News Headlines - 24 May 2016

Google offices in Paris raided by tax authorities | The Guardian

French investigators have raided Google’s Paris headquarters, saying the company is now under investigation for aggravated financial fraud and organised money laundering.

The Daily 202: Refusal to release tax returns emerging as a big liability for Trump - The Washington Post

Six in 10 independents believe Trump should release his taxes, and almost all of them say they feel strongly about it. Even 44 percent of Republicans want the billionaire businessman to release his returns before the November election, though they are less passionate.

Trump vs. Clinton Poised to be Battle of Most Disliked Nominees in Decades - ABC News

If Americans don’t change their current views, the match-up between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could be a race between the two most disliked presidential nominees in at least three decades.
The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll has Trump with a 60 percent unfavorable rating and Clinton at 53 percent unfavorable.

British spy agency publishes tech strategy on GitHub | GovInsider

One of the world’s most secretive organisations – UK’s intelligence agency GCHQ – has published its technology strategy on code-sharing site GitHub... The British spy agency also joined Twitter earlier this week as @GCHQ, posting its first tweet “Hello, world” on May 16.

It's Bond, Jane Bond: Gillian Anderson throws hat into the ring to be next 007 | The Guardian

Gillian Anderson has hinted that she would accept the role as the first female Bond, tweeting out a mocked-up poster of herself as 007... She added: “(And sorry, don’t know who made poster but I love it!)”, with the hashtag #NextBond.








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