News Headlines - 31 March 2016

'Queen of the curve' Zaha Hadid dies aged 65 from heart attack | The Guardian

Dame Zaha Hadid, the world-renowned architect, whose designs include the London Olympic aquatic centre, has died aged 65.
The British designer, who was born in Iraq, had a heart attack on Thursday while in hospital in Miami, where she was being treated for bronchitis.

Leaders of two main Irish parties to speak about political impasse next week | Reuters

Ireland's two largest parties will talk next week about how to end a political impasse sparked by inconclusive elections though a new government is probably weeks away, the leader of the main opposition party said on Thursday.

Myanmar to Create New Post for Aung San Suu Kyi, Cementing Her Power - The New York Times

The governing party of Myanmar’s democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi took a step to formalize her role as the country’s leader on Thursday, circumventing a stricture in the Constitution that prevents her from being president.

South Africa's Jacob Zuma breached constitution - court - BBC News

The highest court in South Africa has ruled that President Jacob Zuma violated the constitution when he failed to repay government money spent on his private home.

UN outrage over Israeli army execution of Palestinian - AJE News

The United Nations expressed outrage on Wednesday over the killing of a Palestinian by an Israeli soldier who was caught on camera saying the evidence signalled a clear case of an extrajudicial execution.








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