News Headlines - 25 May 2016

Obama apologizes for Okinawa incident - CNNPolitics.com

After a strong statement of protest by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, President Barack Obama Wednesday expressed "his sincerest condolences and deepest regrets" for the murder of a Japanese woman allegedly at the hands of a former U.S. Marine.

Mitsubishi Motors Books $174 Million Charge Over Scandal - WSJ

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. on Wednesday restated its earnings for the previous financial year and booked a $174 million charge, as it grapples with the fallout from a fuel economy testing scandal that has led to the resignation of its president.

Hillary Clinton Violated Email Policy, State Dept. Says - ABC News

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and some of her predecessors violated the government's policies on email use and records retention, the State Department's Inspector General says.

India’s roads melt as record-breaking heat wave continues | The Independent

India’s on-going heat wave, which set a new record for the country’s highest-ever recorded temperature last week, is melting tarmac on the roads of some of India's busiest cities.

Apple reportedly building Siri speaker and opening digital assistant to app developers | The Independent

Apple is finally planning on opening up Siri to ordinary developers, a move which will make the slightly useless personal assistant a lot more capable.
The company also wants to release a new voice-controlled speaker with Siri technology built in, to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google's upcoming Home device.








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