News Headlines - 26 July 2016

Murder of a priest: how the horror unfolded as two Islamic State terrorists took church by storm

The daily morning mass at the church of Saint Etienne du Rouvray had started out just like any other. Inside the church, a smattering of congregants - just two worshippers and two nuns - sat in the aisles while at the altar at the head of the church stood Father Jacques Hamel.

Japan care home attack: picture emerges of modest man with horrifying vision | The Guardian

To his neighbours, he was a polite young man with a ready smile and a desire to help. But, on Tuesday, Satoshi Uematsu was in police custody after allegedly carrying out the worst mass killing in Japan since the second world war.

Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law reported kidnapped in São Paulo | The Guardian

The Brazilian mother-in-law of Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has reportedly been kidnapped in São Paulo and is being held for ransom.
A ransom of $36.5m (£28m) has been demanded for the release of 67-year-old Aparecida Schunck, who was abducted last Friday night, according to the magazine Veja.

Democrats Prepare to Nominate Hillary Clinton Despite Sharp Divisions - The New York Times

Democrats prepared to formally nominate Hillary Clinton for president on Tuesday, looking to move beyond the lingering anger that has brought protests and dissension to their convention this week as they seek to unite behind the first female candidate to represent a major American political party.

Deutsche Börse wins shareholder approval for LSE merger — FT.com

Shareholders in Deutsche Börse have backed its planned merger with the London Stock Exchange Group, but the two groups still need to persuade regulators to approve the deal.








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