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News Headlines - 30 April 2016

Baghdad state of emergency declared after protesters storm parliament | The Guardian

A state of emergency has reportedly been declared in Baghdad after supporters of the Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr stormed the Green Zone and entered the parliament building.

Norway helicopter crash: 13 killed near Bergen - BBC News

Thirteen people are presumed dead after a helicopter crashed west of the Norwegian city of Bergen, rescuers say.
Eleven of those on board were Norwegian, one was British and one Italian. No survivors have been found.

Sir David Attenborough opens Woodberry wetlands in London - ITV News

Sir David Attenborough opened the Woodberry Wetlands in Stoke Newington this afternoon. The north London site was declared open to the public for the first time in almost 200 years.

Lego's Founding Family in Leadership Handover

The family that founded and owns Lego, the maker of the popular multi-colored toy building bricks, is reshuffling its top leadership to create a "smooth handover of active ownership to the next generation.''

Manchester United make opening move to appoint Jose Mourinho

Manchester United have finally made their opening move to appoint Jose Mourinho in the past three days and the next week will be critical if they are to install him as Louis van Gaal’s successor at the end of the season.

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タカタ・リコール対象1億台超へ 米当局判断で、費用1兆円超か - 共同通信




EU離脱なら「特別待遇認めず」、独連立与党議員らが英国に警告 | ロイター


8年間で女性17人殺害、男を逮捕 ロシア|日テレNEWS24




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News Headlines - 29 April 2016

Lego Admits It Was a ‘Mistake’ Refusing Ai Weiwei Bricks for Art Exhibition - WSJ

The billionaire family that owns Danish toy company Lego A/S said it was a “mistake” to refuse Chinese artist and political activist Ai Weiwei’s request for a bulk order of its iconic bricks to create art for an exhibition in Australia last year.

Mitsubishi says that cheating was confined to Japan | Autos

The revelation that Mitsubishi has been massaging its fuel economy test figures since 1991 has sent the company's stock crashing and left people around the world confused and concerned as to whether or not their car could be affected.
However, the company has officially confirmed that all Mitsubishi-brand vehicles sold in the US and Europe fully comply with those countries' testing procedures.

Taiwan fishermen protest Japan's seizure of boat | Online

Scores of Taiwanese fishermen protested Wednesday outside Japan's representative office in Taiwan to demand an apology over the seizure of one of their fishing boats by the Japanese coast guard.

Book returned to library 67 years late | Radio New Zealand News

The woman was apologetic about her overdue book, but mentioned she'd read it a number of times over the years... Despite the warning of fines of a penny a day, the woman has not been asked to pay anything.

Mariners to be sold by Nintendo to ownership group led by John Stanton | The Seattle Times

Nintendo will retain a 10 percent stake in the team and sell the remainder of its holdings to John Stanton and other members of his ownership group. The partnership owns the Mariners and majority interest in ROOT Sports.

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ベルギー ほぼ全土でヨウ素剤配布へ 原発事故に備え | NHKニュース


クルーズ氏は「人の姿を借りた悪魔」、ベイナー氏が断固たる不支持表明 - Bloomberg


名画「モナリザ」の微笑み、男女2人のモデルを融合=伊研究家 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 28 April 2016

Spain to return to the polls in June after coalition talks fail — FT.com

Spain will return to the polls on June 26, after party leaders made clear to the king on Tuesday that there was no chance of striking a coalition deal to break the four-month political deadlock.

Volkswagen bosses to be paid £49m despite record losses - BBC News

Volkswagen is to pay a dozen current and former senior managers a total of about €63m (£49m, $71m) for 2015, despite reporting record annual losses following its emissions scandal.

New York Times boss sued over alleged ageist, racist and sexist hiring practices | The Guardian

Mark Thompson, the chief executive of the New York Times and former director-general of the BBC, is facing a multimillion-dollar class action lawsuit alleging that he introduced a culture of “deplorable discrimination” based on age, race and gender at the newspaper.

Vietnam War Debate Continues 50 Years Later

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry delivered an emotional keynote address at the Vietnam War Summit at the LBJ Presidential Library on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin.

South Korean Olympians to Wear Mosquito-Repellent Uniforms

South Korea has announced its Olympic athletes will wear long-sleeved shirts and pants containing mosquito repellent for ceremonies and training during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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米FOMC、追加利上げ見送り リスクの表現削除  :日本経済新聞


原油先物が年初来高値から失速、米在庫が過去最高に積み上がり | ロイター


米大統領選:共和党主流派、トランプ氏優勢で窮地に - 毎日新聞




五輪は外国人向けの化粧、リオ貧民街はサンバと怒り - 五輪一般 : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 27 April 2016

Trump completes 5-state sweep; Clinton beats Sanders in most Super Tuesday III contests | Fox News

Donald Trump completed a five-state sweep in Tuesday’s Republican presidential primaries, strengthening his shot at avoiding a contested convention – while Hillary Clinton scored convincing victories but was denied the same bragging rights of a primary sweep by a surprise Bernie Sanders win in Rhode Island.

Fed Remains in Wait-and-See Mode on Rate Hikes - WSJ

Federal Reserve officials left short-term interest rates unchanged Wednesday and signaled they plan to move cautiously, citing a mixed economic backdrop and lingering concerns about low inflation and global economic developments.

EPA orders Mitsubishi to conduct new vehicle testing | Reuters

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Tuesday it ordered Mitsubishi Motors Corp to provide additional information and conduct new tests of U.S. vehicles after the Japanese automaker's admission that it did not properly follow fuel economy test procedures in Japan since 1991.

North Korea announces rare party congress - CNN.com

North Korea has announced that the ruling Workers' Party of Korea's Seventh Congress, a rare and potentially significant gathering, opens on May 6, the official news agency KCNA reports.

'Kim Jong Un said he's launching missiles because he's peeved': former chef to Kim Jong Il - The Mainichi

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told a Japanese former personal chef to his father and late leader Kim Jong Il that he was shooting missiles because he was exasperated, the former chef told the Mainichi Shimbun on the night of April 25.

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「パナマ文書、5月10日に法人の実名公表 日本企業名も」 News i






「恐怖の歯医者」に禁固8年、仏裁判所が判決 1度に8本抜歯 | ロイター


プリンスさん、遺書残さず 遺産はきょうだい6人が相続へ | ロイター


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News Headlines - 26 April 2016

After 27 years, police blamed for Hillsborough tragedy | Reuters

The inquest verdicts of "unlawful killing", which could pave the way for prosecutions, were greeted with a mix of cheers and tears by relatives of the victims, who sang the Liverpool fans' anthem "You'll never walk alone" outside the court in Warrington, northern England.

Aldo: The biggest victory in Liverpool's history - a day I never thought would come - Liverpool Echo

Those people never understood the reality of Hillsborough, but we did. The people of Liverpool did. We always knew what really happened.
We always knew what the story was. We always knew the truth.
And now the whole world knows it too.

Have hackers and cheats ruined The Division on PC? | The Guardian

In financial terms, Tom Clancy’s The Division is a hugely successful video game. Released in March by French publisher Ubisoft, this New York-set third-person shooter quickly became the best selling new franchise of all time, generating more than $330m in sales in its first five days. But, just over a month after release, the best selling game in Ubisoft’s 30-year history looks to be heading for catastrophe.
The Division has a cheating problem. Not just one, either, but a critical mass of glitches, exploits, and hacks that – in the eyes of the playerbase at least – threaten the game’s immediate and long-term future on the PC. Players stack items for unintended bonuses, farm missions in seconds, and – worst of all – using third-party hacks to cheat in player vs player (PvP) competition.

France beats rival bidders to $40 billion Australian submarine deal | Reuters

France has beaten Japan and Germany to win a A$50 billion ($40 billion) deal to build a fleet of 12 submarines for Australia, one of the world's most lucrative defense contracts, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced on Tuesday.

Japan’s negative rate experiment is an alarm bell for the US — FT.com

Whatever the BoJ decides matters both because the country is the world’s third-largest economy, and the Japanese experiment may well influence American monetary policy at a time when a growing, albeit still small, number of bears wonder if the US may also consider embracing negative rates. Moreover, the BoJ’s apparent miscalculation may well undermine the credibility of all central banks, including the Fed.

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豪潜水艦、日本勢受注逃す 仏企業を選定  :日本経済新聞


CNN.co.jp : NATO防衛費、大半が「支出不足」 合格は5カ国のみ


CNN.co.jp : チェコ、英語略称を「チェキア」に 国連登録を申請へ


事故から30年、チェルノブイリが動物の楽園に | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト


東京新聞:英国のビッグベン、来年から修繕 数カ月間は鐘の音聞けず


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News Headlines - 25 April 2016

Austria election: Far-right tops first round of presidential vote - BBC News

Austria's far-right Freedom Party candidate has come top in the first round of presidential elections, preliminary results show... He is likely to face Alexander Van der Bellen, an independent contender backed by the Greens, who is polling 20%.
For the first time since World War Two, the candidates from Austria's two main parties did not make it to the run-off.

Norwegian fighter jet mistakenly machine-guns control tower | The Guardian

A Norwegian fighter jet on a training exercise jet mistakenly machine-gunned a control tower with three officers inside, who survived unhurt, the military said Sunday.

Queen's 'Falling In Love' Letter Sells For £14k

A letter written by the Queen about how she fell in love with the Duke of Edinburgh has sold for £14,400.
The two-page letter was written in 1947 when Elizabeth was a 21-year-old princess.

Runner's high: Tim Peake finishes London Marathon in space | The Guardian

The treadmill turned and the timer began. It was 10am on Sunday morning in London and as tens of thousands of runners set out on the marathon below, the British astronaut Tim Peake broke into his stride on board the International Space Station. He was somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.
Dressed in a red vest and black shorts, with the union flag hoisted behind him, Peake’s run took him into the world record books as the first man to complete a marathon in space. He finished in three hours, 35 minutes and 21 seconds. In the time he had taken to pound out 26.2 miles, he had travelled more than twice around the planet.

Hillsborough disaster inquests to deliver verdict on Tuesday | The Guardian

The coroner, Sir John Goldring, told the jury of six women and three men on Monday that he would accept a majority decision of 8-1 or 7-2 on the one remaining question they had not agreed on: whether the 96 people who died were unlawfully killed by gross negligence manslaughter.

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インダストリー4.0最前線「ハノーバーメッセ」が開幕  :日本経済新聞


【映像】テロ攻撃受けたベルギー地下鉄駅再開 構内に兵士配備 (アフロ)


オーストリア大統領選 極右政党の候補が決選投票へ | NHKニュース


セルビア国会選、親EU派与党が勝利 反EU親露派も躍進 - 産経ニュース


ローマ法王:「幸せはスマホのアプリではない」 - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 24 April 2016

Stop war drills and we'll stop nuclear tests, North Korea tells US after missile launch | The Guardian

A North Korean submarine launched missile on Saturday in breach of UN bans, and anticipation is building that the North is also preparing to conduct a nuclear explosion.

Truce in peril as Syria bombardments kill at least 30

At least 30 civilians were killed Saturday in regime and rebel bombardment of areas across Syria, threatening an eight-week-old truce at a time when peace talks are stalled in Geneva.

Japan's Abe orders extra budget for earthquake reconstruction | Reuters

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered his government on Sunday to compile an extra budget package to fund reconstruction from recent earthquakes that hit the south of the country, with an aim to put it into effect by June 1.

First large-scale lay-offs at Hong Kong Disneyland strike fear in city’s tourism industry | South China Morning Post

Hong Kong Disneyland fired an unknown number of staff, including some managers, on Friday, with the theme park only saying the figure was “below 100”.
This would mark Disneyland’s first large-scale sackings since it opened in 2005, and came just after the park reported a loss of HK$148 million for last year.

Hillary Clinton urges Britain to remain in the European Union | The Guardian

After Barack Obama used his farewell trip to the UK as president to make the economic and security arguments for membership, Clinton, who is the favourite to win the Democratic nomination in July and become the first female US president, makes clear that if she enters the White House she will want the UK to be fully engaged, and leading the debate, within the EU.

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フランス全土の非常事態宣言 7月末まで延長の方針 | NHKニュース


【パナマ文書の衝撃】EU共通の租税回避地リスト、夏までに作成で一致 課税逃れ監視強化 - 産経ニュース




シェークスピア没後400年…英ゆかりの地で記念行事、ファンで賑わう - 産経ニュース


ロンドン・マラソンで佐藤悠基11位 キプチョゲ2連覇  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 23 April 2016

Volkswagen Posts Deep Loss After Taking $18.28 Billion Hit on Emissions Scandal - WSJ

Volkswagen AG took a €16.2 billion ($18.28 billion) charge related to the emissions-cheating scandal, forcing it to slash its 2015 dividends and post a deep loss.
Volkswagen on Friday posted a net loss of €1.58 billion for 2015, compared with a net profit of €10.85 billion a year earlier. The company posted an operating loss of €4.1 billion for the year. Revenue rose 5.4% to €213.3 billion from €202.5 billion.

France to invest 3 bln euros in EDF, accept dividends in shares | Reuters

The French state will subscribe for 3 billion euros of a planned 4 billion-euro share issue by EDF and will accept the majority state-owned utility's proposal to pay its dividend on 2016 and 2017 earnings in shares, the French finance and economy ministries said in a joint statement on Friday.

North Korea Fires Missile From Submarine Amid Nuclear-Test Alert - Bloomberg

North Korea launched a missile from a submarine off its east coast as troops from neighboring South Korea remain on alert for a possible nuclear test.

Sadiq Khan takes 20-point lead over Zac Goldsmith amid accusations of Tory 'Islamophobia' | The Independent

The latest poll of the contest by YouGov now shows Labour’s Sadiq Khan with a 20-point lead over Zac Goldsmith in the final round of the contest – 60 per cent to 40 per cent.

President Obama: New US-UK trade deal could take 10 years - BBC News

In an exclusive interview with the BBC, Barack Obama has said it could take up to ten years to negotiate a new trade deal with the United States, if UK voters decided to leave the EU.

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オバマ米大統領 EU離脱派に強い警告 「離脱なら貿易協定交渉優先度は後列に」 楽観論に冷や水 - 産経ニュース




【経済インサイド】民泊大国フランスの惨状を見よ! 脱税横行、家賃上昇、人口減…「パリは人の住めない街になってしまった…」 - 産経ニュース




プリンスさんに「自殺の様子ない」 保安官が明かす:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 22 April 2016

Barack Obama: Brexit would put UK 'back of the queue' for trade talks | The Guardian

Barack Obama has warned that the UK would be at the “back of the queue” in any trade deal with the US if the country chose to leave the EU, as he made an emotional plea to Britons to vote for staying in.

Why Intel Is Laying Off Thousands of Workers | TIME

That has helped Microsoft improve its stock price by 93% in the past three years. During that time, Intel’s stock has risen 47%, underperforming the Nasdaq Composite’s 50% gain.
This isn’t to say that Intel is in trouble. But its transition from a dependence on an aging, still-profitable business of PC chips to more promising markets is taking longer than many had hoped.

Japan’s stealth fighter takes maiden flight — FT.com

Japan’s domestically built X-2 stealth fighter took off from Nagoya on Friday in a maiden flight that highlights the accelerating arms race in East Asia.

Federal police called over submarines leak | afr.com

The Australian Federal Police have been called to investigate a leak of highly classified information concerning the culling of Japan from the bid process to build Australia's next fleet of submarines.

'Vagina artist' Rokudenashiko to marry British rock musician | The Japan Times

Japan’s infamous “vagina artist” has announced her engagement, to a British rocker.
Megumi Igarashi, who calls herself Rokudenashiko (good-for-nothing girl), announced Tuesday online that she will wed vocalist and guitarist Mike Scott of The Waterboys, a British folk rock outfit.

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オバマ氏 広島訪問へ 現職米大統領で初、5月27日で調整  :日本経済新聞


日本の弱点は英語力の低さという米識者「中韓よりも低い」 - ZAKZAK

「2050年の日本」は活力と魅力ある新型超大国として栄えるという大胆な予測の書『JAPAN RESTORED(日本復興)』がアメリカで出版され、話題となっている。著者のクライド・プレストウィッツ氏は、レーガン政権時に商務長官顧問を務め、自動車や半導体貿易交渉の前面に立ち、ジャパン・バッシャー(日本を叩く者)として知られた人物だ。

ノルウェー大量殺人犯、隔離収監は「人権侵害」 裁判所が認める:AFPBB News

 裁判所は、ブレイビク受刑者の隔離収監について、欧州人権条約(European Convention on Human Rights)第3条に違反すると指摘。一方で、同受刑者の外界との接触遮断は、同条約の第8条で保障されている通信の権利の侵害には当たらないとした。



CNN.co.jp : プリンス急死、スタジオで倒れたまま還らず 57歳


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News Headlines - 21 April 2016

Prince, a Prodigious Musical Talent, Dies - WSJ

Prince, the prodigious musical talent and relentless innovator, created a hybrid of rock and funk. The 57-year-old musician died Thursday at his home in Minnesota

Michael Moore 'invades' Norway in latest film - The Local

Controversial American director Michael Moore visited Norway and a handful of other European countries for his film 'Where to Invade Next', which hits Norwegian theatres on Friday.
In Moore's new film, he "searches the world for answers" to some of the problems faced by the United States.

Intel to Cut 12,000 Jobs, Forecast Misses Amid PC Blight - Bloomberg

Intel Corp. will eliminate 12,000 jobs, or 11 percent of its workforce, embarking on the deepest cutbacks in a decade to gird for a fifth year of declines in the personal-computer market.

Almost Nothing About the ‘Apple Harvests Gold From iPhones’ Story Is True | Motherboard

You may have seen a viral headline floating around over the last few days: Apple recycled $40 million worth of gold last year, which was extracted from iPhones. Almost none of what was reported is true.

Guy Hamilton dead: James Bond director who helmed four 007 movies dies aged 93 - Mirror Online

James Bond director Guy Hamilton has died aged 93.
Hamilton was best known for the his work on four Bond movies, Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun.

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「英・エリザベス女王、90歳の誕生日」 News i




ドイツ限定発行の5ユーロ硬貨、懐かしの旧5マルクに酷似と人気に | ロイター


米紙幣に初の黒人 元奴隷女性のH・タブマン、新20ドル札に:AFPBB News

米財務省は20日、米20ドル紙幣の新たな顔として、元奴隷で奴隷解放運動家のハリエット・タブマン(Harriet Tubman)の肖像を採用することを決めたと発表した。米紙幣にアフリカ系米国人の肖像が使用されるのは初めて。



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News Headlines - 20 April 2016

Mitsubishi Motors Admits Manipulating Fuel-Economy Data - WSJ

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. said employees improperly manipulated fuel-economy data to inflate mileage results on at least 625,000 vehicles, the latest self-inflicted wound by an auto maker.

Toshiba CEO Expected to Resign After Huge Westinghouse Writedown - Fortune

Japan’s Toshiba Corp is preparing to write down the value of its stake in U.S. nuclear subsidiary Westinghouse by around 200 billion yen ($1.83 billion), sources familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.
Separately, a company committee is meeting on Wednesday to approve the resignation of Chief Executive Masashi Muromachi...

Japan Falls Behind in Race for Australian Submarine Contract - WSJ

Japan has been virtually eliminated from a multibillion-dollar contest to supply Australia’s navy with new submarines, two people familiar with the matter said, with German or French competitors now favored to win one of the world’s most lucrative current weapons deals.

CatholicHerald.co.uk » Catholic school in Japan at the centre of abuse allegations

Three former students at St Mary's International School allege abuse by religious brothers who taught there

Rolex, Rayban, Nike and Louis Vuitton among brands hit by counterfeit trade worth £270bn a year | The Independent

The value of imported fake goods worldwide stood at $462 billion (£270 billion) in 2013 – the equivalent of the global economic output of Austria or the combined GDP of Ireland and the Czech Republic.

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米大統領選:NY州 トランプ氏、ヒラリー氏ともに圧勝 - 毎日新聞


【パナマ文書の衝撃】辞めるのやめた…グリムソン大統領6選出馬へ アイスランド、混乱で翻意 - 産経ニュース




英国のEU離脱で「2030年のGDP6・2%減」 英財務省が試算発表 「永遠に貧しい状態」と残留訴え - 産経ニュース




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News Headlines - 19 April 2016

Japan warned over threats to press freedom — FT.com

After a week-long fact-finding mission, David Kaye, special rapporteur on freedom of expression, pointed to “really worrying” trends on media independence in Japan and urged reform of the country’s broadcasting law.

China sentences scientific researcher to death for selling codes, secret documents | South China Morning Post

China has sentenced to death an employee at a scientific research institution for espionage, state television reported.

Ukraine claims deal with Russia to release pilot Savchenko - Stripes

Ukraine's president says he has reached a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin to release a jailed Ukrainian pilot... Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Tuesday that he and Putin agreed in a telephone call on Monday on a formula that will allow Savchenko to be returned.

Dozens killed in Taliban attack on Afghan security agency | Daily Mail Online

The assault, which include at least two attackers and a car rigged with explosives, came a week after the Taliban announced their annual spring offensive, vowing large-scale attacks" in the 15th year of their war against the U.S.-backed Afghan government.

Tate plans 'biggest' Modigliani retrospective - BBC News

A retrospective exhibition of the work of Amedeo Modigliani has been announced by the Tate... The exhibition, which will be housed at the Tate Modern, will open in November 2017.

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ピュリツァー賞、AP・ロイター・NYタイムズなどが受賞 | ロイター




世界遺産パルミラの門 3D複製されロンドンで展示 - 社会 : 日刊スポーツ


ロンドン著名人像にガスマスク 環境団体、大気汚染問題を喚起:AFPBB News


英EU離脱の可能性が34%に上昇、依然「残留」が優勢=賭け屋 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 18 April 2016

Voice Of Tube's 'Mind The Gap' Warning Dies

The widow of train announcer Phil Sayer says: "We are sorry to announce that this service terminates here."

Holborn Tube escalators become standing only for new trial - BBC News

Passengers at Holborn station will be asked not to walk up two escalators after a previous experiment found it improved passenger flow.

Duke and duchess and Prince Harry to host dinner for Obamas - BBC News

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will host a dinner for US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on Friday, Kensington Palace has said.

College Student Is Removed From Flight After Speaking Arabic on Plane - The New York Times

A college student who came to the United States as an Iraqi refugee was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight in California earlier this month after another passenger became alarmed when she heard him speaking Arabic.

Zika, recession, political scandal loom over Brazil Olympics - CNN.com

With the Games nearly three months away, the country is facing a series of unprecedented challenges: the Zika outbreak, which has been connected to a rare birth defect in infant children; a crippling recession that has left hundreds of thousands unemployed and sent inflation through the roof; and a political crisis that has implicated some of the country's most powerful lawmakers.

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主要産油国、増産凍結を先送り…石油相会合 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


焦点:日本政府、スムージング介入は可能の立場 市場と神経戦に | ロイター


米国:広島訪問、各紙が支持…「大統領は敬意表すべきだ」 - 毎日新聞


救援物資積んだ米軍オスプレイ 南阿蘇村に到着 | NHKニュース


ベルギー同時テロ:犠牲者悼むイベントに7000人超 - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 17 April 2016

Ecuador's Deadly Earthquake in Pictures

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake rattled Ecuador's central coast Saturday night, killing at least 233 people and injuring nearly 1,500. Buildings collapsed, and power was knocked out for millions. The death toll is expected to rise as rescue workers comb through the damage.

'Drone' hits British Airways plane approaching Heathrow Airport - BBC News

A plane approaching Heathrow Airport is believed to have hit a drone before it landed safely, the Metropolitan Police has said.

Brexit could lead to loss of 100,000 financial services jobs, report warns | The Guardian

The latest report by PwC focuses on the financial services sector and estimates there would be between 70,000 and 100,000 fewer jobs in 2020 as the sector declines by up to 9.5%, compared with their estimate of the number of jobs if Britain remained in the EU.

Breaking: Brazil's Lower House Of Congress Votes To Impeach President Dilma Rousseff - Forbes

Brazil’s lower house of Congress made a historic decision late Sunday night: to push the impeachment process against President Dilma Rousseff forward. Three-hundred-forty-two out of 513 votes were needed to move her impeachment for fiscal irresponsibility forward. That threshold was passed shortly after 11 p.m. Brasília time Sunday.

Picasso Works Stolen from German Collection - artnet News

Several artworks, including 11 lithographs by Pablo Picasso, were stolen from the corporate collection of Portigon AG, a financial services company from North Rhine-Westphalia.

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CNN.co.jp : エクアドル地震 死者77人に、6州に非常事態宣言


【移民ショック】法王、難民最前線訪問、シリア人12人連れ帰る ギリシャの島 - 産経ニュース


フィアット・クライスラー、残る合併候補はトヨタなど=CEO | ロイター


廃墟?遺産?ソ連のスペースシャトルが再び脚光 | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト


東京にブロードウェーと舛添知事 訪問先のワシントンで表明:中日新聞(CHUNICHI Web)


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News Headlines - 16 April 2016

Ecuador Earthquake Kills at Least 77 - The New York Times

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook the central coast of Ecuador on Saturday, killing at least 77 people, officials and news reports said. The effects could be felt as far away as the capital, Quito, which lies some 105 miles from the epicenter.

Japan earthquake: Rescuers in 'race against time' as storm hits - BBC News

Rescuers are in a "race against time" to find survivors of a powerful earthquake amid forecasts of heavy rain and cold overnight, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has warned.

Manufacturers suspend production after magnitude-7.3 quake rocks Kyushu | The Japan Times

A number of firms were forced to suspend production and evacuate their employees after a magnitude-7.3 earthquake rocked central Kyushu early Saturday following a series of temblors beginning roughly a day earlier.

The Queen to be axed as Jamaica's Head of State on eve of 90th birthday | Daily Mail Online

Jamaica may axe the Queen as their official Head of State in a new proposal.
Governor-General Patrick Allen announced plans to make a constitutional amendment that would replace the Queen with a president on Thursday.

Inside the bizarre Vladimir Putin cafe - complete with Barack Obama toilet paper

Vladimir Putin fans now have the perfect place to toast to the Russian leader thanks to a newly opened cafe dedicated solely to the action man president.

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【英EU離脱の是非】キャメロン首相の「パナマ文書」が残留にも影 勢い増す離脱派 予断許さぬ国民投票 - 産経ニュース




ベルギー同時テロ:空港警備「欠陥」 欧州委1年前に指摘 - 毎日新聞


露最高検:次席検事、色丹で事情聴取 給与未払い問題で - 毎日新聞


モナリザゆかりの別荘売却へ、伊トスカーナ州:AFPBB News

売りに出されているのは、「ビラ・アンティノリ(Villa Antinori)」として知られる別荘。ここはかつて、レオナルド・ダビンチ(Leonardo da Vinci)の世界的に有名な絵画のモデルとして考えられているリザ・ゲラルディーニ(Lisa Gherardini)の夫で絹商人フランチェスコ・デルジョコンド(Francesco del Giocondo)一族が所有していた。

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News Headlines - 15 April 2016

Japan Earthquake: Aerial View of Damage

Southern Japan was hit by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake early Saturday, after a magnitude 6.5 temblor struck the island of Kyushu late Thursday.

Japan’s Negative-Rate Experiment Is Floundering - WSJ

Japan’s two-month experiment with negative interest rates is producing some unexpected results... Instead of falling, the yen has surged to 18-month highs against the U.S. dollar.

Spain’s Industry Minister Steps Down Over Panama Papers Revelations - The New York Times

The Spanish minister of industry, energy and tourism resigned Friday morning after documents in the Panama Papers linked him to offshore investments in the Bahamas, and news reports then connected him to a company in the tax haven of Jersey.

Germany Turkey: Merkel allows inquiry into comic's Erdogan insult - BBC News

Germany will allow the potential prosecution of a top comedian after the Turkish president filed a complaint.
Jan Boehmermann had recited a satirical poem on television which made sexual references to Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Historians Identify 35 Descendants of Leonardo da Vinci | Smithsonian

Using historical documents and genealogical detective work, researchers have reconstructed 15 generations of Leonardo's family tree

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儲かる住宅ローン、北欧マイナス金利の現状 - WSJ


ウクライナ新首相を承認 「安定政権」戻らず多難な船出:朝日新聞デジタル


ネス湖の無人探査機、46年前の映画のネッシー模型を発見 | ロイター


「攻殻機動隊」ハリウッド実写版、草薙素子の画像が初公開 主な配役も発表 - ITmedia ニュース

米Paramount Picturesと米DreamWorks Picturesは4月14日(現地時間)、「攻殻機動隊」の実写版「GHOST IN THE SHELL」の撮影を開始したと発表し、スカーレット・ヨハンソン扮する草薙素子の画像を初めて公開した。
 監督は「スノーホワイト」のルパート・サンダース。製作にはProduction I.Gの石川光久社長と「鉄拳」実写版の藤村哲也氏も名を連ねている。

バルセロナが欧州CL敗退、連覇ならず アトレチコ4強:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 14 April 2016

At least nine dead after earthquake hits Japan | World news | The Guardian

At least nine people have been killed and more than 200 injured by a powerful magnitude-6.5 earthquake that knocked over houses and buckled roads in southern Japan on Thursday. The two victims identified first were from the hardest-hit town of Mashiki, about 15km (9 miles) east of Kumamoto city on the island of Kyushu, said Kumamoto prefecture disaster management official, Takayuki Matsushita.

Former Japan Air Self-Defence chief Tamogami arrested for alleged 2014 election staff bribery | South China Morning Post

Prosecutors on Thursday arrested Toshio Tamogami, a former Air Self-Defence Force chief who unsuccessfully ran in the 2014 Tokyo governor race, for allegedly violating the election law by paying cash to members of his campaign staff.

UK and European allies plan to deal ‘hammer blow’ to tax evasion | World news | The Guardian

Britain and its European allies have announced new “hammer blow” rules against tax evasion in direct response to the Panama Papers leak that exposed how the world’s richest and most powerful people hide their wealth from the taxman.

Pepsi-Cola Sign in Queens Gains Landmark Status - The New York Times

The Pepsi-Cola sign in Long Island City — a dazzling swirl of red curlicue letters that evokes innocent days of summer, heavy industry in Queens and a spectacular disregard for the waterfront in the mid-20th century — is now an official New York City landmark.

Five things we learned from Liverpool v Borussia Dortmund | Daily Express

LIVERPOOL produced one of the greatest European comebacks ever against Borussia Dortmund but what did we learn from the Europa quarter-final second leg?

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テニス=WADAがメルドニウムの見解変更、シャラポワらも対象 | ロイター


【ドイツ】3月の販売台数が20万台突破:BMW、創業来初の快挙 (NNA) - Yahoo!ニュース


CNN.co.jp : 米海軍少佐、スパイ容疑で逮捕 中国行き航空機内で


屋根裏から「カラバッジョ名画」発見 推定150億円の価値 仏:AFPBB News


CNN.co.jp : 世界のユニークなトイレ、ガイド本が登場

「Toilets:A Spotter's Guide」と題された本で、ロンドンの裏通りやタンザニアの崖上などを含む100カ所以上の場所で見付けたトイレを網羅している。

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News Headlines - 13 April 2016

South Korea ruling conservatives suffer upset defeat in parliamentary vote | Reuters

South Korea's ruling conservative party suffered an upset defeat in a parliamentary election on Wednesday, local media said early on Thursday based on election commission data, in a stinging blow to President Park Geun-hye.

White House offers fresh hints on possible visit to Hiroshima by Obama | The Japan Times

Tokyo remained silent Wednesday over a potential visit to Hiroshima by U.S. President Barack Obama, even after the White House said he is considering making one on the sidelines of a Group of Seven summit next month.

'Like entering a prison': Japan's leprosy sufferers reflect on decades of pain | The Guardian

A class action has lifted the lid on years of mistreatment which saw ‘polluted’ victims rounded up and condemned to a life of isolation and neglect

Premier Foods Plunges After McCormick Abandons Buyout Talks - Bloomberg

After a review of Premier’s finances, McCormick said on Wednesday that the price the company’s board is demanding won’t benefit its own shareholders. Premier Foods tumbled as much as 31 percent following the announcement... After spurning McCormick’s initial approaches, Premier forged an alliance with Japan’s Nissin Foods Holdings Co. -- a deal that included Nissin taking a stake in the U.K. company.

Poo study of Edinburgh giant pandas could help save species - The Scotsman

Now scientists are determined to better understand the eating habits of the planet’s fussiest animal – with the help of poo from Edinburgh Zoo’s two giant pandas.

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Forbes「世界の大富豪」が教える日本の凋落とアメリカの繁栄 彼らが大金持ちになるには「理由」があった:PRESIDENT Online


レクサスのHV、世界100万台突破…11年で : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


CNN.co.jp : 英イスラム教徒、「過半数が同性愛に反対」 世論調査で物議


【特別企画】「ガルパンはいいぞ」という謎のポーランド人とポーランド軍事技術博物館に行って戦車に乗ってきた - GAME Watch

「World of Tanks The Grand Finals」の会期前日、ワルシャワから車で南へ15分ほどの距離にあるポーランド軍事技術博物館に行く機会に恵まれた。ポーランド軍事技術博物館は、昨年訪れたポーランド軍事博物館とは似て非なる施設で、ポーランド軍の協力を得ながら、ポーランド中から戦車や戦闘機などを集め、丁寧にレストアして展示している施設。

『スター・ウォーズ』アナキン子役、刑務所から精神病施設へ - シネマトゥデイ

1999年の映画『スター・ウォーズ エピソードI/ファントム・メナス』で若き日のアナキン・スカイウォーカーを演じた元子役のジェイク・ロイドが刑務所から精神病施設に移された

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News Headlines - 12 April 2016

Panama Papers Leak Signals a Shift in Mainstream Journalism - The New York Times

Four years passed between The New York Times’s first article based on the Pentagon Papers and the end of the Vietnam War.
Two years passed between The Washington Post’s first story establishing Richard M. Nixon’s link to the Watergate burglary and Nixon’s resignation from the presidency.
Last week, Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson of Iceland couldn’t make it 48 hours before having to step aside after the disclosure of the shady bank dealings contained in the Panama Papers, some of which involve him.

Nomura to chop 500 investment bankers

Japanese bank Nomura has become the latest victim of choppy markets and tight regulation, after it was forced to axe its European equities operations.
Around 500 workers are thought to be in the firing line, predominantly at the bank’s European headquarters in London.

LSD's impact on the brain revealed in groundbreaking images | The Guardian

The profound impact of LSD on the brain has been laid bare by the first modern scans of people high on the drug.
The images, taken from volunteers who agreed to take a trip in the name of science, have given researchers an unprecedented insight into the neural basis for effects produced by one of the most powerful drugs ever created.

Tiger Numbers Rise for First Time in a Century

At last—some good news for tigers. Driven largely by conservation successes in India, Russia, and Nepal, the global population of tigers in the wild has shown a significant increase in the past few years, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reports in a new survey. The report comes as national leaders meet in India to discuss next steps for saving the iconic—and highly endangered—species.

AC Milan: Sinisa Mihajlovic replaced by Cristian Brocchi as manager - BBC Sport

AC Milan have sacked Sinisa Mihajlovic as manager and replaced him with their former midfielder Cristian Brocchi.
Milan have reached the Coppa Italia final but remain sixth in Serie A, 27 points off leaders Juventus.

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仏大手銀行、脱税容疑で家宅捜索 パナマ文書に関連:中日新聞(CHUNICHI Web)


CNN.co.jp : 米ファイザー、アラガンの買収撤回 租税逃れ新規制を受け


[FT]政治的限界に近づくマイナス金利(社説)  :日本経済新聞


ハリポタ「発売前に流出」、英諜報機関が情報入手 出版社明かす | ロイター


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News Headlines - 11 April 2016

Kerry says Hiroshima 'gut-wrenching' reminder world should abandon nuclear weapons | Reuters

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday called his visit to a memorial to victims of the 1945 U.S. nuclear attack on Hiroshima "gut-wrenching" and said it was a reminder of the need to pursue a world free of nuclear weapons.

U.K.’s Daily Mail Explores Bid for Yahoo Backed by Private Equity - WSJ

The U.K.’s Daily Mail has emerged as a suitor for Yahoo Inc.’s assets, joining a wide group of interested companies said to include telecom giant Verizon Communications Inc. as an April 18 deadline for preliminary offers nears.

Amazon's new Kindle Oasis has leaked: cool battery case, but not waterproof | The Verge

Amazon has a new, top-of-the-line Kindle announcement coming at some point this week, but a Tmall page (that went down while I was writing this story) has spoiled the details before Jeff Bezos' grand reveal. It's called the Kindle Oasis, according to the page,

Crunchyroll, Kadokawa Announce Partnership - Anime News Network

Media distribution service Crunchyroll and Japanese publisher Kadokawa Corporation announced a partnership on Monday that will grant Crunchyroll exclusive worldwide digital distribution rights outside of Asia for anime titles published by Kadokawa in the next year.

Texas Teen Is 10th U.S. Death Linked to Takata Airbag

A 10th person has died in a crash in the U.S. involving a ruptured Takata Corp. airbag inflator, according to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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CNN.co.jp : オバマ米大統領 「在任中最大の間違いはリビア」


【米大統領選】「トランプ大統領」に警鐘 米紙が架空の「1年後」紙面を掲載 その見出しは… - 産経ニュース


ウクライナ首相が辞任表明 連立政権の運営行き詰まり:朝日新聞デジタル


シェークスピア全集初版本「ファースト・フォリオ」、英で新たに発見:AFPBB News

1623年に出版された英劇作家ウィリアム・シェークスピア(William Shakespeare)の全集の初版本「ファースト・フォリオ(First Folio)」が、新たに英スコットランド・ビュート(Bute)島で発見された。英オックスフォード大学(University of Oxford)が7日、発表した。ファースト・フォリオには、シェークスピアの戯曲36編が収められている。

『ハリー・ポッター』新シリーズ、最新映像が全世界同時解禁! 魔法動物の姿が… - クランクイン!


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News Headlines - 10 April 2016

Now David Cameron faces questions over £200k gift from his mother | The Guardian

But the extraordinary move seems set to plunge David Cameron into further controversy, as it emerged that his mother transferred two separate payments of £100,000 to his accounts in 2011, allowing the family estate to avoid a potential £80,000 worth of inheritance tax.

Panama papers: Mossack Fonseca offices in El Salvador raided - BBC News

Authorities in El Salvador have raided the offices of the Panama law firm at the centre of a massive data leak, the attorney general's office says.

The fall and rise of subscription libraries - BBC News

In the days before public libraries, people paid for the privilege of borrowing books. But with council-run libraries experiencing a decline in users and many closing, those that require membership are seeing their numbers rise. So what exactly is the draw of the subscription library?

Keiko Fujimori Likely to Win 1st Round of Peru Election - ABC News

The daughter of jailed former President Alberto Fujimori won the first round of Peru's presidential election Sunday, though she didn't get enough votes to avoid a June runoff and the race to be her opponent was tight, according to two quick counts of ballots by local pollsters.

Shinji Kagawa and Hatem Ben Arfa both scored worldies this...

Picking the ball up around 40 yards from goal, the former Manchester United man played an intricate one-two on the edge of the box before gloriously chipping over the helpless Ralf Faehrmann in goal.

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米国務長官が初の広島訪問、G7外相会合開幕:AFPBB News

ケリー国務長官は前の訪問地アフガニスタンから山口県の米海兵隊岩国航空基地に降り立った。そこから東に移動し、米国務長官として初めて原爆が投下された広島を訪問した。……ケリー氏の訪問は、来月のG7首脳会議(伊勢志摩サミット)で来日するバラク・オバマ(Barack Obama)米大統領の広島訪問につながる可能性もあるとみられている。実現すれば、オバマ氏は現職の米大統領として初めて広島を訪問することになる。

税逃れ監視強化を協議…「パナマ文書」でG20 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)




米空軍、対IS作戦にB52爆撃機を投入:AFPBB News


国際漫画賞優秀賞、フランスのSFバンド・デシネ「ZAYA」日本語版が電子出版 | アニメ!アニメ!

第3回国際漫画賞で優秀賞を受賞したフランスのSFバンド・デシネ『ZAYA』が日本語版になった。電子書籍となってComic Catapultからリリースされた。居住可能な惑星に何不自由なく暮らしていた犯罪組織スパイラルの元エージェントである主人公・ザヤを中心に展開されるSF物語である。

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News Headlines - 09 April 2016

Last main Brussels and Paris suspects held, threat remains | Reuters

The main identified suspects in Islamic State attacks on Paris and Brussels are now dead or in custody after Belgian investigators charged two men on Saturday with aiding last month's Brussels suicide bombers.

Outpouring of respect for Archbishop Justin Welby after DNA paternity 'surprise'

The Archbishop’s mother, Lady Williams of Evel, confirmed to her son that she had a liaison with Sir Anthony a few days before she married Welby, but that she had never suspected there was any doubt over his paternity.

Sanders wins Wyoming to clinch eight victories in nine  races

With only 14 delegates at stake, the Vermont senator will have little impact on Mrs Clinton’s lead in the contest for the Democratic nomination, especially as they are shared according to the share of the caucus vote... But it did represent Mr Sanders’ eight victory in nine contests, maintaining morale in his camp ahead of the showdown in New York on April 19.

Fallout 4 wins best game at Bafta awards - BBC News

Fallout 4 has won the best game of the year at 2016's British Academy Games Awards.
It marks the first time its US-based developer Bethesda has won the prize. It did not win in any other category.

Japanese badminton player set to miss Olympics for gambling | Daily Mail Online

A Japanese badminton player has admitted to gambling at an illegal casino, damaging his chances of competing at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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パナマ文書、アルゼンチン大統領を捜査へ 裁判所認める:朝日新聞デジタル


マリオット、世界首位に 「ウェスティン」「シェラトン」の買収承認 - 産経ニュース


CNN.co.jp : 買春は違法、売春は処罰せず フランスで法案通過


BABYMETAL、全英チャートで快挙 全米人気番組にも出演 | MTV JAPAN

4月1日に世界同時リリースされたBABYMETALのニューアルバム『METAL RESISTANCE』が、全英アルバム・チャート(Official Albums Chart Top 100)にて、日本人アーティスト史上初となる初登場7位を記録したことが分かった(集計期間:4月1日~4月7日)。……一方、BABYMETALは4月5日(アメリカ時間)、米CBSの人気深夜トーク番組「The Late Show with Stephen Colbert」に日本人女性アーティストとして初めて出演し、「ギミチョコ!!」を生演奏で披露した

CNN.co.jp : 北朝鮮、ICBMの新型エンジンの実験成功を誇示 米を威嚇


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News Headlines - 08 April 2016

FBI paid hackers for tool to break into iPhone, director says, but it doesn’t work on recent models | South China Morning Post

The FBI paid for the tool it used to break into a dead terrorist’s iPhone and is considering whether to tell Apple Inc how it was done, FBI Director James Comey said.
Comey also said that the hacking tool doesn’t work on recent models of the iPhone.

David Cameron had stake in father's offshore fund - BBC News

David Cameron has said he and his wife Samantha owned shares in an offshore fund set up by his late father, before selling them for £30,000 in 2010.

For Japan, Panama Papers are tool to skewer China

The names of major public figures in Japan have been conspicuously absent from documents — the Panama Papers — related to a growing international tax haven scandal, but that doesn’t mean the issue is being ignored in the world’s third-largest economy.

7-Eleven CEO Resigns as Loeb’s Hedge Fund Prevails in Japan Boardroom Fight - WSJ

The resignation of Toshifumi Suzuki, chairman and chief executive of 7-Eleven’s parent company, Seven & i Holdings Co., is a milestone for the budding activist-shareholder movement in Japan and a potential harbinger for Japanese executives who had until recently been sheltered from agitating investors.

Japan's economic plan 'backfiring' as yen surges | The Guardian

Although it recovered slightly in Asian trading on Friday, the US dollar fell below 108 yen for the first time in 17 months on Thursday with investors betting that Japan would refrain from intervention. The yen has risen 12% against the greenback this year.

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ベライゾンがヤフー買収提案へ、日本ヤフー株取得も視野−関係者 - Bloomberg


フェイスブックが「ライブ動画」機能拡充、TVなどに対抗 | ロイター


米政府、暗号化解除法案への支持表明せず | ロイター


ベルギー同時テロ 逃走犯の新たな映像公開|日テレNEWS24


北朝鮮への独自制裁を準備中=フランス当局者 - 朝鮮日報


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News Headlines - 07 April 2016

David Cameron admits he profited from father's Panama offshore trust fund | The Guardian

David Cameron has finally admitted he benefited from a Panama-based offshore trust set up by his late father.
After three days of stalling and four partial statements issued by Downing Street he confessed that he owned shares in the tax haven fund, which he sold for £31,500 just before becoming prime minister in 2010.

Turkey launches inquiry into leak of 50 million citizens' data | Reuters

Turkey is investigating how hackers have posted online the identity data of some 50 million Turks, including what they said were details about the president and prime minister, after what is believed to be the biggest data breach seen in the country.

China Faces a Debt Crisis. Or Does it? - Bloomberg

By some accounts, borrowing is out of control and has the country teetering on the edge of a crisis. Others point to the nation's long list of assets, which can more than offset any funding crunch. An example of the opposing views was on display when two separate April 5 research reports each cited the risk of a "Minsky moment" (a collapse in asset prices following the exhaustion of credit expansion) but both came to very different conclusions.

EU referendum: Government to spend £9m on leaflets to every home - BBC News

It says the 14-page document, to be sent to 27 million homes, responds to public demand for more details about the EU referendum by setting out the facts behind the government's position.

France abandons bid to appoint gay ambassador to Vatican | Reuters

French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday appointed to a different post a diplomat he had originally nominated as ambassador to the Holy See, who media said had been rejected by the Vatican because he was gay.

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オランダ国民投票、EU・ウクライナ協定に反対多数 | ロイター


アイスランド、資産隠し疑惑で辞任の首相後任を指名 秋に総選挙 | ロイター


CNN.co.jp : ハンニバルのアルプス越え、軍馬の「ふん」でルート判明か


細胞に機能追加するプログラミング言語、MITが開発 - ITmedia ニュース


CNN.co.jp : リオ五輪、チケット売れず 公費で買い上げての配布も検討


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News Headlines - 06 April 2016

One of Brussels bombers had worked in EU Parliament | Reuters

One of the Islamic State suicide bombers who killed 32 people in Brussels on March 22 had worked as a cleaner for a short period in the European Parliament six years earlier, a spokesman for the EU assembly said on Thursday.

Panama Papers: Fifa president Gianni Infantino pulled into corruption scandal | The Guardian

The emergence of the contracts from 2003 and 2006, which were co-signed by Infantino, link Uefa for the first time to one of the companies involved in the huge unfolding scandal that has brought down former Fifa president Sepp Blatter.

Why So Few Americans Named in Panama Papers?

Americans “really don’t need to go to Panama," Henry told Fusion. “Basically, we have an onshore haven industry in the U.S. that is as secretive as anywhere."

Amnesty: ‘Disturbing’ Rise in Executions Worldwide in 2015

Amnesty International says there was a disturbing rise in the number of executions carried out worldwide in 2015. At least 1,634 people were executed last year – a rise of more than 50 percent in 2015 and the highest in 25 years. But the true figure is likely much higher, as Henry Ridgwell reports for VOA from London.

In Chernobyl nuclear zone, animals thrive without humans | Reuters

What happens to the environment when humans disappear? Thirty years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, booming populations of wolf, elk and other wildlife in the vast contaminated zone in Belarus and Ukraine provide a clue.

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課税逃れは世界的大問題…米大統領が対策強化へ : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


フランス、パナマを再び租税回避地ブラックリストに | ロイター




レアルが75億円でロナウド放出へ | TheWORLD(ザ・ワールド)


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News Headlines - 05 April 2016

Iceland PM resigns over Panama Papers leak — FT.com

Iceland’s prime minister resigned on Tuesday, becoming the first casualty of the leaked revelations over offshore companies.
For the second time in a decade, the island of just 320,000 people has become the centre of global attention over financial excesses, even as it remains deeply divided over the collapse of its banks in 2008.

South African president Jacob Zuma survives impeachment vote | The Guardian

The South African president, Jacob Zuma, has survived an attempt to impeach him after the African National Congress party gave him its backing. But his long-term future is still in doubt after a string of influential figures called on him to step down.

Former top China military official 'took huge bribes' - BBC News

The military in China say a former top military official, Guo Boxiong, has confessed to taking "huge bribes" in return for promotions.
Gen Guo, 74, stepped down as vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission in 2012. The government began investigating him last July.

Russia police raids target Japan Aum Shinrikyo cult - BBC News

Russian police have raided 25 premises in Moscow and St Petersburg linked to the Japanese Aum Shinrikyo cult... Ten people were detained in the St Petersburg raids, Itar-Tass news agency says. And 44 Russians expelled from Montenegro are under investigation.

China Censors Mentions of ‘Panama Papers’ Leaks - The New York Times

But in China, where the names of relatives of several top leaders have been found in the leak of millions of pages of documents from a Panamanian law firm that expose the murky world of offshore companies, most citizens will never hear of the news, which the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists released on Sunday.

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「パナマ文書」にキャメロン英首相亡父の名、政府は調査着手へ | ロイター


CNN.co.jp : 米アラスカ航空、ヴァージン・アメリカを買収 2900億円で


CNN.co.jp : アップルの「iPhone」販売台数、10億台近づく


記者の眼 - シリコンバレーのオフィスが、どこもこじゃれている理由:ITpro


クモの進化の謎解く鍵、3億年前の化石で新種発見 | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト

……Idmonarachne は、粘着力のある精巧な罠を作らずに、巣穴を補強したり、卵嚢を包んだりしていたのかもしれない。しかし、その糸をうまく使いこなす付随器官がないことが真のクモとの違いであるとガーウッド氏は解説する。

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News Headlines - 04 April 2016

Panama Papers: The Basics

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, working with leaked documents from a Panamanian law firm, has published some of its findings into the offshore financial dealings of the rich and famous, and politically connected, as well as the leaders of some countries.

Obama, NATO chief discuss Islamic State, Libya | Reuters

U.S. President Barack Obama and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Monday that NATO could help Libya counter Islamic State militants as well as train and assist troops in Iraq, Jordan and elsewhere to fight the insurgent group.

Last Plains Indian war chief dies at age 102 - CBS News

Joseph Medicine Crow, an acclaimed Native American historian and the last surviving war chief of Montana's Crow Tribe, has died. He was 102.

Discovery of 1,000-year-old Viking site in Canada could rewrite history | The Independent

The possible discovery of a 1,000-year-old Viking site on a Canadian island could rewrite the story of the exploration of North America by Europeans before Christopher Columbus.

Babymetal: Metal Resistance review – genre mashup breaks all the rules | The Guardian

Their mix of speed metal’s whipsmart riffs and pummelling rhythms with dance dynamics topped with J-pop vocals, courtesy of teenage girls Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal, is not one for the purists (the existence of a shadowy svengali figure, Kobametal, doesn’t help on that score). And yet this high-speed collision of apparent opposites works surprisingly well.

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オフショア取引の闇を照らす「パナマ文書」の衝撃―文書2.6テラバイトをドイツ紙が入手 | TechCrunch Japan

インターネットlはいわゆるPanama Papers〔パナマ文書〕を巡って激しい興奮状態に陥っている。文書の量は約 2.6テラバイトあり、数十万のオフショア企業に関連している。リーク元は世界的には無名のパナマの小さな法律事務所、Mossack Fonseca〔モサック・フォンセカ〕だった。

「ギリシャからトルコへ、難民送還始まる」 News i


CNN.co.jp : ナゴルノ・カラバフで軍衝突 アゼルバイジャンが停戦を宣言


ロンドン漱石記念館:来秋閉館へ 来館者減少、2000点資料行き先未定 - 毎日新聞


CNN.co.jp : 子どもたちが矢印の人文字で警察ヘリ誘導、強盗逮捕 英


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News Headlines - 03 April 2016

Trump's prediction of 'massive recession' puzzles economists | Reuters

Donald Trump's prediction that the U.S. economy was on the verge of a "very massive recession" hit a wall of scepticism on Sunday from economists who questioned the Republican presidential front-runner's calculations.

The Panama Papers: how the world’s rich and famous hide their money offshore | The Guardian

The Guardian, working with global partners, will set out details from the first tranche of what are being called “the Panama Papers”. Journalists from more than 80 countries have been reviewing 11.5m files leaked from the database of Mossack Fonseca, the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm.

Migrant crisis: Greece to start returns to Turkey - BBC News

Greece is to start returning migrants to Turkey under an EU deal, despite fears over a lack of preparations and criticism from campaigners.

Thousands protest in Warsaw against proposed abortion ban | The Guardian

Thousands of people have attended a pro-choice rally outside parliament in Warsaw after the leader of Poland’s ruling party backed a call from Catholic bishops for a full ban on pregnancy terminations.

Leicester winning the Premier League title would be a disaster for the bookmakers as Sky Bet face paying out over £5m (and one punter even put £40 on at 5000/1 in August) | Daily Mail Online

Bookmakers will be hit hard if Leicester City go on to win the Barclays Premier League title with some facing a payout of more than £5million, Sportsmail can reveal... The biggest bet placed on Leicester with the online bookmaker was £40 at 5000/1 in mid-August, meaning one punter stands to make £200,000.

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ブリュッセル空港、一部再開=同時テロ以来12日ぶり (時事通信)


【外信コラム】イタリアで起こったストの理由は「戦争反対」 どこの戦争? (産経新聞)


グーグル平謝り エープリルフール企画で破局、解雇… ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


日立が英北部鉄道向け車両受注契約 高速Wifiサービス提供も 95両納入、370億円 - 産経ニュース


清武、長谷部らフル出場 ドイツ1部リーグ  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 02 April 2016

EU referendum: poll shows young voters could hold key in June vote | The Guardian

The decision over whether the UK remains inside the European Union could depend on whether young people shake off their apathy and vote in sufficient numbers on 23 June, a revealing opinion poll conducted for the Observer shows.

Dover riots: Protesters burnt EU flag as migration anger spirals out of control | Daily Express

This disturbing video shows how far-right protesters and ultra left-wing militia went to war in the historic port town, which has become symbolic of Britain's increasingly fractious and extreme debate over immigration.

Conflict erupts between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces | The Guardian

At least 30 soldiers and a boy were reported killed as heavy fighting erupted between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces over the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The fighting was one of the worst outbreaks since the end of a full-scale war over the region in 1994.

Solar Impulse 2 to resume global quest | GulfNews.com

The UAE-backed aviation quest by Solar Impulse 2 to circumnavigate the world using only a solar-powered flight will resume in mid-April, says the team leader behind the multi-million-dollar mission.

Abe sought 'off record' advice on German fiscal policy, Krugman reveals in Twitter post | The Japan Times

Nobel-winning U.S. economist Paul Krugman has baffled the government by revealing an off-the-record conversation with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has been making a show of meeting with prominent economists in preparation for the Group of Seven summit.

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[FT]オランダ国民投票で突如脚光を浴びるロシア  :日本経済新聞


ゲンシャー元独外相死去/社会総合/デイリースポーツ online


米大統領「任期中の追加核軍縮は困難」 ロシアと  :日本経済新聞


「ロシア・スポーツ相「選手30人がメルドニウム使用の疑い」」 News i


シャラポワの事情聴取は6月に実施される見込みとロシアテニス協会|THE TENNIS DAILY


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News Headlines - 01 April 2016

Vatican investigates claim hospital funds used to refurbish cardinal's flat | Reuters

The Vatican said on Thursday it is investigating two former officials over claims money meant for a children's hospital was used to refurbish a cardinal's luxury apartment.

Italian nurse arrested over serial killings of patients | Reuters

A 55-year-old Italian nurse has been arrested on suspicion of murdering 13 elderly patients in the intensive care ward where she had worked for decades, police said on Thursday.
The "hospital ward killer", as police have called her, administered lethal doses of a blood-thinning drug into her victims' intravenous drips. Twelve died of internal bleeding and one of cardiac arrest, police said.

U.S., Japan Agree to Nuclear Material Transfer - WSJ

The U.S. and Japan unveiled a plan on Friday to ship weapons-grade nuclear materials from Japanese research facilities to the U.S. as part of an effort to prevent rogue nations and terrorist​ groups from acquiring such materials.

Scientists Identify the Structure of Zika Virus - WSJ

Researchers have identified the structure of the Zika virus, laying the foundation for further study into the ways it infects healthy cells. The finding could guide development of a possible cure or a vaccine in the future, the scientists said.

Google disables April fool joke amid user fury after prank backfires | The Guardian

Gmail Mic Drop caused more tears than laughter, thanks to users accidentally enabling the prank on serious emails – with some dire consequences

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キプロスへのEU金融支援が終了 残るはギリシャのみ - 産経ニュース


スペイン急進・穏健左派が週内に連立協議、先行き不透明 | ロイター


ベルギー同時テロ:ブリュッセル空港、3日にも一部再開へ - 毎日新聞


ベルギーテロ、爆発物に大量のクギ…法歯学者 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


イタリア:看護師が点滴で13人を殺害、容疑で逮捕 - 毎日新聞


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