News Headlines - 20 July 2016

Donald Trump Claims Nomination, With Discord Clear but Family Cheering - The New York Times

Donald J. Trump was formally crowned the Republican nominee for president at the party’s convention on Tuesday, ending a tumultuous primary season but not the nagging questions about his polarizing candidacy as he once again found himself embroiled in controversy.

Bangladesh, Blaming Local Groups for Attacks, Seeks Suspects Tied to ISIS - The New York Times

The list includes three Bangladeshi expatriates — longtime residents of Canada, Australia and Japan — who have long been sought by the police and suspected of setting up training and recruitment pipelines for the Islamic State. A fourth man on the list vanished last year after telling his brother he planned to fight for the Islamic State in Iraq, the police said.

North Korea's radio broadcast of string of mysterious numbers is possible code | The Guardian

North Korea’s state radio has recently broadcast strings of indecipherable numbers, according to officials in Seoul, in a possible resumption of a cold war-era method of sending coded messages to spies operating in South Korea.

BOJ Is Running Out of Room to Buy Bonds Amid Stimulus: Chart - Bloomberg

Through its unprecedented monetary-stimulus program, the Bank of Japan has acquired over a third of the nation’s total marketable government debt. By comparison, the Federal Reserve holds less than 20 percent of Treasuries, even after quantitative-easing efforts to support the economy, research by BMO Capital Markets pointed out Monday. The BOJ’s swollen coffers highlight the challenge for the world’s third-largest economy: There’s diminishing scope for the central bank to keep buying bonds, according to BMO.

Two wheels bad: Prague bans Segways

Prague's City Hall has agreed to completely ban Segway scooters in the city's historic center and some other parts of the Czech capital.
Numerous tourists have been riding the two-wheeled Segways on pedestrian sidewalks, walkaways and the narrow cobbled streets of Prague. Protests from locals have prompted the ban.








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