News Headlines - 27 May 2016

Obama in Hiroshima calls for 'world without nuclear weapons' - CNNPolitics.com

Barack Obama on Friday became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, where he called for a "world without nuclear weapons" during his remarks at the city's Peace Memorial Park.

Justin Trudeau Is Big in Japan -- The Cut

The Japan Times reports that both media and regular civilians have taken to calling him ikemen shusho — Japanese for “hunky prime minister.” Many are posting shirtless photos of him to social media, and referring to him as “hot,” “gorgeous,” and “too perfect.”

The secret life of Kim Jong Un’s aunt, who has lived in the U.S. since 1998 - The Washington Post

A 60-year-old Korean woman with a soft perm and conservative clothes, she’s taking a weekend off from pressing shirts and hemming pants at the dry-cleaning business she runs with her husband.
But she’s not just any immigrant. She’s an aunt to Kim Jong Un, the young North Korean leader who has threatened to wipe out New York with a hydrogen bomb.

Thomas Becket's elbow to return to site of his murder in Canterbury | The Guardian

For almost eight centuries, the tiny sliver of bone has been venerated by distant devotees of England’s famous “turbulent priest”. But this weekend, Thomas Becket’s elbow will make a solemn, if fleeting, return from Esztergom, in Hungary, to Canterbury, the seat of his clerical authority – and the scene of his brutal murder.

Russian Insider Says State-Run Doping Fueled Olympic Gold - The New York Times

The director, Grigory Rodchenkov, who ran the laboratory that handled testing for thousands of Olympians, said he developed a three-drug cocktail of banned substances that he mixed with liquor and provided to dozens of Russian athletes, helping to facilitate one of the most elaborate — and successful — doping ploys in sports history.








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