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News Headlines - 31 October 2016

Italy quake: At least 15,000 in temporary shelters - BBC News

Italy's most powerful earthquake since 1980 has left more than 15,000 people homeless, according to the country's civil protection agency.

One Canadian town bans teenagers from trick-or-treating - BBC News

"No person(s) over the age of 14 yrs. shall take part in door-to-door soliciting (trick-or-treating)," the town bylaw states.
The bylaw also says that once the clock strikes 19:00, frivolities like "door-to-door soliciting" and "facial disguises" are also banned.

Toyota finally tames lithium-ion battery technology - ET Auto

Engineers at Toyota Motor Corp say they have tamed volatile lithium-ion battery technology, and can now safely pack more power at no significant extra cost, giving the Japanese automaker the option to enter the growing all-electric car market.

Panasonic Operating Profit Down; Cuts FY View; To Liquidate Plasma Display Unit - NASDAQ.com

Separately, Panasonic said it has decided to liquidate its unit Panasonic Plasma Display Co. Ltd. or PPD, file a petition for the commencement for the special liquidation and to forgive debts that PPD owes to the company. The unit's business operations were ended at the end of March 2014. Weak demand and lower prices resulted in the decision.

Choi Soon-sil apologizes as she appears at prosecutors’ office – The Korea Times

Choi Soon-sil, a confidante of President Park Geun-hye, apologized to the people as she appeared at the state prosecutors’ office Monday to answer questions in regards to allegations of interfering in state affairs and peddling influence.

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クリントン氏側近の夫から押収のPC、再捜査の決め手に News i

FBIは元々、この元下院議員と未成年とのわいせつなメールのやり取りについて捜査をしていました。 この中で元下院議員のパソコンを押収したところ、妻である側近女性とクリントン氏との数千件に及ぶメールが見つかったということです。

モルドバ大統領選、決選投票へ  :日本経済新聞


[FT]中国の買収、ドイツ「待った」  :日本経済新聞


前ベルギー国王、隠し子訴訟で来年出廷へ=原告弁護士 | ロイター


村上春樹氏「影の持つ意味」と題してスピーチ アンデルセン文学賞 - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


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News Headlines - 30 October 2016

German EU commissioner accused of racism after remarks about Chinese | Reuters

In a speech to businessmen held in Hamburg last week, Guenther Oettinger, the senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party, used the derogatory term Schlitzaugen - slit eyes - to describe people from China and other Asian descent.

Iceland elections leave ruling centre-right party in driving seat | The Guardian

Iceland’s incumbent Independence party was in pole position to try to form a new government after voters chose continuity in Saturday’s elections and support for the anti-establishment Pirate party, while sharply up, fell below early expectations.

'Rasputin-like' friend of South Korean president returns amid protests | The Guardian

Uncertainty over the future of the South Korean president, Park Geun-hye, is expected to intensify after a Rasputin-like figure at the centre of a mounting political crisis returned to Seoul, a day after thousands of protesters called for Park’s resignation.

I wouldn't hire James Bond, says real British spy chief | Reuters

Alex Younger said real spies had to cope with complex moral and physical challenges in the most forbidding environments on Earth, which would rule out the agent known as 007 because he lacked a strong ethical core.

Italy quake: Aerial footage of devastation - BBC News

Aerial footage shows the damage to villages in central Italy after a 6.6-magnitude earthquake.

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伊中部で再び地震 M6・6 - 産経ニュース


スペイン 首相の続投承認、10か月の政治空白解消へ News i




仏大統領選、ジュペ元首相がサルコジ氏へのリード拡大=世論調査 | ロイター




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News Headlines - 29 October 2016

South Korea: thousands of protesters call for president to resign | The Guardian

Thousands of South Koreans took to the streets of the capital on Saturday calling for increasingly unpopular president Park Geun-hye to step down over allegations that she let an old friend, the daughter of a religious cult leader, interfere in important state affairs. The evening protest came after Park ordered 10 of her senior secretaries to resign over a scandal that is likely to deepen the president’s lame duck status ahead of next year’s election.

Calais 'Jungle': France urges UK to take more children - BBC News

France's president has urged Britain to take its share of responsibility for migrant children who remain in Calais after the "Jungle" camp was cleared.

Theresa May said in 2007 MPs should have veto on EU negotiations - BBC News

In 2007 Theresa May said ministers should gain Parliamentary approval before talks with the European Union.
Mrs May is now resisting pressure to give Parliament a vote on her plans for Brexit prior to EU negotiations.

World on track to lose two-thirds of wild animals by 2020, major report warns | The Guardian

The analysis, the most comprehensive to date, indicates that animal populations plummeted by 58% between 1970 and 2012, with losses on track to reach 67% by 2020. Researchers from WWF and the Zoological Society of London compiled the report from scientific data and found that the destruction of wild habitats, hunting and pollution were to blame.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Seeing ‘Doctor Strange’ - The New York Times

Even though he’s about to get the full Hollywood C.G.I. treatment, Doctor Strange has never been a superstar of the Marvel Universe — more like an endearing benchwarmer with a knuckleball personality and a wacky Cloak of Levitation.

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FBI、クリントン氏メール問題の調査再開 選挙戦に打撃:AFPBB News

米大統領選の民主党候補ヒラリー・クリントン(Hillary Clinton)氏が国務長官時代に私用電子メールサーバーを使っていた問題で、連邦捜査局(FBI)は28日、「関連すると思われる」新たなメールが見つかったことを受け、調査を再開したことを明らかにした。選挙戦をリードする同氏への大きな打撃となる。

北アイルランド高裁、EU離脱で議会承認必要ないと判断 | ロイター


スペイン議会、29日に2回目の首相信任投票 ラホイ新政権発足へ | ロイター






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News Headlines - 28 October 2016

As 3 African Nations Vow to Exit, International Court Faces Its Own Trial - The New York Times

This week, Gambia, known for crushing political dissent, announced its intention to pull out of the tribunal, denouncing it on state television as the “international Caucasian court.” Though most of the court’s judges are not white, almost all of its full-fledged investigations have focused on Africa. And the planned withdrawal carried an extra barb: Gambia is the home country of the court’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda.

Venezuelan Lawmakers Vote to Put President Nicolás Maduro on Trial - The New York Times

Venezuela’s opposition-led National Assembly voted on Tuesday to put President Nicolás Maduro on political trial, but the legislature’s dwindling power means the decision will likely have no practical effect.

South Korean scandal over Park's mysterious helper: what we know | The Japan Times

President Park Geun-hye’s acknowledgment this week that she got help, including the editing of some of her speeches, from a mysterious woman outside of government has caused an uproar in South Korea.

Japanese girl band Keyakizaka46 cause outrage by dressing in NAZI SS-style outfits  | Daily Mail Online

A Japanese girlband has caused outrage after their outfits for a Halloween concert were compared to Nazi uniform.

World exclusive: Bob Dylan - I'll be at the Nobel Prize ceremony... if I can

Yes, he is planning to turn up to the awards ceremony in Stockholm. “Absolutely,” he says. “If it’s at all possible.”
And as he talks, he starts to sound pretty pleased about becoming a Nobel laureate. “It’s hard to believe,” he muses. His name has been mentioned as on the shortlist for a number of years, but the announcement was certainly not expected. When he was first told, it was, Dylan confides, “amazing, incredible. Whoever dreams about something like that?”

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ツイッター、動画アプリ「Vine」終了へ 身売り交渉頓挫で構造改編:AFPBB News


CNN.co.jp : 米海兵隊、ノルウェーに駐留の承認要請 米ロ関係緊張続く


ドイツで「ナチスの言葉」復活、物議醸す:AFPBB News


「愛を込めて」ジョン・レノンの英女王宛て手紙見つかる 勲章返却の際に添えた書き損じ  - 産経ニュース

ジョン・レノンを含むビートルズのメンバー4人は1965年、音楽への貢献をたたえられ 女王から勲章を授与されたが、レノンは4年後の69年、英国のビアフラ戦争への介入に抗議する目的で返却。手紙はその理由を説明する内容で、最後に「愛を込めて、ジョン・レノン」と直筆とみられる署名がある。

ロンドン大の日本研「長い関係あった」 三笠宮さま逝去で  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 27 October 2016

Japan's Prince Mikasa, oldest imperial family member, dies at 100 | Reuters

The 100-year-old uncle of Japanese Emperor Akihito, Prince Mikasa, died on Thursday, leaving only four heirs to the Chrysanthemum throne, the Imperial Household Agency said.
Mikasa's death coincides with renewed attention to the future of the aging and shrinking imperial family and whether women should be allowed to inherit the throne, breaking a males-only succession tradition that conservatives say is central to an imperial tradition stretching back 2,600 years.

Duterte Wants Foreign Troops Out of Philippines in 2 Years - Bloomberg

President Rodrigo Duterte said he wanted all foreign troops out of the Philippines in two years as he continued his tirades against the U.S. during his three-day visit in Japan, a key American ally.

Mosul: ISIS sends 'suicide squads' to Iraqi stronghold - CNN.com

ISIS is sending "suicide squads" from Syria to its Iraqi stronghold of Mosul, witnesses have told CNN, as tens of thousands of troops close in on the key city to take it from the militant group's control.

Kenya's first Mr and Miss Albinism crowned | Africanews

Young persons living with albinism in Kenya on Friday participated in the first Mister and Miss Albinism in the capital Nairobi to demystify their condition.

‘Incredibles 2’ Hitting Theaters a Year Early, ‘Toy Story 4’ Pushed Back to 2019 – Variety

The two animated films will switch release dates. “The Incredibles 2” will debut on June 15, 2018 — the same day that “Toy Story 4” was originally slated to bow in theaters. “Toy Story 4” will then move to June 21, 2019, filling a slot that “The Incredibles” follow-up was supposed to occupy.

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CNN.co.jp : 「クリントン氏勝利」の予想が68% CNN世論調査


パウエル元国務長官、クリントン氏への投票表明 米大統領選:AFPBB News

米共和党のコリン・パウエル(Colin Powell)元国務長官は25日、来月8日の大統領選で民主党候補のヒラリー・クリントン(Hillary Clinton)前国務長官に投票する意向を明らかにした。

イタリア中部で相次ぎM5以上の地震…1人軽傷 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


CNN.co.jp : 英国国教会、日曜礼拝を廃止か 一部教会で礼拝できず


英政府、ヒースロー空港の滑走路新設を承認 依然反対論も:AFPBB News

英政府は25日、英国の空の玄関口であるロンドン(London)西部ヒースロー空港(Heathrow Airport)に第3滑走路を建設する計画を承認した。ロンドンに本格的な滑走路が新設されるのは第2次世界大戦(World War II)後初となる。ヒースロー空港の拡張をめぐっては賛否が分かれ、数十年にわたって論議が続いてきたが、ようやく政府が決断を下した。

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News Headlines - 26 October 2016

House Republicans are already preparing for ‘years’ of investigations of Clinton - The Washington Post

Jason Chaffetz, the Utah congressman wrapping up his first term atop the powerful House Oversight Committee, unendorsed Donald Trump weeks ago. That freed him up to prepare for something else: spending years, come January, probing the record of a President Hillary Clinton.

Iconic 'Afghan girl' from 'National Geographic' arrested in Pakistan

National Geographic's iconic, green-eyed Afghan Girl was arrested Wednesday at her home in Peshawar, Pakistan, on charges she possessed a forged national identification card, authorities said.

Images of Starving People in Yemen Help Show the Horrors of War - ABC News

The emaciated frame of 18-year-old Saida Ahmad Baghili lies on a hospital bed in the Red Sea port city of Hodaida, her suffering stark evidence of the malnutrition spread by Yemen's 19-month civil war.

Can Thailand’s economy handle a year of mourning?

Many Thais are putting off weddings, vacations and other “joyful events” as the country begins a one-year period of mourning. This is in addition to a 30-day ban on “entertainment” that has forced infamous bar districts, like Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy, to pull down their shutters out of respect for the late king.

Kirin, Japan's Coca-Cola bottlers discussing possible capital tie-up | Reuters

Japanese beverage company Kirin Holdings said it is in talks with Japan's two Coca-Cola bottling companies, Coca-Cola East Japan and Coca-Cola West, about a possible capital tie-up.

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死者の灰は「聖なる場所に」安置を、バチカンが新規則 | ロイター


CNN.co.jp : ドイツの「世界一高い教会」、立ち小便で腐食が進行


CNN.co.jp : ロンドンの空港封鎖、体調不良の乗客相次ぐ 催涙ガスが原因か


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News Headlines - 25 October 2016

Scotland to pardon gay men convicted under outdated laws | The Guardian

Men convicted of same-sex sexual activity on the basis of outdated and homophobic laws will receive a full pardon, the Scottish government has announced... A similar law intended to apply to England and Wales was scuppered by the Conservative justice minister, Sam Gyimah, on Friday after he spoke so long that it ran out of time.

EU trade deal with Canada on brink of collapse after Belgian disarray | The Guardian

The EU’s hopes of signing a free-trade agreement with Canada this week are on a knife-edge after Belgium announced it could not sign the treaty because of opposition from regional parliaments.

Apple Pins Hopes on iPhone 7 as Profit, Revenue Decline - WSJ

Apple Inc. posted its first annual revenue decline in 15 years, but projected a return to growth in the current quarter behind strong sales of its new iPhone 7.

Wikipedia is fixing one of the Internet’s biggest flaws - The Washington Post

Recent research from Harvard Business School suggests that Wikipedia has become increasingly balanced in the course of its 15-year history. An analysis of political articles shows that the site was once heavily biased toward the left, but has steadily drifted toward the center, to the point that many entries are now about as neutral as their counterparts in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Rare line-up of stars predicted for 2028 could reveal alien life on other planets | Daily Mail Online

The European Southern Observatory has predicted a very rare 'gravitational lensing event' which will see Earth-like planets orbiting the stars closest to our own solar system.
The prediction comes shortly after astronomers announced the discovery of Proxima B – a planet very similar to Earth that may be home to alien life.

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ハッキング容疑でロシア人の男を逮捕、LinkedInの大量流出事件に関与か - ITmedia エンタープライズ


CNN.co.jp : 米紙NYT、トランプ氏の侮辱的ツイートを一挙掲載


フランス元老院、ベーシックインカムの試験導入を認める答申 - BusinessNewsline


全米で大人気の「PANDA EXPRESS」日本1号店はラゾーナ川崎 | ニュースウォーカー

「PANDA EXPRESS」は、1983年に出店し、店舗数が1900店を超えるチャイニーズレストラン。中国生まれのアメリカ人である共同会長兼最高経営責任者が、伝統的な中華料理のレシピや味、調理技術をアメリカの食材と合わせたことにより、ほかではつくれない進化し続ける「アメリカンチャイニーズフード」を提供する。

CNN.co.jp : 歴史の息づくローマ法王の離宮が一般公開


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News Headlines - 24 October 2016

Home webcams used to attack Spotify and Twitter and other major sites recalled by manufacturer

Hackers used hundreds and thousands of devices to spread a malicious code that blocked access to some of the world's biggest websites, including Twitter, Paypal, Reddit and Spotify.

White Powder at Clinton Campaign Headquarters Found ‘Non-Hazardous’ | TIME

White powder sent to Hillary Clinton‘s campaign office in New York City on Friday has been deemed “non-hazardous,” police said.

Calais migrants: Hundreds moved from 'Jungle' camp - BBC News

Almost 2,000 migrants have been bussed away from the "Jungle" in Calais as French authorities clear the camp... Migrants queued peacefully to be processed, but there are concerns some will refuse to go because they still want to get to the UK.

Real Madrid's Ongoing Defensive Errors Are the Biggest Barrier to Success | Bleacher Report

Even though Real Madrid remain unbeaten this season, it is those mistakes at the back that will prove most costly as the team chases glory in domestic and European competitions and that must be eradicated quickly if Madrid aren't to be their own worst enemies in 2016/17.

Boy George leads tributes on Twitter to Pete Burns who died today aged 57 | Daily Mail Online

Fellow eighties icon Boy George was among those to express sadness at his death, writing on Twitter: 'Tearful about the passing of @PeteBurnsICON he was one of our great true eccentrics and such a big part of my life! Wow. Hard to believe!' (sic)

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通信とメディア、ネット動画が消す境界  :日本経済新聞


「ナパーム弾の少女」問題から約1カ月:Facebook、“意義ある”ヌードや暴力画像であれば掲載認める方針に - ITmedia ニュース


「ヒトラー万歳」で警官有罪=オーストリア:AFPBB News


サイゼリヤ、イタリア被災地に1億円 名物パスタで寄付:朝日新聞デジタル


鳥取発の世界的高級ブランド、バッグの「バルコス」躍進の理由 山本敬・バルコス代表取締役社長|ダイヤモンド・オンライン


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News Headlines - 23 October 2016

Spanish court overturns Catalonia's bullfighting ban | The Guardian

Spain’s constitutional court has overturned Catalonia’s controversial ban on bullfighting, imposed by the regional government in 2010.

Presidential poll: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 12

Hillary Clinton has a 12-point lead over Donald Trump and has reached 50% support nationally among likely voters, a new ABC News tracking poll shows.
The poll shows Clinton with 50% support to Trump's 38%, with 5% backing Libertarian Gary Johnson and 2% supporting the Green Party's Jill Stein.

US Confirms 11th Death Due to Takata Air Bags - Bloomberg

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed the woman's death on Thursday but didn't release her name. Up to five people also may have been killed by the air bags in Malaysia, bringing the number of deaths globally to as many as 16.

Taiwan to end nuclear power generation in 2025:The Asahi Shimbun

In a rare move for power-hungry Asia, the Taiwanese government has decided to abolish nuclear power generation by 2025 to meet the public's demand for a nuclear-free society following the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

ESA's Schiaparelli Mars lander exploded on impact, Nasa images suggest | The Guardian

The landing site of a European spacecraft that was supposed to make a historic touchdown on Mars this week has been identified in images that suggest the probe suffered a violent collision at the surface.

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「デジタルの恐怖にどう立ち向かうか」──8兆円のEMC買収劇でマイケル・デルCEOは何を語ったか - ITmedia ニュース


Kodak、銀塩カメラ風Android端末「EKTRA」を449ポンドで発売へ - ITmedia ニュース

米Kodakは10月20日(現地時間)、1941年発売の銀塩カメラブランドを冠したAndroid端末「KODAK EKTRA」を発表した。2100万画素/1300万画素のカメラを登載する“写真家のために設計した”スマートフォンという。



プラハ中心部のルツェルナ宮殿屋上を開放、最初の来賓はヤギ | ロイター


洋ナシ型ダイヤの耳飾りが競売に、予想落札額は20─30億円 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 22 October 2016

As tensions over Taiwan's national identity reignite, tourists from mainland China avoid the island - LA Times

The absence reveals a deepening rift over Taiwan’s national identity. Mainland tourism has dropped 20% since June, weeks after President Tsai Ing-wen took power and declined to endorse the notion that Taiwan and the mainland are part of one united China.

Theresa May 'optimistic' she can get right Brexit deal for UK - BBC News

Theresa May has predicted "difficult moments" ahead in Brexit negotiations but said she is optimistic she can get a deal "that is right for the UK".

Britain's former EU chief warns Theresa May not to choose 'Stupid Brexit' - Mirror Online

Theresa May has been told not to choose "stupid Brexit" in a stark warning by the government's former EU chief.
Former EU commissioner Lord Hill made the stark comment today as he told of the "danger" Britain's negotiation could "self-harm".

Nissan to make Sunderland Qashqai decision 'next month' - BBC News

Car giant Nissan says it will make a decision next month on whether to produce the next Qashqai SUV at its Sunderland plant following Britain's vote to leave the European Union.

Countess Raine Spencer, stepmother of Princess Diana, dies aged 87 | The Guardian

Raine Spencer, the socialite stepmother of Diana, Princess of Wales, and daughter of the prolific romantic novelist Dame Barbara Cartland, has died aged 87.

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葛飾北斎の新たな絵画か オランダの博物館が所蔵 | NHKニュース


沈黙続けるボブ・ディラン氏は「傲慢」ノーベル賞委員が非難:AFPBB News

今年のノーベル文学賞(Nobel Prize in Literature)に選ばれた米シンガー・ソングライターのボブ・ディラン(Bob Dylan)氏(75)が受賞決定について沈黙を続けていることについて、同賞の選考委員会であるスウェーデン・アカデミー(Swedish Academy)の一員が21日、ディラン氏は傲慢(ごうまん)だと非難した。

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News Headlines - 21 October 2016

Apple Approached Time Warner About Possible Merger Before AT&T Talks - WSJ

Apple Inc. approached Time Warner Inc. about pursuing a combination a few months ago, and though the discussions didn’t progress beyond a preliminary stage, Apple is now monitoring the media giant’s talks with AT&T Inc., people familiar with the matter said Friday.
AT&T is now in advanced talks to purchase Time Warner, The Wall Street Journal has reported, and a deal could come together within days.

Cyber attacks briefly knock out top sites - BBC News

Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, SoundCloud, PayPal and several other sites have been affected by three web attacks.
All the firms are customers of a company called Dyn, which they use to help users find their sites online.

France to start dismantling 'Jungle' migrant camp on Monday | Reuters

France will start removing migrants on Monday from a squalid north-coast camp known as the Jungle and expects to dismantle it in the space of a week, an interior ministry official said on Friday.

Bob Dylan removes mention of Nobel prize from website | The Guardian

The simple words “winner of the Nobel prize in literature”, which appeared on the page for The Lyrics: 1961-2012, have now been removed. Bob Dylan, Nobel laureate, is once again plain Bob Dylan.

Chelsea v Man Utd: Jose Mourinho promises no 'crazy kid' celebrations - BBC Sport

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says he will not "celebrate like a crazy kid" if his new team score against his former club Chelsea... He won there with Inter Milan in 2010, before his second spell with the Blues in which he added a third league title to his trophy haul in west London.

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スコットランド首相、独立問う住民投票法案を公表  :日本経済新聞






英名門大学で伝統行事の「泡合戦」、新入生を歓迎 | ロイター


英国の古城、ポピー数千本が彩る 第一次大戦の追悼イベント | ロイター


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News Headlines - 20 October 2016

Who won the third US presidential debate, Trump or Clinton? | The Guardian

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went head to head in Nevada for the third and final presidential debate, clashing on topics including immigration and Iraq

Nintendo Switch: Gaming giant reveals its next console

The Nintendo Switch, a new name that replaces the “NX” codename the company has been working under, is set to be released in March next year.

Watch: Battle of Hastings 2016 re-enactment

Thousands of history buffs, many in full costume, marked the 950th anniversary of the 1066 Battle of Hastings with a dramatic reenactment Saturday that commemorated one of the most important events in British history.

‘Willy Wonka’ New Film in the Works From David Heyman and Warner Bros. (EXCLUSIVE) – Variety

Sources tell Variety that Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to the “Willy Wonka” IP from the Roald Dahl Estate and is planning a new movie centered around the eccentric character... “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” has since been adapted into two feature films, most recently by Warner Bros. in 2005 with Tim Burton directing and Johnny Depp starring as Wonka. The original Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder, died on Aug. 29.

Harrison Ford's Star Wars injury results in $2m fine for British production firm | The Guardian

A British firm owned by Disney has been fined £1.6m ($2m) on Wednesday for health and safety breaches after Harrison Ford was crushed by a hydraulic door on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2014.

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CNN.co.jp : 第3回討論会 クリントン氏勝利が52%、トランプ氏の39%上回る




エッフェル塔近くにロシア正教の大聖堂、竣工式に仏閣僚出席せず | ロイター


法王題材の落書きをローマ市が撤去、アートなのにと批判も | ロイター


ピコ太郎『PPAP』快挙!全米チャートランクイン、松田聖子以来 - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)

 日本人のトップ100入りは、1990年に「THE RIGHT COMBINATION」で54位に入った聖子以来、実に26年ぶり。63年に「SUKIYAKI(上を向いて歩こう)」で日本人唯一の1位を獲得した故坂本九さんをはじめ、ピンク・レディー、YMOらに続く7組目が、パンチパーマにヒョウ柄衣装がトレードマークの中年歌手となった。

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News Headlines - 19 October 2016

Mosul battle: US says IS using human shields - BBC News

The US has accused Islamic State (IS) militants of using civilians as human shields as Iraqi forces move closer to the group's stronghold in Mosul.

Ecuador: We have 'temporarily restricted' Assange's internet

Ecuador's government acknowledged on Tuesday that it cut off WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's internet access at its embassy in London after the whistleblowing site published a trove of damaging emails from Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Two injured in roof collapse at Manchester Victoria station | The Guardian

Two people were injured after heavy rain caused roof panels to collapse at Victoria railway station in Manchester.
The panels within the roof linking the Grade II-listed station buildings buckled owing to rain water, witnesses said. The incident at the city’s second largest mainline railway station came after recent refurbishment work to the roof.

62-year-old woman in Spain gives birth to third child | Fox News

A 62-year-old Spanish woman has given birth to a healthy girl and encourages women in their later years to imitate her if they want to.

UK inflation at 1% as price of clothes and fuel rises - BBC News

Inflation rose to 1.0% in September, up from 0.6% in August, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.
Clothing saw its biggest price rise since 2010 and fuel, which was falling a year ago, was also more expensive.

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トランプ氏は「泣き言を言うな」 オバマ大統領が痛烈批判:AFPBB News

トランプ氏が米大統領選で不正行為が横行しているとする危険な陰謀論を声高に訴えていることを受け、オバマ大統領は、訪米中のマッテオ・レンツィ(Matteo Renzi)伊首相を前に外交儀礼さえも取り払い、痛烈なトランプ氏批判を展開した。



三菱自動車会長に日産 ゴーン社長が就任へ | NHKニュース


日本とスペインの直行便 18年ぶりに再開 | NHKニュース




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News Headlines - 18 October 2016

IOC may move some Tokyo 2020 Olympic events to South Korea | The Guardian

The International Olympic Committee is considering moving the rowing and canoeing events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to South Korea in an attempt to cut soaring costs, according to Japanese media reports.

South Korea prosecutors to indict Lotte chairman, father and brother in corruption probe: Yonhap - Channel NewsAsia

South Korean prosecutors will file charges on Wednesday against Lotte Group's chairman, Shin Dong-bin, father and brother alleging they committed offences such as embezzlement and breach of trust worth hundreds of millions of dollars at the family-owned conglomerate, wire service Yonhap reported on Tuesday.

New Thai king to ascend throne in weeks, says prime minister- Nikkei Asian Review

Thailand's Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn will ascend the throne sometime in October at the earliest, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia: Prince executed for murder - Al Arabiya English

The prince was found guilty three years ago by a Saudi court for murdering a young Saudi man following a group fight in al-Thumama region in the outskirts of Riyadh.

Ikea Shanghai frowns on elderly daters who occupy cafeteria - BBC News

The Swedish furniture giant's Shanghai store has seen a strange phenomenon of senior citizens descending upon its famed cafeteria to socialise and even find partners.

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モスル奪還作戦「IS壊滅の決定的瞬間に」 米国防長官:朝日新聞デジタル


トランプ氏のわいせつ立証映像に賞金1億円 男性誌ハスラー創刊者:AFPBB News

米アダルト業界の大物実業家で男性誌「ハスラー(Hustler)」の創刊者、ラリー・フリント(Larry Flynt)氏が17日、相次ぐスキャンダル報道で苦境に立たされている米大統領選の共和党候補ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)氏の「スキャンダラスな」映像や音声に対し、最高で100万ドル(約1億円)の賞金を提供することを発表した。



ウーパールーパーが絶滅の危機 | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト

 数世紀にわたる開発と汚染が原因で、このユニークな生物は現在、メキシコの首都メキシコシティのいくつかの運河にしか生息していない。ナショナル ジオグラフィックのラテンアメリカ版2016年9月号の特集記事によると、このままでは2020年までに絶滅するおそれがあると科学者たちが警告している。

ダニエル・クレイグ、007引退発言から一転続投か - ハリウッド : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 17 October 2016

Iraq announces start of offensive to retake Mosul | Reuters

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Monday announced the start of an offensive to retake Mosul, the capital of Islamic State's so-called caliphate in Iraq... The assault on Mosul is backed by the U.S.-led coalition and could be one of the biggest military operations in Iraq since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

Northern Ireland should push for special EU status, says Martin McGuinness | The Guardian

The deputy first minister and Sinn Féin leader told the Guardian that leaders in Belfast and Dublin needed to work together to make the case for special rules to apply to Northern Ireland. The province voted 56:44 in favour of staying in the EU in June’s referendum, but will be forced to pull out when Britain does.

Labour asks Government 170 questions about what Brexit will look like | The Independent

Labour has released a list of 170 questions about Brexit it says the Government must answer as it moves towards secession negotiations with the EU.

China launches its longest crewed space mission yet | Fox News

Two Chinese astronauts began the country's longest crewed space mission yet on Monday, blasting off on a spacecraft for a 30-day stay on an experimental space station as China steadfastly navigates its way to becoming a space superpower.

Teenage daughter of Tyson Gay killed in shooting - CNN.com

The teenage daughter of U.S. Olympian Tyson Gay has died after an early morning shooting in Lexington, Kentucky and police have arrested one man in connection with the crime.

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CNN.co.jp : 米英、ロシアとシリアに経済制裁を検討 アレッポ空爆受け


フランスの容疑者報道:テロリストの氏名、実名・匿名で割れる - 毎日新聞




ここにもニッポンの伝統が…ユネスコ無形遺産「和紙」技法生かし、ドイツ職人が欧州の紙作り - 産経ニュース


シャルル10世の遺骨返還めぐり火花、仏歴史団体と埋葬先 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 16 October 2016

Nuclear Skeptic Set to Govern Japan Prefecture With Biggest Nuclear Plant - WSJ

A nuclear-power skeptic won a gubernatorial race on Sunday in the Japanese prefecture hosting the world’s largest nuclear plant, in a blow to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s energy policy.

Boris Johnson's secret 'Remain' article revealed

His unpublished article for The Daily Telegraph was written two days before his shock announcement that he would campaign to leave.
He referred to warnings that Brexit could lead to an economic shock, Scottish independence and Russian aggression, according to All Out War, by Sunday Times political editor Tim Shipman.

Pm would have to delay brexit if mps voted against plans, claims nick clegg | Daily Mail Online

Theresa May would have to delay Brexit if she gives MPs a vote on her negotiating strategy before triggering the formal process to leave the European Union and they reject it, Nick Clegg has admitted.

Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik fractures his spine on a trampoline | Daily Mail Online

Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik had to miss a royal reception for Danish Olympic and Paralympic athletes today - because he fractured his spine while jumping on a trampoline.

The most liberal universities in the United States - The Washington Post

The paper finds that liberals dominate these academic fields, as past research has indicated. However, Democratic-to-Republican ratios prove to be even higher than the researchers had thought, particularly in economics and history. Of the 7,243 professors they researched, 3,623 were registered Democratic and only 314 were registered Republicans. The more prestigious the university, the more liberal its faculty tended to be.

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ポンド下落でイギリス物価大幅上昇へ、来年末は4%近くの予想も | ニューズウィーク日本版


「パナマ文書」公開から半年 実態調査進まず  :日本経済新聞


ドイツ銀行に10億円制裁金…米証券取引委員会 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


イラク軍 IS最大拠点のモスル奪還へ 近く軍事作戦 | NHKニュース


英で自動運転車が公道を初走行、2020年までの導入目指す | ニューズウィーク日本版


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News Headlines - 15 October 2016

EU's Tusk says Britain might yet back out of Brexit | Reuters

Britain might ultimately decide not leave the European Union as the EU will not offer London any softer terms than a damaging "hard Brexit", Donald Tusk, who will run the negotiations for Brussels, said on Thursday.

Salesforce Won’t Pursue Bid for Twitter - WSJ

Twitter Inc. was left at the altar on Friday after Salesforce.com Inc. walked away from pursuing a combination, all but extinguishing hopes for a near-term sale of the social-media company as it struggles to accelerate revenue growth.

Thai king death: Thousands queue to pay respects at palace - BBC News

Large queues formed at the Grand Palace in the Thai capital as mourners paid their respects to King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died on Thursday.

Japan’s abdicating emperor may ignite row over succession rules

Top of the agenda will most likely be discussions relating to changes in the law to permit the abdication of an emperor, as well as the title he should adopt after stepping down.
The panel is expected to hold at least seven meetings before the end of the year, with its final proposals released as early as next spring.

Your Name's Makoto Shinkai on directing for Studio Ghibli | Daily Express

“People may thing we look similar, but we don’t really. Ghibli is about craftsmanship. They draw characters and put life in it.
“But mine is more like a series of stop-motions and our technical aspects are dissimilar too."

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英スコットランド首相、独立問う住民投票草案を来週にも公表へ | ロイター


米財政赤字、5年ぶり増加 オバマケアで社会保障費増:朝日新聞デジタル




ハンガリー:左派新聞の発刊停止…「政府関与」指摘も - 毎日新聞




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News Headlines - 14 October 2016

Michelle Obama’s speech on Donald Trump was remarkable - The Washington Post

It's been six days since a hot-mic tape in which Donald Trump makes a series of lewd and sexually suggestive comments about women went public. But until first lady Michelle Obama stepped on the podium at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton on Thursday in New Hampshire, no public figure has so effectively encapsulated how this moment has made many American women feel.

Dentsu’s Tokyo HQ raided over worker’s suicide

The Tokyo headquarters of Dentsu — the sprawling advertising agency embroiled in an overbilling scandal — has been raided by officials investigating the suicide of an employee.

Sony PlayStation is launching mobile games on Android and iOS to take on Nintendo

Sony's PlayStation gaming business is planning to launch more than five smartphone games, the company said on Friday, following in the steps of Nintendo as the Japanese electronics giant aims to take a slice of the lucrative mobile games market.

Samsung Predicts $3 Billion Hit to Future Profits After Pulling Galaxy Note 7 - The New York Times

Samsung Electronics said on Friday that it expected about $3 billion in operating profits to evaporate over the next two quarters because of its decision to ditch the troubled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

The BBC gives Nicola Sturgeon a gorilla toy to apologise for showing escaped ape instead of First Minister on Breakfast show

The BBC has apologised for mixing Nicola Sturgeon up with an escaped gorilla at London Zoo by presenting her with a cuddly toy version of the animal.

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「心底衝撃」とオバマ夫人、トランプ氏非難で異例の演説 - Bloomberg


全米に広がるピエロ騒動に政府も介入 「ピエロ恐怖症」との指摘も:AFPBB News


「ボブ・ディランさん電話して」 ノーベル賞連絡とれず:朝日新聞デジタル


プレステVRが販売開始 仮想現実を体験、世界同日発売:朝日新聞デジタル


ロンドン動物園でゴリラ脱走、すぐに捕獲され騒ぎ収束 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 13 October 2016

Bob Dylan wins Nobel Literature Prize - BBC News

The 75-year-old rock legend received the prize "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition".
The balladeer, artist and occasional actor is the first songwriter to win the prestigious award.

Donald Trump Threatens to Sue The Times Over Article on Unwanted Advances - The New York Times

Donald J. Trump threatened to sue The New York Times for libel on Wednesday night in response to an article that featured two women accusing him of touching them inappropriately years ago, but the newspaper defended its reporting and told Mr. Trump’s lawyer that “we welcome the opportunity to have a court set him straight.”

Foreign investors sue Toshiba over accounting scandal | Reuters

A group of investors, mostly foreign institutions, are suing Toshiba Corp in a Tokyo court for 16.7 billion yen ($162.3 million) in damages, over a $1.3 billion accounting scandal uncovered last year.

Top 'shogi' player suspected of cheating pulls out of title match:The Asahi Shimbun

One of Japan's top professional "shogi" players has pulled out of a major tournament after being questioned over suspected cheating.

Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej dies at 88 - BBC News

The king, 88, was widely revered in Thailand. He was seen as a stabilising figure in a country hit by cycles of political turmoil and multiple coups.

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CNN.co.jp : 予算超過は当たり前、誰も望まない五輪招致 ローマも撤退


英名物記者も唖然駐英大使の関心はもっぱら「ゴルフ」 - 週刊文春WEB




【社説】米ノーベル賞受賞者6人は全員移民 - WSJ


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News Headlines - 12 October 2016

Cable fire cuts electricity to 350,000 homes in Tokyo area:The Asahi Shimbun

A fire caused a blackout in the Tokyo metropolitan area on Oct. 12, leading to a temporary loss of power at an estimated 350,000 households in the Japanese capital, according to Tokyo Electric Power Co.

Toyota Motor, Suzuki in Talks on Business Partnership - WSJ

Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday it was in talks with Suzuki Motor Corp. to share the burden of developing self-driving cars and low-cost vehicles, a step the companies said was needed to survive “unprecedented” change.

Former SMBC banker arrested for allegedly stealing \190 million | The Japan Times

A former senior employee of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. was arrested Wednesday for allegedly pocketing about \190 million ($1.84 million) by manipulating the bank’s foreign exchange trading system, police said.

Wells Fargo CEO steps down in wake of sham accounts scandal - The Washington Post

Wells Fargo announced Wednesday that its longtime chief executive and chairman, John G. Stumpf, is stepping down, the latest turn for the embattled megabank after it admitted that thousands of low-level employees had set up sham accounts to meet sales quotas.

Dutch may allow assisted suicide for those who feel they have 'completed life'

The Dutch government intends to draft a law that would legalise assisted suicide for people who feel they have "completed life", but are not necessarily terminally ill, it said on Wednesday.

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「共和党の足かせから自由になった」トランプ氏が宣言 - WSJ




CNN.co.jp : 伊マフィア首領を食器棚裏の隠し部屋で逮捕、11年から逃走


ネットの「偽ニュース」排除 世界の報道機関など、信頼向上へ連携 :日本経済新聞


ロシア陸上女子選手 ロンドンの金メダルはく奪 再検査で陽性 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 11 October 2016

Hard Brexit could cost £66bn a year | The Times & The Sunday Times

Cabinet ministers are being warned that the Treasury could lose up to £66 billion a year in tax revenues under a “hard Brexit”, according to leaked government papers.
GDP could fall by as much as 9.5 per cent if Britain leaves the single market and has to rely on World Trade Organisation rules for trading with the continent, compared with if it stayed within the EU, the forecasts show. Such a steep drop in revenue would force ministers to slash public spending or raise taxes.

Fujitsu to cut up to 1,800 UK jobs | The Guardian

Japanese technology giant Fujitsu has announced plans to cut up to 1,800 jobs in Britain, more than a tenth of its UK workforce .

Japanese still suffer ‘death by overwork’ as long hours persist

Japan’s first government white paper on the still largely taboo phenomenon of “death by overwork” has revealed that a fifth of surveyed companies acknowledge their full-time staff works dangerously long hours.

This Is What 18th-Century Paris Sounded Like | Smithsonian

Now one musicologist is working to change that, reports Laure Cailloce for CNRS News. She's reconstructing something that simply can’t be heard anymore: the sound of 18th-century Paris.
Her name is Myléne Pardoen, and her sonic reconstruction of Paris’ Grand Châtelet district in 1739 is the result of a collaboration between scholars from disciplines ranging from history to sociology to 3D representation.

How a 'Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen' earworm took over the internet - BBC News

You are about to witness viral history in the making and none of it will make any sense to you.
Infectiously-catchy earworm 'PPAP' (short for Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen') was performed by animal print-clad DJ Piko-Taro, a fictional character played by Japanese entertainer Kazuhiko Kosaka.

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CNN.co.jp : ウィキリークス、クリントン氏のウォール街講演の抜粋を公開か


トランプ氏、少なくともAV3本出演 CNN報じる : 日刊スポーツ


安保理、アレッポ空爆停止の決議案否決 ロシアが拒否権  :日本経済新聞


CNN.co.jp : EU、10代向けに無料の鉄道パス計画 帰属意識高揚狙う


Amazon.com、プライム会員向けに“1000冊以上読み放題”の「Prime Reading」開始 - ITmedia ニュース

同社はプライムサービスとは別に、月額9.99ドル(日本では980円)の読み放題サービス「Kindle Unlimited」も提供している。Kindle Unlimitedで読めるのは公称100万冊以上。Prime Readingはそれに比べると規模は小さいが、年額99ドルのプライム会費だけで1000冊以上読めるのは魅力的だ。

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News Headlines - 10 October 2016

Billy Bush suspended from 'Today' show after tape of Trump's lewd comments: memo | Reuters

NBC has suspended television personality Billy Bush from the "Today" show after fallout over the host's 2005 taped lewd conversation with U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to a show memo seen by Reuters on Sunday.

De Niro: I'd like to punch Trump in the face

Actor Robert DeNiro strongly criticized Donald Trump in a video filmed for the #VoteYourFuture campaign but was later excluded because the producers deemed it too partisan.

Clown sightings in the UK - where have they been spotted and where has the trend come from

THE creepy clown epidemic that started in the US has spread to the shores of the UK after a flurry of sightings in towns across the country.
The spooky jesters have been seen in Essex, Wales, Manchester and Newcastle, in some cases approaching school children in sinister masks.

Smoking set to be banned across Philippines | The Independent

A nationwide smoking ban is set to be implemented across the Philippines, replicating rules currently observed in president Duterte’s former jurisdiction, Davao City, where he was mayor.

Alibaba Goes to Hollywood in Deal With Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners - WSJ

Hollywood’s highest-grossing director is teaming up with Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. in a partnership that will help Mr. Spielberg’s Amblin Partners produce, finance and distribute movies, the companies said Sunday.

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交換済み「Note7」の発火問題、Samsungは情報把握後5日経過も無対策 - ITmedia ニュース

Samsung Electronicsが8月に発表し、発火報告を受けて9月に正式リコールを開始した「Galaxy Note7」の交換済み端末もまた発火の報告が相次いでいる。Samsungは遅くとも4日に報告を受けていたが、9日現在もまだ具体的な対策を打ち出していない。

Google、「Nexus」ブランドを終了へ - ITmedia ニュース

米Googleは10月4日(現地時間)に開催した製品発表イベント後、公式オンラインショップGoogle StoreのトップページからNexusブランドの製品をすべて削除した。……4日に発表された新たなブランド「Pixel」が今後のGoogleのオリジナルハードウェアのブランド名になるようだ。

英人気シェフ、自分流パエリアでスペイン人の怒りかう:AFPBB News

英国のセレブシェフ、ジェイミー・オリバー(Jamie Oliver)さんが、自分流にアレンジしたパエリアの写真を自身のツイッター(Twitter)に投稿し、「このチョリソーと鶏もも肉が入ったパエリアは最高においしい」とコメントしたことをきっかけに、スペインの人々から憤りの声があがっている。

アンジェイ・ワイダ氏が死去 映画監督  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 09 October 2016

Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Don't Shake Hands

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton did not shake hands before the second presidential debate began Sunday in St. Louis.
The pair of presidential candidates instead nodded and politely smiled at each other as they approached the center of the stage for the town-hall format debate at Washington University.

Doctors closely monitor King's condition | Bangkok Post

Royal doctors have performed a haemodialysis on His Majesty the King and used drugs to control his blood pressure, according to the 36th announcement issued by the Royal Household Bureau... "The medical team are watching his symptoms and giving treatments carefully because the overall symptoms of his sickness are still not stable," the statement said.

Ethiopia declares state of emergency amid protests - BBC News

Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency following months of anti-government protests by members of the country's two largest ethnic groups.

Fifteen people found inside freezer lorry stopped at M25 services | The Guardian

Five people have been taken to hospital after 15 people, including children, were found in the back of a freezer lorry.
Officers were called to reports of a group of up to 40 people trapped inside the vehicle, with some initially said to be dead, according to police.

Saya Comes to Life on Sharp 8K TV

Saya is a ultra realistic virtual Japanese schoolgirl. Sharp featured the project at the CEATEC 2016 in Japan on 8K TVs.

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ジョージア、与野党とも親欧米で一致 議会選実施 露が国土の2割支配、国民に強い拒否感 - 産経ニュース


ヒトラーをたたえた伝記は本人が自作か、英歴史家が指摘:AFPBB News

ナチス・ドイツ(Nazi)総統に上り詰める以前のアドルフ・ヒトラー(Adolf Hitler)を「ドイツの救世主」と紹介しイエス・キリスト(Jesus Christ)になぞらえたヒトラーの伝記が自作だった可能性があると、英スコットランド(Scotland)の歴史家が主張している。

旧アルバニア王室のレカ王太子が結婚、お相手は人気女優:AFPBB News

アルバニアの首都ティラナ(Tirana)で8日、旧アルバニア王室の当主、レカ王太子(Prince Leka、34)と人気女優のエリア・ザハリア(Elia Zaharia)さん(33)の結婚式が行われた。

「ピース」綾部祐二さん、芸能活動休業し渡米へ : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


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News Headlines - 08 October 2016

Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005 - The Washington Post

Donald Trump bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women during a 2005 conversation caught on a hot microphone, saying that “when you’re a star, they let you do it,” according to a video obtained by The Washington Post.

U.S. Publicly Blames Russia for Hacking to Disrupt Elections - Bloomberg

The U.S. said publicly for the first time that intelligence agencies are “confident that the Russian government directed” the hacking of American political groups and leaked stolen material in order to interfere with the Nov. 8 election.

Amazon axes 'sexy burka' costume amid complaints it is racist | London Evening Standard

The online retail giant has removed the black cropped dress which came with a plunging neckline and was modelled by a white woman amid outrage from customers... But customers were quick to condemn the garment as “racist” before it was pulled from the website.

Air-Bag Maker Takata Weighs U.S. Bankruptcy Filing - WSJ

Takata Corp., the Japanese supplier of air bags linked to numerous deaths and injuries, is weighing a U.S. bankruptcy filing as one option for addressing mushrooming recall costs and clearing a path for an outside investor, people familiar with the matter said.

Japan's Mount Aso volcano erupts, no injuries reported | Reuters

Mount Aso, a volcano on Japan's main southern island of Kyushu, erupted early on Saturday, Japan's Meteorological Agency said, spewing volcanic ash 11,000 meters (7 miles) into the sky.

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トランプ氏の爆弾映像浮上、下品な言葉で女性経験を自慢:AFPBB News

米大統領選の共和党候補ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)氏が、低俗で性的に過激な言葉を使い女性について語る映像が7日、米紙ワシントン・ポスト(Washington Post)により公開された。……3分間にわたる映像は2005年9月撮影とされ、米国のケーブルテレビ各局で直ちに放送された。その中でトランプ氏は、女性の体を触ったり、既婚女性に性的関係を持ちかけたりしたことについて自慢げに話している。



露女性記者射殺10年:真相 迷宮入り許さず - 毎日新聞


英男性、血中HIV完全除去に世界で初めて成功 完治に光 (The Telegraph)


ポーランド下院、中絶禁止法案を否決:AFPBB News


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News Headlines - 07 October 2016

Philippines' Duterte defiant as poll shows popularity soaring

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told all his critics to "go to hell" on Thursday as he renewed his threats to kill, after a poll showed Filipinos overwhelmingly endorsed his deadly war on crime... However 76 percent of Filipinos are "satisfied" with Duterte's performance, according to a poll by Social Weather Stations released on Thursday. Just 11 percent of people surveyed said they were "dissatisfied" and the rest were undecided.

Twitter shares plunge on report bidders are scarce | Reuters

With stagnant user growth and continuing losses, Twitter's board agreed last month to consider a sale, and has told potential acquirers it wants such deliberations to conclude by the time it reports third-quarter earnings on Oct. 27, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

Sharp to sell low-cost smartphones made by Foxconn- Nikkei Asian Review

Sharp plans to beef up its smartphone lineup by making the most of its Taiwanese parent's low-cost manufacturing prowess to release entry-level models in Japan as soon as the spring.

Forecast Hints That Hurricane Matthew Could Loop Back - The New York Times

That is the question raised by the five-day forecast cones for the storm from the National Hurricane Center. The curving path you often see with a storm, heading up the coast, takes a very different path here, and droops like a candle that’s melting in the middle.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger rules himself out of England job - 'it should go to an English coach'

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says there has been no contact from the Football Association over the England job, which he believes would be best filled by an English coach.
Wenger, who turns 67 at the end of October, is in the final season of his current Arsenal contract, having earlier this month marked 20 years in the job.

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CNN.co.jp : オバマ氏支持率、2期目最高を更新 世論調査


CNN.co.jp : ロシア、シリアに新たなミサイルシステム 対空能力向上


ブリュッセルで男が警官2人刺す テロの可能性:AFPBB News


【国連事務総長選】潘基文氏、中立欠く10年…批判浴びた中韓びいき 存在感の欠如、欧米紙「透明人間」 - 産経ニュース




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News Headlines - 06 October 2016

Google unveils its Pixel smartphone and VR headset - Oct. 4, 2016

Looking to drum up consumer excitement, the tech company hosted an event in San Francisco on Tuesday to unveil a series of products, including two new phones, a virtual reality headset and the Chromecast Ultra.

Hong Kong Student Leader Detained, Denied Entry to Thailand

A former student leader of Hong Kong's 2014 pro-democracy movement has been denied entry to Thailand, in a move by the Bangkok military junta that is widely believed to be at the request of Beijing.

Lenovo Is Reportedly in Talks to Take Over Fujitsu's PC business

China’s Lenovo Group is in talks to bring Fujitsu’s personal computer business under its control, allowing the Japanese company to focus on IT services and other businesses, a source with direct knowledge of the talks said.

Japan to host World Robot Summit in 2020 ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

The robot Olympics are coming to Japan in 2020, the same year that the eyes of the world will be on the summer Olympics in Tokyo... The exact date and location of the event has yet to be determined, with the ministry now inviting bids from cities across Japan, which is famed for its robot technology.

Can’t Hear in Noisy Places? It’s a Real Medical Condition - WSJ

Now there’s growing evidence that the causes of problems processing speech amid noise are different than the causes of problems hearing sound. Scientists believe exposure to loud noises can erode the brain’s ability to listen selectively and decode words, without causing traditional hearing damage. Difficulty understanding speech amid noise can set in long before traditional hearing loss.

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CNN.co.jp : イスラエルの入植地建設は「約束違反」 米が異例の批判


CNN.co.jp : 交換後のギャラクシーノート7、機内で発火か 運航中止に


国連次期事務総長、グテレス氏確実に  :日本経済新聞


シャラポワ、ITFが自分を「見せしめ」に利用したと批判:AFPBB News

女子テニスのマリア・シャラポワ(Maria Sharapova、ロシア)が5日、ドーピング違反をめぐる資格停止処分で、国際テニス連盟(ITF)が自身を見せしめにしようとしていたと非難した。

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News Headlines - 05 October 2016

Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence - sources | Reuters

Yahoo Inc last year secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers' incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials, according to people familiar with the matter.
The company complied with a classified U.S. government demand, scanning hundreds of millions of Yahoo Mail accounts at the behest of the National Security Agency or FBI, said three former employees and a fourth person apprised of the events.

Philippine leader tells Obama 'go to hell', says can buy arms from Russia, China | Reuters

Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday told U.S. President Barack Obama to "go to hell" and said the United States had refused to sell some weapons to his country but he did not care because Russia and China were willing suppliers.

Who is Antonio Guterres, the next Secretary-General of the United Nations?

The Socialist former prime minister of Portugal has been chosen as the next Secretary-General of the United Nations – taking over at a time when the world is rocked by terrorism, reeling from the refugee crisis, and struggling to resolve the war in Syria.
Antonio Guterres, the 67-year-old former secretary of Socialist International, will succeed Ban Ki-moon on January 1.

Serial killer suspected of killing 48 elderly patients at hospital - Independent.ie

Police in Japan are investigating whether a serial poisoner is responsible for killing as many as 48 elderly patients by injecting disinfectant into their intravenous drips.

Daniel Radcliffe admits he has barely touched his £74m Harry Potter fortune

Daniel Radcliffe was made incredibly rich at a very young age when he played Harry Potter in the immensely popular films. However, he has admitted that he has barely touched his fortune, which is estimated by various rich lists to be around £74 million.

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トルコが警官1万2801人を停職処分、7月のクーデター関連で | ロイター


CNN.co.jp : 左翼ゲリラとの休戦協定、月末に「失効」 コロンビア


米副大統領候補の討論会 共和党ペンス氏に一定評価 | NHKニュース


米フェイスブックにフリマ機能 個人売買を仲介  :日本経済新聞


シャラポワ選手の資格停止1年3か月に短縮 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 04 October 2016

Trump: Military suicides happen to servicemembers who 'can't handle it' - CNNPolitics.com

Donald Trump suggested Monday that American soldiers and veterans who commit suicide do so because they can't handle the post-traumatic stress of war.

Donald Trump's cameo in 2000 Playboy video unearthed

Donald Trump made a cameo appearance in a 2000 Playboy video, posing – fully clothed – with a group of models and pouring champagne over a limo.

Two U.S. Diplomats Drugged In St. Petersburg Last Year, Deepening Washington's Concern

Two U.S. officials traveling with diplomatic passports were drugged while attending a conference in Russia last year, and one of them was hospitalized, in what officials have concluded was part of a wider, escalating pattern of harassment of U.S. diplomats by Russia.

Japan sushi chain stung by 'wasabi terrorism' claims - Channel NewsAsia

A Japanese sushi chain is being accused of "wasabi terrorism" after it admitted to heaping excess dollops of the pungent root into foreign customers' food... It insisted that the wasabi-laced sushi was a response to many foreign-born patrons ordering extra portions of the fiery green paste used a condiment for the raw fish dish.

All ‘Harry Potter’ Movies Returning to Theaters for One Week – Variety

Imax and Warner Bros. are teaming up to screen all eight “Harry Potter” films for one week, starting on Oct. 13. The showings come a month before the Nov. 18 release of the “Potter” spinoff “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”... The Oct. 13 launch will include a global fan event celebrating the upcoming release of “Fantastic Beasts” at select Imax theaters in the U.S. and internationally, including a never-before-seen reel from the new film, as well as in-person appearances by the stars at two locations in London and Los Angeles, and a live Q&A.

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米、シリア停戦協議を停止 「ロシアが合意破る」  :日本経済新聞


ロシアがプルトニウム処分の合意停止 プーチン氏が大統領令 対米関係悪化を象徴、オバマ氏の「核なき世界」構想に傷 - 産経ニュース


ポンドが対ドルで31年ぶり安値、英EU離脱の影響を懸念 | ロイター


コラム:ドイツ銀行の危機、「勝ち組」は誰か | ロイター


K・カーダシアン、パリ強盗事件で10億円被害 縛られ浴室に監禁:AFPBB News

米タレントのキム・カーダシアン(Kim Kardashian)さん(35)が、フランス首都パリ(Paris)の滞在先で手足を縛られた上、銃を突き付けられて宝飾品を強奪された事件で、被害総額が900万ユーロ(約10億円)に上ったことが分かった。

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News Headlines - 03 October 2016

‘Imagine President Trump.’ Another conservative paper can’t, endorses first Democrat since 1868. - The Washington Post

The San Diego Union-Tribune, long a bastion of conservatism in the West, broke a 148-year-long streak of endorsing Republicans for president and told its readers on Friday to vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Colombian Voters Reject Peace Deal With FARC Rebels - WSJ

Voters narrowly rejected a peace accord between President Juan Manuel Santos and a Marxist rebel group that would have ended 52 years of conflict, a startling outcome that thrusts this country into uncertainty.

George W. Bush's daughter attends Clinton fundraiser in Paris - CNNPolitics.com

Barbara Bush, a daughter of former President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush, attended a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in Paris Saturday night, according a source familiar with the event.

UK manufacturing growth 'best for two years' - BBC News

The UK's manufacturing sector surged in September, growing at its fastest level since June 2014, a closely watched survey has indicated... But the weak pound had pushed up firms' costs "at a double-digit annual rate".

British scientists on brink of HIV cure | The Times & The Sunday Times

A British man with HIV hopes to become the first in the world to be cured of the disease by using a pioneer­ing new therapy designed to eradicate the virus.

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難民受け入れ問うハンガリー国民投票 不成立も反対98% | NHKニュース


無人探査機「ロゼッタ」が彗星に衝突、12年半の任務に幕 | ロイター


トヨタのロボット「KIROBO mini」が39,800円で個人向けに登場 | ロボスタ

10月3日、トヨタ自動車はコミュニケーションロボット「KIROBO mini」を今冬から販売を開始すると発表した。価格は39,800円(税抜)の予定。全国販売に先立ち、今冬には東京都・愛知県の一部販売店で先行発売を予定しており、Webにも事前予約受付を予定している。

イチロー、マーリンズ残留!メジャー17年目、球団幹部「見通しはとても明るい」/デイリースポーツ online


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News Headlines - 02 October 2016

Theresa May to trigger Article 50 by April 2017 - BBC News

The prime minister tells the Andrew Marr Show she will trigger Article 50, which will begin the Brexit negotiations, before the end of March 2017.

Theresa May: No Scotland opt-out or veto from Brexit

Theresa May yesterday said Scotland will leave the European Union along with the rest of the UK after Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit minister rehashed her disputed claim she can block the process.
The Prime Minister told the Conservative conference there will be “no opt-out from Brexit” and she would “never allow divisive Nationalists to undermine the precious Union between the four nations of our United Kingdom.”

What Trump tax report could mean for his campaign - CNNPolitics.com

Hillary Clinton's campaign Saturday night seized on a New York Times report about Donald Trump's 1995 tax records, in which the Times showed he declared a $916 million loss that could have allowed him to legally skip paying federal income taxes for years.

US gives up its remaining control over the internet to ICANN — FT.com

The US concession has officially launched an experiment in global governance designed to handle borderless digital communications. Control over addressing and naming on Saturday passed to ICANN, an international body that had already been handling the system under a contract from Washington, but now operates independently.

For the First Time, Bees Declared Endangered in the U.S.

Seven species of Hawaiian yellow-faced bee, decimated by invasive species and habitat loss, are now federally protected.

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トランプ氏、18年間税金逃れか NYTが納税記録入手:朝日新聞デジタル


CNN.co.jp : 米同時テロ遺族、サウジを提訴 法案成立を受け




まるでCG? 異形の駆逐艦「ズムウォルト」まもなく就役 特異な姿、背景にその任務 | 乗りものニュース


これが日産「マーチ」!? 新型は路線変更!「今後の日産デザインは世界中でこうなる」アピール! 【オートックワン】

「マイクラ」と言えば、マーチの海外名であることは皆さんのご存じだと思うが、パリショーで5世代目となる「マイクラ Gen 5」の欧州向け仕様が世界初公開された。……最新の日産デザインの共通言語である「V字型グリル」、「ブーメラン形状のヘッドライト」、「フローティングルーフ」、「エッジを立てた抑揚のあるサイドビュー」が盛り込まれているが、ここ最近の日産車の中でもバランスが取れた一台だと思う。

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News Headlines - 01 October 2016

Trump Tax Records Obtained by The Times Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Nearly Two Decades - The New York Times

Donald J. Trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns, a tax deduction so substantial it could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years, records obtained by The New York Times show.

Mitsubishi Aircraft notifies possible delay in jet delivery | Reuters

Japan's All Nippon Airways Co has been told by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp, a unit of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, that there is a risk of a possible delay in the first delivery of its regional jet from around the middle of 2018.
If the delivery of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) is extended, this would mark a fifth delay and may raise concerns about Mitsubishi's sales activities.

Men most likely to complain over misleading adverts - BBC News

The Advertising Standards Authority said 56% of complaints came from men compared with 41% of women, with the remainder not revealing their gender.
Men were more likely to complain about ads being misleading, at 64% of complaints.

Thailand's king recovering after respiratory infection - palace - Channel NewsAsia

Thailand's 88-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world's longest reigning monarch, is recovering after a respiratory infection, the palace said in a statement on Saturday.

One man dead after Rangers fans' coach crash - BBC News

One man has died after a coach carrying Rangers supporters overturned in East Ayrshire... The crash happened at about 13:15 on Saturday on the A76 by the Crossroads Roundabout near Kilmarnock.

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パリ協定 EUが批准の方針決定で11月にも発効へ | NHKニュース




英バッキンガム宮殿の維持管理責任者、10万ポンド収賄で禁錮5年:AFPBB News

英ロンドン(London)にあるエリザベス女王(Queen Elizabeth II)の公邸、バッキンガム宮殿(Buckingham Palace)の維持管理を担当していた男が、業者から総額10万ポンド(約1300万円)を超える賄賂を受け取って便宜を図っていたとして、禁錮5年の有罪判決を受けた。

ジョージ王子&シャーロット王女の愛らしい姿に世界が熱狂! | cinemacafe.net


カナダで日本人女性の遺体 男を逮捕 | NHKニュース


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