News Headlines - 30 August 2016

TTIP negotiations should stop, French government says | The Independent

The French government is to call for an end to negotiations of the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade agreement.
The commerce framework, planned between the European Union and the United States, is controversial because its critics say it will hand big business too much power.

UK WILL be better off outside the EU, confirms former economy boss | Daily Express

Melvyn King, Baron King of Lothbury, dismissed the pre-referendum scaremongering by the Remain campaign as simply “speculation”... Lord King also added the decrease in value of the pound was actually good for the British economy, as it helped facilitate an essential re-balance.

Ed Balls condemns Jeremy Corbyn's 'leftist utopian fantasy' | The Independent

Ed Balls has warned that “Jeremy Corbyn’s leftist utopian fantasy” will not return the Labour Party to government.
The former shadow chancellor made the criticism within an analysis of Labour’s 2015 election campaign, which he described as “astonishingly dysfunctional”.

Running Monju reactor for 10 years would cost gov't 600 billion yen extra - The Mainichi

The government has calculated it will face about 600 billion yen in additional expenditure to keep the trouble-plagued Monju fast-breeder reactor operating in the Fukui Prefecture city of Tsuruga for another 10 years under current plans, it has been learned.

National treasures: What objects has the UK fought to keep in the country? - BBC News

A sapphire and diamond coronet given to Queen Victoria by her beloved husband Albert has been placed under a temporary export bar, preventing it from being taken abroad.








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