News Headlines - 30 May 2016

Photo Purports to Show Japanese Journalist Jumpei Yasuda, Missing in Syria - NBC News

A new photograph purporting to show a Japanese journalist believed to be held in Syria was circulated to local media Monday by a person claiming to be a mediator for his captors.
Jumpei Yasuda disappeared in June 2015.

Ban Ki-moon leads in presidential poll- JoongAng Daily

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon led all potential presidential contenders in a poll after he made the strongest hint yet of a possible run in next year’s election.

Cincinnati Zoo Says Killing Gorilla to Save Boy Was Right Decision - WSJ

An official at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden on Monday defended the shooting and killing of a silverback male gorilla after it dragged around a boy who had fallen into the “Gorilla World” exhibit over the weekend.
Video of the incident, which took place on Saturday, was shared widely on the Internet.

A dreaded superbug found for the first time in a U.S. woman - CNN.com

A 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman showed the presence of a rare kind of E. coli infection, the first known case of its kind in the United States. It is a superbug that is resistant to many antibiotics, even Colistin, which doctors use as a last resort when other antibiotics fail.

Real Madrid parade Champions League trophy in front of thousands at packed Bernabeu - Mirror Online

Real Madrid celebrated their Champions League triumph in epic fashion as they paraded the trophy in front of a packed Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday night.








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