News Headlines - 12 July 2016

Beijing fury as tribunal rejects South China Sea claims | Daily Mail Online

Beijing furiously rejected an international tribunal ruling Tuesday that rendered its claims in the South China Sea invalid and dealt a devastating diplomatic blow to its ambitions in the resource-rich region... But on Tuesday a UN-backed tribunal in The Hague -- the Permanent Court of Arbitration -- ruled that China has no historic rights to the area.

Rio Olympics local committee has deficit of up to $151 million: source | Reuters

The local organizing committee for the upcoming Rio Olympics is running a deficit of between 400 million and 500 million reais ($121 million to $151 million), a source with direct knowledge of the committee's finances told Reuters on Monday.

Public sector workers in Italy use cardboard boxes to cheat their time clocks | Daily Mail Online

Public sector workers in southern Italy have been caught wearing cardboard boxes over their heads in a bid to avoid identification as they cheat on their time clocks.
Police caught 23 council employees in the town of Boscotrecase near Naples on camera clocking in for friends or punching in and leaving again, with two donning cardboard box disguises.
Six were put under house arrest, 13 were suspended for a year and four were suspended for six months and with their staff gone, four council offices have been forced to close their doors.

Japan court upholds reactor shutdown in new blow to nuclear industry | Reuters

A Japanese court on Tuesday upheld an order to keep two reactors operated by Kansai Electric Power closed, the utility said, helping keep efforts to get the country's struggling nuclear industry up and running in limbo.

Here’s why Theresa May will become Britain’s first female leader since Thatcher - The Washington Post

Women often come to power in times of crisis
May’s rise is a perfect example of how male defeat creates opportunities for female candidates
Being qualified usually isn’t enough for women to become leaders. Crisis provides the opportunity.
Will a female prime minister clean up the Brexit mess?








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