News Headlines - 16 July 2016

Discord over South China Sea clouds Asia-Europe summit - Channel NewsAsia

A key summit between Asian and European leaders in Mongolia ended on Saturday without direct mention of the South China Sea dispute in its closing statement, with diplomats describing intense discord over the issue between Europe and Asia.

Gang warfare surges as senior yakuza gunned down in Nagoya:The Asahi Shimbun

A senior yakuza member was gunned down here July 15, signaling an escalation of gang warfare between the nation's largest crime syndicate, the Yamaguchi-gumi, and a splinter group.

Turkey army says it seizes power; Erdogan says: We will overcome this | Reuters

Turkey's military said on Friday it had seized power but President Tayyip Erdogan vowed that the attempted coup would be put down.
If successful, the overthrow of Erdogan, who has ruled Turkey since 2003, would be one of the biggest shifts in the Middle East in years, transforming one of the most important U.S. allies while war rages on its border. Even if it fails, the coup attempt could destabilize a pivotal country in the region.

Mail on Sunday reporter watches Turkey plot unfold and walks among bullet-ridden vehicles  | Daily Mail Online

It was an astonishing call to arms, made from an iPhone held in the trembling hand of a newsreader, and broadcast live to a nation in the grip of a terrifying coup... To the watching world, the bizarre exhortation appeared to be the swansong of a ruler about to fall. But, armed with no more than their own defiance, his people answered the call in their thousands and poured on to the streets of Ankara and Istanbul to face tanks, bullets and death.

Theresa May promises not to trigger Article 50 until the Scots have signed up | Daily Mail Online

Speaking after talks with Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh, the Prime Minister said she would not trigger the formal exit process until she had agreed a 'UK approach' with leaders in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Mrs May's visit to Scotland, just 48 hours into her premiership, was designed to underline her determination to keep the union together but has sparked fears among MPs of a slower Brexit process.








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