News Headlines - 20 June 2016

Martin Winterkorn, Ex-C.E.O. of Volkswagen, Is Under Investigation - The New York Times

The investigation into Volkswagen’s emissions scandal has for the first time reached the top echelon of management, threatening to undermine the company’s claim that wrongdoing was limited to a handful of lower-ranking managers and potentially increasing the already enormous financial damage.

Toyota sends 'Brexit' warning letter to ALL its employees - Daily Post

Toyota has written to its 500 strong workforce in Deeside to warn them that 'Brexit' could hit their business in the UK.
The company had intended to stay out of the debate on the EU referendum but said there had been "unfortunate and repeated" misrepresentation of their position by Vote Leave.

China Bites Apple - WSJ

The case against Apple was brought by an obscure company called Shenzhen Baili, which doesn’t even have a website but appears to be another name for smartphone startup Digione. The Journal reported Friday that Chinese internet giant Baidu is Digione’s largest investor, and that Baidu founder Robin Li is a delegate with the regime’s political-advisory committee, suggesting some of the business and political interests at work.

Hundreds Evacuated as Wildfires Rage Across Dry U.S. Southwest - WSJ

Wildfires blazed Sunday in Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico, forcing hundreds to evacuate as a triple-digit heat wave threatened to intensify the searing conditions and hamper firefighting efforts.

New Tate Modern attracts record visits - BBC News

A record number of people have visited the new Tate Modern in London in its opening weekend.
Tate said there had been 143,000 visits since the revamped and expanded modern art gallery opened on Friday.








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