News Headlines - 28 August 2016

Rodrigo Duterte’s Campaign of Terror in the Philippines - The New Yorker

Rodrigo Duterte, the new President of the Philippines, is a liberal’s worst nightmare. In his campaign, Duterte, a former mayor and prosecutor, promised to cleanse the country of drug users and dealers by extrajudicial means. Since his inauguration, on June 30th, he has been following through with a vengeance. In that time, more than eighteen hundred people have been killed—drug dealers, drug users, and in several cases people who happened to be nearby. The youngest was five years old.

Nicolas Sarkozy demands border controls for thousands of migrants in Calais be shifted to Britain

Nicolas Sarkozy has joined other conservative French politicians in demanding that border controls for thousands of migrants in Calais be shifted to Britain.

‘Leprechaun economics’: EU mission to audit 26% GDP rise

The European Union’s statistics agency is sending a mission to Dublin next month to investigate the Irish economic growth figures for last year which prompted claims of “leprechaun economics”.

Swimmer Nick Thomas dies crossing English Channel - BBC News

A man has died while trying to swim the English Channel.
Nick Thomas, 45, from Ellesmere in Shropshire, was pulled unconscious from the water as he neared the end of the 21-mile endurance feat.

Colin Kaepernick Protests National Anthem Over Treatment of Minorities - ABC News

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem during a preseason game Friday out of protest against America's treatment of "black people and people of color."








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