical twin.

Hong Kong booksellers: One of five missing men returns home - BBC News

One of five missing Hong Kong booksellers thought to have been detained by Chinese authorities has returned home, Hong Kong police say.

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仏検察 東京五輪招致を捜査対象に NHKニュース


ロンドンがNYに勝る、「ソフトパワー」の首都-デロイト調査 - Bloomberg


CNN.co.jp : 服役中の少年にローマ法王が手紙を返信 米


トッテナムとアーセナル「北ロンドン・ダービー」の歴史的背景 : コラム | J SPORTS


リーガ制覇は絶望的…負傷者続出のレアル、今季“無傷”はわずか6名 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 03 March 2016

North Korea fires missile volley into sea after UN ratchets up sanctions | The Guardian

North Korea has fired a volley of short-range missiles into the sea off its east coast after the UN security council unanimously approved the toughest sanctions against the regime in two decades over its nuclear and rocket tests.

Debris in Mozambique Is Thought to Come From Malaysia Airlines Plane - The New York Times

Debris that washed up on the coast of Mozambique could be part of the wreckage from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which vanished almost exactly two years ago, Malaysian officials said on Wednesday.

François Hollande warns Calais camps could move to Britain | The Guardian

François Hollande warned that there will be “consequences” if the UK pulls out of the EU and raised the prospect of the Calais refugee camps being relocated to Kent if voters back Brexit.

British judge tells Madonna and Guy Ritchie to stop squabbling over Rocco | Daily Mail Online

A British judge has told Madonna and Guy Ritchie to stop squabbling and sort out their differences over whether their son Rocco should live with his mother or father.

The new Ghostbusters trailer has the same madcap energy as the originals

Forget the sexist naysayers, says Robbie Collin - if the first trailer is anything to go by, this all-female reboot will be every bit as fun as the 1984 original

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国連安保理 北朝鮮制裁決議を全会一致で採択 NHKニュース






モスクワ女児斬首事件、国営テレビ報じず物議:AFPBB News


長友「ユーベ相手に最高のスピリットを見せられた」 - セリエAリーグ : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 02 March 2016

Calais chaos: Tear gas fired at 'Jungle' migrant camp before lorries ATTACKED | Dover Express

VIOLENCE broke out at the "Jungle" Calais migrant camp yesterday (Monday), with French riot police firing tear gas before lorries were attacked on the approach road to the port.

Olympus Corp. of the Americas to Pay $646 Million to Settle Kickback Charges - WSJ

The U.S. unit of Olympus Corp. admitted it paid bribes to U.S. doctors and hospitals to promote sales of its medical devices, and agreed to pay $623.2 million in civil and criminal penalties as part of what prosecutors called the largest-ever settlement under federal anti-kickback laws.

US election 2016: How Donald Trump compares to Ronald Reagan - BBC News

Donald Trump has been condemned by many on the left and some on the right as being beyond the pale, a toxic virus that exists on the fringes of the political mainstream. But where do his policy views actually fit when compared to his fellow presidential candidates - and past Republican commanders-in-chief?

Adam Johnson guilty of child sex charge - BBC News

Ex-England footballer Adam Johnson has been found guilty of one count of sexual activity with a girl aged 15... The former Sunderland player had previously admitted grooming the girl and one charge of sexual activity.

Ched Evans case suggests Adam Johnson will not play again | The Guardian

There is no Football Association rule against convicted criminals playing for money but the experience of Ched Evans suggests Johnson will struggle to find a team in the face of public disapproval.

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ジュネーブ自動車ショー開幕 新興国減速、SUVで稼ぐ  :日本経済新聞


Google自動運転車が「だろう運転」でバスに接触。幸いけが人なし、AIプログラムはすでに修正 - Engadget Japanese

カリフォルニは州当局によると、Google の自動運転車は交差点を右折するための車線に入ったものの、走行車線に戻ったところを後方から時速24kmで走行してきたバスの右側面に接触したとのこと。自動運転車が走行車線に戻った理由は、右折車線の路肩にある雨水の排水口を囲むように置かれていた土嚢が、進路を塞いでいたため。
搭乗していた Google の技術者はバスの接近を確認していたものの、自動運転モードのまま走行を続けさせ、バスに接触してしまいました。

2月のドイツ失業者数、5カ月連続で減少-景気の勢いを示す - Bloomberg


ドイツ極右政党の非合法化、憲法裁が審理開始 - WSJ


【経済インサイド】ロシアの国営企業の民営化計画がついに動き出した 得をするのは政権に近い資本家だけ!? - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 01 March 2016

Myanmar brings forward presidential vote - BBC News

The vote to appoint a new president in Myanmar has been brought forward by a week, to 10 March.
The move likely means an end to negotiations on whether the constitution could be amended so Aung San Suu Kyi could take the top job.

New York Stock Exchange owner ICE may gatecrash Deutsche Boerse-LSE merger | Reuters

New York Stock Exchange owner ICE said it may make a rival bid for London Stock Exchange, raising the prospect of a takeover battle with Deutsche Boerse and lifting LSE shares to a record high on Tuesday.

British manufacturing activity slumps to nearly three-year low | Reuters

British factories had their weakest month in nearly three years in February, a survey showed on Tuesday, raising a warning signal that the country's recovery from the financial crisis could be slowing further.

Peter Rabbit pops up on 50p coin dedicated to Beatrix Potter | Daily Express

The furry vegetable thief will feature on a special 50p piece to be released to mark the 150th anniversary of the author's birth in 1866.
Potter's children's book The Tale Of Peter Rabbit, the first to feature the character, was an instant success after being picked up in 1902 by British children's publisher Frederick Warne & Co.

WARNING: ​Asian hornets are heading to the UK and pose threat to bees and humans | Western Daily Press

Asian hornets (Vespa velutina) which can kill up to fifty honeybees each day to feed their larvae could soon reach the UK, experts have warned.
There is great concern as the hornets will pose a serious threat to native honeybees in the country as well as even humans.

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シリア「停戦破り」双方が非難 和平協議進展なお不透明 - 産経ニュース


メルケル独首相の与党、支持率37%に上昇=世論調査 | ロイター




米アマゾン:英食料品市場への進出拡大-モリソン商品提供で合意 - Bloomberg


BABYMETAL、イギリス ウェンブリー・アリーナで開催するワンマン・ライヴの模様を4/3に全国の5ヶ所のZeppホールにてライヴ・ビューイング実施決定! | 激ロック ニュース

4月2日(日本時間4月3日)に、ロンドンのウェンブリーアリーナにてワンマン・ライヴ"BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2016 kicks off at THE SSE ARENA WEMBLEY!!"を開催するBABYMETAL。同公演の模様を、全国のZeppホール(札幌・Diver City東京・名古屋・なんば・福岡)にてライヴ・ビューイングすることが決定した!

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