News Headlines - 26 October 2016

House Republicans are already preparing for ‘years’ of investigations of Clinton - The Washington Post

Jason Chaffetz, the Utah congressman wrapping up his first term atop the powerful House Oversight Committee, unendorsed Donald Trump weeks ago. That freed him up to prepare for something else: spending years, come January, probing the record of a President Hillary Clinton.

Iconic 'Afghan girl' from 'National Geographic' arrested in Pakistan

National Geographic's iconic, green-eyed Afghan Girl was arrested Wednesday at her home in Peshawar, Pakistan, on charges she possessed a forged national identification card, authorities said.

Images of Starving People in Yemen Help Show the Horrors of War - ABC News

The emaciated frame of 18-year-old Saida Ahmad Baghili lies on a hospital bed in the Red Sea port city of Hodaida, her suffering stark evidence of the malnutrition spread by Yemen's 19-month civil war.

Can Thailand’s economy handle a year of mourning?

Many Thais are putting off weddings, vacations and other “joyful events” as the country begins a one-year period of mourning. This is in addition to a 30-day ban on “entertainment” that has forced infamous bar districts, like Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy, to pull down their shutters out of respect for the late king.

Kirin, Japan's Coca-Cola bottlers discussing possible capital tie-up | Reuters

Japanese beverage company Kirin Holdings said it is in talks with Japan's two Coca-Cola bottling companies, Coca-Cola East Japan and Coca-Cola West, about a possible capital tie-up.








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