News Headlines - 10 July 2016

Angela Eagle launches leader bid 'to heal Labour' - BBC News

Angela Eagle has said her Labour leadership challenge is a bid to "heal the party", as leader Jeremy Corbyn urged her to "think again".

Brexit still may not happen, says Italian foreign minister | The Independent

Italy’s foreign minister has suggested that Brexit may not happen after all, referencing points in recent European history when the public vote has been overturned.
Paolo Gentiloni said that some referendums that have taken place in Europe in the past two decades have not been enforced.

Serena Williams just lost out on $380,000 because of Brexit

The world number one has lost out on an estimated $380,000 (£293,000) due to the value of the pound falling following the UK’s decision to leave the UK.

Minor League Baseball Games Now Being Covered By Robot Reporters - Forbes

The Associated Press (AP) is upping its narrative sports reporting game by giving the task of generating minor league recaps to in-house ‘robot’ reporters. The service will allow fans to read descriptions of minor league baseball games created by “natural language generation” (NLG) technology and based on game stats, thereby providing coverage in a previously untapped area (so neither sports reporters nor players need worry about robots moving in on their territory).

Portugal's extra-time goal snatches Euro 2016 from France

A brilliant strike by Eder clinched Portugal's first major title, a 1-0 victory over host France in the 2016 European soccer championships.
Eder's goal after 109 minutes brought an unlikely first triumph for his country, after captain and talisman Cristiano Ronaldo left because of injury midway through the first half.








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