News Headlines - 29 March 2016

Brazil’s Largest Party Leaves Ruling Coalition - WSJ

Brazil’s largest political party on Tuesday ended its formal six-year governing alliance with President Dilma Rousseff’s ruling Workers’ Party, a move that will make it more difficult for the embattled leader to stop impeachment proceedings against her.

Nikki Haley: Keep Japan's plutonium out of South Carolina - CNNPolitics.com

Haley urged Secretary Ernest Moniz in a letter Wednesday to "stop shipment or re-route" about 730 pounds of weapons-grade plutonium from Japan destined for a nuclear storage and processing site in her state, according to a copy of the letter Haley's office provided to CNN.

Plaza Hotel Auction Said Canceled as Lenders Grant an Extension - Bloomberg

Next month’s auction for the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan was canceled after the holders of the mortgage reached a deal to give the borrowers more time to sell the property and pay back the loan, said a person with knowledge of the matter.

Extinct 'Siberian unicorn' may have lived alongside humans, fossil suggests | The Guardian

An extinct creature sometimes described as a “Siberian unicorn” roamed the Earth for much longer than scientists previously thought, and may have lived alongside humans, according to a study in the American Journal of Applied Science.

'Super dad': Hugh Jackman thanks lifeguards for helping rescue his children from a rip at Bondi Beach - 9news.com.au

Hugh Jackman has thanked lifeguards who helped rescue his children from a rip at Bondi Beach yesterday.








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