News Headlines - 29 June 2016

Turkey airport attack: 41 killed in explosions at Istanbul Atatürk | The Guardian

A series of deadly explosions tore through crowds at Istanbul’s Atatürk international airport on Tuesday evening, leaving at least 41 people dead and scores more injured in an attack officials blamed on the Islamic State terror group.

Who’s Risky Now? A Brexit Boost for Emerging Markets - WSJ

Amid the many uncertainties of Brexit, there is one clear lesson: investors underestimate political risk at their peril. That is a point in favor of emerging markets.

Nintendo didn't show the NX at E3 over copycat concerns

If you were surprised that Nintendo wasn't showing its incoming NX console (currently pegged to launch in March 2017) at E3, the world's biggest gameshow, earlier this month, there was at least a reason. According to Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto, the company didn't because it feared copycats if it revealed the console so far in advance of the launch.

Robot salamander can walk and swim - BBC News

A robot salamander that mimics the movement of the real thing has been developed in Switzerland.

Germany v Italy: A score to settle | All media content | DW.COM

Germany are gearing up for their EURO 2016 quarterfinal encounter with Italy. The Germans may have won in a friendly in March but they have yet to beat the Azzurri in a competitive match. Some of today's players were there when Italy won 2-1 in 2012.








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